83 Days And Counting and Counting

Look who will be running the WHITE HOUSE. It won’t be MITT ROMNEY. Once again he has jump behind his wife panties. ANNE ROMNEY, aka CRUELLA DE VILLE, has made it clear it will be no more taxes released.

WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION just want to inform ANNE ROMNEY we sincerely hope she find out what is in her BLIND TRUST. I have never recalled FIRST LADY, MICHELLE OBAMA, talking about a BLIND TRUST.

Just a friendly reminder to let ANNE ROMNEY, aka CRUELLA DE VILLE know the AMERICAN people are not BLIND. Do you know anyone with a BLIND TRUST? IMAGINE having so much money in a BLIND TRUST even ANNE ROMNEY is excited on how much the GOLDEN GOOSE has laid in this account.

I can’t imagine sitting down at the table with this lady. Once she form her lips to say, “YOU PEOPLE” it will not be the SOFTER SIDE OF SEARS. Can you imagine bringing along one of your grandchildren to get an autograph. ANNE ROMNEY whips out a stamper for her signature.

Who wants a FIRST LADY who doesn’t operate in our TIME ZONE but in EASTERN STANDARD MEGA DOLLAR WHITE TIME. Ain’t no way this lady raised her own kids.

MOMMY DEAREST with her comet can have informed the AMERICAN PEOPLE she is the CLEAN UP WOMAN and she doesn’t have to answer to the LITTLE DIRTY PEOPLE. Oh Lord! The grandchild has just ask can she ride on the pretty horsey. ANNE ROMNEY faints.

MITT ROMNEY RIPPER and PAUL RYAN RIPPER has open the door to their FAILED EDWARD SCISSORHANDS POLICY on MEDICARE. I guess PAUL RYAN doesn’t plan on getting old. His medicare package consist of milk baths, facials, and nip tucks. PAUL RYAN doesn’t plan on ever being on the cover of AARP MAGAZINE.

He will be on the IVORY GQ MAGAZINE showing off his BABY BACK RIB SIX PACK. PAUL RYAN has to come away from his AYN RAND story book, get potty train, graduate out of his PAMPERS and learn to put on his ATTENDS. In the words of TONI BRAXTON, PAUL RYAN has to JUST BE A MAN ABOUT IT.

It is TIME for PAUL RYAN the RIPPER to come out the REPUBLICAN’S WOMB and realize he is not as SMART or as INTELLIGENT as they make him out to be. He is front and center stage. COOL and the ELDERLY GANG will be kicking his A..S on the campaign trail.

I hope PAUL RYAN will be smart enough not to have any of the AARP candidates haul off to jail. GRANDMA will be mad to have the next of kin to post bail because she can’t afford it.

MITT ROMNEY’S UMBILICAL CORD has snapped. The world can see clearly MITT ROMNEY has no true IDENTITY. He will always be dependent upon holding his wife P&P STRINGS (PURSE and PANTY STRINGS). He has to run and get CHRIS CHRISTIE to blow out his HOT AIR because he has none.


ON the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART we all have our strengths and weakness. On any scale one person is no more or no less than the next man regardless of the money you make or the position you take.


84 Days And Counting And Counting

Follow me down the pipeline. Never mind. We will take a different path because JOHN BOEHNER and the REPUBLICANS tried to make a profit off the KEYSTONE PIPELINE. They are the MONEY DOGS who just don’t care for the welfare of the PEOPLE and our NATION.

I think the AT&T route would be much better. Are you getting a clear reception? Of course, we are now up to speed working it with a 4G network. There is a lot of information out there. There is so much more space.

AT&T PLAN is the strongest survival technique for those who are HUMANE.

A=ACCEPTANCE and the REPUBLICANS, CONGRESS, especially Mitch McConnell has never ACCEPTED the PRESIDENT nor his POLICY. T=TRUST which WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION do not TRUST CONGRESS and the REPUBLICANS to put the welfare of the PEOPLE first.

T=TRUTH has not been demonstrated by REPUBLICANS, CONGRESS, and by MITT ROMNEY who can never seem to tell the TRUTH. These brothers are not concerned about HUMANITY but MONEY does rank as the No. 1 PRIORITY.

I tell you what, today we will strip away the titles. NO REPUBLICANS and NO DEMOCRATS to deal with. Now we are down to just the MAN. 84 DAYS AND COUNTING AND COUNTING and there are many lives on the line with MUCHO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.

We’re standing on a cliff. Do we jump? NO! OBAMACARE! JOHNTHAN ALTER I want to take you back to the poem REST PEACEFUL MY NUBIAN QUEEN in the APRIL 2011 archive. My girlfriend didn’t jump either. She didn’t live in Massachusetts.

There was nothing on the table to REPEAL. DEATH was her only OPTION. You called that a CHOICE.

The air was brisk and it had begun to rain. The rain was slanted, cold, and piercing. The next thing I remembered I was muddy and the tips of my hands were bloody. One of the pallbearers was trying to wipe the mud away from my eyes and someone was trying to hold my hands.

In the moment of pain and grief, I do recall screaming out. “When will this end?” “Is there anyone out there to help us?” “Lord Jesus, for the GRACE of GOD THERE GO can’t believe you’re gone but you will never be forgotten.”

I will move FORWARD. She couldn’t afford the insurance and it was hard for her to keep up with the payments. As a matter of fact, she took on a second job just for more insurance coverage.

JOHNATHAN ALTER, I just wanted to let you know many of my crew and others have taken that dance with DOCTOR DEATH, THE REPEAL CREW. I just found out we were in the wrong location. WOW!

ED SCHULTZ you know what it is like when everything stops and you are COUNTING and COUNTING for that ray of hope. The doctors enter the room and you don’t care what it cost, spare no expense. Thank GOD you are covered. $8,000 are you kidding me!

I think that is the cost of an aspirin, bedpan (without the PEE), and the VERSACE gown that shows your A..S.

There are so many of us who are worried. We don’t want to be a burden on our family or the next of kin. It became unbearable and the ones who had PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS no longer EXIST. Thank GOD! The ray of hope has now changed into a RAINBOW for INCLUSION of HEALTH CARE.

OBAMACARE will lift the burden and will help diminish the loss of lives. More people will see their doctor for preventative maintenance. It will bring peace to those who are diagnosed as a terminal to live out their quality of life without being a medical burden.

Has anyone taken any statistics on the people who died without DIGNITY?

There are 2 MEN and COUNTING and COUNTING who believed in a PLAN not just for one STATE but for the NATION. There are 2 MEN and COUNTING and COUNTING who took the risk for the PEOPLE and the NATION. These 2 men have their own IDENTITY yet they compliment each other very well.

They are not looking to discover themselves in each other. They are not trying to hide any TAXES. These 2 men have their own ideas yet they are willing to compromise and bring others into their circle to get the best result (EBONY and IVORY=DIVERSITY). SHO-NUFF!

These 2 men have moved this nation FORWARD, manage to adapt to many changes and resolve many of the problems in our economy. We still have a long way to go.

These 2 men and COUNTING and COUNTING have remained and held steadfast to their AT&T PLAN. These 2 men have gained the ACCEPTANCE and TRUST of the WOMEN, LBGT COMMUNITY, LATINOS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, the POOR and MIDDLE-CLASS VOTERS. The TRUTH rides on the side of TEAM OBAMA and BIDEN.

They are working the 4G NETWORK. Their FIBER OPTIC COMMUNICATION is very CLEAR.

The other 2 men and COUNTING AND COUNTING are trying to discover themselves. 1 man is the remix of the other man because he has NO IDENTITY. He is the SURROGATE. He has just entered THE TWILIGHT ZONE. CURIOSITY is stunned by this mans LIES.

The other man is the NEW and IMPROVED Cocky-locky of the SURROGATE who is actually looked upon as the REAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. They do not compliment each other. These 2 MEN took risk but it was to hide TAXES and their WEALTH (WHITEY and TIGHTY=NO DIVERSITY)

The risk these 2 men will take is not for WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. The risk these 2 men are taking is for HIGH DOLLAR WHITE VOTES and everyone else is EXCLUDED. These 2 men ideas are from the FAILED BUSH ADMINISTRATION, BARRY GOLDWATER, and from AYN RAND.

