A Mother’s Worse Nightmare___Mindset

I am here and I am not alone. TM’s life has been devalued and so many of our young we have lost to GUN VIOLENCE. Look around at the LIVES that are devalued on a regular basis leading up to our COMMANDER-and-CHIEF who ROCKS the CHAIR. MR. EXECUTIVE FUNCTION himself holding his breath and reveal to the nation the shoes he has worn has been drenched in muddy waters. The stage has been set, the curtains go up, and the theme is a broken heart. The PRESIDENT will help decrease the flow of the hurt and pain by having the conversation that RACE will be the topic of THE WHOLE WORLD IS A STAGE and everybody plays a part. This conversation must continue in our homes, schools, churches, media, and social media. It is TIME to FLIP the CHART OVER.

The judge took a zero-tolerance stance by not letting race come into the courtroom. Unable to be black although you are black and RACE is so obvious. It is the position that is taken on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART when a child/adult acts out due to his disability in a zero-tolerance zone. It will not be tolerated. You are unable to be disabled in a zero-tolerance zone. Yet you cannot stop being disabled nor change the color of your skin. It is obvious. What The Hah Hell!

Sabrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, said they never viewed her son as a child. It was very obvious and the external view. We will now move to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART in the internal view. TRAYVON was a healthy outgoing young man. He did not get the opportunity to fulfill his dreams. I could see TRAYVON being a peer buddy for a child who is disabled. Children with developmental delays or pervasive developmental delays and other exceptionalities need the guidance of peer buddies to keep them from being isolated and to show them how to develop friendships and relationships. Whatever picture the DEFENSE painted of TRAYVON MARTIN he was a good friend to RACHEL JENTEL and he loved his family.

Children who are disabled become adults. They do not grow out of their disabilities. Working with the behaviors will help diminish the behavioral outbreaks. Helping a child to understand he is not a misfit. Children with disabilities play an important role in our society also. Children who are disabled will fall short in the areas of maturity and in the social domain. A 27-year-old male can have the mindset of a 17-year-old child. By his mindset, he is a child. He will be judged by his age and the external view of his appearance and charge accordingly. Even if this child is big for his age he will be viewed as the bully and never as a giant TEDDY BEAR. So if they COULD NOT see TRAYVON MARTIN as a child, a great battle has been a loss for the DISABILITY COMMUNITY. This is why more and more children/adults who are disabled end up in prison and on death row. It has now become obvious. We will call it the BBD SYNDROME.

On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, BBD SYNDROME consists of you being BLACK, BEHAVIORAL, and DISABLE. On the so-called normal side of the chart, you are BLACK with boo-coo behaviors and your BLACKNESS has locked you into a category as being violent, aggressive, and dangerous. Even with a DISABILITY, you are viewed the same way. The preponderance of evidence was collected to make the innocent look guilty. Your BLACKNESS disables your civil rights, human rights, and your right to stand your ground. The way you walk, talk, dress, posture, the tone of voice, and the way you respond puts you right at the front door of the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. We cannot ask TRAYVON MARTIN. We can ask RACHEL JENTEL how she felt when she was judged by her attitude and speech. Only on the FLIP SIDE of the CHART, you get a fancy name but there is more than meets the eye. Yes, it is a true DECEPTICON.

The DEFENSE decided to “CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR” around TM. What was the DEFENSE instructions? MARK O’MARA instructed the jurors to not use common sense. Mark O’MARA wanted to diminish EMOTIONS and put the jurors on a merry-go-round of being unable to put themselves in the shoes of TRAYVON MARTIN. The jurors rallied to the aid of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. O’MARA and DON WEST put a bullet through the hearts of the jurors to alleviate COMPASSION, EMPATHY or SUPPORT to render a verdict of NOT GUILTY. The DEFENSE job was to strip away humaneness. Isn’t that amazing an attorney can walk right in and have you pulled the plug on your SENSE OF NORMAL and rid you of your COMMON SENSE___MOTHER’S WIT? That is very disabling.

