Tricked And Mistreated

I did write the story Dedicated to MO.  The timing was off. Where is the story?  I left it on my blog for another day. Yes, I will get around to publishing the story. Today of all days this is the story for this moment in Time.  Lots of people come out of their inner shell.  Here is the perfect opportunity to dress up and become the person of their dream or the person of their undercover nightmare. What costume did you get this year? I’m coming as myself. Wow! A real intelligent human being full of compassion, support, empathy, and a fitness director who can dance.  What did you decide on? I thought I had it all figured out until I received this flyer in the mail. What did it say? Well BO said, “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election.  GO VOTE!”  Whew!  My head spun around and I restrain myself from peeing on the carpet. Don’t worry it’s Halloween and I had a brief flashback of the EXORCIST.  My voice shifted into drop-down gear and the gates of hell closed their doors. How did that happen? The outfit I had originally plan on wearing disappeared and my body transformed into a lever.  All of a sudden there were red capes flying around placing crowbars, gigantic bolt and long rods of steel across the gate.  I didn’t want to get into hell. I just wanted the red capes to pull the lever or Ring My Bell and change their capes to Blue. I wanted them to come out and play and feel what it’s like to make choices, have plans, be intelligent, cut out all that BS Hateful Intentional Behavior, and stop trying to shut down the town.  I hope the red capes was paying attention to what happens to brothers who were dressed as clowns.

I’m really liking this lever. Man! To get locked out of Hell speaks volumes. Change scares the Hell out of people.  Eight days away from living Halloween out for the next 4 years or longer. What would you say to the people about how your costume work. I will be brief. You brief. Yes because my granddaughter is standing here pointing to outdoors. Dusk has fallen and it is time to go Trick-or-Treating and she is pulling my lever. BO message was brief and I really get the point.  Here’s my message.

Staying at home will not bring good results.

This would be a world-wide insult.

A Legacy lost banished by fear and hate.

You let your guard down, stayed at home and fail to activate.

History of doom and gloom must not be repeated.

On this Election Day get out and vote so you won’t be Tricked and Mistreated.

Happy Halloween! 🙂 I approve this message.


Our First Michelle Obama

I took a long deep breath as I sat next to my sons. Today was the official rollout and I needed a lot of help to get me through. As I closed my eyes tightly I reached for my heart. Where is my suit of armor? It is TIME! Why are they playing that song? That’s it! Invite the music so when I get knocked off my horse I will be able to recover my balance, reflect on the good memories and not feel the hurt and pain of today. Looking over at my sons I wanted to step into the role of Joan Of Arc. Oooh Boy! This dude on this horse was using the latest technology in horsepower. Dang his lance looks mighty sharp and extra long. The only appropriate sport suited for this occasion was jousting. I really didn’t want to participate. Sports meant everything to this mighty TRAILBLAZER. Oh No! Here it comes. Bam! I got to push back the tears so I won’t upset myself. From this angle, my sons appear to be holding up pretty good. I’m going to reach over and grab their hands so I can regroup. These two young men got some positive energy and I think I need to borrow some of their wattages before my bulb gets dim.

She was a ROADRUNNER BABY. Jr Walker and the ALL STARS threw it out there. I’m gonna live the life I love and I’m gonna love the life I live because I’m a ROADRUNNER BABY. INCLUSIONARY SPECIALIST INDEEDY! She loved Barry White. Yes, she had so much to give and it took her whole lifetime. Of course “SHE” has a name. Not now! I will get to it. Barry White bellowed out the tune in his baritone voice, Practice What You Preach. She executed it to the fullest throughout her entire life. A mean machine fitness queen she boosted everyone’s self-esteem. She came out of retirement to help educate my son. No other teacher wanted to change their program. The teachers felt my son presented an enormous challenge to their AAA district. Challenge was encased in her smile. What! There wasn’t any way the accommodation I ask for would be carried out in my son IEP (Individual Educational Program) because he looked like Who___JOSE FELICIANO. Don’t you mean he had the skin tone of Barack Obama? Exactly! Baby, talking about LIGHT MY FIRE. I need to take a really deep breath. Let me close my eyes again. I hope they get here soon. I Feel So Bad Feel Like A Ball Game On A Rainey Day. Ed Hooker tried to express how he felt in his song and now I get it. Where is that Handkerchief? Is it? Thank God they made it.

