Opposite End Of The Spectrum___Behaviors

Hate it when folks just can’t do the job, never had an original thought of their own, and don’t have a plan. They don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and absolutely don’t know the answer? Why do people pretend like they know? We know and so does the whole world know they don’t know a D..n thing. They break out in the “I will get back to you later” message. Here we go with the PUT OFF TURNED OFF SYNDROME. It would be so nice if the person or persons can say, “I don’t know.” Is it really so hard to say these 3 little words? Instead, they lay back in the cut, fold their arms and pretend like you are the dummy for not knowing and asking them the question. You are the dummy if you think they will give you an answer or tell you the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Do you think you will be judged as STUPID for not knowing? You are STUPID for pretending you know. What happens when your cover is peeped? BUSTED! Please feel free to ask all the questions you want.

Never failed to use your common sense. It is absolutely okay to reach back and evaluate your life lessons and compare and contrast them to what is transpiring today. Never let any WHITE KNIGHTS ride in on their horses and tell you to dismiss common sense, your life experiences, and look at the evidence. They just told you to be STUPID. If you don’t have common sense and you are brilliant have a BRO or SISTER break it down in layman’s term. The nonprofessionals are truly the professionals when it comes to street smarts. These are the people with LIFE LEARN LESSON SKILLS. They went out into the world and got their A.. kicked, dusted their A… off, and they know not to do that SH… again. Most important of all they have learned the big lesson of the day. If it happens to them it could happen to you or anyone. Consequences are dealt with the hand of the ones who cheat, lie, and are full of deceit. Through failure, it will punch the clock of success if you keep trying even at the smallest goal to get it right. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum is not trying to get it right.

When you INTENTIONALLY fail and try to take others down the KEYSTONE PIPELINE you have a hand full of consequences to deal with. Go with what you know and have lived. To all the men who can never have a baby stop trying to deny the rights of women to make their own decisions. To the BROTHERS who never passed a kidney stone through their PENIS maybe you need to reconsider leaving women rights alone. It can get messy and painful but it will never compare to women having a baby. This will give all the men the opportunity of RETHINKING the RAPE issue and let women decide what choices they need to make for themselves and their bodies.

Was this an out-of-body experience to actually witness people doing wrong and they knew it was wrong? How is it possible to balance a budget when you work with people whose mind is not balanced? WHEW! On The Opposite End Of The Spectrum, we have had some crazy A.. Behaviors. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, those minds which are imbalanced and suffer from a chemical imbalance get put out into the pastures, drugged up, and jailed. What a treatment plan! Whenever things get out of sort and a person doesn’t understand right and wrong it has nothing to do with their pride. Hell, they don’t know and they need to be taught. Is it INTENTIONAL? NO! Take a look across the street and we will visit with some arrogant/over-confident FOLKS. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, they call it HUBRIS. This DUDE up next owned every word definition under the thesaurus.

Let’s scope out LITTLE RICHIE RICH. Hey! On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, this pretender lost the election and was very cocky. Talking about a V.I.P. he never told the TRUTH about himself or his taxes. How VAIN was this? What a hand! The shuffle was on and he never stopped using his cards of consequences. His riches remain intact but along the way, his CREDIBILITY has no impact. There goes his IMAGE. PRIDE! Forget about that. This DUDE wore his PRIDE on his shoulders. He still tried to go to lunch and sit in THE CHAIR. He did get served in more ways than one. He is definitely not a good model for LIFE SKILLS/SOCIAL SKILLS because he had neither of the 2 skills. He failed to learn and his wife blamed the man who sits in THE CHAIR for LITTLE RICHIE RICH failures. What did he learn? Nothing! He is still out trying to give advice. Don’t take it.

WOW! Take a peep at the DUDE flashing his wiener around. Is he full of himself or just disgusting? On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, it was understood when Sammy whipped out his wiener and began to have a display day. It was understood when Derrick whipped out his wiener in public and wanted to pee immediately. They were both corrected and given redirections. Although they struggle with their disabilities, appropriateness of one’s behavior is always addressed. Right and Wrong is a big TIME conversation. WEINER is not on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. What is his D… problem? There is plenty of room.

Then we have FILNER on the ROOF. Just another typical BOB whose trying to reach out a little bit too much. Finger fascination! BOB is just trying to learn how to really reach people especially women. He is a.k.a GROPESTER, a.k.a BE ALL YOU CAN BE HUMAN ASSAULT SEX WEAPON, a.k.a. GRANNY SNATCHER and has rolled the dice 19 TIMES and counting. Is this HUBRIS or is BOB FILNER the new keyword for SEX OFFENDER? This is some pretty embarrassing behaviors for government officials. What is up with these mayors? What is up with the BOBS? Hold Up! I’m missing my WATCH. BOB has it. No! Get out of here! What would BOB McDONNELL want with a waterproof TIMEX? This DUDE has sunk to an all TIME low. I get it now. It started with the TIMEX and moved up to the ROLEX. Hey, I want to share the love. In Kansas City Missouri, city councilman MICHAEL BROOKS got busted for SEXTING. What did MICHAEL expect? It sure wasn’t blackmailing that lead to a police investigation. Come on MICHAEL BROOKS! Your constituents in Districts 5 is feeling really betrayed. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum fries small fish too.

