Tan Is The New Black

Every channel I turn on I see the TAN SUIT. I hope by now you have changed your suit. You know who you are.  Sure this is personal. I cannot believe all the people who missed the TRUE meaning of the TAN SUIT. Okay!  People did not get upset when H.W.B. aka CAPTAIN SOCKS wore the TAN SUIT. R.R.,  the actor, rocked the TAN SUIT and there was no rest and recuperation for the nation. B. C., the saxophonist blew the suit out and NO he did not come Before Christ. Standing behind the podium in the TAN SUIT rocked the HOUSE.

The power of Nonverbal Communication revealed itself front and center.   Either you could read the TAN SUIT or totally missed out on the message.  Just think if you were one of the persons on the Flip Side Of The Chart and you could not read the intonation of ones voice tone (pitch), facial expression, hand signals, metaphors, and you most certainly could not read their outfit.  Sure everyone was in an uproar. A black man wearing a TAN SUIT representing who. Exactly! From Black to Tan to Beige just gave a sneak preview of the next or future Commander-and-Chief and how INCLUSION is key. In this case, it was quite upsetting to those who looked upon the podium and saw a White person may not get another chance to do their dance.

Let’s step back to 1962 when Elmer Bernstein wrote the song Walk On the Wide Side. Believe it or not Brook Benton song Walk On The Wild Side. Just in case you are not familiar with Brook Benton he is the black cat or black dude who sung Rainey Night In Georgia.  White folks don’t be upset if you never made a special request.   In the preview of the movie, a black cat comes strolling down the sidewalk and this song is playing in the background. Along the way, the black cat faces off with a white cat.  The black cat takes the white cat down. Hmmm! This movie wasn’t received too well back in the day. It was a lot going on and it would be a movie that is very acceptable now. Yes, Joan Fonda, Anne Baxter, and Barbara Stanwyck would have felt right at home in this era.  It would be an everyday occurrence in the neighborhood instead of a movie. Just to update the preview of the movie for today,  a calico cat can take the place of the black cat. The calico cat can give the white cat a run for its money. Not because of the color of the cat but because 99% of calico cats are female. So now we have a woman getting her chance to dominate THE CHAIR.

Yes, you did push the buttons and you Walked on the Wild Side.  For a moment I thought massive seizure activity was on the rise.  Someone decided to change the colors on the X-box and PlayStation Game. The box does have a warning label for rapid color change.   Change is a killer for the Adjustment Bureau. I hope you know your TAN SUIT did not represent the cool and sandy beaches of Italy. Tan is The New Black for representing immigration. Tan is The New Black for Inclusion throughout the nation. Tan is The New Black that has struck fear into the hearts of those who cannot accept this situation. Tan is The New Black that has landed on U. S.  soil for Emancipation. Tan is The New Black.

I flick through my channels and I found you amongst all of that positive energy.  The large rocks had engulfed you. How did you feel with all that positive energy circulating around your body?  It probably felt like YOUR SPACE dot COM. I see you ditched the TAN SUIT.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  The people need to know WHY.  The people understand a lot more than given credit for.  The people understand you are dealing with a destructive force that has emerged from the Bermuda Triangle, aka the Devil’s Triangle. White Clouds emerging out of nowhere.  We’re not talking about toilet paper.  Finally, something white is linked to big TIME evilness.

The TAN SUIT is powerful.  The message it communicates is from Black to Tan to Beige generates what the next Commander-and-chief will facilitate. No person or persons should ever fear or be impeded by thoughts that one race ranks supreme over another. It matters if you are BLIND, CRIPPLE, and fall under the category of DISABLED. Your voice plays a part of the balance to help keep our nation stable.

Of course, I was paying attention.  I notice a young man wearing a tan sports jacket and a blue shirt. He was representing. Yes, I thought Luis Gutierrez looked great. I wonder how Julian Castro and his brother Joaquin Castro look standing behind the podium in their TAN SUIT. Whew! Double your pleasure double your fun. Two contenders behind the podium, LAWD! You know who will be dead and done. Tan is The New Black. I have many friends who are decent human beings. When I am asked if they are white or black my response is they are really cool people and “decent human beings.”  Sooo what happens to all the black folks?  They are joined by the New Black which is Tan. We all come together, vote,  and take a stand.  Stereotyping hopefully will be diminished. You know who will move the nation forward and be in command. Your suit told the story. It was not hard to understand. Immigration is Key and should not be judged by any man. See There! Look what happens when you can’t read Nonverbal Communication.

Hold Up Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee!