These ideas aren’t original nor creative. Now the 1 man has to be stuck to the other man’s FAILED POLICY like GORILLA GLUE. The 2 men together just don’t add up. The 1 man did not believe in his own health care plan and he threw it away.

Why should the PEOPLE and THE NATION believe in him? He doesn’t believe in himself. This man never denounces any bad policy or bad people. WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION has gotten a first-hand glimpse of how these 2 men will run the government.

It starts with Cocky-locky saying he will not reveal his TAXES. Will he stick to the policies? We are NOT RICH. So our vote doesn’t count. Well, Cocky-locky many of my crew and others have died for what you 2 men are trying to repeal. IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE!

The cuts these 2 men will make will cuts health care, education, women rights, the air we breathe. You will get the opportunity to dance with DOCTOR DEATH if you call this an OPPORTUNITY.

These 2 men signal has been dropped and they have a FAILED COMMUNICATION NETWORK. ROMNEY and RYAN is not a TEAM.

They have not moved FORWARD. They have not change the copper wiring in their NETWORK. You say they have GUTS. These 2 men will GUT your lifestyle and GUT your LIFE leaving WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION GUTLESS. THE NEW NEW DEAL meet the brothers of the INFAMOUS JACK THE RIPPER.

LADIES and GENTLEMEN coming to the stage life and shaking down the 3R–ROMNEY and RYAN RIPPER.

84 DAYS AND COUNTING AND COUNTING who would you want to spend your quality of life with? Even if you did not get the opportunity to make it, you would want something in place for your children, grandchildren, grandparents, and our future generation.

It is TIME for OUR NUBIAN QUEEN to not only REST IN PEACE but to be at PEACE. My screams and cries have been answered. It is called OBAMACARE, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE PLAN.


DEDICATED: To the ones who have gone before me and paid the price with their lives and could not AFFORD TO LIVE. This is the ROMNEY AND RYAN RIPPER PLAN. DANCING WITH DOCTOR DEATH!

Can I Get an Amen or Not?

Scene: SMOKELBG and her long TIME friend are sitting on the steps of MT. PISGAH CHURCH reflecting on their BACK IN THE DAY MOMENTS. JETTI MAE can’t believe the PRESIDENT has changed his views on SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Get ready to get your ear bent.

They both want to share their DRAGNET THEORY and show THEIR LOVE AND SUPPORT for the PRESIDENT, JOE BIDEN, ARNE DUCAN and BEN JEALOUS. Here is a SPIN on what can happen in the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY when one is divided by RELIGION.


Why are we sitting here on these church steps? If you want me to start confessing my sins that are going to be ROOTS THE NEXT SIN-ER-RATION PART VI. It’s Getting Hot In Here. I thank I’ll take off all my clothes. I brought my ANOINTING OIL with me.


OKAY NELLY, This is not SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO. Don’t try it. Keep your JOHNNY WALKER RED in your purse. Try to act nice. OKAY!


You know I’m not feeling the church. Let me see if I can get an ACADEMY AWARD with my baby DENZEL WASHINGTON. Alright! Alright! I won’t bring my JOHNNY WALKER RED OUT but you did not say anything about my AB-SO-LUTE-LY VODKA. HAH! GOTCHA!

Sound like JAMES BROWN. BA-BEDA, TA-TAYA, HAH HOO and GET ON UP! I never did understand what JAMES BROWN was saying but I could cut a rug when I was out on the dance floor with my ANOINTING OIL in me.


More like your IGNORANT OIL. It’s all good. You are a HOLY MESS but you are still my DAWG to the END. You want to tell them what the DRAGNET THEORY IS? I know that was your show BACK IN THE DAY.


Is that my name in print? It is even more ugly in print than it sounds. I wonder why my momma name me JETTI MAE and my sister is named ANNIE BELLE? Girl, these BACK IN THE DAY names is tough. How could they do this to a child? That is BONE THUG ABUSE.

You know when you go to school be prepared to RUMBLE. Names like AZZA LEE, BERTHA JEAN, and LOU-ELLA. Game On and the RUMBLING begins. I got thrown off track. Let me hit you up with the DRAGNET THEORY. JACK WEBB had this radio show then turn TV SERIES from 1949-1970 called DRAGNET.

The stories were true but the name was changed to protect the innocent. This was a team and a coordinated effort to catch criminals by the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT. Going fishing for criminals is what JOE FRIDAY and his team did to clean up the city.

Well, I won’t be changing the name to protect the innocent because these suckers need to be drug out of the woodworks. Before I tell people where I came from, SMOKELBG I want you to put your UNIVERSAL SPIN on it.


BREAK IT DOWN! BREAK IT DOWN! HOMOGENEOUS meaning UNIFORM all the same kind, consistent, and there is no KOOL-AIDE in the mix. We will say this is the 1% RICH FOLKS or the WHITE RICH HOMOGENIZED MILK FOLKS who don’t want to pay their fair share in taxes.

The WHITE RICH 1% HOMOGENIZED MILK FOLKS will come back and MILK the system for everything that it is worth through SPECULATION and GAMBLING. LIVES of the MIDDLE CLASS or your EFFECTIVE MEDIUM which will no longer be EFFECTIVE and will disappear into the night.

WALL STREET CREW, JP MORGAN CHASE along with other financial institutions has recruited the best of the best THINKS TANKS fresh out of college or from any other source.

WALL STREET would pay their F9 MONKEYS a good salary to become creative in their PAPERWORK making their nonexistent deals confirmed and concrete. WALL STREET would tell their F9 MONKEYS not to tell anyone how much they are being paid.

Please don’t have a CONSCIOUS because we are WALL STREET, 1%, the REPUBLICANS, MITT ROMNEY, SCOTT WALKER, JOHN BOEHNER and the GANG. We are desperately trying to DESTROY this NATION with our RADICAL INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. The PEOPLE will have to PAY while we PLAY.

These individuals would move from an ABSTRACT CONCEPT which plants the seed to F9 CONCRETE CONCEPT to confirm the nonexistent. Just when you thought you were safe and secured with your investment you find out it was all a big rip off.

It was all on paper but would never materialize because it did not exist. The F9 MONKEYS made it all look legitimate so they could collect on a deal they would transfer to an entity(empire, partnership, or corporation) instead of a lender.

Then they would F3, exit, escape, and abort the mission leaving you holding the bag. The larger scale or majority are homogeneous because change and adapting to change strips them of their power of control. SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE(SPV) indeed they are.

The smaller scale or heterogeneous. They are feared because they can adapt, adjust to change, and one day they will take over and push the FAT CATS with deep pockets out-of-the-way.

WALL STREET is the CREW that does not want to see EVOLUTIONARY CHANGES but wants the people to pay for the risk of their mistakes and wants to remain in CONTROL.

HETEROGENEOUS which has too much flavor in the mix with all that DIVERSITY, ETHNICITIES, CULTURAL BACKGROUND, SEX, and AGES. The LGBT COMMUNITY is a wonderful example.


Would we be able to call ourselves a PROGRESSIVE NATION if the rules of the GAME had not changed?


These 2 WORDS, homogeneous and heterogeneous or UNIVERSAL and can be applied to the haves and the have not. MITT ROMNEY is the same old BULLY, LIAR, not changing, or EVOLVING, and a FAT CAT. BACK IN THE DAY, he was known as a GENTRY SLUM LORD.

MOVING FORWARD, this put a BOMB in the DRAWERS of all those GENTRY FOLKS and RELIGIOUS FANATICS. In PHYSICS heterogeneous applies to solid, liquid, gas which gives a reaction. This is the BOMB that has blown up in the face of the GAMBLERS, WALL STREET, and JP MORGAN CHASE.

In the social domain heterogeneous is all about diversity, computer world improvement, growth and economic development.


I want to say this to all the RELIGIOUS FANATICS where I come from was ROUGH RIDERS HOOD. One thing about it an ALCOHOLIC would share their BOTTLE and a JUNKY would share their NEEDLE.

You could stand on the corner and try to get a ride to church and people would pass you by because of the neighborhood you lived in. You called yourself CHRISTIANS. What GOD do you pray to?

When my brother was shot and killed they would not let his body lie in state at the church my mother attended for over 20 years. One of the so-called Christians of the church found out my brother was HIV infected. I begged my mother for years to stop giving to the TAKERS.

