The Case Of The Fake People__Romneyville

DAVID AXELROD what is wrong with your eyeglasses? Is it TIME for an eye exam? JIM MESSINA if you are wearing contacts maybe you need to change the cleaning SOLUTION. Are your contacts foggy? I put my cards on the table. PAY ATTENTION and DON’T get CAUGHT UP!

HEY, THOSE ARE NOT YOUR EYEGLASSES. We name that tune back in January 2011 archive. What! The REPUBLICANS switch your EYEGLASSES. WHEW! You had me worried. For a moment I thought you had lost YOUR SENSE OF NORMAL.

I need to know if you are operating with a full deck. Don’t go pulling a HOUDINI act on a person when they say something you don’t agree with. We are comparing and contrasting NLD SYNDROME to the REPUBLICANS. ALAN WEST SYNDROME is on a totally different chart.

Let the REPUBLICANS take the credit for throwing people under the bus. The REPUBLICANS are NOTORIOUS FOR NOT DENOUNCING people who are out of control and putting into legislature their crazy conjured up laws.They haven’t DENOUNCED TED NUGENT nor RUSH LIMBAUGH.


One thing for sure it wasn’t the COOKIES. COOKIE MONSTER and the SESAME STREET GANG is pissed off. MITT ROMNEY started a WAR on SESAME STREET. MITT ROMNEY didn’t know how to get to SESAME STREET. He should have asked. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO GET TO SESAME STREET? DANG!

What is MITT ROMNEY going to do at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE? COME ON NOW! If he had visited with the gang more he would have known the COOKIES were serious and not FAKE BAKE like him. ALL MITT had to do was lick his skin and he could taste the FAKE.

Maybe he would have realized the COOKIES were for REAL. I hope he is not wearing the wrong COLOR shirt. KNOW THE PEOPLE and KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. He lost their vote. The REPUBLICANS are in total DENIAL of all the WARS they have created. These guys have a SMORGASBORD of WARS going on.

Send the REPUBLICANS an E-mail and tell them they no longer need to fight ABROAD. REPUBLICANS NEED to finish the WARS they have started here on their own TURF.

Hey, I got this, understand it, and live it every day of my life. MARTIN BASHIR, RICHARD WOLFF, EZRA KLINE, CHRIS HAYES, BERNIE SANDERS, MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, glasses are adjusted and ready to roll. ROCK IT, BABY! JOHN NICHOLS got his glasses adjusted.

MIKE PAPANTONIO, DR. JAMES PETERSON, and REV. AL SHARPTON go ahead and let DAVID/JIM look through your eyes or borrow your contact SOLUTION to clean their lens off. LADIES don’t feel slighted.

If you ask any of these men IS THERE A WAR ON WOMEN they will shoot it from the hip. DAVID and JIM, YOU NEED AN INTERPRETER. Maybe DAVID and JIM did not get the whole picture? Hopefully the next TIME they will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

DAVID and JIM failed to read between the line. That is OKAY! Don’t be afraid to give the PEOPLE more CREDIT for understanding HILARY ROSEN statement. There are many women across AMERICA who knew exactly what HILARY ROSEN meant. What happen? ANNE ROMNEY played herself.

“MOMMY DEAREST” with her wire hangers and her can of Comet has been revealed. She stated she didn’t take offense to the comment and she stated it was like an early birthday gift.

HILARY ROSEN should have never been made the villain. Her statement was true. The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! TRU-DAT! Working women and stay at home mothers know this is a 24/7 job either way. We don’t have the choices like ANNE ROMNEY nor the money.

ANNE ROMNEY cannot and will never be able to relate because of her financial status, greed, an arrogance. ANNE ROMNEY sent a POWERFUL MESSAGE to the WOMEN and MOTHERS across the WORLD. When she stepped upon the platform at the NRA meeting it was all over.

Her birthday present blew up in her face. KA-BOOM! ANNE ROMNEY is the mother of 5 children who SUPPORTS the ORGANIZATIONS (NRA and ALEC). These laws passed by ALEC is killing OUR children. ANNE ROMNEY is your children better than OURS? Is this the Message you wanted to send?