Who is Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee? Well, Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee (KEMO-SABE) today is your friend, dawg, soul mate, homie, homegirl, homeboy, and confidante. Get my DRIFT :). We are going to drop back to yesteryear for only a moment. I don’t like hanging back in the past too long. If it is for MENTAL purposes, yes. I still have the BRAIN POWER to reach back and REMEMBER. My clock is still rocking and I have not forgotten. I do not wish to enter into the boxing arena with ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, PARKINSON’S, ALS/LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE, DEMENTIA, or any of the other neurodegenerative diseases waiting to snatch up my BRAIN. So I must THINK BIG.

Wow! Talking about loss of quality of life and losing all those precious memories, this would be pure horror. You will lose even more. A person whole circuit board is wiped out. One would lose their ability to functional living skill. I don’t want to use the word IMAGINE because this is not going to happen in the mind of someone with a degenerative disease. Not being able to write, dress, extreme muscle weakness, motor neurons of the central nervous system eventually fade out, gets destroyed, and the body suffers from restricted muscle/muscle paralysis.

Rescue is in order. Back in the day, there was a masked man who rode by himself and did a world of good. Is this going to be an UNCLE LAWRENCE STORY? NO! UNCLE LAWRENCE was really creative. Did UNCLE LAWRENCE stretch his stories? NO! He straight out LIED. His stories were pure entertainment. Do you know they have a NEWS NETWORK that functions just like UNCLE LAWRENCE? It is called FOX NEWS and it refuses to give the FACTS. Some of the people who appear on this show can LIE their A.. off just like UNCLE LAWRENCE. No CODE OF ETHICS

The masked man had a code he followed. He believed that no matter what changes, the TRUTH never changes. The TRUTH lives on for AEONS. The masked man believed whatever was taken later in life one has to settle up and make payments for that which was taken. If you wanted friends you must learn to be a friend to yourself. You would need to know who you are as a person before you could reach out and try to befriend someone else. He felt if there were rules made whatever was BEST for the MAJORITY of the people should be the rule. If there was going to be a fight, a person had to be prepared mentally, physically, and morally. In today’s TIMES, you have to come with the megabucks. Even back then the LONG RANGER believed the government was by the people, for the people, and of the people. His A… would have been the LONE STRANGER and he would not be riding again. Hi-Yo WHO? It would not be SILVER.

Check this out! A brown horse was ridden by the LONE RANGER before there was SILVER. LONE RANGER rescued SILVER. LOYALTY! KEE-MO-SAH-BEE was a diverse white man in a mask hanging out with a chocolate animal and an INDIAN called TONTO. This brother was ahead of his TIME. I bet you the mask was representing he was hiding something. Do you think he was gay? Did the LONE RANGER smoke too much with TONTO and didn’t want anyone to know he was high? WOW! He would fit right in. Just like he rescued SILVER, the SUPREME COURT would be passing judgment on his GAY RIGHTS. Don’t let me tell a story. I can mess it up. Give me a bible story and CHRIST will be shooting hoops, and cutting a record deal instead of walking on water. OKAY, SKEET…put on the brakes. This does not refer to PRESIDENT OBAMA nor JAY-ZEE. So let it go.

In today’s TIME, the LONE RANGER would tell you that everyone inside their shell could make this world a better place and all men are created equal. We tell ourselves that all the TIME but WE THE PEOPLE are still fighting for EQUALS RIGHTS today. At least our show has not been canceled and the great saga still continues. You know what I would have a love for the masked man to be played by SIDNEY POITIER, HARRY BELAFONTE, or BILL COSBY. CONTROVERSY! It probably was hard enough having a white man in a mask hanging out with an INDIAN named TONTO. The chocolate horse was too much so they had to throw in SILVER. The sand would be on fire and the storyline would look more like NICHOLAS CAGE in GHOST RIDER trying to mess a BROTHER up. Hmmm!

The LONE RANGER carried a gun to disarm people. It was shot first ask question later. His character was one of common sense and logic. In this day and age, this radio/television show would have not lasted long with the villains being the NRA and CONGRESS as the backers. Common Sense and Logic has been tossed into the wind if you are talking about these groups in the same sentence. I am. Is this how the movie title GONE WITH THE WIND evolved? I don’t recall an episode of any rich people taking control. Back in the day, the game was taking control of the land, not GERRYMANDERING. TONTO would not have been riding with the LONE RANGER. He wouldn’t be calling him KEE-MO-SAH-BEE and they would not be sharing the same peace pipe. The LONE RANGER would be manipulating TONTO’S rights and trying to steal TONTO’S vote. Today you have people trying to take control of your thoughts and your MIND.

