Open Mind, Open Heart__Open Door

  • Scene: Unexpected visit up in the house on Mother’s Day. The  Conversation between the mother and daughter is spicy and has the flavor of Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea.  It opens the door for Validation to open the lines of communication. Let’s Get This Party Started.


Get in here! What a surprise! I did not expect to see you today.  I thought you were visiting with your friend and their family. I hope you did not go out your way to stop and see mom because it is Mother’s day.  What have I always taught you?  365 Days out of a year and the honey poured over the heart makes it all clear! Every day I will be kicking it.

Boo Boo:

Mom, you are still rhyming. Do you think you can get through this conversation without sounding like you are rapping? I love you for it and you keep it real.


No!  Who needed this learning style to keep from being super bored in school. Just a friendly reminder to let you know good habits die hard and I ain’t dead yet. Hah! Your brother reminded me early this morning everybody got some SLIM SHADY in them.

Boo Boo:

What does that suppose to mean? Does he think I’m Slim Shady?


Absolutely not!  I will not say this is a poor choice for a song to use as an example. On the Flip Side Of  The Chart, I could have stated you have the characteristic of NLD. In the case of SLIM SHADY, Marshall Mathers aka EMINEM, basically states don’t go hating, imitating, or race-baiting because it is all about diversity.  Focus on being true to yourself so you don’t feel the need to hide from oneself. These elements can reach out and touch me, you, and many folks across the sea. This is just another form of AT&T.  In the case of NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disability), I will lay it out so you can see.

  • Today this Sh… is not about Reading, Riting, Rithmetic (3Rs)
  • I did not send you to school for 12 years of your life and college for you, not development friends and relationships.
  • We are dealing with the social/emotional aspect of your life.
  • You have the right to choose a female for your wife.
  • Whatever role in the relationship you play.
  • In this TIME and year of 2014, it will not ISOLATE you today.
  • People are viewed as unstable, disable with no sense of community.
  • INCLUSION is the key which is one of life’s many opportunities.
  • There are similar characteristics that encompass NLD.
  • It is TIME to engage in an Open Mind, Open Heart__Open Door for Immigration and LGBT.

Boo Boo:

Momma is riding her soapbox today. I know as you would say, mom, “It is better than being the wicked B… of the West and those D… RED SHOES led me to my own backyard.”  It really didn’t make sense to go to Egypt to find myself when I could have stayed at home and kept my money in my pocket.  Pilgrimage!  Now I realize to water the flowers in my backyard and address the issues at home. How long have you known, mom?


It doesn’t matter what I have known or how long. What mattered was embracing the fact you made a life choice you could live with. Embracing your decision would never take away from the fact that you are my daughter. It is impossible to separate Blood of my Blood and Flesh of my Flesh.  I have stated on many occasions we can only live one life at a TIME. There are people in our society who feel the need to live your life when they have made such poor choices of living their own life.   Do you know how hard it is for some people to make a decision knowing there may be consequences and they can become an outcast?  Think about the people who are judged unfairly, outcasts because they process information, their environment, and the people within their environment differently.  Being born with an extraordinary mind, unique abilities, and multi-level learning style should give the people who are diagnosed with other exceptionalities and NLD an Inclusive Community.    It is not their choice to be ISOLATED. It is not their choice to fail.  Do you think your brother wants to be viewed as the odd man out or the nerd machine because of his UNINTENTIONAL NEUROLOGICAL BEHAVIORS?   It is understood by me, others, and the psychological community your brother and those who share his playground are not Emotionally Disturbed. The flesh of my Flesh and Blood of my Blood not one ounce of TIME need be wasted because of your life choice. Not one ounce of TIME should be wasted because of what he was born with and the struggle with his decision-making process.  Not one ounce of TIME should be wasted if a person is in an accident,  suffer a stroke,  a gunshot wound to the head, and it alters their lives forever. Do you throw the love and support away because what once had the appearance to be normal and accepted by our society is no longer.  Mark Kelly and Congressman Gabby  Giffords along with Robin Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres,  Quincy Jones and many others were faced with adversities and they hung tough.   TIME can be added to one’s LIFE when you Open Mind, Open Heart__Open Door.

Boo Boo:

What happens when he reads about me or himself?  Will he be ashamed of me? Will he be saddened and view himself differently? Will he think I have deceived him?