Once ANNE ROMNEY stepped inside the building and ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY’S PLAN the gates of hell flew open. It didn’t make the DEMOCRATS look bad. It did reveal the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE who live in ROMNEYVILLE.

Did ANNE ROMNEY stop and think about the life of TRAYVON MARTIN and the many young adults that have fallen victim to these laws? Ain’t no way MITT ROMNEY could have made me attend the NRA CONFERENCE before or after the death of TRAYVON MARTIN. ANNE did not step up to the plate.

ANN ROMNEY, I’m quite sure TRAYVON and the many other young adults would have loved to have seen many more years of their birthdays. Are you supportive of AFRICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, and other diverse cultures being gun down? Is this what ANNE ROMNEY stand for?

Is this the reason why MITT ROMNEY is having trouble with the WOMEN, MOTHERS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, and other diverse cultures? Will MITT ROMNEY ever be able to relate to the POOR and MIDDLE CLASS?

What the REPUBLICANS ENDORSE, WHO they ENDORSE is killing them and all the WARS they have created.

My homegirl RA-RA ran off murder after murder on KILL ME CORNER in ST. LOUIS, MO. Here we are having an NRA CONFERENCE in all the KILL ME STATES and ANNE ROMNEY hasn’t figured out what happens next. Who said ANNE ROMNEY was smart? She is the GOP ROCK.


CONNIE SCHULTZ I’m coming at you from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Parents made all types of sacrifices to live in what we thought was a better community so our children could have a better education and housing.

Sacrifices were made because we thought about the safety and security of our children being at home at night without the GATE. NEVER in our wildest dream would anyone imagine the SECURITY and the GATED COMMUNITY would be the DEATH of our children.

Parents were so afraid on the job because our children were latch-key. We prayed no one would break in, hurt, rape, or kill our children. Our children didn’t have a maid or a nanny. We did not live in ROMNEYVILLE.

Parents were frightened because our children were left unsupervised and could sneak out in the night. It could cost them their lives. OUT OF SIGHT! OUT OF MIND! Every TIME the phone rang at work, in the back of the minds of many parents we wondered was it THE CALL.

There were some parents who got THE CALL to come down and identify the body. You could hear the screams and cries. “LORD they shot my BABY, I should have been home.” TRAYVON MARTIN’S family did not get this RESPECT. Look at what happens in our communities.

Can you imagine a mother telling her co-workers that her child didn’t have decent clothes for school and she can not afford to buy her baby a funeral outfit? DEAR LORD!

The most devastating image in my mind to this day is when a parent gives you direct eye contact and states, “I never saw my baby dressed up before.” JESUS! “He looked so nice in that suit/dress.” “I wish I could have done this for them while they were alive.”

Many parents were so afraid that the DEPARTMENT of FAMILY SERVICE would do a DRIVE-BY in the neighborhood and by morning your children could be taken away. The old famous saying by DFS, “We just happen to be in the neighborhood.”

Yeah right, and their office was on the other side of town. PARENTS knew at that moment someone had turned them in and reported their children as latch-key kids.

Parents worked so hard night after night trying to live the dream of one day living in a nice neighborhood with the traffic being controlled so the RIF-RAF could be kept out. There it was the GATED COMMUNITY which was never open to us because of lack of ACCEPTANCE and PERCEPTION.

Once we moved in, the dream became a nightmare, and the WAR WAS ON. It did not take long to find out the RIFF-RAFF was behind the gates. We did not come here to get our children killed.

In their AAA school system, a better education didn’t promise. The educational system did everything to document our children to be placed in a separate self-contained school. All of the excessive suspensions or expulsions ran a child educations down to the ground.

It ate our children education away. The schools and their SCHOOL DISTRICT wanted to keep the RIFF-RAFF out. The SCHOOL DISTRICTS made all types of UNILATERAL DECISION going through the BACKDOOR of EDUCATION so our children would not get a FAPE (FREE APPROPRIATE PUBLIC EDUCATION).

If your child had any type of disability, any mark behaviors, your child was DOCUMENTED for JAIL or HELL. Can you imagine worrying about if anything ever came up and your child ran for any type of government position, got in trouble, or killed, what would happen?