Being able to step back in TIME and to REMEMBER is so crucial to one’s BRAIN. Having your own thoughts or ideas are so important. Even if you cannot organize your thoughts in a sequential manner a pill is not a quick fix. The TIME has come. WE NEED TO RETHINK THE WAY WE THINK AND ACCOMMODATE THOSE WHO PROCESSES DIFFERENTLY. A pill cannot fix what the people have failed to work on. You have to work with what you got. Every program should not be set up for academics along. If the child is coming in with learning or behavioral problems the program should be geared more toward the students social/emotional issues. Whenever a child has a unique style of learning and it is not addressed it will manifest into what looks like a behavioral problem. What do pills do? It will MASK the most essential problem. It will become more difficult to resolve the problem. WOW! THE LONE RANGER would say that. Hell NAH! I would. D… people are always trying to shoot an idea down before it can settle in the minds of the people who have great ideas. The key word is IDEA. Making a MENTAL IMPRESSION with your own MIND is your IDEA. THINK BIG.

Making a DECISION is the GOAL. It challenges the BRAIN. SHOOTING FOR THE STARS, and ULTIMATE GOAL is the individual taking responsibility for the DECISION he/she makes with his/her IDEA coming from their BRAIN. If in the event the individual processes the information differently we must go around, use another method, or take a different path. A different method of teaching must be provided to adjust to the individual style of learning. Other strategies need to be incorporated into the success of what the individual can achieve. I am not talking about using DRUGS or locking people away in JAIL. Our society has a tendency of holding every person by the same standard or rules, not in the BEST interest of everyone. KEE-MO-SAH-BEE would be pissed off.

Where are your occupational therapist, speech pathologist, para-professionals, any type of practitioners to help the child enhance their ability to use their right and left side of the brain working together (Bilateral INTEGRATION)? Did you cut them out of the budget? The process has to start very early in children to use their sensory motor skills and later develop their perceptual motor skills. All the walking, running, jumping, skipping, and playing ball that keeps our BODY COORDINATION intact. Did they cut out the P.E. program? Remember when the kids had the old tennis shoe that sat on the table in school to lace up. Don’t forget about the shirts and sweaters that the kids practice on to button up. Where is the double line paper to write with that had an alphabet off to the side of the paper to trace? It works for EYE-HAND COORDINATION back then. Whatever happened to the good old crossword puzzles or navigating through an obstacle course? It worked for PERCEIVING RELATIONSHIPS OF OBJECTS IN SPACE. It also helps determine the position of one’s body in relation to the object. Whatever happen to “REPEAT AFTER ME CLASS.” Did you REMEMBER and could you REPEAT the list of words? This was one way to help develop HEARING and SPEAKING SKILLS.

As children get older the more mature brain kicks off with the reading, thinking, writing, behavior control and having the ability to work independently in one’s own chair. Damages were done to brain activity development cause problems to these higher learning skills. The social/emotional maturity of a person is being able to organize and develop one’s senses and integrate this process of gathering more information into one’s brain. What happens to a person self-esteem if they are unable to read, write, think, modulate one’s behavior, and work independently? RIGHT! RIGHT! It plummets.

You are there. It is nothing like allowing the brain to use the information our senses take in. This is the best information one can get because every mode from our senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, how we view movement/and gravity makes the ballet FOR REAL. 🙂 It is much better than taking it in on a computer or IPAD. Our alert buttons go off, our senses are heightened, and the brains gather up more information. This is SENSORY INTEGRATION which is used in many of our life activities. The lack of interacting with one’s environment cripples the development, relationships, and interactions we have with one another. What if something happens to the BRAIN? What if there aren’t many knobs on your channel. You can burst the bubble by investigating the BRAIN. Many children/adults are at a great risk of being classified as brain damages. What achievement? You don’t have to worry about any type of achievement if you don’t THINK BIG and take smalls steps. You will not get your big leap for MANKIND.

REMEMBER TO REMEMBER. THINK TO THINK. DO WHATEVER CAN BE DONE. Will there be an early onset of ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, PARKINSON DISEASE, ALS/LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE, DEMENTIA or any neurodegenerative disease if we fail to take action? Put on the boxing gloves and LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE. Hold that MENTAL IMPRESSION because that MENTAL IMPRESSION can be wiped out by one of the above diseases.

Don’t forget to revisit http://www.spdfoundation.net/about-sensory-processing-disorder.html and click on library. Also for coming in on EARLY DEVELOPMENT, revisit http://www.pathways.org. JUST THINK and we will reach THINK BIG.

