Hey Matt I thought it would be cool to have an addendum to the ABOUT. I know you always say update your blog. From the Time I start writing I learned very quickly it could not be ABOUT ME . Hell you never learn anything when it is ABOUT yourself.  Sooo I decided to write ABOUT__ABOUT on July 14, 2014 and I got the opportunity to use the #longreads.  Indeed! Indeed! I thought it would be really creative to add something new to the mix. It feels like I’m doing the NAENAE. You got  to put a little more pep in your step and a lot more glide in your stride. For all you new comers GRANNY can get down.  Hey Baby Girl and Baby Boi I am not clowning around.  One thing about life you must keep up. When I go to the mirror and peep at my grey hair,  I take a long hard look at what my mind has to offer.  I’m cool. Stories I have written ABOUT NLD has put a new spin and twist on the world of NEUROPSYCHOLOGY.  Why the hell not? Coming to this blog I don’t want anyone to be intimidated or bored. This is all ABOUT learning, teaching, and sharing. What you will find is a whole lot of contrasting and comparing. You can rock my blog starting at the year 2014. I bet you will STUMBLEUPON all sorts of things. It’s okay to start from the year 2011. Watching the movie WRONG TURN did not take you to heaven.  In order for the mind to process information I thought I would incorporate politics, movies, poems, dance, and songs to help you make it to your graduation. What! You will not be bored nor hang from a tree. This Blog is all ABOUT Diversity. Get your coffee or cocoa and CHECK THIS OUT. Come on down and find out what it is really ABOUT. 🙂

Matt Mullenweg you have kept me fed with some really great ideas. My appetite to seek out the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS at the highest level of government increased as these so-called normal government officials begin to show their A… If It wasn’t for your MEALS-ON-WEB at Matt On Not-Wordpress I would have never survived all the BS. Thank you for sharing your food, friends, and life. There are many people in different walks of life that are unable to develop friends and relationship. This can shed some light on their life just like your Xmas Tree inspired HOPE and CHANGE in my life.

The roof was raised off the MOTHER OTHER and a NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL, NEUROBEHAVIORAL DISORDER with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS was compared and contrasted to the KNUCKLEHEADS in Government. NLD Syndrome (Nonverbal Learning Disability) was cast aside and not tested on a regular basis by the American Psychiatric Association. My theory is the APA may have had something to hide.  For 41 years NLD SYNDROME was hung out to dry. As a matter of fact to be exact NLD SYNDROME did not make the cut for 2013 DSM5 MENTAL FISCAL CLIFF HANGER. I wonder. WHY? Who is really over the edge and has been left to dangle.


The following stories will turn your head. ABOUT FACE! TIME TO MOVE FORWARD.

1.) Who In The World Is NLD? (January 17, 2011)
2.) Truth About NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disability) Who It Can Resemble (May 5, 2011)
3.) New Wave Physician Healthy__Healthy Choice Doctor (June 6,2011)
4.) Fighting On The Assessment__NLD Final Frontier (June 20, 2011)
5.) In The Defense, For the Defense…NLD-A YOUTUBE Moment (July 12, 2011)
6.) Refresher’s Course NLD (October 17, 2011)
7.) Smokelbg Life Class__Dedicated to Oprah (November 17, 2011)
8.) Hard Yard University__Commencement Day (December 15, 2011)
9.) Speak To The People (December 28, 2011)

Don’t stop at this year. Continue on and forge ahead through the years of 2012-2016. We tried to bridge the gap and connect the dots in the political and business community in the year of 2012. The INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of  our government officials, Republicans, Fox News Media, and  business world got down right vicious and they tried everything to send we the people and our nation to hell.  Their behaviors try to close the gap and make the UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS take the rap, stereotype, and draw out the sap of NLD Syndrome. ABOUT is ABOUT INCLUSION and DIVERSITY and not EXCLUSION and leaving people without a HOME. 🙂

Whew! The Presidential Contenders of 2012 reminded me of Show Time At The Apollo. The Sandman got his giant hook and snatched some A… off the stage. This meant you could not do the job. Try another profession because your A.. could not carry a note. Have you figured out WHY you lost and didn’t get  the Vote. 🙂

Baby Boi, you have a knack that is real as real can get. You are not out of touch with reality nor people. I hope the community you have surrounded yourself with are not dysfunctional. This is more than I can say for our government officials. These Brothers need to bring their GPA up. This does not mean GRADE POINT AVERAGE. The People needs to GET THE GOVERNMENT’S ATTENTION so our GOVERNMENT CAN PAY ATTENTION and APPROVE GOVERNMENT POLICIES to make a D… Decision. Help the President out!