MINISTER EPCOT had his fancy car and his wife had a new hat and matching attire every SUNDAY. They laughed at my mother for wearing the same dress and rolled down stockings. She was very heavy chested and she would tie her money up and place it in her bosom.

She could never get a ride to church but she always made it on TIME. My mother passed away from her heart being broken one month after one of the so-called CHRISTIAN paid my mother a visit. “Miss I’M GOING to HEAVEN IF I CAN PAY TO GET IN,” let my mom know about my brother’s activities.



WENDELL PRUITT was killed in a training exercise. WILLIAM L. IGOE was a UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE from MISSOURI. He lived to be 73 years of age.

Sadly this PROJECT development was one of the biggest failures in PUBLIC HOUSING. It was a SEGREGATED PROJECT HOUSING. WHITES would live on the IGOE SIDE and BLACKS would live on the PRUITT SIDE. Now you know how we got WHO’S WHO in America.

PRUITT-IGOE got its REPUTATION from MACK DADDY GENTRIFICATION who rolled his butt up into HOLLY HOOD and sent an architect in to give the so-called less fortunate SUB-ZERO HOUSING.

MR. WHITEY MIGHTY MITT-CHIE INTENTIONALLY built PROJECT UNITS design so poorly even the CENTER OF DISEASE CONTROL would not come out and get test samples when a tenant got bitten by a REAL-ESTATE COCKROACH.

They own the property and the GANG MEMBERS paid dues to BIG DADDY CHAUNCHIE BUG BUG. There was no air conditioners, the kitchen designed so small if you stuck your leg out your feet would land in the toilet. WHAT BATHROOM! DON’T GO THERE! The elevators would skip floors.

This is where the high crime took place when you had to get off the elevator and walk up to MURDER STAIRWELL. In route to your apartment your chances of getting raped, mugged, stabbed, and drugged was a 10 plus.

On a nice cool summer night, you would get the opportunity to get thrown out of a window from the top floor without a parachute. WHAT A RUSH! BUNGIE JUMPING with no rope was the drug dealers favorite. NO record deal was in the making. It just happens.

SLOW JAM THIS! There were other PROJECT UNITS springing up all over the place which was a major disaster for the overcrowded city of ST. LOUIS. There were three architects which worked on this project. Here is the kicker. One of the architects was MINORU YAMASAKI.

He prided himself on his work and went on later to become very famous. His motto was “THE PURPOSE OF ARCHITECTURE IS TO CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE IN WHICH MAN CAN LIVE, WORK, AND ENJOY.” I wonder what made him change his tune?

I sure in the HELL did not enjoy my environment nor the fights I had to survive. MINORU YAMASAKI is the same guy who built the main terminals to LAMBERT AIRPORT in St. Louis. He was the major architect and designer of the WORLD TRADE CENTER. CHECK IT OUT.


Is he still alive?


No, he died on February 7, 1986.


I knew you would know but we will move FORWARD.


One more thang.




I am so PROUD of MAGIC JOHNSON and all he has contributed. Man, he owns the DODGERS. He has overcome a lot and has come a long way.


That is really nice of you to say.


You know I haven’t been around any bat caves, bird droppings, nor have I had an organ transplant.


Where are you going with this?


You know you have CRUMPED UP FRIENDS and now I just made the A LIST. I got my doctors results back and I have been diagnosed with DISSEMINATED HISTOPLASMOSIS along with the other crud. I don’t have to tell you because I can tell by your expression you already know.


Hey, What can I help you with?


Just being my friend and putting up with all my secrets. I don’t have to hide anymore. Thank MR. SMOOTH OPERATOR for opening the door and letting me live my last days with DIGNITY and RESPECT. It has been a long TIME since I could open up and tell the TRUTH.










ADVISORY ALERT: Our GOVERNMENT has stress JOBS and the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT to help promote the standard of living which the POOR and the MIDDLE CLASS will not feel the need to bow their head in SHAME and DISGRACE.

Our GOVERNMENT has been very clear on their goals and objectives to reinforce and improve the characteristic of the COMMUNITY and OUR NATION by improving the infrastructure.

Programs must continue to stay in place giving incentives to people with homes that are decaying giving them the encouragement to rebuild. We must continue to reach out to first TIME home buyers.

We can never go back to the MITT-CHIE GENTRY ways of those who come in and buy up the property knowing when the value goes up it will increase rent and raise taxes. It forces the POOR and the MIDDLE CLASS to think their goal is no longer attainable and force them out of their homes.

The characteristic of the COMMUNITY will change and that which was once affordable no longer is a HOMEOWNER’S DREAM. Those who are UNACCEPTABLE and STEREOTYPED will lose their fight and take flight. ONLY the GENTRY SLUM LORDS will have access to the high dollar RIVERFRONT PROPERTY.

Once again the cycle will start over and the process of the HIGH RISE SEGREGATED and NOT EQUAL PLANTATION will take a TOLL ON OUR SOULS.

The only way we can break this cycle is through DIVERSITY, UNIFICATION and the INCLUSION of a COMMUNITY that has been OMITTED because of the BURST OF FLAVORS and TOO MANY COLORS IN THEIR RAINBOW. You thought being AFRICAN AMERICAN was difficult. THINK AGAIN!


Out Of The Shadow

Pull up a stump and rest your rumps. I’m glad we could all be here today. I just celebrated another year of my life. When I say I’m glad to see you, you better know it, I am. It is truly an honor and a pleasure.

Wow! It is so much positive energy in this room. You are PLAYING the PURPLE today LADIES. Do you know why I like the color PURPLE? One who wears PURPLE is representing ROYALTY and NOBILITY. This is the HUMAN FACTOR and the psychology of PURPLE.

We know the combination of the color PURPLE is RED and BLUE. So we got our REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS in the mix to UNIFY the country. We do not always get the opportunity to work with those who are HUMANE.

The REPUBLICANS have failed to come together on the majority of issues and have attempted to turn back the hands of TIME. I tried to be inclusive not leaving out the INDEPENDENT STATE(SWING STATE) which is the color PURPLE.

So with the PURPLE STATE, no candidate has so much POLITICAL POWER to gain the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE. This is the stomping ground for the battle of the vote. The only way the REPUBLICANS or the DEMOCRATS should be able to win the INDEPENDENT vote is by TRUTH, TRUST, and RESPECT.

None of these characteristics have been displayed among the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Fairness is not part of their script. The REPUBLICANS even decided to CHANGE THE GAME. SUPER PACs, UNINTELLIGENT GAME PLAYERS and just plain old OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE are the REPUBLICANS GAME CHANGE.

The same components of HATRED, RACISM, and SEXISM is the REPUBLICAN’S freaking FRACKING which manipulates the environment, threatens our health, and is explosive to our lives. What a GAME CHANGE!

NINA TURNER, you stepped up the game.The REPUBLICANS probably don’t like your GAME CHANGE. You are far more INTELLIGENT than their GAME CHANGE PLAYER. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW, brought the men over to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, and dumped them off in the PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING BIN.

This is what happens when you feel your back is against the wall. NINA TURNER knows this won’t be easy but the women of today can no longer take the unnecessary poking and prodding. The women of 2012 will not be forced into being treated like cattle. I like to share this with you.

In 1988, 24 years ago GLORIA ESTEFAN sang COMING OUT OF THE DARK. GLORIA ESTEFAN, petite power pack singer, video can be found on my FACEBOOK wall under Linda M. Ballard. Even though 24 years have passed, her video is right in sync with THIS very MOMENT and TIME.

Walk through the door when you view her video. WHEW! I’m loving it.

Janet Howell, you stepped up the game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW and addressed your anger. Your GAME CHANGE came with the introduction of ERECTILE EXAM and CARDIAC STRESS TEST for Men. How soothing and relaxing when new strategies are introduced to bring about awareness.

Would you like to take it to a new level? Also, request that all men be required to have mammogram screening. Men can be at risk for breast cancer. Men who are at risk range between the ages of 60-70 years.

Contributing factors to breast cancer in men also includes obesity, high estrogen levels, a family history, excessive drinking, and exposure to radiation. TUCKER MELANCON who was appointed by BILL CLINTON in 1994, is a breast cancer survivor.