The Hill Has Knives

Scene: Smokelbg is staying at the Hyatt Hotel on Capitol Hill. This is her second visit to the President Inauguration Ball. She has all her accessories laid out on the bed with the exception of her dress. There is a knock at the door. Smokelbg goes to the door and it is Room Service with the DRESS… WOooooooo!


Come on in. That didn’t take long. Your name is?

Room Service:

My name is Ciara but my friends call me CeCe.


How pretty! Well, CeCe I am not about to type Room Service all the way through this story. It reminds me of going to the doctor. You are just a patient with a number. It is too cold, no identity, and we can make you as colorful as you want to be. CeCe this is the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. “By the Way,” this saying sounds like one the senators who clowned the CLOWN of a senator whose brother needed help in Atlanta. CeCe, this senator and the WEST of his brain was far from INTELLIGENT. Did I say WEST? Hmmm! AnyWHO! WHO! You can call me Smokelbg. Oh, look at how your eyes light up. No! I’m not the reason why The CHRONIC was produced in 1992 by DR. DRE. Hey, Dr. Dre had a second album out in 2001. Did you notice the leaf on the bottom of the album? Granny did not do her homework and promise the grand-baby she would get him some DRE BEATS. Oh, my GOD! That is definitely another story another day. Those are expensive A…. headphones.


What do you know about CHRONIC? You are a mess and too funny. I have never thought of myself as being colorful, exciting, or intelligent. I guess you notice…


Maybe it was because you never smoked any Hi quality marijuana or CHRONIC. People have a tendency of connecting my name with the leaf. You are colorful, exciting, and intelligent. You have a lot to offer this world. Stop being conscious of your uniqueness and use it as a strength. I have never smoked, drank, or owned a gun in my life TIME. No! I’m not a NUN. Yes, I’m a mess but it is nothing wrong with being high off of LIFE. Knowing what your quality of LIFE means to you, how it affects who you are as a person, and the people around you is so important. If you know that CeCe then you truly understand that your LIFE is connected to the LIVES of others. It will make you think twice or even more than twice. Suicide will not be on the table as an option. Your LIFE serves a greater purpose. You must keep the purpose right out in front. Take SNOOP DOGG for instance. He has evolved from a DOGG to a LION. Who knows maybe he will become SNOOP GIANT BLUNT one day. I wonder will SNOOP LION move to WASHINGTON STATE or COLORADO? Is there something bothering you CeCe?


I have never looked at my LIFE as though anyone would miss me. I have never thought of my LIFE affecting others. People are so busy and they are wrapped up in themselves. They just don’t have TIME to be concerned about what I think and feel. I am concern about your dress. Most people wouldn’t care or notice your dress Smokelbg. It is the quality of your dress. I hate to tell you but it is torn or should I say more like shredded. Will you have TIME to find another dress for the Ball?


No! I must wear this dress. Don’t let that bother you! I wore this dress last year to the Inaugural Ball. I know some SISTERS that are so creative they can take a glue gun, a plain dress and put your top designers to shame. It is like RENT-A-CENTER on PARADE. Pray it doesn’t rain. They will charge the numbers of their cards on a pair of shoes and make sure their shoes do not hit one rock or get any scratches because the shoes will be returned. REFUND! SISTERS will purchase a designer dress and the key to that success is no deodorant. CORN STARCH! BABY POWDER! The designers are going to be tripping on Tuesday morning. Just to keep the record straight the words SISTERS does not refer to AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN ONLY. OKAY! You know who you are and you HEIFERS are not LONELY. SHOUT OUT TO FRUISA! I have friends that have shown me where you can buy body enhancers. Do you need any human hair? Girlfriend you do not need to buy any expensive hair. I have friends who can show you how to shove the hair back in the bag and get your REFUND! They will sell the hair off their head. Forget about the bag.


For real! Your friends got some “do what you got to do skills.” Do people actually wear the same dress for the next years events? WOW! Was the dress torn when you got it?


No and No! It wasn’t torn. The ladies pride themselves on being the BELL OF THE BALL. When the photo shots are released the ladies want to make sure they do not have anything similar to last year outfit. This dress is a very special dress. It looks totally different and the color of the dress has changed. No person at the Ball will ever identify this dress as last years dress. Throughout the night the color of the dress will continue to change. I will encounter several people at the ball. I have a special list. The dress will reveal their intentions. The dress will rip and depending on the size of the tear and the color it changes into the “POPE OF HOPE” will be there to read the NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION of each person. This dress deciphers the following:
a.) People who are dressed to impress but are not sincere. FAKE!
b.) the blame gamers
c.) brusque, abrupt, brief remarks
d.) facial expression, posture, gestures
e.) attention-getting/the ones who are annoying
f.) monotone or flat speech
g.) the gullible or naively trusting
h.) smart smartypants
i.) rude, discourteous
j.) social blunders, just won’t let it go (tenacious), never-ending story,
incessant (nonstop or relentless)
k.) everything flies over their head
l.) can’t seem to recognize your face
m.) can’t read you, take you at your word (very literal),
n.) social misjudgment or misinterpretation
The “POPE OF HOPE” will INTERPRET the SOCIAL aspect of this behavior. He will determine whether or not if this behavior is UNINTENTIONAL. “The POPE OF HOPE” will also determine whether or not we are just getting PLAYED on PURPOSE by the TRICKY DIXSTERS. 🙂