I’m so glad you came today. I know your schedules are full. It is truly an honor for First Lady Michelle, the President, the Vice President and your wife Jill to take the TIME out of your lives and attend the service today. I wanted you to meet Our First Michelle Obama. Why do you have your eyes closed? Knock it off Joe. You know if I open my eyes it gonna hurt more than I can bear. I can see you so much clearer in my mind’s eye. Look around Joe. Most people in the church think I’m praying. The people reading this story think I’m going crazy. This is why I ask you to come. Joe, you have that special oomph and the miles per hour in the word oomph to get me through in one piece. You haven’t forgotten already. You’re the Natural Man. This is what you do. It keeps you human and True. Oh, by the way, you’re my favorite for the top contender too. Mr. President this is one of the good teachers who helped my son in his life. She helped many children across the board.  Race was never an issue. She was a staunch advocate and protector of the universe. She felt every child should have the same opportunity no what matter neighborhood they were from. Girlfriend showed some love and it was enough to love to go around. She shared her friends, family, and she means dance moves. The pictures of her life reached across the largest sand dunes in the world. The ultimate challenge for any teacher is for each student to reach their full potentials. If there were any barriers which impeded a child’s ability to learn she would bring out her Thor Hammer and tear the walls down.

First Lady Michelle Obama meets the Queen Of Fitness. She was all about health and she would have loved your BA-RAC-COLI. She had to define herself separate from her husband of 50 years who preceded her in life. He was the man of Diplomacy She was the women who stood by her man but had her own MOJO working. It is absolutely amazing how you both had so much in common. Her family came first and every person was welcomed by her family. Even down to the very end special accommodation was made. She knew it would be hard for my son and others who could not envision her in their minds’ eyes have the necessary tools to take them across the threshold of pain to ease the tears of rain. It is Time to meet Our First Michelle Obama. Click on Go to obituaries and meet Gwenda Looker (1933-2014). Thank you for coming and for your support. If you wish please leave a comment.

Here’s The Deal Bill

The story has been released. I have no intention of taking any of my words back. Too late! Do you know how hard it is to move FORWARD especially if you feel like you have been screwed over? What is with the NO APOLOGY THINGY? If I’m wrong I’m wrong. Sure we all have to work through our hurt, pain, and anger. I hate setbacks but it doesn’t mean I’m ready to play bowling for dollars with the many years of our friendship. No matter what you did in your life if your wife could move on I could move on too. What troubled me was many people in my neighborhood related to you as a BLACK MAN. Just ask SCOTT BROWN. He said, “He could look at you and tell.” SCOTT BROWN was the one who came to our neighborhood and rubbed it in our faces. He knew you were a BLACK MAN when you went on ARSENIO HALL show in 1992 and play the saxophone. SCOTT BROWN probably thinks this validated your BLACKNESS. SCOTT BROWN got some kind of LEGACY. GEEZ LOUISE!

NEWT GINGRICH steps out in front and tried to talk about you. Here’s The Deal Bill. How could the pot call the kettle WHITE when you are a BLACK MAN? SCOTT BROWN got upset because he is sticking to his guns on your BLACKNESS, BILL. NEWT might as well buckle up, put on his helmet, push the pedal to the metal, and drive straight into hell. NEWT GINGRICH gets the award for being the MOST INSENSITIVE HUSBAND, CHEATER, a FAKE CRY BABY, and PLAYER for many years.

Bill, you taught us a wonderful lesson at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012. You made it clear you are not a HATER but a MOTIVATOR. No matter what your grievances were with NEWT, CONGRESS, and the REPUBLICANS you did not have TIME to be a PROCRASTINATOR. You reach across the isles and compromise to move this nation forward. We now know who are the TERMINATORS. It is hard to believe the REPUBLICANS and CONGRESS would be so blatant to put their feelings of HATRED and RACISM before WE THE PEOPLE and our NATION.

There were many TIMES you took the heat for me. You were absolutely right. I do say some crazy things and I write crazy too. Bill, you just have such a way with words. My words are more like a GINSU BLADE. Your words are more like the NICER DICER. People always wanted to remain your friend no matter what you said or did to them. People would run a butt-naked mile if they thought I would be anywhere in the neighborhood. Don’t let me go to a family reunion, it is on. I don’t know how to spin the words or what they call paraphrase to let a person down easy. For me, it is going to the hoop, slam dunk, and all net. Your face will end up like the backboard, CRACKED. I got some messed up social skills also. I’m not into the HATE but I do love me some TRUTH TELLING. The TRUTH is TOUGH on the heart and the nervous system. Once you know the TRUTH is going to be told, you get nervous as hell, and the heart can give out.

Bill, you always stood by me no matter what came out of my hot off the press mouth or rolled off my lava lips. What did you do to make people always want to hang out with you? It was like your tongue was basted in SAFFLOWER OIL and you had the good monounsaturated fats (MUFU). For some reason, you could explain your way out of a shoe that was laced wrong. Your mother should have named you HOUDINI after the explanation of ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO. POOF! That questioned disappeared. The way I see it you are the POLANA. Straight up fruit and good to boot. I dove thee MINISTER OF EXPLANATIONS. Do you think you could help MITT out?

