Hold The Fort Down

Is it me? I don’t think so. I don’t have to wonder if my child’s life matters. I know the importance of my son’s life and the wicked hell and bullying children’s lives are put through when they appear different.

All children are important regardless if they have a neurological disorder, learning disability, behavioral disorder, or just the children in the mainstream. NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND nor should ONE CHILD’S LIFE BE CONSIDERED MORE OR LESS THAN THE OTHER. Concerned parents whose children have behaviors that may seem strange, nerdy, or disabled understand what will happen to their children. I want YOU to understand.

What will happen if someone else doesn’t understand their body language, the lack of eye contact, or if the child doesn’t understand that he is violating a person’s space? I can look in my own backyard and see the danger right at my doorstep. I don’t want to wait until a death occurs within the community and realize this could be my son. As a mother, I do not wish to bury my son before me. NO PARENT DOES! How many more lives will it take?

Our children are dying and regardless of the RACE or being DISABLED it is an INJUSTICE. I never thought the day would come when I would see so many young adults lying in state at a funeral home. To see a mother stretch across her child’s coffin screaming, GOD Why? You could have taken me first. I never thought the day would come when I would hear a child say, “I’m PAID IN FULL.” I got my funeral arrangement taken care of and my mother doesn’t have to worry. We don’t live past the age of 25 in the city. DEAR LORD! What happened to our children’s spirits for them to take on this mentality? When did we start DIVIDING people’s lives up and measuring the significance of one life or one race over another? It is TIME TO HOLD THE FORT DOWN.

On March 22, 2011, I posted GOT NO TIME TO BE DISABLED. Yes, this was an eye-opener for me. TREVON, not TRAYON MARTIN, made it clear to me that he didn’t have TIME to be disabled because it would make him an easy target in his community. Everybody was viewed disabled in his community and you didn’t have to do any wrong to get killed. It was open season on Blacks. I was also informed by TREVON that being or looking disabled was a protective coating also. It would keep certain people afraid and out of your hood.

Your community had earned a certain IMAGE. BLACK on BLACK CRIME would be swept under the rug. WOW! If you lived in a nicer neighborhood and you were killed it was an INJUSTICE. WOW! Who would care about someone getting killed in the inner city or ghetto? Trevon said it was an everyday occurrence. If you are black you were under attack. He said there are special rules and gun laws to kill us all. WOW! This was only a year ago.

Trevon reminded me on several occasions to get the spelling of his name right. He said he had been to three or four funerals within 2 weeks TIME. One of his friends had gotten either wounded or killed and the spelling of his name was TRAYVON. We talked about it extensively but I dismiss it as him being superstitious. On April 25, 2011, a young man name TREVONNE WINN went to visit his family in EAST FLATBUSH BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. This young man was killed and his murder was caught on tape. The article was written by Grant Greenberg and the headline read, MISTAKEN IDENTITY KILLING CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE VIDEO. TREVONNE WINN was from SOUTH CAROLINA. To see his mother and twin sister speaking to the media was heart-wrenching.

When I heard about the shooting I called TREVON’s cell phone but I could not reach him. I went back to talk to his family but everyone was so tight-lipped. I remember TREVON wouldn’t give me his last name. He said the less I knew about him the better. I remember him telling me no matter how crazy the people appear to be, “AIN’T NO SNITCHES UP IN THE HOUSE.” His wicked smile would appear and in my heart, I felt he was going to be alright. I haven’t heard from him since but I light a candle and pray may GOD watch over him.

On May 10, 2011, I posted a brief story stating it didn’t matter if you were diagnosed with NLD SYNDROME. I was going for RECOGNITION OF LIFE. Too many of our children were dying. I had tunnel vision and color blindness when it came to NLD SYNDROME. It was TIME to step outside of the box. I had to realize it was just not our children with the neurological disorder at great risk but anyone can be taken advantage of. All children/adults lives are at stake. THERE IS NO PERSON IMMUNE FROM DANGER! THERE IS NO PERSON EXEMPT FROM DEATH!

This is when I recognized I no longer cared for the validation of the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA). They were bad at their job and had not taken responsibility for putting NLD SYNDROME on the DSM5 after 41 years. DR. REIGER and his task force team could burn in RICK SANTORUM’S HELL and could DINE IN HELL’S KITCHEN. I can say that I did not walk away empty-handed. The AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA) taught me to never ENDORSE anyone who could not do the job. The AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION has been compared to the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They are bad at their jobs, they do not care about lives, and it is all about funding. The CONTENDERS/PRETENDERS needed psychological testing with the exception of PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The contrast between the APA, the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and the PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS there are none. They are all as crazy as a “road lizard.” The PSYCHIATRIC community has never spoken out or came forward to address the madness of the debates nor the decision-making process of any candidate. Mr. ETCH A SKETCH himself should have been erased from the debates a long TIME ago. The REPUBLICANS have gotten the opportunity to display their madness, ignorance, and incompetence. I’m going to spread the joy around. We have DEMOCRATS that are out there too. Let’s not forget MR. FREEZE of LOUISIANA, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, who put 90,000 dollars in the freezer.