He served as a Western State Judge in Lafayette Louisiana and finished his studies at Tulane LAW SCHOOL in 1973. ERNEST GREEN a former fullback football player was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

GREEN had 2 sisters diagnosed with breast cancer. ROBERT RAY RODDY was diagnosed in 2003 with breast cancer. He co-hosted game shows and was the voice of The Price is Right after the death of JOHNNY OLSEN.

RODDY was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. He advocated that all men should have mammogram screening. RODDY felt his cancers could have been prevented if he had taken a COLONOSCOPY. He later passed away on October 27, 2003.

RICHARD ROUNDTREE, an actor, and fashion model was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1973. MR JOHN SHAFT himself has played in many movies from 1970-2011 last playing in the MENTALIST in 2011.

You know what JANET HOWELL, never be angry again because there are so many FAMOUS MEN with PROSTATE CANCER. ROBERT DENIRO, NELSON MANDELA, LOUIS FARRAKHAN, BOB DOLE, JOHN KERRY all were diagnosed with prostate cancer. JOHN KERRY’S father died of prostate cancer.

RUDY GIULIANI was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his father died of prostate cancer in 1981. Can you REPUBLICAN BROTHERS, RUDY GIULIANI and BOB DOLE help a SISTER OUT? I am NOT FOX NEWS. JUST the FACTS JACK!

Now you can request mandatory screening for MAMMOGRAPHY, COLONOSCOPY, PROSTATE, and PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! NINA TURNER knows we need to help SAVE these MEN’S lives. (Cause they SHO AIN’T TRYIN’ TO SAVE OUR LIVES!) OKAY!

KELLY CASSIDY you stepped up your game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW with your game plan to have the men watch the video for persistent erection. They need to look at this video at least 3 TIMES a week. It is a tremendous struggle and it is TIME to push back.

Ladies, we have our hands full. We cannot forget to watch out for the men for eye screening every 2 years. Men need their dental exam every year. It is important that men be tested for osteoporosis between the age of 50-70. We need to make sure the men have a flu shot after 50.

We cannot forget the blood pressure screening every 2 years nor the cholesterol screening every 5 years. AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES need to go in at the age of 45 for colon cancer. You need a stool test done every year. Don’t forget to get the sigmoidoscopy every 5 years.

For the men who are uninformed, this invasive procedure is done with a sigmoidoscope checking the lower bowel(colon) and your rectum. Since the REPUBLICANS made the rules it is TIME to BEND OVER and accept the equal opportunity of the rules. How many of you REPUBLICANS like RAM-BO?

Our President, BARACK OBAMA, stepped up his game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW and have fulfilled PROMISES KEPT. You put a plan into action. Teachers will be evaluated. If the teachers are not up to par they will not be teaching our children. Let’s take it a step further.

If our government is not up to par they DO NOT need to run THIS COUNTRY. NICHOLL WALLACE and STEVE SCHMIDT came forward and told the truth proving this point. PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING needs to be done.

ALL government officials and whomever else fall under this category need psychological testing and screening. No more secrets, it is TIME to come OUT OF THE SHADOWS. It will save this country a great deal of TIME, MONEY spent, hurt and pain.

Right now we are in the process of the debates. We know that none of the CONTENDERS/PRETENDERS are capable of running the country. So why are we doing this? Who is keeping their secrets? Let the TRUTH be told.

Those who have been in the shadow have never been considered as being highly intelligent. We have been locked in a box for years and subject to stereotyping.

The greatest fear was letting us out of the box because we would exceed expectations. Once you break the pattern, that opens the door and allows the healing process to take place.

There wouldn’t be as much room for the hatred and the racism. It would be more room for acceptance in diversity. The ones who come OUT OF THE SHADOW will gain TRUST and RESPECT. We have a true leader. He didn’t fit the mold of the stereotypes. It brought about heat and pressure.

His placement in power only brought about more shadowboxing to keep us contained on the wall. If the REPUBLICANS were allowed to have their way, it would beat down our spirits and strip us of our dignity.

Dr. Bell, the first African-American tenured Professor at Harvard said it best,”He wanted to be the first, but he didn’t want to be the last.” Barack Obama is the first African-American president. The Shadow-boxers want him to be the last.

The door is now open, the only way the door can be closed is to use the doorstoppers. We have observed the grandiose delusions of MITT ROMNEY, a toxic oppositional defiant disorder of NEWT GINGRICH, religious fanaticism of RICK SANTORUM and yesteryear RON PAUL.

All of these doorstoppers above are locked into the I NUCLEUS FACTOR. Everything serves their agenda and nothing else matters or exist.

The PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS took it to a new level. They displayed to the world their unintelligence, anger, arrogance, conspiracy theories, INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS, hatred, and racism. It canceled out the theory of the GREAT WHITE HOPE and Who really ranks SUPREME.

As I sit here and listen to GLORIA ESTEFAN COMING OUT, OF THE DARK, it is crystal clear. The biggest complaint in the AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE is we DO NOT STAND together. We can easily be manipulated and DIVIDED. Here is the opportunity to dismiss the MYTH.

It is TIME to stop PRACTICING BEING BLACK(PBB). It is TIME to STAND for what we believe in and STAND for the person who believes in us. To the DEMOCRATS and the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS, it is TIME for you to come OUT OF THE SHADOW and stop PRACTICING BEING BLACK(PBB).

Enough of the roundtable discussions, it is TIME to go to work. ALABAMA and MISSISSIPPI come OUT OF THE SHADOW, take a STAND for the most INTELLIGENT candidate, the one who has a true PURPOSE, and the one with a true sense of REALITY.

A door has been open. The REPUBLICANS and the REPUBLICANS CONTENDERS are OUT OF THE SHADOW. The WORLD has witnessed their BEHAVIORS. What have we learned? What do the REPUBLICANS STAND for? Whose back is up against the wall? Who should we TRUST? Who has earned the PURPLE?

The emphasis lies in changing the hearts and the minds of the PURPLE SWING. This is not a GAME CHANGE. Change has come. We have worn the PURPLE with dignity. We are OUT OF THE SHADOW. It is TIME to COME OUT OF THE DARK.

2012 SuperBowl Flare Up_Look Who’s Rockin’ The List

Scene: It is showtime, SuperBowl Sunday, and the guys are going down to ARTHUR BRYANTS to pick out their favorite football foods. Bobby TOURETTES, Andre ADHD, Jack PDD-NOS, Mark AUTISM, Mitt ASPERGER, and Leroy NLD are on the scene for the festivity.

Leroy NLD is checking out the prices because his girlfriend is not so big on cooking. He wants to show off his surround sound theater system that was built-in his basement by TJ SAVANT & COMPANY.

It is Bobby Tourettes turn to pay for the football bash today. Bobby is steamed under the collar at Mitt ASPERGERS comments. Mitts ASPERGER has difficulty interacting socially.

They are inside the restaurant and waiting in line to order their food. Mitt ASPERGER is looking on the wall. He can’t believe his eyes nor can he believe who has eaten at Arthur Bryants.

He has never had a REAL Community experience nor has he ever eaten in the heart of the city.

Leroy NLD:

When I wrote CHARACTERISTICS OF, this was in no way to bring any disservice to people who are diagnosed with NLD SYNDROME. We don’t get the chance to say or act like these PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS. Our problem is NEUROLOGICAL with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. I wonder what is their real problem?

Our butts would get hauled off to jail, medicated, and strapped down in a psycho ward. We sure as hell wouldn’t be in the Zone on PSYCHO TALK with BIG ED. Look at the gaffes MITT ROMNEY makes.

He has so many soundbites on his INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS you can make a Documentary Mini-Series on the Discovery Channel. When I speak, they are real social blunders. I will repeat my blunders several TIMES in the same way until someone corrects me.

I do not understand that it is a mistake. You must remember a lie can never be told the same way twice. When I open my mouth you will begin to realize something is wrong. Ain’t gonna be no paraphrasing. I don’t do that. There is no such thing as retracting my statement.

My mind processes information differently. I don’t read people and people definitely don’t read me. Ask me or anyone else that has been diagnosed with NLD SYNDROME a question 20 TIMES. Guess what, you are going to get the same answer 20 TIMES.

You’re not going to get an endorsement from me. If your policy stinks you will be the first to know. MITT ROMNEY has to buy votes, buy states, and buy friends. MITT ROMNEY was PASS INTERFERENCE on OBAMACARE.