My tongue was basted in LARD the lower scale of the MUFU’S. My conversation would eventually give someone a heart attack. I want to explain why people can’t tie their shoes, ride a bike, hang up their clothes, fall out of a chair, appear unorganized, have social blunders/gaffes, and ROCKIN’ THE LIST. I want to make it clear why people are not WRAPPED TIGHT. I am the JELLY. I dove myself, SINISTER OF DEFENSE.

When you put a turkey in the oven and you wrap it in aluminum foil some people are stingy with the foil. These are people who are cheap and stingy with their lives. There are others who fail to overlap the aluminum foil, fail to make corrections, and check back on the turkey. These are people who are careless and throughout their lives, they will make many mistakes for not checking or doing their homework. Either way, if the turkey is not WRAPPED TIGHT you will know when that turkey lands on your plate it will be dry as hell. NO JUICES flow through THE TURKEY. The same thing happens in the brain. When you are not WRAPPED TIGHT NO JUICES flow through THE BRAIN. Something is not flowing properly. Treat the turkey like it is your brain. Remember to baste it, check on the turkey, don’t set it and forget it. If you do you will end up like the turkey, NOT WRAP TIGHT and NO JUICES FLOWING THROUGH THE BRAIN. We have seen a lot of people who we call TURKEY. Now you know why.

This is the very reason why ANNE ROMNEY is worried about MITT’S MENTAL HEALTH. ANNE is not along on this one. I think all of the people voting especially the 47% is REALLY worried about MITT ROMNEY’S MENTAL HEALTH. Girlfriend we got you covered. You just tell us what psychiatric ward you want MITT to be placed in and I’m sure any and everyone will be willing to help you out.

Here is The Deal Bill. Please go back and review the tapes. ANNE ROMNEY is MITT’S GRAND GUARDIAN. She always refers to MITT as her BOY. Look closely at her body language. She displays the over-protectiveness of a MOTHER and not a wife. There is a big difference between being INDEPENDENT, CO-DEPENDENT, and INTERDEPENDENT. ANNE ROMNEY protects MITT. ANNE ROMNEY has come forward with her DUCTAL CARCINOMA INSITU BREAST CANCER, the loss of a child, and her MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. This is to keep the media focused on what ANNE ROMNEY has in order to shift the MEDICAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL attention away from MITT ROMNEY. Too late! MITT’S behavior has manifested itself. What does MITT have that ANNE is trying to protect which has now become obvious to all? ANNE ROMNEY will not go outside of the script nor answer the questions of others. MITT is rehearsed and scripted because he will get off task and all hell will break loose. The existence of MITT and ANNE ROMNEY relationship is one of CO-DEPENDENCY. The risks outweigh the benefits. The RISKS are RISKS. The foil is off the turkey and this BROTHER isn’t WRAPPED TIGHT.

Go back and look at the tapes with MICHELLE OBAMA. Big Difference! You never heard her refer to the PRESIDENT as a boy. MICHELLE OBAMA is very INDEPENDENT. She is a TEAM PLAYER.
In the relationship with her husband, the rewards definitely outweigh the cost. She is very motherly to her children. She is very WIFEY to the PRESIDENT and she can hold and burn her own candle. MICHELLE OBAMA is a WOMAN who is very humble and can stand on her own two feet.

Whatever happen to loyalty? LOYALTY is on the toilet playing dominos with the TIDY BOWL MAN. HONOR is like the buffalo, EXTINCT. I know you wondering about the LOYALTY statement. I can’t tell you what it means. MITT could tell you because this is what gets him in so much trouble all the TIME. He said dumb MITT. The debates are knocking at the door. MITT has to show us what he got or what he has not. Will it make a bit of difference when he has shown the world how he disapproves of the people he claims to want to govern and be their PRESIDENT? PRACTICE will not make it perfect nor will it correct what has been said or done.

This is the REAL DEAL BILL. Are we squared away now BILL?

83 Days And Counting and Counting

Look who will be running the WHITE HOUSE. It won’t be MITT ROMNEY. Once again he has jump behind his wife panties. ANNE ROMNEY, aka CRUELLA DE VILLE, has made it clear it will be no more taxes released.

WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION just want to inform ANNE ROMNEY we sincerely hope she find out what is in her BLIND TRUST. I have never recalled FIRST LADY, MICHELLE OBAMA, talking about a BLIND TRUST.