On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, these very characteristics qualify an individual as having a SOCIAL INCOMPETENCY DISORDER. Did JUROR B-37 choose William Syndrome (WS), Autism, High Function Autism (HFA), Pervasive Developmental Delays (PDD), Hyperlexia, Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD)? That is right! I guess the jurors deserved a break today. I wonder what disability did they attempt to play. INTENTIONALLY! They got the opportunity to choose from another CHART. JUROR B-37 had some MIND BOGGLING brain farts. WOW, JAY CARNIE! TRAYVON MARTIN took a bullet straight through his heart. TM’s death has had the opposite effect because our nation is smart. People around the nation use their common sense and humanness to know this VERDICT___Thwarted.

You are taken out of your comfort zone and put into ISOLATION. The court takes away all your zoo-zoo’s and wam-wam (sensory items that keep an individual from going the hell ballistic). This includes TV, radio, your IPAD, computer, no social media. The DEFENSE march in and tells you to look at the evidence, and scrap the emotional. BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW! The court system has disabled their jury, pushed them over the edge, and has validated behavior that is unacceptable and rejected by our society. On a regular NEUROLOGICAL UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORAL day, a child who is BORN with challenges and pervasive developmental delays can be murdered because of the GEORGE ZIMMERMAN of the world. That’s right, DOA. The DEFENSE instructed the jurors to look the other way, don’t care, not to question what no parent on this earth wish on their child/adult who is legitimately disabled. Their child can take a bullet through the heart because GZ, the police did not understand the behavior and made an ASSUMPTION. So it comes down to a triple whammy for a black male, being disabled, BLACK and UNDER ATTACK. Ain’t that some SH…

It was never brought out in the case that TM had any type of disability. GZ decided to define TM’s behavior yet GZ claimed he had a disability. TM’s behavior was always on trial from his FACEBOOK, school records and GZ challenging TM’s demeanor. What gave GZ the right to zero in on TM’s behavior when his behavior wasn’t challenged by the people in his family, nor his environment, nor the DEFENSE, nor the Police? Are you ready to FLIP this baby over?

MARK OMARA stood in the courtroom and told the BIGGEST LIE I ever heard in my LIFE. He said questions lead to DOUBT. If the following individuals on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART or the opposite end of the spectrum don’t ask questions, they can be raped, tortured, victimized, and killed. It doesn’t stop there it can go either way. When you don’t ask questions, Straight-up in the medical world it can lead to DEATH either way. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ask the question, “What are you doing here?” TRAYVON MARTIN asked the question, “Who are you?” Always ask the question. Continue to look for answers. Continue to learn. Asking questions is a learning mode and gathering the facts for many people at both ends of the spectrum. Do you want to know? Are you looking for the TRUTH/FACTS/REALITY?

What would happen to a person with the following characteristics?

The INDIVIDUAL displays the following:

1.) labeled annoying, or getting on your nerves, trying to get your attention.

2.) say the wrong thing (social blunder)

3.) has no clue he has pissed you off by what was said because he cannot read
your facial expression

4.) cannot decipher that they are in danger because they cannot read the body

5.) doesn’t realize the tone of his voice is loud and give very sharp responses

6.) very literal, all black and white and no grey areas, cannot read the hidden
meaning of language and social interactions aren’t detected

7.) regarded as a smart alec, rude and discourteous

8.) whatever a person says he takes you at you word

9.) constantly misjudge socially and misrepresented

10.) trust people to do what is right, and doesn’t understand a person who is
cunning and manipulate others.

11.) does not alter expression of speech

People who are diagnosed with NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disability) ask lots of question. They are not trying to annoy or frustrate anyone.
My son and many children/adults who are DISABLED would be dead at the hands of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. I really don’t like the word DISABLED. If you overdo, not do enough or not do at all this can classify you as disabled. Look at the behaviors of CONGRESS, SUPREME COURT JUDGES, JUDGES, ATTORNEYS, SENATORS, WALLSTREET, CELEBRITIES, SPORTS ATHLETES, BANKS, you name it. The people have seen what they have done for our nation. What category would you place them in? This list can go on and on. Have they stopped their behavior?