LIFE LEARN LESSON teaches you if it didn’t work for CHARLES MANSON, JOHN GOTTI, TED BUNDY, AILEEN WUORNOS it sure wasn’t going to work for WHITEY BULGER. AILEEN would straighten the men out. These are the big TIME fish players who all got caught in the end. WHITEY BULGER relationship with his trusted friends, the FBI still got him TIME. What a relationship! The FBI, an agency who gave themselves all A’s and never is wrong. Does this sound like our Congress? The REPUBLICANS can take a bow. Screw conflict of interest. The FBI has kicked it up two notches and added the GARLIC. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum__Behaviors keeps on keeping on. Who can get writer’s block with a crew like this? I wonder what the small TIME players are thinking? You D… Skippy! It is not JIFFY. All of the MISBEHAVING PLAYERS will go down in the end. WARNING! WARNING! DANGER! DANGER! Will Robinson. Doctor Smith behavior is nothing compared to THIS MOMENT IN TIME. I guess Doctor Smith is no longer the future screw-up. He doesn’t look too bad after all.

I haven’t talked about this group in a very long TIME. Whenever CONGRESS or the REPUBLICANS was brought up and their ideologies it was hard for me to separate the APA (American Psychiatric Association) from the 2 government agencies and the FBI. It can get real tricky and fancy on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Check it out! Over here on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, we have an APA. Yes, the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION and their 36,000 members get together, publish their books, journals, determines who is crazy and the severity of their craziness. The APA has this codebook used nationwide for diagnosing a disorder. The APA does it by testing or evaluating what a person can or cannot do to see what your strengths and weakness are. They go to the drawing board to see what type of plan they can set you up with. They go back to the drawing board to adjust or modify the plans when things begin to look as though it will not work. What hotel and luxurious accommodation will the person receive? You mean to tell me all they got are jails and no triage facilities. This doesn’t sound too good. Can I get some real help around this place? What are you stuck with after all that tweaking of the program? Do you walk away with a big fancy label that will stigmatize you for life? Later to have the APA come back and snatch your label away and shove you under a different umbrella. NO CAN DO!

Well, on the Flip Side Of The Chart you have staunch advocates who said they were not playing that game. Toni Atwood and Simon-Baron-Cohen, King Pens of Asperger made it clear to the APA to take their circus tent and move it to another town. Same stale old game but the players have changed. The game remains the same but it is TIME to step to the plate and change the rules. The new crew has to move forth with a new conversation. The DUDES on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART made it clear they would not be swept under the rug. The APA can take their umbrella and shove it. Everyone should be treated equally, tested, and diagnosed properly. People who were diagnosed with the fancy names wanted the BS stopped because they knew the APA did not have their act together. WHEW! Baby Bring It! How are you going to tell people who need to be on the list? Have you checked out the list lately? Do you see your name on the list? EXACTLY! When you get your SH… together come back and tell me about my SH… BOTTOM LINE the PLAYER will no longer be PLAYED. The PLAYER will show you what he got and what he truly stands for. The PLAYER is coming after you. You have held the PLAYER up long enough. Does this sound familiar? It is an ERIC HOLDER MOMENT.

We will run this baby to the OPPOSITE END OF THE SPECTRUM and check out the BEHAVIORS. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, the body language is out of sync. WHOA! On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, they call it FURTIVE MOVEMENT. What will a person try to hide if they may not want someone to know they are not societies most acceptable? Stop and Frisk here I come. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, it is all viewed as Dysfunctional Behavior no matter what is caught on tape. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, you pick up your fancy name and 3 more diagnoses. Next, you are tagged for Americans Most Dangerous. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, you no longer need a gun. Hell, a slab of concrete will do. Even though you were the victim, dead, and being a child did not matter. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum put their precious guns before the children and accepted the loss as just a loss. On the same spectrum Women are viewed as second class citizens they are being rubbed off the chart.

It has been a rough and a mind-boggling journey. Many rivers and valleys have been crossed. The trip was worth the pain, aches, and heartbreaks. The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is not the psychotic bosses. Hail to the Opposite End Of The Spectrum. You kicked A… and you have won all of the crazy mo-fo debates.