Just a friendly reminder to let ANNE ROMNEY, aka CRUELLA DE VILLE know the AMERICAN people are not BLIND. Do you know anyone with a BLIND TRUST? IMAGINE having so much money in a BLIND TRUST even ANNE ROMNEY is excited on how much the GOLDEN GOOSE has laid in this account.

I can’t imagine sitting down at the table with this lady. Once she form her lips to say, “YOU PEOPLE” it will not be the SOFTER SIDE OF SEARS. Can you imagine bringing along one of your grandchildren to get an autograph. ANNE ROMNEY whips out a stamper for her signature.

Who wants a FIRST LADY who doesn’t operate in our TIME ZONE but in EASTERN STANDARD MEGA DOLLAR WHITE TIME. Ain’t no way this lady raised her own kids.

MOMMY DEAREST with her comet can have informed the AMERICAN PEOPLE she is the CLEAN UP WOMAN and she doesn’t have to answer to the LITTLE DIRTY PEOPLE. Oh Lord! The grandchild has just ask can she ride on the pretty horsey. ANNE ROMNEY faints.

MITT ROMNEY RIPPER and PAUL RYAN RIPPER has open the door to their FAILED EDWARD SCISSORHANDS POLICY on MEDICARE. I guess PAUL RYAN doesn’t plan on getting old. His medicare package consist of milk baths, facials, and nip tucks. PAUL RYAN doesn’t plan on ever being on the cover of AARP MAGAZINE.

He will be on the IVORY GQ MAGAZINE showing off his BABY BACK RIB SIX PACK. PAUL RYAN has to come away from his AYN RAND story book, get potty train, graduate out of his PAMPERS and learn to put on his ATTENDS. In the words of TONI BRAXTON, PAUL RYAN has to JUST BE A MAN ABOUT IT.

It is TIME for PAUL RYAN the RIPPER to come out the REPUBLICAN’S WOMB and realize he is not as SMART or as INTELLIGENT as they make him out to be. He is front and center stage. COOL and the ELDERLY GANG will be kicking his A..S on the campaign trail.

I hope PAUL RYAN will be smart enough not to have any of the AARP candidates haul off to jail. GRANDMA will be mad to have the next of kin to post bail because she can’t afford it.

MITT ROMNEY’S UMBILICAL CORD has snapped. The world can see clearly MITT ROMNEY has no true IDENTITY. He will always be dependent upon holding his wife P&P STRINGS (PURSE and PANTY STRINGS). He has to run and get CHRIS CHRISTIE to blow out his HOT AIR because he has none.


ON the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART we all have our strengths and weakness. On any scale one person is no more or no less than the next man regardless of the money you make or the position you take.


The Case Of The Fake People__Romneyville

DAVID AXELROD what is wrong with your eyeglasses? Is it TIME for an eye exam? JIM MESSINA if you are wearing contacts maybe you need to change the cleaning SOLUTION. Are your contacts foggy? I put my cards on the table. PAY ATTENTION and DON’T get CAUGHT UP!

HEY, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR EYEGLASSES. We name that tune back in January 2011 archive. What! The REPUBLICANS switch your EYEGLASSES. WHEW! You had me worried. For a moment I thought you had lost YOUR SENSE OF NORMAL.

I need to know if you are operating with a full deck. Don’t go pulling a HOUDINI act on a person when they say something you don’t agree with. We are comparing and contrasting NLD SYNDROME to the REPUBLICANS. ALAN WEST SYNDROME is on a totally different chart.

Let the REPUBLICANS take the credit for throwing people under the bus. The REPUBLICANS are NOTORIOUS FOR NOT DENOUNCING people who are out of control and putting into legislature their crazy conjured up laws.They haven’t DENOUNCED TED NUGENT nor RUSH LIMBAUGH.


One thing for sure it wasn’t the COOKIES. COOKIE MONSTER and the SESAME STREET GANG is pissed off. MITT ROMNEY started a WAR on SESAME STREET. MITT ROMNEY didn’t know how to get to SESAME STREET. He should have asked. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO GET TO SESAME STREET? DANG!

What is MITT ROMNEY going to do at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE? COME ON NOW! If he had visited with the gang more he would have known the COOKIES were serious and not FAKE BAKE like him. ALL MITT had to do was lick his skin and he could taste the FAKE.

Maybe he would have realized the COOKIES were for REAL. I hope he is not wearing the wrong COLOR shirt. KNOW THE PEOPLE and KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. He lost their vote. The REPUBLICANS are in total DENIAL of all the WARS they have created. These guys have a SMORGASBORD of WARS going on.