You thought people with NLD Syndrome was disorganize, rude, naive, poor social judgement, had difficulty making decisions, talk their way in and out of situations. That sounds like Mitch McConnell with filibustering his own bill. Don’t blame it on NLD Syndrome. Take a look at the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of the REPUBLICANS. Look out DEMOCRATS, I’m monitoring your behavior also.

Matt I see you have cut your long hair. It shows you are comfortable in your BIRD OF FLIGHT SKIN and changes are good. You have open a doorway and made people feel right at home. It is all about the community and no person should be alienated or isolated. The reason why this blog was developed was to bring a community to those who find it difficult to migrate and develop friendships and relationships. I am not talking about the regular traditional community or just the psychiatric community. We have stepped our game up and moved FORWARD. We are now approaching the year 2013. This is an ABOUT FACE and accepting the LGBT, LATINOS, AFRICAN AMERICAN, ASIAN, WOMEN, and your 47% COMMUNITY. Give me your TIRED, your HUNGRY, and your POOR. I will take the sick and shut in. It is called INCLUSION. PRESIDENT OBAMA ROCKED IT. He open doors so different communities would have a SPACE and a PLACE.

It doesn’t matter if you are UNRECOGNIZABLE or RECOGNIZABLE, the APA (American Psychiatric Association) or the NRA (National Rifle Association) ACT A FOOL and you will be called out and held ACCOUNTABLE. Your LUDACRIS behavior will give me an Opportunity to enter you into this blog and you will become an OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY. It is high TIME these organizations and associations take full RESPONSIBILITY. 🙂  The NRA has a COMMUNITY of TRIGGER HAPPY ASSAULT MILITARY weapons carrying A… crazies. As a nation we must stand our ground so our children will not push up daisies. 🙁

Why do we isolate people because we find it hard to adapt to change, change our behaviors, consumed ourselves with HATRED and RACISM? Do you want to become royalty? Show your BUTT-NAKED-NESS, out of control behavior, and it will be your HIND-LESS.

It was really cool sharing with you and your crew from all over the world. When I sat down to write there was no fear to fight or take flight . I thought I would give the WORDS a new twirl. As I pulled up to the computer and press the button, SHA-BAM, I was kicking it in BEJING. I am looking forward to the tweets, poems, and stories of the new year–2013. Phone home to E.T. on the new 4G. We’ll make sure our reception is coming in nice and clear. The INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS made us angry and crazy. They came from the second layer called the stratosphere. The further up you go the warmer it becomes. Warm weather can make you feel tired and lazy. What was CONGRESS excuse for not getting the job done? Will it come to the economy pushing up daisies?

NLD Syndrome couldn’t read BETWEEN THE LINE
The President stated “it should be the BOTTOM LINE”  and it will get done all in TIME.
Congress had no BOTTOM LINE or PLAN.
NLD Syndrome has difficulty with planning and organizational skills. Their voices are heard and it is TIME to take a Stand.The President has a great gift and the ability to organize.It doesn’t give people the right to put down those who can’t do the task or marginalize. Who got a SECOND CHANCE and could run a Muck? Aaahh Shucks!The Legacy is in position and Congress got $$$$ bill you know what. HAH!

NLD Syndrome has difficulty with EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS.
Our Do-Nothing Congress just can’t FUNCTION.
He loved telling the REPUBLICANS take a hike.  Ain’t no way their fake A… has a real CONTENDER. 🙂

I was troubled and feared people would  not understand.   Sooo I decided to  develop  my own language brand.  There is a media station who lies and talked off the wall. Fox News is their name.  I learned nothing at all. As I began to write and TWEET I was so hoping someone would hear me. Right before my  fading eyes I blinked hoping to receive a wink  from MSNBC. A media station with true educators, progressiveness which LEANS FORWARD.  MSNBC  recognizes the HATRED, STUPIDITY, and INEQUALITY . 🙂

There are so many of you who help me change my view. So please don’t feel forsaken. From the rich to the poor,  the awful bad A… this blog will fry the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS up like bacon. It is very important to understand what is relevant so you will not get ripped off and taken.

To all my NLDER’S always stay with the FACTS. Watch out when you hear someone say NO FACT CHECKS. Here come the LIES and you will get JACKED. Although NLDER’S don’t paraphrase and are TRUTH BY NO FAULT. Come on people! Stop thinking they’re rude, disrespectful, and annoying.   People who are diagnosed with NLD SYNDROME are truly Rockin’ UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS.   They are NOT EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED –Yo DIGGITY–NO DOUBT! 🙂

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    with the computer age it is time to get a pep in the step and a slide with that glide in order to keep up with the world and technology. come on now roberts and thomas if grandma can keep up with the last dances and trends then you can try to keep up with world changes instead of being retroactive and try to take the country back in the day of jim crow and women having no rights. you don’t want to have that slave master mentality then get another revolution going. hey, i am just saying.

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