Where is the first place they would look? You guessed it right, your child’s school records. An educational system that has lied and cheated to maintain the test score of the mainstream now has the power in their hand to smear a life and ruin a reputation forever.

Is this what happens to TRAYVON MARTIN and many other children being documented as criminals from the TIME they step into the school system for the sake of FUNDING and a TEST SCORE? LIVED IT! PAPER PLEASE! You think ARIZONA IMMIGRANTS are carrying around PAPERS. PLEASE!

Your child better be DOCUMENTED TO THE NINES and have MIKE PAPANTONIO go SCUBA DIVING for the TRUTH. It is a shame parents who advocate for their children with any type of marked behavior carries around suitcases of DOCUMENTATION.

There is no guarantee a JUDGE, a policeman, a community, or society will ever understand children/adults with disabilities. Hell! Our society has failed to understand WHAT IS RIGHT and WRONG for the MAINSTREAM. The REPUBLICANS have been GREAT TEACHERS in WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG.

Can the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE who live in ROMNEYVILLE ever relate to THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION? ANNE and MITT ROMNEY could never relate to these incidents. ANNE ROMNEY birthday present was at the expense of our CHILDREN’S LIVES.

I saw the video and I did not believe one word of ANNE ROMNEY’S love story. With the money, MITT ROMNEY earned he probably had 5 maids for his 5 children. MITT ROMNEY will be producing THE HELP PART II. TRUST and RESPECT is a key factor.

The ROMNEY’S in ROMNEYVILLE has not EARNED nor has any of these characteristics. MITT ROMNEY ENDORSES unintelligent people, poor policies, believes his own lies, doesn’t believe himself, and lack social communication skills. When was the last TIME MITT ROMNEY told the TRUTH?

Does he look LEGITIMATE TO YOU? MITT ROMNEY and his wife cannot connect to everyday people because they don’t know what it is like to be hungry, live from pay check to pay check, worried about their safety or the safety of their children.

When was the last TIME the ROMNEY’S lost a family member, a friend, or a co-worker from gun violence? They certainly don’t live in my neighborhood. Do you live in their neighborhood? ROMNEYVILLE is not the real WORLD. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a fraction of the real world.

How can MITT ROMNEY run this NATION and the PEOPLE of the NATION unless he runs it into the ground?

From my HEART TO YOUR HEART, this is what I want to remember. MICHELLE OBAMA stepped out and had an AWESOME interview with NPR. She EMBRACED the FAMILY OF TRAYVON MARTIN on the loss of their child.

It helped diminish the hurt and pain I have to live with for many years. Here is a FIRST LADY that CARES. I did not see the media CHOMPING AT THE BITS to uphold MICHELLE OBAMA for her TRUE SINCERITY. I forgot that was GOOD NEWS and a GOOD DEED. The REPUBLICANS LOVE BAD NEWS.

We as PARENTS do not want to hold candlelight visuals for our children’s DEATH. We as PARENTS want to light a CANDLE for their life and see them walk across the stage and graduate with honors and move forward. The OBAMAS are REAL PEOPLE and have made the CONNECTIONS.

A ray of light can strike MICHELLE OBAMA in the eye and however, her facial expression lands the media is trying to pick her apart. The REPUBLICANS have tried very hard to paint a cruel and an unfeeling picture of the FIRST LADY.

Compared to CRUELLA de VIL you saw what happen to SEAMUS and guess who is wearing him. I hope ANNE ROMNEY enjoyed her birthday present. It showed the PEOPLE and OUR NATION what she really stands for. OKAY DOKEY SMOKEY!

There is a SMOOTH OPERATOR that lives at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. He has come a long way and has learned some valuable lessons. He is the PEOPLE GREETER of the WORLD.

You know how you can call a store and the person on the phone can’t talk to you right or answer any of your questions. Then you decide to make the trip to the store. Who GREETS YOU? THE PEOPLE GREETER FROM HELL.

They are not going to get your TIME, MONEY or VOTE. SMOOTH OPERATOR knows how to relate to the people. There will always be a TRUE CONNECTION with PRESIDENT OBAMA and the PEOPLE.