You are going to reveal a lot in this dress. How much can this dress take? There isn’t much left of this dress.


It gives me goosebumps to tell you how this wraps itself up. The sole purpose of the dress is to show The Hill Has Knives. It will indicate who will attempt to be the biggest threat to the President in his second term. This dress takes it down to the last of the BUTT-NAKED BEHAVIORS only to reveal one’s true intentions and their true emotions. Elimination will be quick for some of the people because they have difficulty with their emotions are understanding their emotions.


What! You mean to tell me you will end up with no clothes on.


AB-SO-LUTE-LY! I hope I will be standing in front of the SPEAKER of THE MOUSE or the MINORITY LEADER that hates MINORITIES. Everyone will carry on as though I am the EMPRESS without CLOTHING.


The PAPARAZZI is going to have a field day with this.


No CeCe I will not let anything or anyone get in the way of spoiling the PRESIDENTS big moment. There will be a special headcount. This is to make sure that there will be no secret meetings anywhere. I hate to do this CeCe.


Do What? What is this flashlight for?


You will be just fine. I need you to blink twice and tell me what you remember.


Room service. I’m here with your dress.


Who do you think will be a STICK IN THE MUD or the LIFE OF THE PARTY?

Did You Get Jacked?

Shifting my mouth from side to side I could feel the pressure on my bottom lip. The strain on my neck as my head begins to pivot felt as though I had been whiplashed. I had failed to strip away the layers. Everything in the back of my mind was trying to give the person the benefit of doubt. When I looked at his face the title he held was blocking me from saying NO. Yes, once again I got JACKED. Maybe I should have coated my body with polyurethane to protect my soul from the wear and tear.

Here comes my MARTIN LUTHER KING MOMENT. As I began to silently sing “OOPS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD,” I really prayed hard that day. Please don’t let my hands leave from my side. I do not wish to proceed to knock the SH… out of this person. Hey, I’m not a violent woman. I didn’t want to end up on Oprah as an ANGRY A.. BLACK WOMAN. You know people can trigger your behaviors. Don’t give me this crap-o-la about if you let them. The CANDIDATE triggered a lot of behaviors because of his BS LYING.

Here comes the kicker. You mean to tell me this person is actually going to say to my face why I got JACKED. OH LAWD! I wanted to believe he was going to do right. I thought he would pay me back. I thought he would change and become a better person. He leaned back with a twisted smile on his face as though he could read my mind. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “See what you get for thinking.” I took a real deep breath and press my lips tightly together. My hands did not leave my side. WHEW! MARTIN LUTHER KING would have been proud of me.

Here comes his spill. He stated I had forgotten to peel him like a banana. Remove the hull and see just how rotten a person he had become. He enjoyed what he did and he had NO INTENTIONS of changing. He told me I needed to shut it down and strip away the TITLE to keep from getting JACKED. This is what had weakened me and had kept me from saying NO. He made it clear that he would do it again until my hide got tougher. “Stop wanting me to become what you want me to become because it is not what I want to be.” Something would come to pass which would make me realize what he had become. I needed to embrace who he really was. I would be able to move FORWARD. The tears and stories from others would keep me human. Let not my heart be troubled or harden for I shall never forget what I wanted for him. If my heart becomes harden then I would become him.

Then it came to pass. It happened to a young man very dear to my heart. His life was whisked away from the LIES and the LIFESTYLE of the other. I confronted the other on how he felt about the death of his beloved one’s precious life. There was that twisted smile once again on his face. He looked into my face and said, “I see the layers are peeling off. You have finally learned who I am and how rotten I have become.” He said, “You cannot live the way I live and tell the LIES that I have told and expect any good to come from it.” At that moment my knees buckled up under me. “Do you have any idea how his mother will feel when she learns the TRUTH about the death of her only son.” I hit the floor and screamed as loud as I could. “This was your son and you are my brother.” As I looked at his face, not one tear had fallen on his cheek. He extended his arm out to help me off the floor. “It is called CONSEQUENCES and when you LIE you will lose big.”

