The Hill Has Knives

Scene: Smokelbg is staying at the Hyatt Hotel on Capitol Hill. This is her second visit to the President Inauguration Ball. She has all her accessories laid out on the bed with the exception of her dress. There is a knock at the door. Smokelbg goes to the door and it is Room Service with the DRESS… WOooooooo!


Come on in. That didn’t take long. Your name is?

Room Service:

My name is Ciara but my friends call me CeCe.


How pretty! Well, CeCe I am not about to type Room Service all the way through this story. It reminds me of going to the doctor. You are just a patient with a number. It is too cold, no identity, and we can make you as colorful as you want to be. CeCe this is the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. “By the Way,” this saying sounds like one the senators who clowned the CLOWN of a senator whose brother needed help in Atlanta. CeCe, this senator and the WEST of his brain was far from INTELLIGENT. Did I say WEST? Hmmm! AnyWHO! WHO! You can call me Smokelbg. Oh, look at how your eyes light up. No! I’m not the reason why The CHRONIC was produced in 1992 by DR. DRE. Hey, Dr. Dre had a second album out in 2001. Did you notice the leaf on the bottom of the album? Granny did not do her homework and promise the grand-baby she would get him some DRE BEATS. Oh, my GOD! That is definitely another story another day. Those are expensive A…. headphones.


What do you know about CHRONIC? You are a mess and too funny. I have never thought of myself as being colorful, exciting, or intelligent. I guess you notice…


Maybe it was because you never smoked any Hi quality marijuana or CHRONIC. People have a tendency of connecting my name with the leaf. You are colorful, exciting, and intelligent. You have a lot to offer this world. Stop being conscious of your uniqueness and use it as a strength. I have never smoked, drank, or owned a gun in my life TIME. No! I’m not a NUN. Yes, I’m a mess but it is nothing wrong with being high off of LIFE. Knowing what your quality of LIFE means to you, how it affects who you are as a person, and the people around you is so important. If you know that CeCe then you truly understand that your LIFE is connected to the LIVES of others. It will make you think twice or even more than twice. Suicide will not be on the table as an option. Your LIFE serves a greater purpose. You must keep the purpose right out in front. Take SNOOP DOGG for instance. He has evolved from a DOGG to a LION. Who knows maybe he will become SNOOP GIANT BLUNT one day. I wonder will SNOOP LION move to WASHINGTON STATE or COLORADO? Is there something bothering you CeCe?


I have never looked at my LIFE as though anyone would miss me. I have never thought of my LIFE affecting others. People are so busy and they are wrapped up in themselves. They just don’t have TIME to be concerned about what I think and feel. I am concern about your dress. Most people wouldn’t care or notice your dress Smokelbg. It is the quality of your dress. I hate to tell you but it is torn or should I say more like shredded. Will you have TIME to find another dress for the Ball?


No! I must wear this dress. Don’t let that bother you! I wore this dress last year to the Inaugural Ball. I know some SISTERS that are so creative they can take a glue gun, a plain dress and put your top designers to shame. It is like RENT-A-CENTER on PARADE. Pray it doesn’t rain. They will charge the numbers of their cards on a pair of shoes and make sure their shoes do not hit one rock or get any scratches because the shoes will be returned. REFUND! SISTERS will purchase a designer dress and the key to that success is no deodorant. CORN STARCH! BABY POWDER! The designers are going to be tripping on Tuesday morning. Just to keep the record straight the words SISTERS does not refer to AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN ONLY. OKAY! You know who you are and you HEIFERS are not LONELY. SHOUT OUT TO FRUISA! I have friends that have shown me where you can buy body enhancers. Do you need any human hair? Girlfriend you do not need to buy any expensive hair. I have friends who can show you how to shove the hair back in the bag and get your REFUND! They will sell the hair off their head. Forget about the bag.


For real! Your friends got some “do what you got to do skills.” Do people actually wear the same dress for the next years events? WOW! Was the dress torn when you got it?