KNOW THIS, living in Chicago ain’t no joke. There are certain areas in the STATE of ILLINOIS is DEFINITELY KILL ME CORNER. SMOOTH OPERATOR lives in a GATED SECURED COMMUNITY now surrounded by SECRET SERVICE. LOOK how he has been treated.

NO other PRESIDENT in the HISTORY of OUR NATION has ever been treated with such HATRED, RACISM, and DISRESPECT. We don’t have to wonder anymore. The REPUBLICANS made it ALL POSSIBLE. ROMNEYVILLE is NO PLEASANTVILLE. It is where the CASE OF THE FAKE PEOPLE live.

What are the CHOICES that we have? Do you want to be the PRESIDENT? Do you want to be ME? “WON’T YOU BE, WON’T YOU BE, WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR.”

Playground Hustlers__Who Are The Bullies?

Did he step to the curve? He went down that alley. He started it first. Who started it first? MITCH McCONNELL, Senator Minority Leader from Kentucky is the one who said he was going to make PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, a ONE TERM PRESIDENT. WHAT?!

This is threatening INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR. JIM DEMINT, PAUL RYAN, NICKY HALLEY, and many others called the PRESIDENT a BULLY. The nerve of NICKY HALEY coming out of her bag. She needs to pay her INCOME TAXES. We are going to change her name to NICHOLAS HALEY. WHY? She doesn’t stand with women on HEALTH CARE REFORM. She made a crazy statement. NICKY or NICHOLAS hasn’t figured out the different usages of contraceptives How can a person afford to hold a job down when they are sick most of the TIME? There are some women with large families. Every Time one of the kids are sick their illness travels around the whole household. It will take a while for everyone in the household to recover from their illness. Some jobs don’t want to hear or even care that your kids are ill.

By that TIME, you have gained so many points on your work record you are pounding the beat for another job. The OLD WOMAN IN THE SHOE will be pushed out of her own crib to find a new job, housing, and a new story. WOMEN will not forget NICKY HALEY nor will they EVER FORGET those CONTROLLING REPUBLICANS on contraception and WOMEN RIGHTS. I guess the REPUBLICANS didn’t read the poem “THIS IS A WOMAN DECISION” in the February 2012 archives. WHEW! The wrath of SCORNED WOMEN will be felt.

It is SHOWTIME! The REPUBLICANS SET IT and now they can FORGET IT. Their GOOSE is cooked. The REPUBLICANS don’t PAY ATTENTION and they don’t FOLLOW DIRECTION. When the REPUBLICANS purchased their SHOWTIME OVEN they left it UNATTENDED. They started cooking up all these crazy laws. Right there on the instructions, it tells you “DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.” The REPUBLICANS are totally in the DARK on HEALTH CARE REFORM, JOBS, the ECONOMY, and everything else that comes into their HOUSE. They went out and bought candles to help shed some light on their SCREW-UPS. What did they do? They left the candles UNATTENDED. It tells you on the packaging, “DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.” REPUBLICANS burned their own HOUSE down. The WOMEN were left UNATTENDED by the REPUBLICANS. They know how to write checks.

Women do not need men or the REPUBLICANS to hold their hands. Women do not need men to, OKAY you can pick a body part on this one. Choices are good. WOMEN want respect when they make their own DECISIONS. Get ready because the REPUBLICANS failed to read the packaging and totally ignored the WARNING LABEL. These BROTHERS better go find a TREE. SCOTT WALKER, Governor of Wisconsin, your URINAL has been REPOSSESSED. SCOTT WALKER went behind closed doors and signed laws that abolish rights that protect WOMEN. He is doing everything he can to force WOMEN back into the DARK AGES. SCOTT WALKER is on his path of destruction to leave the state of Wisconsin in ruins. It is that old mentality. SCOTT WALKER goes down he takes everyone and everything with him.

LENA TAYLOR, State Senator of Wisconsin, continue to remain vigilant along with your CREW and HOLD THE FORT DOWN. WISCONSIN has come OUT OF THE SHADOW. RICK SNYDER, VULTURE CAPITALIST, and GOVERNOR are the MUAMMAR GADDAFI of MICHIGAN. Your URINAL has been REPOSSESSED. Whatever happened to DEMOCRACY? The BRO-MANCE of SCOTT WALKER and RICK SNYDER have revealed the PLAYGROUND HUSTLERS.