Send the REPUBLICANS an E-mail and tell them they no longer need to fight ABROAD. REPUBLICANS NEED to finish the WARS they have started here on their own TURF.

Hey, I got this, understand it, and live it every day of my life. MARTIN BASHIR, RICHARD WOLFF, EZRA KLINE, CHRIS HAYES, BERNIE SANDERS, MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, glasses are adjusted and ready to roll. ROCK IT, BABY! JOHN NICHOLS got his glasses adjusted.

MIKE PAPANTONIO, DR. JAMES PETERSON, and REV. AL SHARPTON go ahead and let DAVID/JIM look through your eyes or borrow your contact SOLUTION to clean their lens off. LADIES don’t feel slighted.

If you ask any of these men IS THERE A WAR ON WOMEN they will shoot it from the hip. DAVID and JIM, YOU NEED AN INTERPRETER. Maybe DAVID and JIM did not get the whole picture? Hopefully the next TIME they will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

DAVID and JIM failed to read between the line. That is OKAY! Don’t be afraid to give the PEOPLE more CREDIT for understanding HILARY ROSEN statement. There are many women across AMERICA who knew exactly what HILARY ROSEN meant. What happen? ANNE ROMNEY played herself.

“MOMMY DEAREST” with her wire hangers and her can of Comet has been revealed. She stated she didn’t take offense to the comment and she stated it was like an early birthday gift.

HILARY ROSEN should have never been made the villain. Her statement was true. The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! TRU-DAT! Working women and stay at home mothers know this is a 24/7 job either way. We don’t have the choices like ANNE ROMNEY nor the money.

ANNE ROMNEY cannot and will never be able to relate because of her financial status, greed, an arrogance. ANNE ROMNEY sent a POWERFUL MESSAGE to the WOMEN and MOTHERS across the WORLD. When she stepped upon the platform at the NRA meeting it was all over.

Her birthday present blew up in her face. KA-BOOM! ANNE ROMNEY is the mother of 5 children who SUPPORTS the ORGANIZATIONS (NRA and ALEC). These laws passed by ALEC is killing OUR children. ANNE ROMNEY is your children better than OURS? Is this the Message you wanted to send?

Once ANNE ROMNEY stepped inside the building and ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY’S PLAN the gates of hell flew open. It didn’t make the DEMOCRATS look bad. It did reveal the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE who live in ROMNEYVILLE.

Did ANNE ROMNEY stop and think about the life of TRAYVON MARTIN and the many young adults that have fallen victim to these laws? Ain’t no way MITT ROMNEY could have made me attend the NRA CONFERENCE before or after the death of TRAYVON MARTIN. ANNE did not step up to the plate.

ANN ROMNEY, I’m quite sure TRAYVON and the many other young adults would have loved to have seen many more years of their birthdays. Are you supportive of AFRICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, and other diverse cultures being gun down? Is this what ANNE ROMNEY stand for?

Is this the reason why MITT ROMNEY is having trouble with the WOMEN, MOTHERS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, and other diverse cultures? Will MITT ROMNEY ever be able to relate to the POOR and MIDDLE CLASS?

What the REPUBLICANS ENDORSE, WHO they ENDORSE is killing them and all the WARS they have created.

My homegirl RA-RA ran off murder after murder on KILL ME CORNER in ST. LOUIS, MO. Here we are having an NRA CONFERENCE in all the KILL ME STATES and ANNE ROMNEY hasn’t figured out what happens next. Who said ANNE ROMNEY was smart? She is the GOP ROCK.


CONNIE SCHULTZ I’m coming at you from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Parents made all types of sacrifices to live in what we thought was a better community so our children could have a better education and housing.

Sacrifices were made because we thought about the safety and security of our children being at home at night without the GATE. NEVER in our wildest dream would anyone imagine the SECURITY and the GATED COMMUNITY would be the DEATH of our children.

Parents were so afraid on the job because our children were latch-key. We prayed no one would break in, hurt, rape, or kill our children. Our children didn’t have a maid or a nanny. We did not live in ROMNEYVILLE.

Parents were frightened because our children were left unsupervised and could sneak out in the night. It could cost them their lives. OUT OF SIGHT! OUT OF MIND! Every TIME the phone rang at work, in the back of the minds of many parents we wondered was it THE CALL.

There were some parents who got THE CALL to come down and identify the body. You could hear the screams and cries. “LORD they shot my BABY, I should have been home.” TRAYVON MARTIN’S family did not get this RESPECT. Look at what happens in our communities.

Can you imagine a mother telling her co-workers that her child didn’t have decent clothes for school and she can not afford to buy her baby a funeral outfit? DEAR LORD!