No and No! It wasn’t torn. The ladies pride themselves on being the BELL OF THE BALL. When the photo shots are released the ladies want to make sure they do not have anything similar to last year outfit. This dress is a very special dress. It looks totally different and the color of the dress has changed. No person at the Ball will ever identify this dress as last years dress. Throughout the night the color of the dress will continue to change. I will encounter several people at the ball. I have a special list. The dress will reveal their intentions. The dress will rip and depending on the size of the tear and the color it changes into the “POPE OF HOPE” will be there to read the NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION of each person. This dress deciphers the following:
a.) People who are dressed to impress but are not sincere. FAKE!
b.) the blame gamers
c.) brusque, abrupt, brief remarks
d.) facial expression, posture, gestures
e.) attention-getting/the ones who are annoying
f.) monotone or flat speech
g.) the gullible or naively trusting
h.) smart smartypants
i.) rude, discourteous
j.) social blunders, just won’t let it go (tenacious), never-ending story,
incessant (nonstop or relentless)
k.) everything flies over their head
l.) can’t seem to recognize your face
m.) can’t read you, take you at your word (very literal),
n.) social misjudgment or misinterpretation
The “POPE OF HOPE” will INTERPRET the SOCIAL aspect of this behavior. He will determine whether or not if this behavior is UNINTENTIONAL. “The POPE OF HOPE” will also determine whether or not we are just getting PLAYED on PURPOSE by the TRICKY DIXSTERS. 🙂


You are going to reveal a lot in this dress. How much can this dress take? There isn’t much left of this dress.


It gives me goosebumps to tell you how this wraps itself up. The sole purpose of the dress is to show The Hill Has Knives. It will indicate who will attempt to be the biggest threat to the President in his second term. This dress takes it down to the last of the BUTT-NAKED BEHAVIORS only to reveal one’s true intentions and their true emotions. Elimination will be quick for some of the people because they have difficulty with their emotions are understanding their emotions.


What! You mean to tell me you will end up with no clothes on.


AB-SO-LUTE-LY! I hope I will be standing in front of the SPEAKER of THE MOUSE or the MINORITY LEADER that hates MINORITIES. Everyone will carry on as though I am the EMPRESS without CLOTHING.


The PAPARAZZI is going to have a field day with this.


No CeCe I will not let anything or anyone get in the way of spoiling the PRESIDENTS big moment. There will be a special headcount. This is to make sure that there will be no secret meetings anywhere. I hate to do this CeCe.


Do What? What is this flashlight for?


You will be just fine. I need you to blink twice and tell me what you remember.


Room service. I’m here with your dress.


Who do you think will be a STICK IN THE MUD or the LIFE OF THE PARTY?

What Did They Contribute?__Mental Illness

Hold up! Hold Up! I’m not off the grid. I am here. I am laying back in the cut chilling. It is my “cooling down process.” You will see these words again. Ah Hell Naw! Don’t be throwing MENTAL ILLNESS around like it’s a wet rag. Dude, back the Hell Up! You do not mess with my EMOTIONS nor will you play with my PASSION. You are about to see THIRTY SHADES OF BLACK. Step off and just sit BACK.

Watch out! Before you know it, parents will be fighting the battle of integration/inclusion into the classroom once again. We are going down the alley of SEPARATE SELF-CONTAINED SCHOOLS. Any child who is labeled emotionally disturbed, mentally challenged, and has a behavior disorder will be “UNABLE TO BE DISABLE IN A ZERO TOLERANCE ZONE.” The gap is closing fast and more students will be pushed into the court system based on how they are documented by the schools and their districts. Where does the BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY LIE to prove whether or not your child shall remain in his placement? You got it, the SCHOOLS DISTRICTS and their SCHOOLS. Who is documenting your child? I hope the parents have documentation to refute the schools/districts negative hit list. The school districts are laying the groundwork for a paper trail yeah long and Lehigh University Deep. 🙂 You can’t hide your IVIES from me. This is very important. Gun violence is closing the gap. It is a shame that whatever the schools and their districts document can reach out from the grave. The greatest injustice and disrespect is TRAYVON MARTIN’S family has to defend his rights. Before we get anything twisted I am not saying TRAYVON MARTIN had any problems with his mental processing. I take it as if he was the victim. His school records were dirty laundry to seal his coffin. What did the schools and their districts contribute?