JOHN KASICH, Governor of Ohio, is the MEGA POLE STRIPPER. SLIDING up and down his POLE stripping UNION RIGHTS, stripping WOMEN RIGHTS, and stripping the RIGHTS oF TORNADO VICTIMS from FUNDING. JOHN KASICH your URINAL has been REPOSSESSED. We know WHO ARE THE BULLIES.

NINA TURNER, State Senator from Ohio, continue to speak from your HEART’S ZONE. You are OUT OF THE SHADOW. You must remain vigilant along with your OHIO PLAYERS.

The REPUBLICANS will not have a POT TO PISS IN NOR A WINDOW TO THROW IT OUT OF. WOMEN are collecting the URINALS of the men who do not stand with them. There goes the REPUBLICANS, and all the rest of the men’s POTS to PISS IN. The REPUBLICANS screwed themselves out of the WOMEN’S VOTE. NO MERCY will be SPARED. WOMEN ARE SICK AND TIRED of BEING SICK AND TIRED! They are not going back to STONE AGE ROCK. WOMEN will come to 30 ROCK. It is hard to get the REPUBLICANS TO COME TO 30 ROCK.

Come EASTER that STONE will remain on top of the REPUBLICANS GRAVE. AIN’T going to be no RESURRECTION up in the REPUBLICAN HOUSE. One thing you can count on, these SISTERS are going to THRASH that A..on ELECTION DAY. Women bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. They get way less bacon than any man. Who is the MAN that has taken a STAND? I’m not talking about SHAFT. CAN YOU DIG IT? We don’t want to confuse the REPUBLICANS. Right about now they are trying to figure out who is SHAFT.

PRESIDENT OBAMA has taken the REPUBLICANS down the court. He is using MAGIC JOHNSON FAST BREAK. PRESIDENT OBAMA has stolen the ball from the REPUBLICANS and has taken it to the hoop. He is STANDING TALL and STRONG with the WOMEN. He has taken LOU ALCINDOR, aka KAREEM ABDUL JABBAR, and put that SKY HOOK on the REPUBLICANS. The REPUBLICANS can’t get upon OBAMA’S shot without GOALTENDING. The BIG D gets the POINT. They tried to mess with the BIG D’S FREE THROW. The REPUBLICANS have interfered with the backboard of WOMEN’S last nerve, above the rim, and before entering the basket for the LAST TIME. SMOOTH OPERATOR is looking PURTY PURTY. I won’t use the word MARVELOUS it just doesn’t fit. This is not a BUTTER COMMERCIAL.

THE REPUBLICANS have more than 2 technical fouls. They are ONE and DONE. Now they want to call the PRESIDENT a BULLY. WHAT THE HAH HELL! You know the REPUBLICANS are shooting AIRBALLS and BRICKS. GAME CHANGE and it is NOTHING BUT NET for PRESIDENT OBAMA. SWOOSH! Now the REPUBLICANS put it out there and they can’t take the GRANDSTAND BEAT UP. Do you know what I’m talking about? Let me tell you how this works. When you open your mouthpiece be ready to hit some high notes. Going back down memory lane people use to play THE DOZENS.

You could joke all day long but you never crossed the LINE. You were never considered as a BULLY. The line was drawn in the sand at a WOMAN, MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, and GIRLFRIEND. Sand was scattered when you talked about WOMEN in a DEMEANING MANNER. If you EVER talked about someone’s MAMA, your A..was GRASS. The question would be asked, “ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOUR MAMA?” That was an effective strategy to SQUASH the BS. It always appeared it never applied to their MAMA. That was back in the sixties.

Here we are over 50 plus years later. The REPUBLICANS have continued to scatter the sand, DEMEAN WOMEN, and PLAY the DOZENS. Only the REPUBLICANS have TRIPLED their amount of BS. It is TIME to ask the questions. ARE the REPUBLICANS stripping away their MAMAS, GRANDMOTHERS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, and GIRLFRIENDS RIGHTS? I guess this doesn’t apply to their families. The REPUBLICANS are so out of touch. Grandmothers range from 25 and above.