FLIP THE CHART over and whose behavior looks the worst on an INTENTIONAL DAY. Do AMERICANS take the GEORGE ZIMMERMAN POSITION and say, The F..cking Punks, they always get away with it. So do we go out and kill our highest ranking officials for the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS they have displayed? I guess it is okay for them to keep their jobs, do nothing to help move our nation forward, kill our blacks young men, make no attempt to pass gun laws, and destroy the President because he represents what whites fear the most. CHANGE and INTELLIGENCE! What the President is packing a DRONE! Get out of here.

People with disabilities are not out being disabled. They are out living their lives and living with what they are born with. They are being the best that they can be. It is all UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORAL. What happens when the police stop your child/adult and say you need to look at me? It is not going to happen if a person is nld, Asperger, autism, and other exceptionalities. What happens when the police say you need to stop rocking from side to side, stop making grimaces (facial expression composed of pain, disgust or disapproval), and stop making that funny noise with your mouth? You think this officer knows anything about tics. No, this is the response. You on drugs BOY? You raise your voice at me BOY? You trying to be a SMART A.. BOY? When I talk to you look at me BOY? Don’t play with me BOY can’t you see you are pissing me off. Well, the person who is disabled cannot understand your facial expression are an anyone else facial expression. It gets worse.

Your child/adult is stopped in the mall. They have an item in their pockets. The officer was informed by a sales clerk the item may have been stolen from the store. The sales clerk tells the officer black kids to come into the store and steal ALL the TIME. As the officer looks closer they realize the item is old and has been chewed on. What happens next? The officer looks at his partner and says, “Well what do we have here, a chewed up bear?” He looks at his partner and they begin to toss the bear back and forth. “Aren’t you kind of old to be carrying a baby doll?” Laughing out of control the officer says, “Still wetting your pants BOY?” You really think these officers understand anything about a person who is disabled carrying sensory items around to help them remain calm. Hell No! It is always about HUMILIATION, INTIMIDATION, and TRIGGERING the person behavior for a beat down, incarceration, or death. Flip the Chart over and you get the same results.

Talks! Conversations! You stop living in FEAR and you LIVE with the REALITY. This conversation was started some years ago with KU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER doctors in psychiatry. I will emphasize just because you reach out to a psychiatrist it doesn’t mean you are crazy. It means you are looking for more solutions and answer your question. It means you find no shame in your game in asking for help. It means you are reaching out taking steps to get closer to your goal of understanding yourself and healing. It means you will one day be better equipped to understand others. To hell with MARK OMARA DOUBT! It hit its height on July 22, 2013. The Conversations will continue. It is AB-SO-LUTE-LY mandatory we keep opening doors. Keep the CONVERSATIONS and the TALKS GOING. Never stop asking the QUESTIONS and continue to look for ANSWERS. Always be thirsty to LEARN and UNDERSTAND. It will move this nation FORWARD.

MARK OMARA gave the JURORS 4 minutes to reflect. TRAYVON MARTIN’s parents have the rest of their lives to reflect upon a VERDICT of NOT GUILTY. To the parents of TRAYVON MARTIN, I never understood why my trials and tribulations kept leading me to the path of deaths doorway when I thought I would be advocating for the LIFE of my son and many others. FLIP THE CHART OVER and it has been the DEATH of your son and all of the children, young adults, and adults who have been lost to GUN VIOLENCE that has held the highest PITCH of ADVOCATING from the mountaintop. It is TIME to turn those trials and tribulations to a TRIBUTE to the parents of a young man who had many hopes and dreams. TRAYVON is my son and my son could be TRAYVON.

I will continue on with AN NLD MOTHER’S PRAYER:

Before I lay my head to rest.
I pray to GOD I have done my best.
When death comes for my tattered soul.
I pray to GOD my children has grown old.

In these hours of hurt and pain.
A Verdict was received with absolute disdain.
No matter what the DEFENSE claimed.
The stench of RACISM will remain.

A young life was stolen in the dark.
Hatred was the bullets mark.
Anger and frustration fused the spark.
Retaliation we shall not embark.

Let us come away in peace.
We will honor and respect the deceased.
Yes, a murderer was released.
Our hearts are bleeding and the gun violence needs to cease.


Dedicated to the following: Attorneys


Dedicated to the following:


The following story was published on July 26th which correlates with the DATE on TWITTER, not the 24th.