Yeah, Baby! The schools/districts just got another powerful weapon to EXCLUDE your child with a disability out of their schools. WOW! Lock and load TIME. A child will get suspended and excessive expulsions at the drop of a dime. LOOPHOLE! The SUPREME COURT RULING 484U.S.305-HONIG V DOE laws and regulations did not define the disciplinary action of a child with a disability. If you see the words Violent, Disruptive Conduct, and Dangerous Student anywhere on paper get ready to fight. The schools decide who will be delivered to the special “DAY SCHOOLS.” Are we back to SEGREGATION in our schools again? UNILATERAL DECISIONS will be made by your districts at night behind closed doors like the 47% video. This violates the SUPREME COURT RULING 484U.S.305-HONIG V DOE It reminds me of Michigan having those emergency manager meetings to sort of kick a child to the curb. Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, is probably doing the training session with the Superintendent of your local school districts.

Parents just won’t get a say and all the child’s right will be stripped. Parents get it together. Your child is your responsibility. Don’t go calling the police on your child, talking about he is out of control, and you can’t do anything with him/her. How old is your child? What! He is 17. What do you think the police is going to do in 17 minutes of his police report that you should have done 17 years of his/her life? Come on Parents! We must change and change the stigmas that have been placed upon our children’s heads. Keep your MONKEY A.. out of the casinos and bars. Go home and spend some quality TIME with your children. Don’t wait until your child graduates and find out they can’t read. This doesn’t look very promising for a bright future in college or anywhere else. What did you contribute?__MENTAL ILLNESS

Your child is put up under the microscope from day one to see if he/she can be mainstreamed with the so-called normal behaviors. Whatever the hell that means. The highest level of government officials did not display appropriate behaviors. Their BEHAVIORS were INTENTIONAL along with CONGRESS, WALL STREET, AIG, CORPORATE AMERICA, the OIL, AND GAS INDUSTRY.They were rough riding tough along the side of a bunch of RUTHLESS PEOPLE. Still is. Some schools/districts go through the motion and pretend; a.) We did everything we could to help your child. b) we included you in the decision-making process although we already made up our minds at the late night candlelight dinner. c.) Every TIME your child acted out we drew up several IEPs to set him/her up for failure. d.) We went back to the drawing board to figure out a way to screw your child out of his education. The idea, NOT the IDEA which includes disabling children, was to document your child as a dangerous and violent student so we can push him out of our school. e.) We don’t care where he lands as long as he is out of our hair. Parents who are staunch advocates for their children know it is all about EXCLUSION and the BUDGET CUTS BABY. Holla! For the Dollar!

You are now looking at Light V. Parkway who claims the school and their district did everything they could for your child. Yes, they went out their way and bent over backward to include your disabled child. Even though the schools and their districts did not understand your child disability, were not trained, had no intention to get trained, documented your child to the tenth degree indicating he is a danger to himself and he will cause danger to others. We have done our good deed and we are not punishing your child. We just want him the hell out of our schools and to put his education into limbo. Well, doesn’t that sounds like CONGRESS and the beef they have with the President? No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. BS! What! BACHELOR of SCIENCE? NO! MALARKY!

One of the top priority of some educational institutions is getting rid of the wounded and the refusal to accommodate children who are mentally, socially, and emotionally challenged. Why? We wanted a bigger swimming team or a better football team. Having a football team did not ensure the safety of children. Are you sure you want to put a gun in a teacher’s hand when children are now being molested by their teachers? EX-CUUUSE ME! Don’t ask. Don’t tell. What did they contribute?__MENTAL ILLNESS

Yes, there are laws or SAFEGUARD PROCEDURALS put in place to SAFEGUARD your child. There are loopholes in the laws. PARENTS should always be included in the decision-making process so their child cannot be WAREHOUSED into a SEPARATE SELF-CONTAINED SCHOOL or CLASSROOM. Who wants to STAY-PUT in a placement that is no longer SAFE for anyone as long as they have these crazy gun laws? Whose shoulders do the burden of responsibility rest upon? I know it’s VIDEO GAMES. Yeah right! Will the responsibility rest at the feet of the MENTALLY CHALLENGED?