Back in the DARK AGES, young women were taken earlier in life to have babies. WOMEN are NEVER going back to the DARK AGES of being surrounded by so many children at their feet, a child in their womb, and being totally IGNORANT. BAREFOOT, PREGNANT and totally IGNORANT in the KITCHEN has never or will ever be what PROGRESSIVE WOMEN of the WORLD STAND FOR TODAY. Who are the PLAYGROUND HUSTLERS? WHO ARE THE BULLIES? The most recent case of one of the PLAYGROUND HUSTLER is RUSH LIMBAUGH calling the PRESIDENT a THUG.

Look at the constant bashing intentional behavior of MITT ROMNEY against the PRESIDENT. If MITT ROMNEY passes gas it is the PRESIDENT fault. JAN BREWER, Governor of Arizona, behavior was out there. No one will ever forget the snapshot of her putting her fingers in the PRESIDENT’S FACE. WHEW! This should make her grandchildren real proud. REINCE PRIEBUS, MR.JACK-ASSES compared the PRESIDENT to the CAPTAIN who abandoned a cruise liner in Italy. WOW! The CHAIRMAN of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, MR. JACK-ASUS is totally in denial and states there is NO WAR AGAINST WOMEN.

He can’t understand why Alice In Wonderland is angry. She tried to explain to REINCE PRIEBUS there is a WAR AGAINST WOMEN. Finally, Alice had the MAD HATTER cut the SHROOMS down. The talking flowers in WONDERLAND ACCUSED ALICE of being a WEED. Alice informed REINCE PRIEBUS he needs to stop hanging out with the HOOKAH SMOKING CATERPILLAR in WONDERLAND. The MUSHROOMS had him all jacked up. Luckily ALICE didn’t get smoked by MR. JACK-ASUS. DON’T forget to read the bedtime stories to your children.

WARNING: Make sure you INTERPRET the story CORRECTLY. The content of material above is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.


The N-Word once again almost slipped off of RICK SANTORUM tongue. There has and will be more INTENTIONAL BULLYING along with the REPUBLICANS RADICAL INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS and their RADICAL INTENTIONAL ACTIONS.

TRAYVON MARTIN’S life and the lives that had preceded him will not go in vain. Their LIVES have OPEN A DOORWAY to reach into the house of the NRA, ALEC, the REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE, and the dangerous laws that are being passed.

DOOR STOPPERS have been revealed as the BIGGEST BULLIES. The COLOR OF CHANGE is a grass root organization that has strive to strengthen the voices of AFRICAN AMERICANS by bringing about political awareness and addressing the needs of AFRICAN AMERICANS in government. The COLOR OF CHANGE continues to PRESS ON and apply pressure to CORPORATE COMPANIES which have supported the RIGHT WING AGENDA. The LOSS of the LIVES that were taken out by the PLAYGROUND HUSTLERS helped us to IDENTIFY WHO ARE THE BULLIES. The LOSS of a LIFE is DEVASTATING. In the DARKEST HOUR when we come OUT OF THE SHADOW and into the LIGHT it will be revealed a LOSS can be MASTERFUL GAIN. We must always remember the LOSS of A LIFE will always send a MESSAGE.




BIG EDDIE congratulation on your upcoming fourth year and continue to NURSE the psychological platform. D-W-I-T and BRING IT!

Congratulation on RACHEL MADDOW new book. It is TIME to ask yourself the question. DOES SMOKELBG @TWITTER, LINDA M. BALLARD on FACEBOOK or NLD Mom/cancer survivor have your Book?

LISA MURKOWSKI, regrets are good and it shows one the error of their ways. It puts you in touch with your conscious mind, understanding what is RIGHT, and WRONG. Continue to speak out for WOMEN RIGHTS.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, hearing you and Tyler Perry describe your near death experience sounded identical to what happened on May 8, 2011, to my son. The only difference is he was walking. Go back and review NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP__NLD MOM’S PRAYER.

I am extremely happy you made it home to your family and you HELD THE FORT DOWN.

RASHAD ROBINSON and CREW continue to move forward. CHANGE OF COLOR keeps applying the pressure so the DOOR STOPPERS are brought into the LIGHT.