Trouble Don’t Last Always___TM

The prosecution rests their case. As a mother, I will never rest my case until people understand and learn how INTENTIONAL vs UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR works and the mindset behind it. I guess this will be a long saga for me. I will remain the gate-keeper, grand guardian, and trusted adult. Did GZ say he was ADD? He needs to update himself. GZ stepped over to my side of the chart. I do not play when it comes to my territory. I want the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE BUTT-NAKED TRUTH. So help me, LORD! GZ crossed the line and the FLIP SIDE of the CHART. His A… is MINE. Anyone who ever read my stories or my TWEETS will find out today why I rhyme. It is not because I’m a rapper like MISSY ELLIOT, EVE, or QUEEN LATIFAH.

You think GZ can get away with being ADD/ADHD or trying to blame it on this disorder. The term ADD has outlived its use and ADHD is the new roof up in the house on the DSM. You think GZ would know that. Please don’t go blaming it on too much sugar. The cause of ADHD is unknown and not curable. What is this BS? Are we paying ATTENTION? This is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder whose symptoms occur anywhere from age 3 to 7 years of age and can carry on into adulthood. It is not classified as a neurological disease. I hope parents are paying attention. I’m talking about school age kids, young adults, and grownups. It is classified as Oppositional Defiant Behavior, conduct disorder, and having anti-social behaviors. This is the label hung around the necks of children/adults who are diagnosed with ADHD. YE-AH! BD or behavior disorder is the luggage ADHD are now packing. How do children or adults pay attention when they are all over the place and can’t remain in their seat? Even if one appears to be quiet, doesn’t appear to be talkative, and have less disruptive behavior they can be overlooked. It doesn’t mean they are paying attention. This is how ADHD is misdiagnosed or missed. Does anyone else in GZ family have this disorder?

Sometimes people with tics disorders, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and depression confuse it with ADHD. It’s all good because sometimes they are riding the same bicycle together. They will switch up and put on their skateboard. This particular disorder rolls with other developmental problems. ADHD can hop on your HARLEY DAVIDSON. It can ride around and roll with other psychiatric diagnoses which can co-exist with ADHD. This will include bi-polar (extreme mood swings which go from mania (an extremely high elevated mood) to burnt popcorn/depression in a short TIME zone; oppositional defiant disorder (too d… stubborn or rebellious, argue with adults and refuse to obey rules); conduct disorder (lie, steal, fight, bully, destroy property, carry or use a weapon and at a higher risk of using illegal substances). Check this out! People who are labeled as conduct disorder are at greater risk of getting in trouble at school or with the police. Let’s not leave out ANXIETY (worry, nervousness, excessive uneasiness, heebie-jeebies, compulsive, irresistible urge and just couldn’t resist); and DEPRESSION (severe despondency, sad, low spirit, hopelessness, in a slump and mournful). OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-anxiety, repetitive behavior, intrusive thoughts, paranoid behavior) believed to share a genetic component and many characteristics of ADHD.

We know the S on SUPERMAN chest meant HOPE. Although back on earth my girl LOIS LANE had to explain to SUPERMAN it was an S. What did the S on GZ chest stand for? STALKING! What planet does GZ think we are from? Coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART you get a clearer and a WHOLE PICTURE of GZ MENTAL PROCESSING.

Which brings me to this question? How in the fock you are down with the police, all up in their KOOL-AID, and you are ADHD. If you are sporting oppositional defiant disorder or considered as a behavior problem (BD) you are not rolling with the PO PO. This individual feels the police do not understand their behavior and view the police as untrustworthy, corrupt, and will lock your A… up. It doesn’t add up with ADHD whose behavior will work against them. Whose interest is GZ protecting? Is GZ working the opposite side of the spectrum? What role is GZ playing? Didn’t SANDFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT have a poor history of race relation? Was GZ the NEIGHBORHOOD SNITCH instead of the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN? WHO is ZOOMING WHO? Who has the most to lose? Is it TIME for the police department’s dirty laundry to get cleaned. Who wanted to be a policeman? WHAT!