His plan had a lot of the same ingredients of OBAMACARE. MITT ROMNEY passed on the plan. The first thing PRESIDENT OBAMA did when he was sworn into office was Bridge the gap by developing friends and relationships in Foreign countries to strengthen Foreign policy.

He made 4 vital phone calls. He was reaching out to other nations. The next day he was at the State Department visiting with the foreign service officers getting everyone PUMPED UP and ENERGIZED once again on worldwide international relationships.

NLDERS have a horrible TIME with relationships. All relationships are FOREIGN to us. Why do you think people with NLD SYNDROME need an Interpreter and an Understanding Manual? A lot of people underestimated the PRESIDENT on FOREIGN AFFAIRS but he caught on pretty quick.

There is a lot more than WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION understands under the leadership of PRESIDENT OBAMA. He has been to more countries than any PRESIDENT that has ever been in office. On the LIST of CHARACTERISTICS OF, he definitely ROCKS THE LIST and gets an A+.

Who is Rockin’ The List of BEHAVIORS? What CONTENDERS and government officials are getting away with PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSAULTS?

Bobby Tourette:

Leroy, why didn’t you talk to Mitt before coming to the inner city. Mitt ASPERGER got a lot to learn and today is not the day to teach him. You know he is going to get on the topic he likes. He will not be able to tell when others have lost interest in his topic.

Mitt ASPERGER will continue on this topic for days. You know this will piss someone off. I just wanted a barbecue sandwich. Hell, I don’t want to be on ARTHUR BRYANTS menu as Bobby burnt ends. Lord, please let me save my A.. for another day.

I hope we don’t get into a fight like we did the last TIME. SUPER BOWL or not, I ain’t going to jail. We do not have a get out of jail free card like MITT ROMNEY, NEWT GINGRICH, and RICK SANTORUM. The courts don’t understand Asperger or any other disorder.

Leroy NLD:

Yes, I heard him. Did you hear what you said? Inner City is fighting words also. I wanted MITT ASPERGER to get a real cultural outing. Bobby, you always correct me. Everyone we hang with need lots of correcting. I just wanted to see if Mitt ASPERGER could connect to the people.

I thought it was cool when Mitt ASPERGER got slapped for trying to give people handouts. He will learn before the end of the day. This is the perfect opportunity.

Bobby Tourette:

Yeah, the last TIME we went to jail I didn’t need that type of opportunity. Man, that lady’s mouth was pretty tough. Not that I have room to talk, when I get angry, my Tics kick in.

The next TIME he will think twice before he tells someone, “I bet you $20,000 you can’t get any poorer”. Insensitive fool!

Even I know better than to make people feel they are beneath me. He has one special interest and it sho ain’t people. I love the smell of money in the morning, Mr. Money-bags of MONOPOLY, MITT ASPERGER. We know OUR Mitt’s behaviors is UNINTENTIONAL.

MITT ROMNEY has many soundbites stating he doesn’t care about the VERY POOR or the VERY RICH. I just want to hear MITT ROMNEY man-up and say he wants to destroy the middle class and confess he is angry because PRESIDENT OBAMA can sing better than him. Jealousy, NOT!

You know MITT ROMNEY is looking at those numbers. All the experience he has with spreadsheets and making money. You know his butt is ROASTED TOAST now that economic conditions have improved. The President has one hell of a chance of beating MITT ROMNEY’S drawers off.

MITT ROMNEY would need to be AFRICAN AMERICAN today instead of wishing he was MEXICAN eating at ARTHER BRYANTS. I would love to see his reactions. The good news is this restaurant receives all races extremely well. Bill O’Reilly has got to eat here.

Andre ADHD:

I know how hard it is for Mitt ASPERGER. I have said some stupid things myself but my medication alerted me not to get too crazy and bet with him. “OOPS,” did I just tell everyone I take legalized drugs? It sounds better until you overdose.

Then you realize you have a substance abuse problem. In my neighborhood, you are just a hard-core addict with stolen prescriptions. Why do we get the worst end of the stick? Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, gets to be called RADICAL.

Jan Brewer’s extreme behavior was an offensive personal foul and a 15-yard penalty for getting into the face of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. She should be fined and ejected from her position as Governor of Arizona.

She is a repeat offender and the ADAM PAC MAN JONES of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Jan Brewer’s unnecessary roughness is for attacking the teachers, firefighters, and police officers. The Republicans in Arizona feel they can silence the voice of the UNION and any other public servants.

Whatever rites the people have will be stripped away by the REPUBLICANS. One thing they can’t take away is my inabilities of focusing, PAYING ATTENTION, nor my giant boulder. Every day of my life I’m leaning more and more toward becoming Bi-Polar.


You know ANDRE ADHD, you remind me of RICK PERRY Off SIDE. You are off your line of scrimmage and you tussled with getting the answer right. Did they ever get your medication straight? Hey ANDRE ADHD over here, you just can’t stay focused. Get over here!

Folks in this restaurant think I’m talking to myself. NEWT GINGRICH is UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS and KNEE CAPPING. He is really striking below the belt. NEWT is trying to destroy MITT ROMNEY. I couldn’t believe HERMAN CAIN endorsed NEWT GINGRICH. HERMAN CAIN, “MR SHUCKY DUCKY,” of all people.

Everyone knows HERMAN CAIN has been shucked like corn and his brain is plucked like a duck.

Mark Autism:

Leroy NLD talks out loud to himself. He explained it as processing his thoughts. Leroy said if he hears what he verbalizing he can process the information better. When LEROY NLD starts processing out loud, people think he is crazy.

Bobby Tourette always says when Leroy gets mad he will hold that thought and won’t ever forget what someone has done to him. Leroy is HOLDING. He processes so much information. Leroy NLD struggles with applying old information to new ideas.

Adaptability is difficult for him but he is willing to learn. I can’t say that about the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They have a choice. The REPUBLICAN PARTY’S intentions are to HOLD the ECONOMY back. They refused to ADAPT. It benefits the REPUBLICAN PARTY and the 1% to keep things as they are.

Look at the BEHAVIORS of RON PAUL. Wouldn’t his BEHAVIOR be call HOLDING? RON PAUL gets a 10-yard Penalty for HOLDING onto past ideologies. He does tell you what is on his mind. The REPUBLICANS want him to go away because he exhibits annoying BEHAVIOR.

LEROY NLD displays annoying BEHAVIOR, not by choice, and we don’t isolate him. Everyone in our gang of six has annoying BEHAVIORS. We are singled out, called weird, and isolated from society. We have delays and our finest moments.

Mitt Asperger:

MITT ROMNEY wants to delay the economy and blame PRESIDENT OBAMA for making the economy WORSE. This is UNSPORTMAN LIKE CONDUCT and EXCESSIVE CELEBRATION. He needs to be fined and suspended. Maybe DONALD TRUMP will fire him. Can you believe this? Look whose picture is on the wall.

Is that John MCCAIN? There’s SARAH PALIN! Is that JIMMY CARTER? NO! That can’t be BILL CLINTON! It’s a miracle they came down in this community and ate with you people.

Bobby Tourette:

Did you just say, “YOU PEOPLE?” Hold up! You begin to sound like MITT ROMNEY. I let it pass when you made the comment about me paying with food stamps. I should have corrected you. Your NEWT GINGRICH remark didn’t go over to well and your BEHAVIOR got WORSE.

I know you didn’t mean any harm. You need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your inappropriate remarks. I know you are Rocking the List but it does not excuse you. What you just said caused me to FLARE UP. It feeds my anger.

Mitt Romney has made many negative remarks, straight up lied about the remarks, and his remarks feed the PEOPLE’S anger. NEWT GINGRICH thinks he’s slick. There is nothing subliminal about his remarks.

Once you have survived HATRED or RACISM you will always know the flavor, the color, and the stench it leaves behind. Leroy NLD is our food order ready? We need to get out of here before Mitt ASPERGER cause a Race War.

The last TIME it was Nicky NLD, Leroy’s cousin, who got us thrown out for his remarks.

Leroy NLD:

Hey, man, the food is ready. Let’s head out. Well, Mitt ASPERGER what do you think about our trip today?

Mitt Asperger:

This is a real colored experience. What! Did I say something wrong?