Every “sincere tear” in the UNIVERSE is needed to keep a person grounded in emotions so his or her human factor can remain in place. You may think tears reflect the man as being weak but it has to STRENGTHEN the HEART beyond its STRENGTH. It has taken HOPE and CHANGE to a greater LENGTH. As you look across the horizon you realize the silence, the pressure on the lips, and the demeanor broke the stereotype of the ANGRY BLACK MAN. The PRESIDENT never lost the first debate. This was a MARTIN LUTHER KING MOMENT.

I remember my brother telling me to TRUST THE MAN WITH THE SINCERE TEAR. YOU can never TRUST a LIAR. There will be two LEGENDS. One will be remembered for AEONS and the other will be forgotten in an SEC. He made me promise to take whatever I had learned about his life to use as a teaching tool to help keep people from getting JACKED. He was AB-SO-LUTE-LY RIGHT. His life ended tragically years ago from his LIES, his LIFESTYLE, and who he had become.

The PRESIDENT stood before his staff and millions of people across the nation saw the tears roll down his cheek. All the things that I wanted and hope for my brother to one day become ended for this LEGEND in an SEC. He lost and he lost big. The LEGEND who will be remembered for AEONS had everything the CANDIDATE lacked. The CANDIDATE was a LIAR who was a LEGEND that lost big and the SEC. has now come to an end.

Have you ever been JACKED? You might have been JACKED and didn’t know it because you failed to peel the paper or pop the bottle top off the person, place, or thing. It could be me, you, the elderly, or anyone. I have deep concerns for individuals who are diagnosed and labeled as disabled. They are very vulnerable and easily misled by LIES and good old fashion deceit. I realize from the election millions of people falls into this category of being misled. So now we can all be viewed as disabling.

Reflecting back on characteristics of a person who has an extraordinary mind and unique abilities you come across the word NAIVE. Anyone of us may not have the ability to detect when someone tries to lead you astray. We may not be able to detect if a person is lying or sense when we are in danger. For some of us, it might be that we are NOT PAYING ATTENTION. The other half JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW or don’t care. Some of us have a choice. There are others who cannot peek out from under their scarf because both eyes are fully covered. The scale of JUSTICE will become UNJUST when you are blinded by NAIVENESS. DID YOU GET JACKED INTENTIONALLY or UNINTENTIONALLY? Are you just NAIVE? Will the lady who stands on the scale of JUSTICE give you an opportunity to take that DO-RAG off one side of your face so you can see “WHAT THE HAH HELL” you are doing? It would be nice because then you can see where the hah hell you are going.

The behaviors were out in full force. The CANDIDATE taught the lesson of LIAR IDENTIFIERS. He has the GIFT of never-failing to insert his foot into his mouth and videotaping his A… ACTION! ROLL EM! TAKE 37(this is the math for attempting to repeal OBAMACARE). It would be great for the CANDIDATE to write the book on HOW TO IDENTIFY A LIE TO KEEP FROM GETTING JACKED. Think of all the people he could help. This would be a good way for the CANDIDATE to reach across the nation and familiarize himself with the magnificent shades of BROWN. WHEW! SECRET AGENT RA-RA had an excellent LIAR IDENTIFIER she learned from the CANDIDATE, “NO NOT REALLY.” The CANDIDATE would blatantly LIE and his campaign staffers would clean the LIE up with NO APOLOGIES. The cycle would start all over again. After the mop job on aisle 7, the CANDIDATE LYING would increase. Did you notice the MEDIA stop using the terms GAFFES and FLIP-FLOP? I stop using the term SOCIAL BLUNDERS. Why? The CANDIDATE has been IDENTIFIED as a LIAR.

BILL O’REILLY was quite MENTALLY DISTURBED when he felt the LAST OF THE GREAT WHITE HOPES will NEVER rise again. He wanted his THINGS or GIFTS. The CANDIDATE was to become President and BILL O’s STUFF was the 1% not getting taxed and becoming more richer. The outlook of HOPE and CHANGE for a CANDIDATE who believed this country was his to claim made M a LEGEND in his own MIND. He will never become a LEGEND in REAL TIME. The CANDIDATE who is now a MYTH and his SAGA has ended. The CANDIDATE who tried to persuade millions of people to believe in a man who did not believe in himself. A CANDIDATE who wasn’t convincing. Who GOT JACKED? Was it the REPUBLICANS? Was it the SUPER PACs? Was it the PEOPLE who were desperate to oust the PRESIDENT? Did M JACK HIMSELF? Were any of these people NAIVE? M did have 4 letters in his name now he is down to 1. This BROTHER had a horrible GROUND GAME and he lost the shirt off his back. It is not as if he couldn’t buy another one.