The detective gets on the stand and validates GZ’s INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR. Well, look-a-here! Look-a-here! What happens to all the people who are diagnosed with NEUROLOGICAL UNINTENTIONAL DISABILITIES? This behavior would not be understood and you better have a lot of documentation at the TIME of your court date. With a detective like my man on GZ case, you’re going down and going to jail. Does this detective have any type of psychological training? How many years? Some detective, hey! He didn’t detect GZ problems or he would have never made that dumb A… statement. Does this detective have something to hide? Now you can understand why our jails are filling up with people who have disabilities. These brothers need intense training. It starts at home. Parents need to take responsibility, learn, and address their children problems. This will help diminish the incarceration and death of children or adults who are being wrongfully imprisoned. Prisons are not MENTAL HOSPITALS nor TRIAGE FACILITIES for individuals who are disabled.

Which brings me to another question? Let’s pretend we are in ARIZONA. PAPER PLEASE! I hope GZ got his paperwork in order and has all of his psychological evaluations done throughout his ADHD life. He stated he was ADD so I take it he was diagnosed early. Most adults have no clue and are diagnosed at a later date. What made him get diagnosed? Was he recently diagnosed because of TM’s death to back up his ADHD comment? Had GZ had problems before? Did his neighbors complain? Apparently, GZ was the policeman special kind of friend. Was the police aware at anytime GZ was ADHD? He made a lot of trips to the police station. Did this ever raise a RED FLAG with the police or any of GZ friends? Was GZ boat (MIND) attached to the rope on the dock and his thoughts put him in total shock (his mind is not secure)? What does his school records indicate? He tried to drum up TM school records, TM behavior, and TM FACEBOOK page.

ADHD evaluation is a 6 month or more process to get some real results up in the house. The trial is moving forward and that is a lot of information GZ would have to gather up in such a shot TIME span. Parents if you suspect your child has any type of problem. Please seek out help and get an independent evaluation from a licensed facility with licensed doctors. This isn’t for schools years but for the years ahead in your child’s now adult life. See how SH.. can happen. The greatest hurt for me is to see TM’s mother defending her son’s LIFE and behavior in TIME of his DEATH, not his breath of LIFE today. It is very sad for TM’s mother, many parents, and family members like her have to defend and advocate for the DEATH of their CHILDREN in order for our nation to learn the LESSON on gun violence. Sandy Hook and the many lives of children taken so soon and TOO YOUNG TO DIE and LOST TO GUNFIRE TYTD is HORRIFIC. From my heart to your heart a BIG SHOUT OUT to MSNBC for CARING and PAYING ATTENTION. THANK YOU.

Good Lord! Was GZ on medication? Has GZ ever taken or was prescribed ADDERALL, ADDERALL XR, CONCERTA, DAYTRANA, DESOXYN, DEXEDRINE, DEXTROSTAT, FOCALIN, FOCALIN XR, METADATE ER, METADATE CD, METHYLIN, RITALIN, RITALIN SR, RITALIN LA, STRATTERA, VYVANSE? What is the side effect of these drugs? How long can a person with ADHD take them? Has anyone seen any of these drugs lying around GZ house? Mr. COOL HAND LUKE got to be taking some sort of medication to sustain his behavior in the courtroom. Is GZ taking medication during this court procedure? Is GZ under a physician care? If not, where is GZ getting his meds from or any substance to help control his attention and behavior? Does he drink? How much? This reminds me of the movie FLIGHT but DENZEL WASHINGTON was more convincing. GZ is trying to take FLIGHT but his lies and inconsistent behavior are going nowhere.

Here are some of the question I would be asking. At what age was GZ diagnosed? Did the behavior GZ displayed last for a period of 6 months or more? Was GZ behavior observed by a licensed psychiatrist or a licensed mental health facility? Has GZ ever taken any of the following drugs listed above? Was GZ a premature baby? Did his mother drink during her pregnancy or smoke? Does GZ father have any types of behavior problems or ADHD? You got to get a family history, medical history, and psychological history. What does GZ take if he goes off medication? Are stimulates safe for an extended period of TIME? Can any of the non-stimulate drugs cause suicidal tendencies? Does GZ have problems sleeping? Did GZ drink or has been known to take any other narcotics? Did GZ take any medication that night or have anything to drink? Is there a problem with GZ’s appetite? Has there been any weight gain or weight loss? Why? Is this weight gain or weight loss due to medication or overeating? I notice GZ has picked up some weight since last year. Did GZ need to get his papers in order to cover up the loop-hole for making the statement he was ADD?