Bobby Tourette:

We are going to get out of here and I will explain it on the way. You better be glad you are MITT ASPERGER instead of MITT ROMNEY or NEWT GINGRICH. Don’t expect a soundbite. Your mouth just wrote a check your A.. can’t pay for.

In the January Archives of 2011 go back and refresh your memory. Read NLD Superbowl Pregame. Also read Superbowl Flare-up NLD and Superbowl Game Time, Rockin’ the List posted in the February archives.

Characteristics Of



NEWT GINGRICH campaigns as HOT HEADED and straight up MR. FEROCIOUS.



In the 2012 Election, he has been written off as a LIABILITY.



RON PAUL, MR. NOSTALGIA, platform lingers in the PAST.

MICHELE BACHMAN, MRS.DELUSIONAL, her conspiracy theories didn’t LAST.

RICK PERRY at the debates stated, “I CAN’T OOPS” get it RIGHT.

RICK PERRY, MR.PERPETUAL GAZE stood like a deer that glances into the HEADLIGHTS.

Now, who would you vote for in the 2012 ELECTION?

I would vote for the person with a STABLE MIND and PROGRESSIVE DIRECTIONS.

Investigate the candidates from up ABOVE.

Remember these are TRAITS and CHARACTERISTICS OF.

Smooth Operator

I tried to catch up with you the other day. The pace was too much for me. It felt like a marathon. My legs are so much shorter. Just when I thought I had caught up with your stride, my body hit pay dirt. You left me hanging off the rail wishing I had a bottle of Primestine Mist. One thing about it, you were dressed to impress. The navy blue suit you wore was raising hell and the lavender tie set it off. The look on your face was serious. Your arms swung out evenly from side to side. It didn’t matter how many emergencies the city had, you looked as though you were ready to put them all out. Are you wearing your Gasoline Drawers?

Every person you encountered on the streets was given a strong handshake. Your smile came bursting through. Words of hope were given to all the people who felt beaten down by the economy. Then all of a sudden you sat down on the curb in your nice suit. Do you think Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan would have given an uplifting curb service speech to the people in their high dollar cha-ching suit? Don’t answer!

Wherever you were headed it didn’t seem important anymore. You were answering questions about concerns of jobs, infrastructure, voters suppression, and the Big 3(Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid). An old lady appeared from out of nowhere. Silence came over the crowd. You looked directly into her eyes and you reached out and held her hand. Then you said, “How can I help you?” She responded, “You have helped me.” You are learning to ask the questions. Inclusions make you a part of us.

Sitting here among the people you have included yourself. The Republicans tried to divide you from WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. You have not let Pride override the welfare of the People. The Republicans tried to make the American people feel in taking out the dictators, it was only your victory. WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION understood it was a victory for all. You are starting to learn from your MISTAKES. Achievement comes with ACKNOWLEDGING your MISTAKES and taking RESPONSIBILITY for your MISTAKES. You have shown the American People deference.Through all the criticism you did not let your head drop below the water. The eternal flame burns deep inside of you. The Human Factor works in your favor. You have remained HUMANE.

The Presidents before you made mistakes. The PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS have taken it to a new level of mistakes. Herman Cain is the cousin of the other mother, Oscar OCD, who is always entertaining the NO NO THOUGHTS. Go back and refresh your memory. Oscar OCD was in EASTER UNDER THE UMBRELLA_FOR NLD. Oscar OCD always referred to his little cousin Herman, as Captain Nasty McNuts. Tyrone Tourettes, the cousin of Bobby Tourettes, thought it meant Herman liked McNuggets. AH NO! I don’t think so.

Strange that HERMAN grew up in the Restaurant Business. Since he made his POKEMAN SPEECH he probably needs to call PICACHO to the RESCUE. The next cartoon character he might want to be is a TRANSFORMER. Yes, Herman Cain is more than meets the eye. He is the original DECEPTICON along with the other PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS. Starscream, Herman Cain, cannot be trusted. He is always trying to find a way to overthrow Megatron, Rick Perry. Sounds like this is playing in the media right about now.

Megatron, Rick Perry, is at Lowes picking up paint for his METEORITES which is all wrong. Sentinel Prime, Mitt Romney, has switched sides and his numbers still didn’t move in the polls. This is the perfect world for Mitt Romney.

He has so many characters to TRANSFORM into. If I was Herman Cain I would stay with the TRANSFORMERS. He’s going to need a hideout within himself and a new theme song. No one will ever notice the White 1999 MONTE CARLO is Herman Cain in the junkyard. The sign will read We BUY, SELL, and OWN previous DECEPTICONS by the Koch Brothers. In Training Day, Denzel Washington drove the Black MONTE CARLO. Herman Cain is NO Denzel.

Now it is TIME to develop a trusted loyal Crew so you won’t look distant or be isolated from your base. Steve Israel, Head of the Democratic Congressional Committee can whip the Democrats into shape. Lean to the side of the strong Democrats who use the media. In Smokelbg Tweets she gives her thumbs up to Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

We can’t leave out Barney Franks and Chuck Schumer, the Progressive/Liberal Democrats. You got the Ohio Players, not the singing group, the Democrats in Ohio. Sherrod Brown and Marcy Kaptur would be excellent team players.

The DEMOCRATS need to speak out and be compassionate about their leader. You have come a very long way. We can see your growth. Your message has gotten stronger. Son, I ain’t stopped BELIEVING in you. So you better not stop BELIEVING. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOUR PURPOSE. BELIEVE IN YOUR VISION. BELIEVE you are a SMOOTH OPERATOR.

Another voice shouts out from the crowd. SMOOTH OPERATOR, the REPUBLICANS are totally thrown off course. Their hatred is letting people around our nation and other nations know they have RESPECT only for the BENJAMIN’S BABY. All this business about your job ratings in the polls is at 40% is a bunch of sardines. Just think if we had Muammar Gaddafi for 42 years. Instead, we have Charles and David Koch causing havoc. We need to occupy their headquarters.

Who cares about those numbers? What polls are they reporting from? It sounds like Fox News statistics. Their math is way off the charts. They never do their research. We all know Bill O’Reilly is never WRONG. I do like Greta Van Susteren, Sheppard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, and Chris Wallace. Geraldo Rivera barbecues BILL O’Reilly’s butt. Geraldo is the chef of Burnt Ends. Watch out, Bobby Flay!

Chris Wallace broke down and told John Stewart that Fox News is Conservative. John Stewart of the DAILY SHOW keeps his Gasoline Drawers on and uses his flamethrower to set Fox News on fire. Fox News thinks this is the story of ROOTS 999. They made a lot of people have a “What The Hah Hell” moment. I guess Herman Cain is their Black. “What the Hah Hell” do they mean by your black/my black. Let’s send a friendly reminder to FOX NEWS letting them know that Slave Days Are Over.

Do they really have a Candidate? A young lady’s voice in the crowd rang out. With everything the Republicans have done to you, I would have blown a gasket. SMOOTH OPERATOR smiles and replies, “I need YOUR support.” War within Wars is no good. I am here for the People. The losses have made me gain great knowledge and great strength. I have Learned and Transformed. The past is just that, the past. The Moment is Now. We will continue to Press On. I will not be discouraged by Congress, the Republicans, and the TEA PARTY. The REPUBLICANS reading this will say I did not answer the question. We have to stop BLAMING. We need to Start MAINTAINING our government.

There are TIMES when we take Action, the Words are fulfilled. There are TIMES when we take Words and we may Fail to carry out the Action. Remember the word has been “NO.” Remember the Action was not carried out. Remember to do the Math. Remember that only 4 Democrats voted against the AMERICAN JOB ACT. The young lady asked, Who were the 4 Democrats? An elder man steps up and starts calling out names. It was them old tired Conservative Blue Dog Democrats. Roll Call Sister!

It was Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, Senator John Tester of Montana, and Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas. I tell you what Sister, I can Remember 4 names. Baby Girl, all 49 REPUBLICANS voted against the bill. Now it is gonna be hard Remembering all 49 Knucklehead REPUBLICANS. Just Remember the Herman Cain Theory, 4+5=9 and you take out the (+5=) and you got 49. Maybe he will get 49 years for the 4 women he sexually harassed.