The most devastating image in my mind to this day is when a parent gives you direct eye contact and states, “I never saw my baby dressed up before.” JESUS! “He looked so nice in that suit/dress.” “I wish I could have done this for them while they were alive.”

Many parents were so afraid that the DEPARTMENT of FAMILY SERVICE would do a DRIVE-BY in the neighborhood and by morning your children could be taken away. The old famous saying by DFS, “We just happen to be in the neighborhood.”

Yeah right, and their office was on the other side of town. PARENTS knew at that moment someone had turned them in and reported their children as latch-key kids.

Parents worked so hard night after night trying to live the dream of one day living in a nice neighborhood with the traffic being controlled so the RIF-RAF could be kept out. There it was the GATED COMMUNITY which was never open to us because of lack of ACCEPTANCE and PERCEPTION.

Once we moved in, the dream became a nightmare, and the WAR WAS ON. It did not take long to find out the RIFF-RAFF was behind the gates. We did not come here to get our children killed.

In their AAA school system, a better education didn’t promise. The educational system did everything to document our children to be placed in a separate self-contained school. All of the excessive suspensions or expulsions ran a child educations down to the ground.

It ate our children education away. The schools and their SCHOOL DISTRICT wanted to keep the RIFF-RAFF out. The SCHOOL DISTRICTS made all types of UNILATERAL DECISION going through the BACKDOOR of EDUCATION so our children would not get a FAPE (FREE APPROPRIATE PUBLIC EDUCATION).

If your child had any type of disability, any mark behaviors, your child was DOCUMENTED for JAIL or HELL. Can you imagine worrying about if anything ever came up and your child ran for any type of government position, got in trouble, or killed, what would happen?

Where is the first place they would look? You guessed it right, your child’s school records. An educational system that has lied and cheated to maintain the test score of the mainstream now has the power in their hand to smear a life and ruin a reputation forever.

Is this what happens to TRAYVON MARTIN and many other children being documented as criminals from the TIME they step into the school system for the sake of FUNDING and a TEST SCORE? LIVED IT! PAPER PLEASE! You think ARIZONA IMMIGRANTS are carrying around PAPERS. PLEASE!

Your child better be DOCUMENTED TO THE NINES and have MIKE PAPANTONIO go SCUBA DIVING for the TRUTH. It is a shame parents who advocate for their children with any type of marked behavior carries around suitcases of DOCUMENTATION.

There is no guarantee a JUDGE, a policeman, a community, or society will ever understand children/adults with disabilities. Hell! Our society has failed to understand WHAT IS RIGHT and WRONG for the MAINSTREAM. The REPUBLICANS have been GREAT TEACHERS in WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG.

Can the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE who live in ROMNEYVILLE ever relate to THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION? ANNE and MITT ROMNEY could never relate to these incidents. ANNE ROMNEY birthday present was at the expense of our CHILDREN’S LIVES.

I saw the video and I did not believe one word of ANNE ROMNEY’S love story. With the money, MITT ROMNEY earned he probably had 5 maids for his 5 children. MITT ROMNEY will be producing THE HELP PART II. TRUST and RESPECT is a key factor.

The ROMNEY’S in ROMNEYVILLE has not EARNED nor has any of these characteristics. MITT ROMNEY ENDORSES unintelligent people, poor policies, believes his own lies, doesn’t believe himself, and lack social communication skills. When was the last TIME MITT ROMNEY told the TRUTH?

Does he look LEGITIMATE TO YOU? MITT ROMNEY and his wife cannot connect to everyday people because they don’t know what it is like to be hungry, live from pay check to pay check, worried about their safety or the safety of their children.

When was the last TIME the ROMNEY’S lost a family member, a friend, or a co-worker from gun violence? They certainly don’t live in my neighborhood. Do you live in their neighborhood? ROMNEYVILLE is not the real WORLD. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a fraction of the real world.

How can MITT ROMNEY run this NATION and the PEOPLE of the NATION unless he runs it into the ground?

From my HEART TO YOUR HEART, this is what I want to remember. MICHELLE OBAMA stepped out and had an AWESOME interview with NPR. She EMBRACED the FAMILY OF TRAYVON MARTIN on the loss of their child.

It helped diminish the hurt and pain I have to live with for many years. Here is a FIRST LADY that CARES. I did not see the media CHOMPING AT THE BITS to uphold MICHELLE OBAMA for her TRUE SINCERITY. I forgot that was GOOD NEWS and a GOOD DEED. The REPUBLICANS LOVE BAD NEWS.

We as PARENTS do not want to hold candlelight visuals for our children’s DEATH. We as PARENTS want to light a CANDLE for their life and see them walk across the stage and graduate with honors and move forward. The OBAMAS are REAL PEOPLE and have made the CONNECTIONS.