Does GZ suffer from any cardiovascular disease? He could be at a greater risk of stroke, heart attack and drop dead death. Would this impair GZ struggle in the fight against TM and prevent him from using his gun? What makes GZ forget? Has GZ suffered any TIA’s(mini strokes) which can cause confusion briefly? What happens to the bushes? There is some confusion in this story. Has GZ ever told anyone he hears voices? Does GZ hallucinate? I wonder if GZ ever had any scans on his brain?

What encompasses ADHD? You would have a problem staying focus, paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and being overactive or hyper. These are key behaviors of ADHD. Many children may display some of these behaviors. Once you add Habanero peppers to the mix of the behavior it will kick out more unwanted, reckless A… ACT before one THINK behaviors. The person is more impulsive and does not understand the cause nor effect this would have on his/her behaviors nor the consequences that will come along with the package. So it is not PLANNED or PREMEDITATED. GZ stated he was scared and afraid. Strange! The biggest inconsistency for me was GZ FEAR STATEMENT and the way he behaved. Who was behind the wheel of the car? Who was following or stalking? What was he THINKING? GZ had TIME to THINK behind the wheel of his car. GZ mind was not a BLANK SLATE. How many TIMES had GZ taken this route and PLANNED what to do with a person if felt they did not belong in his neighborhood? He was very familiar with his environment. The more you interact with your environment and the more information you gather the better you are at resolving the conflict. He was not ISOLATED from his environment. GZ knew what to do, how to act, learn the rules, and learn the appropriateness of one’s behavior. Was there a set TIME for GZ to make his move? What was GZ planning and plotting behind the wheel of his vehicle? The wheels on the bus ain’t going round and round. I am not buying the ADHD diagnosis. Unless he is so heavily medicated it has masked his disability.

When you ACT BEFORE YOU THINK you are not riding around with the FEAR FACTOR? Impulsive behaviors do not realize the FEAR FACTOR nor death may be the final consequences of their actions. Impulsive behavior does not understand the domino effect nor the impact their action will have on another love one’s life if their action cost them their LIFE or someone else’s LIFE. Impulsive Behavior is a BLURTER. They blurt out their emotions never realizing it can hurt someone’s feelings never realizing the consequences of what they say can cause so much damage. They are very impatient and feel the need to act without realizing the consequences. If they did they would THINK BEFORE THEY ACT. This is not PLANNED, ORGANIZE, or PREMEDITATED. It is purely UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR. Bottom line you need evidence and papers to prove it. Keep PAPER PLEASE UPDATED. This is a major shout out to PARENTS.


GZ wasn’t distracted when he was pursuing TM. He didn’t seem to miss giving details to the police and SHAWN HANNITY. He said he forgets information but he gave out a lot of information to the media. TM was GZ target. GZ did not switch back and forth to another activity trying to avoid the situation. He was focused on TM and he stayed focus. Did GZ get bored with pursuing ™ after a few minutes of stalking him? Unless GZ was doing something he really enjoyed doing he would hang with the program. I supposed GZ enjoyed playing TOP COP.

A person diagnosed with ADHD gets bored. Look out! You have to find a way to hold their interest. Teaching becomes a major job. You have to do a song and dance act. That is correct, an even RHYME. It is a major teaching tool for the little NANA WHO BOOS (grandchildren) and their mother my daughter. This is why I put the little … on the words because they are still trying to figure them out. I give them a list of words that start with the same letter of my connect the dot word. They are pretty smart and they realize the words in the column just don’t add up. If my story is too long I tell them to read only half and read the other half in a few hours. If it is someone in the story they don’t like it will not get read. It will become “tell us NANNIE from your mouth” story. To all the HATERS who Hate me writing in CAPS, it is used as a teaching tool for my son who is diagnosed with NLD so his voice can fluctuate back and forth and not sound MONOTONE all the D..n TIME. As far as my little NANA WHO BOO, she becomes unglued when all the letters are small. It breaks the monotony in her reading. Look out! When Jesus spoke in the NEW TESTAMENT it was written in all RED. In the OLD TESTAMENT “LORD” was in all caps. What are you reading? It’s probably is a PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. Hey, and it is all NAKED.