Why did it take 4 women and not just 1 of these charges to be acknowledged and taken seriously? Is it possible that a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE may have slipped through the cracks? Is it okay to label the poor and middle-class behavior? Why are we not acknowledging the behaviors of the rich and high-profile government officials? Go back and review GOT NO TIME TO BE DISABLED in the March Archives. You will find an answer.

A young boy around the age of 6 breaks through the crowd. His presence breaks the tension. “Are you who I think you are?” Somebody said you are the President of the United States. I told them No Way! You are the man with the plan. The man who understands. The man with the whole world in the palm of his hands. You are a SMOOTH OPERATOR. He jumps into PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’s lap and gives him a big hug. He lifts the young boy into the air. “I will keep my Promise.”

ADVISORY ALERT: It is hard for people diagnosed with NLD Syndrome and other exceptionalities to come off as SMOOTH OPERATORS. Some may lack the social communication skills, inability to read social cues, and interpreting body language. Others may have trouble with personal hygiene, and cocktail party speech. They have difficulty interpreting facial expression. It is hard for them to initiate a conversation or end a conversation. Their social judgment is poor. NLDers are not sure where his or her space is and cannot judge the distance(space invaders). This is due to visual-spatial organization. They are labeled by others as annoying, ill-mannered, rude, discourteous, and smart “aleck.”

People diagnosed with NLD Syndrome cannot detect hidden meanings of language and social interactions aren’t detected There will be many outbursts, social blunders, misinterpretations, and misjudgments. NLDers end up being the victims and are victimized because they are naively trusting. They DO NOT understand a person that is deceitful, cunning, or who manipulates others. They have faulty spatial perception only getting half of the picture.

Their behaviors are misinterpreted by our society as being INTENTIONAL. Their neurological and neuro-behavior right hemisphere disorder is UNINTENTIONAL. Sexual Harassment is a term that is very vaguely defined. It happens a lot in the workplace. It entails social situations, the making of unwanted sexual advances, and obscene remarks. How would it be possible to charge a person with NLD SYNDROME with sexual harassment if they have these characteristics and traits? People with NLD SYNDROME will not have a clue to what sexual harassment or any other type of harassment is due to the nature of their neurological disorder and their UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS.

My advice to all parents is finding a neuro-psychologist or psychiatrist that has had years of knowledge, training, and experience in the field of Nonverbal Learning Disability. It is very essential that you have your child tested early. This diagnosis has been overlooked for 41 years and has not been placed on the DSM4. This is a great disservice to millions of people who are looking for answers for their children/adults. When AUTISM, ASPERGER, ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, OCD, TOURETTES SYNDROME, ANXIETY DISORDER, TIC DISORDER, just doesn’t add up, PLEASE turn YOUR ATTENTION to NLD SYNDROME

How many TIMES have people with NLD SYNDROME diagnosed/undiagnosed been falsely accused, misjudged, socially isolated, and punished repeatedly because society has failed to be educated about this neurological disorder?
How many people are locked away in institutions, given a counterproductive treatment plan, or heavily medicated because they have gone undiagnosed, the diagnosis is ignored/is hidden or the diagnoses were not understood?

How many people with this diagnosis have been falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit or understand it was a crime due to the nature of their disability and their UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS? How many people with this diagnosis have been incarcerated? How many lives have been lost and our society will continue to lose due to the secondary diagnosis of anxiety, stress, depression, and panic attack? Think about it. I hope this will help millions of people.

How can our society continue to violate the HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS of people with this diagnosis? This is in the DEFENSE for NLD SYNDROME. NLD Mom/cancer survivor

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep__An NLD Mother’s Prayer

It appears that certain government officials didn’t like the language of President Barack Obama’s Speech. I did not come here to defend the President because this is a man who can PRESS ON.

MAXINE WATERS, you may like your HIGH HEELS, you may not like wearing SLIPPERS. You say you work, you march, but you are sending a mixed message to the people. There are many ways which each individual can convey their message.

It appears you have a problem with understanding what others are trying to convey or even say. Are YOU listening? Do YOU have your own AGENDA?

Being candid can give people the impression in which your straightforwardness reflects no COMPASSION, EMPATHY, or SUPPORT. My son speaks candidly. He was diagnosed with NLD Syndrome at the age of 4 years 10 months. Now that he is older he has a very strong voice and tone. He is more like Chris Christie only a DEMOCRAT. Chris Christie has a very strong tone and so far there is no recanting of what he may say. I asked my son what is it about MAXINE WATERS that is disturbing about her political stance. He said, “If you go to the CREW you will find 15 MOST CORRUPT MEMBERS of CONGRESS on this LIST”. Yes, she is on the list and she has her own agenda. He also stated she was listed for the year 2006, 2007, and 2009. The future of government lies in the hands of our younger adults. How can we trust the platform of government officials if our elder’s behaviors are so poorly?

The behavior of Elected officials in government doesn’t match the words that come from their mouths. Maxine Waters has continued to insert her foot in her mouth and videotaped her A… Yet rudeness has been placed upon the backs of those with NLD Syndrome. People diagnosed with NLD Syndrome bear the scars and wear the banners of curtness, inappropriate/unexpected behavior, behavior problems, angry/explosive and implosive behavior. Our society accused those with NLD Syndrome with acting out intentionally. Yet this behavior has been relentlessly displayed by Maxine Waters and many other government officials. You are in for a rude awakening if you know someone diagnosed with NLD Syndrome.They will wax your A… and continue to buff.

Sugar coating will never happen. Loyalty is a strong trait that NLDers carry which political officials need to borrow. Maxine Waters’ sense of loyalty will reveal itself on the evening news by once again recanting her statements. Showing her loyalty lies with her own personal agenda of having a political position in the year 2012. We are tired of our Government officials throwing each other under the bus. The behavior of our government is deplorable.

My son’s political stance is not to go golfing with John Boehner and feel comfortable with Mitch McConnell. We all know where he stands. Eric Canter blocks all and keeps everything to himself. Jim Demint’s followers, the Tea Party, are out of control. The Republicans and the Tea Party recant their statements all the TIME. As a race of people, we need to support the INTELLIGENCE OF THE MIND and those decisions which will affect the lives of not just one RACE of people but for ALL the people.

Our young adults are taking a closer look at the political figures. Herman Caine announced he was a real black man. If you have to do a public service announcement on your manhood you fall short in a lot of areas. Herman Cain, Alan West, Jessie Lee Peterson, Lloyd Marcus, Star Parker and many others who are attached at the right hip of the Right Wing Extremists will get a friendly reminder from their GRAND MOO FA.

Rush Limbaugh, Grand MOO FA, his second in command Glenn Beck, and all of FOX NEWS will make a public service announcement to Herman Caine and his BLACK JACK GANG. It will be brief. The Grand Moo FA doesn’t think that African Americans are INTELLIGENT. Herman Caine shares those same beliefs and thinks we have been brainwashed into becoming DEMOCRATS. “You People” have confused the younger African Americans and we have accomplished our goal, stated the GRAND MOO FA. On the Tyra Banks show, we saw African Americans wanting to be white. Younger adults wanting to belong to the KKK. Hell, even in grade school, smaller children are beginning to think dark skin is ugly and natural hair is nappy.

When smaller children are asked to pick out who is the smarter child, they picked out the one who is white. You guys have been just great in screwing up your race. You have served your Purpose and your services are no longer needed. “Herman Caine while you were out trying to discover your identity and put your BLACKNESS under the Microscope, I Rush Limbaugh, the Grand Moo FA, discovered something better.” You are not FREE to go. We Own you. What a Sell-Out. Price of Success.

The Congressional BLACK CAUCUS and the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS need to understand it is not just about the POLITICS of our government. This is about the lives of the PEOPLE and what is best for the PEOPLE.

Our children’s lives should pave the way for a brighter future. Our children’s lives are at great risk and they are no longer living out the full term of their life. A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their child in a coffin surrounded by other young adults. This is a permanent TIME OUT and Recess is over. Even if our children grow up it is hard to see them incarcerated, on death row, and murdered by a senseless death. Before my children were put to bed at night they would get on their knees and pray.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord My soul shall keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul shall take. This prayer has been modified for today’s children and young adults. Before I lay my head to rest. I pray to God I have done my best. When death comes to my soul, I pray to God my children grow old. AMEN! It is TIME TO PRESS ON. It is TIME for TIME_EXTENSION OF LIFE.