How do we go about getting rid of your child that is MENTALLY CHALLENGE and keep them out of the mainstream? I know! School Districts will go through the back door of education. Let’s make a List.

1.) They can Create An Atmosphere of Fear around the individual, (Wayne La Pierre Syndrome).

2.)Go to due process but we can’t let the kid hang out in our schools for 45 days or more until the hearing gets started. Hey, what is the rush? Why would you have a due process hearing under Chapter 536? Wouldn’t you end up in court? Get out of here! Really! Don’t the due process hearing takes care of that? Isn’t that what the STAY-PUT PROVISION under IDEA does?

3.) Look dumb A.. we are not trying to get the kid to stay in his/her placement just in case something unforeseen comes up. We will be ready to roll the TROs (TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS). These restraining orders will buy TIME to keep this child out of his PLACEMENT. You get 15 days on a TRO. Our plan is to keep renewing the TROs just in case the DUE PROCESS HEARING goes pass the number of days of the hearing. The power will be placed in the Districts hands. They will become Untouchable and Invincible.

4.) Can you do that to a child? What is the Purpose of the restraining order? The purpose of the restraining order is to ALLEVIATE the RETURN of the child to school as a RESULT of the STAY-PUT PROVISION. WOW! We never did that before.

5.) Okay, we will document him/her to be the next CHARLES MANSION. CHARLIE is still on lockdown. That is dangerous as dangerous can get. The idea of documenting your child like a criminal. Whew! From School To Prison Pipeline.

6.) That will help us get around that stupid rule, “10 Day Suspension Does Not Constitute A Change In Placement”. We don’t care if it was a manifestation of the child’s disability. You see we have ways of getting around his/her behaviors. Later in life, we can come back and Permanently ruin the life of the individual with a permanent restraint to lock the person down forever.

7.) Let’s make a MOUNTAIN out of A MOLEHILL for the child’s Attorney. The Attorney will be too busy fighting the child isn’t violent, dangerous, and disruptive. In the mean TIME, the FOCUS will be lost on restoring the child’s placement. Bottom line: Do not let SEGREGATION happen again in the schools because of the gun violence. Children who are mentally challenged will be ship off. They will not stand a chance in the mainstream.

I have been advocating and teaching my son how to advocate for himself for years. I had to back it up and put on the brakes. I realize parents are advocating for the LOSS OF their CHILDREN not the LIFE OF their CHILDREN. What happen PEOPLE? It is not supposed to go down like this. Why can’t gun laws be given immediate disciplinary actions if behaviors can be given immediate disciplinary actions? The laws will kick children out of their school placements, put them in the court system, be placed in the INSTITUTION of PRISON. This is not the way to help children who are disabled. Instead of getting help through their schools, children are railroaded out of their FREE AND APPROPRIATE EDUCATION (FAPE). Are your guns more important than a CHILD’S LIFE? So are we back to the BEHEMOTH of a gun industry called the NRA who are out of step with their own members? What did they contribute?__MENTAL ILLNESS

Oh! Don’t tell me you don’t want to talk about it. It is debatable. Excuse me! It is not MOOT. Why? Why should I answer you when you want to cut me off at the knees? What do you mean it ain’t important or relevant enough and we just can’t make no decision? I’m cool. You are the one that can’t make up your mind. It is happening all over again. How many TIMES does an incident have to occur before we can make a final decision and take action? Get the Hell out of here. It is called PROBABILITY and REASONABLE EXPECTATION. How many schools have fallen victim to gun violence? SHUT UP! Whose head will be severed? Who will be made the SCAPEGOAT? Are we back to the HIGHLANDER? There can only be one Get my DRIFT. I got your DRIFT 🙂

Dedicated to President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Arne Duncan, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Joan Walsh, Dan Malloy, Dr. James Peterson, Michael Eric Dyson, and Chris Matthews.

My contribution__MENTAL ILLNESS is to keep from placing all the blame on MENTAL ILLNESS, educate people to seek help, and minimize stereotyping/destigmatization.