The TAKERS who receive WELFARE, AMNESTY and CONTRACEPTIVE aren’t blessed with GIFTS. Is this the GIFT that 007 leaked out in another conversation and got thrashed by his REPUBLICAN PARTY? M could not leave well enough alone. He should have settle for the 47% video. The party has DISSED the CANDIDATE and no longer wants to be connected to M. Hey, Secret Agent RA-RA wrote DRIFT maybe I should write the book on GIFTS. NO! SANTA CLAUS is not coming to TOWN. It would be about M and how he lost the election for not INCLUDING BROWN. M’s policies sucked too. After hearing those words come out of M’s mouth I had to settle my nerves and play “MY GROWN UP CHRISTMAS LIST” since it was all about the GIFTS. Thank GOD! I have NATALIE COLES version and KELLY CLARKSON version. Thank you, SANTA for fulfilling my early WISH. CANDIDATE M has his CONSTITUENTS PISSED. Exit stage right this BROTHER has been DISMISSED. Our PRESIDENT has received 4 MORE YEARS and this is PURE BLISS.

STEVE KORNACKI you have my sincere condolences on the loss of your GRANDMOTHER. I know you made GRANDMA PROUD. You bring a lot to the TABLE and I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm. Your heart is in your work and it reflexes on your job. GOD BLESS.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and BLACK FRIDAY is just up the street. I read Retail’s Hidden Potential. How Raising Wages Would Benefit Workers, the Industry and the Overall Economy at Demos http://www.demos.org. Thank you so much, CHRIS HAYES and HEATHER McGHEE.


And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

It is TIME. The battle has been bloody and the path chosen held many bumps. The FLOODGATES are now open and so are the lines of COMMUNICATION. It is the 15-minute CALL, the WORDS that are SPOKEN, and the ACTION that has been taken to put the PIECES of the PUZZLE TOGETHER. This is a GREAT KODAK MOMENT. People are beginning to get the WHOLE PICTURE. You are our FIRST RESPONDER and a masterful INTERPRETER. Your BLOOD now flows through the VEINS of people who did not TRUST your judgment and thought you had failed. They have learned to respect the PRESIDENT, not the CANDIDATE. Yes, it is all about PERCEPTION and the lens we look through. The lens of OBJECTIVITY does not give us a distorted view. It was the CALM BEFORE THE STORM and then THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN.

On May 1, 2012, you received my SUPER TWEET. I knew you would not let us down. I knew you would not let us drown. You swam your way through the sewage, debris, and the broken spirits whose heart was damaged by HURRICANE SANDY. Reaching across the aisle RECOGNITION and VALIDATION was given to the most COMPETENT person who is NO LONGER the CANDIDATE but is NOW THE PRESIDENT. Our NATION got the opportunity to see LEGITIMATE ENDORSEMENTS from COLIN POWELL, MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, SUSAN EISENHOWER, and COLONEL LAWRENCE WILKERSON. COLONEL WILKERSON came forward and acknowledge racism existed in the REPUBLICAN PARTY. CHRIS CHRISTIE dropped the I NUCLEUS FACTOR and reach across the aisle to ask for help. This is HOPE and CHANGE.

We must PAY ATTENTION to the 4D NETWORK. In the darkest hour when DISASTER strike, DISEASE, and DEATH will come calling. In the face of adversity, we must not let the final CHOICE or wrong decision be our DOOM. If one has the ability to make the right CHOICE then we must not set ourselves up for FAILURE. We will become a failed nation. NO ONE CHOOSES TO FAIL! What did we witness? An out of date network that was 3G. The PARTY who chased after the GLAMOUR, the GLITTER, and the GOLD. The V.I.Ps held WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION HOSTAGE. THEIR VANITY, IMAGE, and PRIDE put OUR ECONOMY on the path of DESTRUCTION before our PRESIDENT ever set foot in 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE.

Who is the BIGGEST THREAT to the PEOPLE and the NATION? Who destroyed BIPARTISANSHIP between the RED and the BLUE? What made the color change to PURPLE? Where is that LITTLE NEWT we put in the moat at MADAME FRANKENSTEIN on January 18, 2012? XERXES was once a tremendous threat to GREECE and SPARTA. It took BIPARTISANSHIP to bridge the gap and kick some A.. GREECE and SPARTA had to put their differences aside when XERXES showed up on the scene. Does this remind you of the new BRO-MANCE that has found COMMON GROUND on the 4D NETWORK?