DEDICATED: To the future of our children. IN loving MEMORY of STEVE JOBS whose EXIT is NOW A PERMANENT ENTRANCE. You take a closer look at people and everything that surrounds your life. For the first TIME, the field of one’s life extends across the way. It is not dying from what you have but living with the TRUTH of what you have. The TRUTH of having your hands on DEATHS DOORWAY changes everything about you. Steve Jobs, myself, and many others who wear those shoes know what is TRULY IMPORTANT. The TRUTH is a powerful key and it will UNLOCK many doors. DISEASE AND DEATH is the LATCH that can be OPEN with the key of TRUTH. ACCEPTANCE of the TRUTH gives an extension to live. DENIAL of the TRUTH shortens the desire to fight the LATCH of DISEASE and DEATH when you finally come to grips with the TRUTH.

NLD Mom/cancer survivor

Look of Love NLD Valentines’s Day

The Scene opens with a loving couple talking to each other.


Did you bring me that special edition of Ebony Magazine?


Yes, I did.


I”m talking about the one that has the three different covers on it.


I got this baby girl.


Is it the edition with the Obama’s on it?


Yes, it is.


Does it say 15 Hottest Couples?


Okay, stop right there. You’re rocking my list. That was eight questions. When you sent me to the store, you gave me too many directions. You wanted the magazine, avocados and hair dye. I forgot the other stuff.  So I went back to pick up BeBe so he could help me out.


You went to Bebe’s house!  Is that why it took you so long?


Bebe is my interpreter. We have been hanging out together for years. He’s my trusted friend and he has my back.


Yeah right, Bebe is a knucklehead.


Hey, you don’t need to be dissing my friend.  I have a hard time multitasking. If you just give me 3-5 things to do, I will be just fine.  But girl, you went on and on.


So, are you telling me that I worked your nerves?


Hey, I did not say that. I’m saying that if you give me too many directions it’s going to set me up for failure.  Baby, I have problems with multitasking.  It is on my list.


You and your list.  All I asked you to do is get me a few things from the store, stop at Arnesha,  get my curling iron and pick up my dress from the cleaners. You forgot that but you didn’t forget Bebe.  Since he is your interpreter, why don’t you marry him? Interpret that!


Ooh, don’t tempt me, girl.


What did you say?


My friends Andre Autism, Arnell Asperger and Ace ADHD have the same problem with staying focused and multitasking.


No Leon, your friends have problems with their names all starting with A. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  Is that all their parents can come up with is the letter A?


Come on. Your friends name Arnesha.


Leon, don’t go there.  Just bring me the magazine and tell me what you see. Okay, come over here.  Are you paying attention?


Yeah, baby.




Michelle and Barack have pretty teeth.


Get out of here.  You did not just say that.  They’re smiling.  Check out the look in their eyes.  Leon, this is the look of passion and true love.


Girl, you are over the top. So I am supposed to see all that from a look on their faces in a magazine photo?  Right.


You never look at me anyway when I’m talking to you. Hell, I will take a cross-eyed look right about now…  Anything!


Cynthia it is going to make you mad. It is on my list.


Here we go. I’m so tired of that list. Where Leon? Show it to me.


It is right there with nonverbal communication. That’s why I can’t look at you or tell you what mood you are in. I can’t read facial expressions.  This has an effect on the way I act toward your friends. You get on me about that television show, Lie To Me. It teaches facial expression and body languages.  I’m really trying to learn.


Oh, Leon, my friends will help you.


Thanks, baby, I’ll keep looking at the program… and I’ll keep reading this book on different cultures and what their gaze means.


Leon, I didn’t know you could read.  Just kidding.


If we were Asians and we gazed at each other like that,  it could mean that we are rude, aggressive and disrespectful.  Japanese lower their gaze in respect. Our culture is more flirtatious. In some cultures, it means that you are putting a spell on someone by giving them the evil eye.  They even did a study on children who tested and gave better answers when they were not looking at the examiner.  It takes a lot of mental processing when you are looking at someone.  The children that look at the examiner did not do as well.  Hey, it is just a theory.


Wow, Leon, that is really interesting.


Cynthia… about your girlfriend Arnesha…


Yeah, Leon.


She has SAD


No Leon, don’t you mean she IS sad?


No, SAD means social anxiety disorder. She is petrified of embarrassing herself. Arnesha has an intense fear of people talking about her. Whenever Arnesha comes over here and we are going to the party, she starts pouring on the alcohol. She starts shaking, complaining that she has nausea, and pouring out the sweats. Did we ever make it to the party?  I know that is your homegirl,  but you really need to talk to her about seeing a doctor.


Oh, Leon, I didn’t know you cared.


I don’t.  She is drinking up all my Hennessy. Just kidding!  Gotcha back.


Leon, I see you’re getting better with the jokes. Boy, I’m going to grey you up yet.


I just wanted to include Arnesha… I know how it feels to be left out.


Leon, I’m so proud of you. You have really come a long way.


Cynthia, I really appreciate you too.  I know it has been hard for you but thanks for hanging out.


Leon, can you try to give me that look Barack is giving Michelle?


Girl it’s going to take a long time before I master that one. Will you hang tough with me that long?


Well, as long as you keep trying.  For now, I will take Alicia and Swizz or we can go for a Will and Jada smile and gaze.


Baby, try not to rock my list. It took lots of work getting me to express my feelings. Just please be patient and together we will achieve one skill at a time.  At least I’m not Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost saying “Ditto”.


I love you, Leon.


Happy Valentine’s Day Cynthia.


Good Night.

Super Bowl Flare Up NLD

We are counting down the days to the Superbowl. Emotions are running high. Our tempers are flaring up. Americans go berserk when competitive sports are involved.

Can I have a spotlight down here, please?  I just need to take a closer look at some of the players.  Thank you.  Maybe this will shine the light on why our team players are having these outbursts of anger, and explosive behaviors.

Leroy, get over here and stop acting like you own the team.  I know you don’t do well with criticism.  You upset a few of your teammates when you get loud and you were in their face.  Don’t be upset if they change the color of your shoes. You look like a Demanding Diva to the coach and the owner.

Let’s get one thing straight.  Leroy is not emotionally disturbed.  He has some negative behaviors but he is not a behavior problem.  In the Sunday paper, it had Leroy Syndrome painted as an arrogant a-hole.   He is not arrogant and he wasn’t having a bad hair day.  Leroy Syndrome is NLD.  Leroy does Leroy.  He does himself.  Leroy does have other special interests.

It appears that Leroy may have a know-it-all attitude.  He has trouble with authority figures and has a problem with identifying who is in charge.  So coach Asperger, just explains to him in a nice calm voice that the team is not his.  Sorry Coach, I forgot you have the same problem with a loud voice.  We will find someone else to do it.  Leroy does better with praises than with criticism.  Tell Mike Ditka this is good for Leroy’s self-esteem.  What is wrong with positive feedback?  We all know Leroy needs a lot of praises.

Bring that bucket over here.  Is that the understanding bucket?  That’s the wrong bucket.  Get it out of here!

Tell Dwayne and Boo Boo don’t get mad.  I know he talks loud.  The other players Asperger,  Autism, and ADHD talks loud also.  He did not mean to sound threatening.  Leroy has a right hemisphere brain disorder.  He is unable to comprehend changes in voices and body language.  The non-verbal element of his speech is disturbed.  Leroy doesn’t have rhythm.  Literally.  That’s in his voice and tone of his speech.  He can’t read the facial expressions which play a part in his loud voice.  Calmly say to him, lower your voice.  He just needs to be cued in.

Leroy would you tell them that those tennis shoes are not your lucky piece charm.  “Yes, I have a hard time adapting to change and the coach did not let me know ahead of time.”  Leroy, is there anything else you would like to tell us?  “Well, the shoes are important to me.  I have a difficult time with what is relevant or irrelevant.  I talk off task or get away from the subject.  When people don’t explain themselves and they ask me did I understand, I say no.”  Well, you heard it firsthand from Leroy Syndrome.  This will help you understand why people tell you NO.

To the owner, you have a manual on how the game is played.  It is time to get a manual on Leroy Syndrome.

This one is dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama.  Understanding NO is important.