A ray of light can strike MICHELLE OBAMA in the eye and however, her facial expression lands the media is trying to pick her apart. The REPUBLICANS have tried very hard to paint a cruel and an unfeeling picture of the FIRST LADY.

Compared to CRUELLA de VIL you saw what happen to SEAMUS and guess who is wearing him. I hope ANNE ROMNEY enjoyed her birthday present. It showed the PEOPLE and OUR NATION what she really stands for. OKAY DOKEY SMOKEY!

There is a SMOOTH OPERATOR that lives at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. He has come a long way and has learned some valuable lessons. He is the PEOPLE GREETER of the WORLD.

You know how you can call a store and the person on the phone can’t talk to you right or answer any of your questions. Then you decide to make the trip to the store. Who GREETS YOU? THE PEOPLE GREETER FROM HELL.

They are not going to get your TIME, MONEY or VOTE. SMOOTH OPERATOR knows how to relate to the people. There will always be a TRUE CONNECTION with PRESIDENT OBAMA and the PEOPLE.

KNOW THIS, living in Chicago ain’t no joke. There are certain areas in the STATE of ILLINOIS is DEFINITELY KILL ME CORNER. SMOOTH OPERATOR lives in a GATED SECURED COMMUNITY now surrounded by SECRET SERVICE. LOOK how he has been treated.

NO other PRESIDENT in the HISTORY of OUR NATION has ever been treated with such HATRED, RACISM, and DISRESPECT. We don’t have to wonder anymore. The REPUBLICANS made it ALL POSSIBLE. ROMNEYVILLE is NO PLEASANTVILLE. It is where the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE live.

What are the CHOICES that we have? Do you want to be the PRESIDENT? Do you want to be ME? “WON’T YOU BE, WON’T YOU BE, WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR.”

Look of Love NLD Valentines’s Day

The Scene opens with a loving couple talking to each other.


Did you bring me that special edition of Ebony Magazine?


Yes, I did.


I”m talking about the one that has the three different covers on it.


I got this baby girl.


Is it the edition with the Obama’s on it?


Yes, it is.


Does it say 15 Hottest Couples?


Okay, stop right there. You’re rocking my list. That was eight questions. When you sent me to the store, you gave me too many directions. You wanted the magazine, avocados and hair dye. I forgot the other stuff.  So I went back to pick up BeBe so he could help me out.


You went to Bebe’s house!  Is that why it took you so long?


Bebe is my interpreter. We have been hanging out together for years. He’s my trusted friend and he has my back.


Yeah right, Bebe is a knucklehead.


Hey, you don’t need to be dissing my friend.  I have a hard time multitasking. If you just give me 3-5 things to do, I will be just fine.  But girl, you went on and on.


So, are you telling me that I worked your nerves?


Hey, I did not say that. I’m saying that if you give me too many directions it’s going to set me up for failure.  Baby, I have problems with multitasking.  It is on my list.


You and your list.  All I asked you to do is get me a few things from the store, stop at Arnesha,  get my curling iron and pick up my dress from the cleaners. You forgot that but you didn’t forget Bebe.  Since he is your interpreter, why don’t you marry him? Interpret that!


Ooh, don’t tempt me, girl.


What did you say?


My friends Andre Autism, Arnell Asperger and Ace ADHD have the same problem with staying focused and multitasking.


No Leon, your friends have problems with their names all starting with A. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  Is that all their parents can come up with is the letter A?


Come on. Your friends name Arnesha.


Leon, don’t go there.  Just bring me the magazine and tell me what you see. Okay, come over here.  Are you paying attention?


Yeah, baby.




Michelle and Barack have pretty teeth.


Get out of here.  You did not just say that.  They’re smiling.  Check out the look in their eyes.  Leon, this is the look of passion and true love.


Girl, you are over the top. So I am supposed to see all that from a look on their faces in a magazine photo?  Right.


You never look at me anyway when I’m talking to you. Hell, I will take a cross-eyed look right about now…  Anything!


Cynthia it is going to make you mad. It is on my list.


Here we go. I’m so tired of that list. Where Leon? Show it to me.


It is right there with nonverbal communication. That’s why I can’t look at you or tell you what mood you are in. I can’t read facial expressions.  This has an effect on the way I act toward your friends. You get on me about that television show, Lie To Me. It teaches facial expression and body languages.  I’m really trying to learn.


Oh, Leon, my friends will help you.


Thanks, baby, I’ll keep looking at the program… and I’ll keep reading this book on different cultures and what their gaze means.


Leon, I didn’t know you could read.  Just kidding.