GIDEON had to work with less in order to gain more. GIDEON’S army was reduced to a smaller size but his ACHIEVEMENTS were MONUMENTAL. GIDEON held the fort down for 40 years. The Israelites had so many enemies. Our PRESIDENT has a lot of enemies also. He is only asking for 4 more years and your vote. Not 40 years but 4 MORE YEARS! Anything past this number and your math is in trouble. OKAY! You are staring at a DICTATOR if the number goes past 4 years. GIDEON of today would probably say, “I had a JEEP not a LEXUS at the age of 30.” GIDEON of today would say, “I understand and can relate to POVERTY and DIVERSITY.” GIDEON of today would say, “I know because I LIVED IT.”

The CANDIDATE can’t say that. The CANDIDATE can say, “I do not understand myself nor can I relate to myself or anyone else.” The CANDIDATE can say, “I can’t help YOU PEOPLE.” Taking it to a new level the CANDIDATE can say, “You guys are the 47% go ahead and drown.” What is the CANDIDATE notorious for? “I stand for NOTHING and I am NOT taking a STAND.” Here’s the doozy, the CANDIDATE can say, “I steal people’s ACHIEVEMENTS and I take all the CREDIT.” The TRUTH about the CANDIDATE, “HEY, I’M a LIAR give credit where credit is due.”

Why was ALEXANDER the GREAT truly GREAT? ALEXANDER had sense enough not to kick a dog when the dog was down. ALEXANDER conquered but those he had to conquer was allowed to continue to embrace their cultures and continue on with their lives. Do you think the CANDIDATE would ever allow cultural diffusion? It would be the CANDIDATE’S WORLD. HOPE and CHANGE would die along with one’s style, religion, language, ideas, and technology. The CANDIDATE would REINSTATE SLAVERY.

Did you actually think this was about who would be better for the ECONOMY? Did you ever stop and think about who would be better in a CRISIS? Who would put the PEOPLE and the NATION FIRST? ARE YOU BETTER OFF to TRUST a man who will GIVE RECOGNITION to the UNRECOGNIZABLE and HELP SAVE LIVES. BOTTOM LINE: Who can you really TRUST to fight for the 47% and our nation. Who can we count on to make sure the RICH GIVE THEIR FAIR SHARE? Who will enforce a TAX INCREASE on the RICH? Who can we depend on to fight for WOMEN’S RIGHTS? Do you want this country to move FORWARD? Who has their eyes on VOTERS SUPPRESSION? We know who will fight for the 1%. We know who WILL NOT raise TAXES on the RICH. We know who we cannot TRUST. A LIAR! What happens when the CANDIDATE continues on his journey of miscommunication, misinterpretation, and his unwillingness to take responsibility? It resembles this.

J.D. GILLUM & Associates failed to review the initials drawings with Haven Steels. Due to the lack of communication Haven Steels INTERPRETED the first drawings to be the final drawings of a walkway that collapsed killing 114 people. The HYATT REGENCY WALKWAY was considered the biggest structural catastrophe in comparison to the WORLD TRADE CENTER. ENGINEERS LIED through their teeth. They walked away with a slap on the wrist and their license was revoked. Many lives were turned upside down. I walked away without a scratch never returning to the renamed HYATT REGENCY CROWN CENTER. It has been renamed again as the SHERATON KANSAS CITY HOTEL at CROWN CENTER. Nobody wanted to take responsibility and the LIES continued. Every TIME a new building/homes open I wonder if they are as safe and sound as the contractor, builder, engineer, or real estate person say they are. Were there any kickbacks? Did these people use the substandard material? Did all the building codes pass? Were the blueprints the final ones? Did everyone get together and go through every little detail to make sure the building is really safe and sound. My list of questions can go on and on. The TRUTH begins to surface after so many lives have been destroyed. What happens when you look around through all the rubbish, broken pieces, and the remaining scraps of your life? Who was your FIRST RESPONDER?

A year ago on May 22, 11 days after OSAMA BIN LADEN death an EF5 MULTIPLE VORTEX TORNADO hit JOPLIN MISSOURI. It killed 158 people and injured 1000. It destroyed the hospital, school, nursing home, and many businesses. Once again its path changed and missed hitting the area where I lived. PRESIDENT OBAMA had been in Europe but he came back home to review the damage and let the people know he would be there for them. Who will be there for YOU? Who is your FIRST RESPONDER? The next TIME I may not get the opportunity to walk AWAY. I want to make D.. sure my CHILDREN and my GRANDCHILDREN get a chance to PLAY and SEE another DAY.