You would only deceive yourself.  He already knows.  He has never stopped loving you. You always have supported him and he has stated he will be there for you. When you got into fights in school he would always say, “My sister rolled out somebody today because they tried to say something crazy about me.”  The hardest lesson was teaching him and you it was not the way to handle the situation. Especially in this day and age of gun violence.   It is a life lesson for your brother to look down on this paper and to know that he has a support system. It is an ultimate life lesson for your brother to look down on this paper and not look down on his life. It is a life lesson when you circulate love, acceptance, adaptability.  I was never able to pimp the wings of untraditional/nonconservative methods. It helps lengthen and strengthen my playing field. Will the choices one make cause friction?  Why? Will the choices one is unable to make causes friction? Why?  The choice you made led people to perceive you as different. Being born with what people perceive as different or fail to understand is not a choice of the individual who is born with differences.  Faulty perception rests on the head of the perceiver and one who is perceived as different. UNINTENTIONAL vs INTENTIONAL! Will it be Gravity?  Will it be Friction?

Boo Boo:

My greatest life lesson for today and going FORWARD is making the decision, accepting the decision and to know it can or will be consequences for my life choices.  I will cease to fear to address who I am and I will no longer hide behind what others desire for me to be. My life is not a covert operation. I will no longer slither through the back door.  I will Open Mind, Open Heart__Open Door. What brought you to this brink of accepting what people fear so much?



Learning the lesson of Losses and how to respect the Loss as a gain. Sitting in the front row or in the CHAIR knowing I gave it my all and I did my best.  There shall be no regrets.  When people demanded 100% I knew in my heart where to stop so I would not drop at the end of the day. The demand for 100% was their perfect.  They had to deal with their perfect because it only involved satisfying them and no one else.  I am not perfect and one should never give it all away.   Embedded into one’s soul something needs be left to fight back.   I know what 100% looks like for me and it is caring for others.  You have to be able to identify UNREALISTIC DEMANDS. Those who are unable to identify the UNREALISTIC DEMANDS need to have them pointed out by someone who can be trusted.   You land in tattered shoes and you must choose. Reality is the shock of one’s dues.   I would be able to take the loss and learn the lesson to gain and maintain my strengths. The loss would tilt the needle toward my weakness. In return change and adaptability would shift the needle and strengths would be built.  You know what Boo Boo? You think this is Happy Mother’s Day. No sweetheart!  I am so Happy to be your mother and proud of your life choices 365 days out of the year.  Well, most of your decisions. Open Mind, Open Heart__Open Door.


Unjustifiable__Negative Evaulations

You are you and I am me.
Evaluations should be based on INDIVIDUALITY.
Your performance should not be based on a group.
Sooo I would collect from all the D… troops.

I would raise hell and hit the floor.
It is TIME for you to knock on an OPEN DOOR.
Should I get an F because the store manager got one?
It is like treason which is unreasonable because this BROTHER is done.

Why is your help documented on paper only?
You suffer for years and years, isolated and left lonely.
Thanks to all the people who offered and helped.
I am sorry you were chastised and eaten like kelp.

Sooo all your help went out to the floor.
It depends on the manager who knows the score.
I understand now why they make you wait.
This is how managers retaliate.

The store performance went to hell.
Under whose tick-tock did it fail?
Whose shrinkage was 1.3 mill?
Hiring more people would be a wiser deal.

One should not rob Peter to pay Paul.
Taking from the floor was not successful at all.
All the people on TIME TASK cannot finish their jobs.
So don’t coach or bully them, I find it rather odd.

Are you berated, bullied, under surveillance, and stripped of one’s dignity?
These conditions will never produce an employee’s loyalty.
My God, this is straight up Gross Misconduct.
Termination should be immediate, what the F….!

That F has really circulated around the town.
It reached out and touched many on my workaround.
It hampers your ability to make it to the top.
What! There are only 10 points and 8 were dropped.

Get your last year eval compare and contrast.
Somebody needs to answer all the questions you will ask.
WOW! There is a big discrepancy.
Point out what is wrong. I don’t think it is me.

Do not be afraid to go through any OPEN DOOR.
I got my pen, paper, Title VII of 8-I of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The F you received represents the Fight.
Educate yourself, no fear, no flight.

To discriminate against associates who have been there too long.
It is inexcusable/unforgivable and totally wrong.
Of course, it is wrong to discriminate because of age.
It is unreasonable to work your A… off for only the minimum wage.

Who is seeking out the person who has capped out of their salary?
Is it the one your Evaluation was based on not INDIVIDUALITY?
Store Manager, Group, and Store Performance are not me.
I hope walking through the OPEN DOORS one can plainly see.

Do you do the store manager job?
I looked at my paycheck and I think I’ve been robbed.
We all tried our best I must confess.
Is this what happens when the store ends up in a mess?

What happens when you receive an unjustifiable negative evaluation?
What is contained in Title VII of 8-I of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Age Discrimination in Employment Act, American Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act,
prohibit retaliation by an employer, employment agency, or labor organization because an individual has engaged in protected activity and there is so much more.

Thank You, Lawrence O’Donnell and the MSNBC CREW.
Don’t forget to visit–Title VII of  the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Updated version)