If we were Asians and we gazed at each other like that,  it could mean that we are rude, aggressive and disrespectful.  Japanese lower their gaze in respect. Our culture is more flirtatious. In some cultures, it means that you are putting a spell on someone by giving them the evil eye.  They even did a study on children who tested and gave better answers when they were not looking at the examiner.  It takes a lot of mental processing when you are looking at someone.  The children that look at the examiner did not do as well.  Hey, it is just a theory.


Wow, Leon, that is really interesting.


Cynthia… about your girlfriend Arnesha…


Yeah, Leon.


She has SAD


No Leon, don’t you mean she IS sad?


No, SAD means social anxiety disorder. She is petrified of embarrassing herself. Arnesha has an intense fear of people talking about her. Whenever Arnesha comes over here and we are going to the party, she starts pouring on the alcohol. She starts shaking, complaining that she has nausea, and pouring out the sweats. Did we ever make it to the party?  I know that is your homegirl,  but you really need to talk to her about seeing a doctor.


Oh, Leon, I didn’t know you cared.


I don’t.  She is drinking up all my Hennessy. Just kidding!  Gotcha back.


Leon, I see you’re getting better with the jokes. Boy, I’m going to grey you up yet.


I just wanted to include Arnesha… I know how it feels to be left out.


Leon, I’m so proud of you. You have really come a long way.


Cynthia, I really appreciate you too.  I know it has been hard for you but thanks for hanging out.


Leon, can you try to give me that look Barack is giving Michelle?


Girl it’s going to take a long time before I master that one. Will you hang tough with me that long?


Well, as long as you keep trying.  For now, I will take Alicia and Swizz or we can go for a Will and Jada smile and gaze.


Baby, try not to rock my list. It took lots of work getting me to express my feelings. Just please be patient and together we will achieve one skill at a time.  At least I’m not Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost saying “Ditto”.


I love you, Leon.


Happy Valentine’s Day Cynthia.


Good Night.

Super Bowl Flare Up NLD

We are counting down the days to the Superbowl. Emotions are running high. Our tempers are flaring up. Americans go berserk when competitive sports are involved.

Can I have a spotlight down here, please?  I just need to take a closer look at some of the players.  Thank you.  Maybe this will shine the light on why our team players are having these outbursts of anger, and explosive behaviors.

Leroy, get over here and stop acting like you own the team.  I know you don’t do well with criticism.  You upset a few of your teammates when you get loud and you were in their face.  Don’t be upset if they change the color of your shoes. You look like a Demanding Diva to the coach and the owner.

Let’s get one thing straight.  Leroy is not emotionally disturbed.  He has some negative behaviors but he is not a behavior problem.  In the Sunday paper, it had Leroy Syndrome painted as an arrogant a-hole.   He is not arrogant and he wasn’t having a bad hair day.  Leroy Syndrome is NLD.  Leroy does Leroy.  He does himself.  Leroy does have other special interests.

It appears that Leroy may have a know-it-all attitude.  He has trouble with authority figures and has a problem with identifying who is in charge.  So coach Asperger, just explains to him in a nice calm voice that the team is not his.  Sorry Coach, I forgot you have the same problem with a loud voice.  We will find someone else to do it.  Leroy does better with praises than with criticism.  Tell Mike Ditka this is good for Leroy’s self-esteem.  What is wrong with positive feedback?  We all know Leroy needs a lot of praises.

Bring that bucket over here.  Is that the understanding bucket?  That’s the wrong bucket.  Get it out of here!

Tell Dwayne and Boo Boo don’t get mad.  I know he talks loud.  The other players Asperger,  Autism, and ADHD talks loud also.  He did not mean to sound threatening.  Leroy has a right hemisphere brain disorder.  He is unable to comprehend changes in voices and body language.  The non-verbal element of his speech is disturbed.  Leroy doesn’t have rhythm.  Literally.  That’s in his voice and tone of his speech.  He can’t read the facial expressions which play a part in his loud voice.  Calmly say to him, lower your voice.  He just needs to be cued in.

Leroy would you tell them that those tennis shoes are not your lucky piece charm.  “Yes, I have a hard time adapting to change and the coach did not let me know ahead of time.”  Leroy, is there anything else you would like to tell us?  “Well, the shoes are important to me.  I have a difficult time with what is relevant or irrelevant.  I talk off task or get away from the subject.  When people don’t explain themselves and they ask me did I understand, I say no.”  Well, you heard it firsthand from Leroy Syndrome.  This will help you understand why people tell you NO.

To the owner, you have a manual on how the game is played.  It is time to get a manual on Leroy Syndrome.

This one is dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama.  Understanding NO is important.