This brings me to the A GZ got in his class. Did he follow the teacher’s instructions? Was GZ an organized student? Did he arrived to class on TIME and complete his assignments? Was GZ in the habit of missing classes or being late for class? Did he come prepared with paper and notebook in his hand? He must really like collecting all that information and riding around with the police to figure out a way to bring down his victim. Some organizer! Did he help organize his DEFENSE fund? What a PLANNER? Was GZ very attentive and could follow through with the assignment when his instructor gave direction? Flip the chart over and ADHD definitely can’t do this. They have problems with EXECUTIVE FUNCTION and I am not talking about the PRESIDENT. This BROTHER GOT SKILLS! EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS is cognitive processing (planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, mental flexibility, task switching). It is how your brains learn and process information producing and understanding language. It zeros in on reasoning, problem-solving skills, and your decision-making process. Well, GZ got an F in all of those classes. TM would be alive if GZ got an A in those CLASSES. How can you be the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH if you lack the ability to reason, problem solve, and make the right decision? GZ couldn’t watch nothing for me. WHEW!

Strange! My daughter and the little NANA WHO BOOs will avoid any task that will tax their brain. Thank god for IPAD and all the different NOTEBOOKS that are now accessible to children and adults. Going to school was a task for my daughter. It is a greater task for my grandchildren. It sure makes the job so much easier and learning is a navigational playbook. Just think if one of the NANA WHO BOOs had TOURETTE SYNDROME they would know what the dots are. WOW! Whatever GZ is taking it has his behavior on lockdown and it is definitely working. Flip the chart over and GZ look more ATTENTIVE than INATTENTIVE. Okay, my daughter and the grandchildren don’t take medication. It is called WORK WITH ME PROGRAM. Teach me STRATEGIES and COPING SKILLS. So when the NANA WHO BOOs become frustrated and unglued they are not given a PILL so they can go outside and play or socialize. Get the HELL a GRIP! What the Fock!

GZ looks pretty good when he makes his court appearance. I don’t see him squirming in his seat nor his hands having involuntary movement. He has remained seated and has been very attentive. He has not displayed any behavior that would lead one to believe he has a tic disorder. His body does not appear to have the FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL SYNDROME. I would love to see him testify. I wonder how fast he would become unglued? Anybody got a PEE CUP? Flip the chart over and it doesn’t look like GZ has displayed any HYPERACTIVITY symptoms.

Has GZ blurted out or interrupted any of the people who have interviewed him? He did a good job of waiting his turn to speak. I didn’t see him cut anybody off at the path. He got skills. He can teach Bill O’Reilly how to act and stop interrupting people. Flip the chart over and GZ doesn’t look too IMPULSIVE.

Maybe after this story is release you may see some changes in GZ’s behavior. Right about now it rules out his ADHD. I just can’t see the behavior. So targeting TM was GZ main FOCUS. ADHD cannot stay FOCUS unless a doctor has designed a program setting specific goals for therapy and treatment. Are parents willing to go the BUTT-NAKED mile, educate themselves, get evaluations, work with licensed facilities or license psychiatrists? Medication is an option. Depending on the severity of GZ’s conditions, medication would be an option followed by consistent visits to the doctor for checkups and monitoring the medication. ADHD is a long-term BABY and if it goes untreated it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, failure in school, problems maintaining a job, and it will keep you in trouble with the PO PO.


Secret agent RA-RA I counted over 75 GZ’s and only 8 TMs. I would have loved to had more TMs but GZ did not give me the opportunity. TOO YOUNG TO DIE AND LOST TO GUNFIRE. TYTD

To the MARTIN FAMILY, TM’s MOTHER, TM’s FATHER, TM’s BROTHER and all the people who loved TM my prayers are with you. RACHEL JENTEL holds your head up. You did a good job. TROUBLE DON’T LAST ALWAYS___TM