I guess he wanted some cold hard cash. SANDFORD BISHOP who just loved using his position to benefit his family. Not to single the BLUE DOG RUFF RUFF out, this is a great past TIME on CAPITOL HILL. GREGORY MEEKS, we will try not to have a HURRICANE around you. OOPS! There goes the funding. It is all about equal opportunity. It is hard to believe these people are elected officials of our country.

On July 12, 2011, IN THE DEFENSE FOR THE DEFENSE…NLD__A YOUTUBE MOMENT was posted. Another famous case, which was in FLORIDA, went into a BARBARIC MODE. INJUSTICE SPOKE VOLUMES and children started turning up missing by their parents. People were making jokes saying if you want to get rid of your kids take them to Florida. You will get off the hook. CHRIST! BABY LISA turned up missing in the state of Missouri. The jokes got even worse. ANGRY GRANPA had a reaction to the FLORIDA CASE that was out of this world. He took PRIME TIME HATRED to a new level. The ANGRY GRAMPA’S behavior was a revelation to DR. DREW.

On October 8, 2011, AN NLD MOTHER’S PRAYER was posted. My son decided to take his usual walk. He stopped in a small shop to make a purchase. The shop did not have what he wanted. He left and started walking home when the police pulled him over. He remembered all the talks we had and was playing the information over in his head. The officer asked him had he been to the shop. He replied in a respectful manner. My son wanted to know what he had done wrong. The officer asked if he had shouted at the girl behind the counter. He was surprised. His voice tone was the same. The officer wanted to know if he always talked loud. The rest is history. When he arrived home I was told of his experience. I was asked if there were any PRIVILEGES IN BEING BLACK. WOW! Will it always be this way? He dropped his head and said, “I HELD THE FORT DOWN and LIVED ANOTHER DAY.”

To the MILLION HOODIE MARCH: I could be that parent and that could be my son. I will continue to PRAY while YOU PRESS ON. Go forth in PEACE and remain and STAND STRONG. From this day forward, “HOLD THE FORT DOWN.”


Out Of The Shadow

Pull up a stump and rest your rumps. I’m glad we could all be here today. I just celebrated another year of my life. When I say I’m glad to see you, you better know it, I am. It is truly an honor and a pleasure.

Wow! It is so much positive energy in this room. You are PLAYING the PURPLE today LADIES. Do you know why I like the color PURPLE? One who wears PURPLE is representing ROYALTY and NOBILITY. This is the HUMAN FACTOR and the psychology of PURPLE.

We know the combination of the color PURPLE is RED and BLUE. So we got our REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS in the mix to UNIFY the country. We do not always get the opportunity to work with those who are HUMANE.

The REPUBLICANS have failed to come together on the majority of issues and have attempted to turn back the hands of TIME. I tried to be inclusive not leaving out the INDEPENDENT STATE(SWING STATE) which is the color PURPLE.

So with the PURPLE STATE, no candidate has so much POLITICAL POWER to gain the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE. This is the stomping ground for the battle of the vote. The only way the REPUBLICANS or the DEMOCRATS should be able to win the INDEPENDENT vote is by TRUTH, TRUST, and RESPECT.

None of these characteristics have been displayed among the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Fairness is not part of their script. The REPUBLICANS even decided to CHANGE THE GAME. SUPER PACs, UNINTELLIGENT GAME PLAYERS and just plain old OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE are the REPUBLICANS GAME CHANGE.

The same components of HATRED, RACISM, and SEXISM is the REPUBLICAN’S freaking FRACKING which manipulates the environment, threatens our health, and is explosive to our lives. What a GAME CHANGE!

NINA TURNER, you stepped up the game.The REPUBLICANS probably don’t like your GAME CHANGE. You are far more INTELLIGENT than their GAME CHANGE PLAYER. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW, brought the men over to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, and dumped them off in the PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING BIN.

This is what happens when you feel your back is against the wall. NINA TURNER knows this won’t be easy but the women of today can no longer take the unnecessary poking and prodding. The women of 2012 will not be forced into being treated like cattle. I like to share this with you.

In 1988, 24 years ago GLORIA ESTEFAN sang COMING OUT OF THE DARK. GLORIA ESTEFAN, petite power pack singer, video can be found on my FACEBOOK wall under Linda M. Ballard. Even though 24 years have passed, her video is right in sync with THIS very MOMENT and TIME.

Walk through the door when you view her video. WHEW! I’m loving it.

Janet Howell, you stepped up the game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW and addressed your anger. Your GAME CHANGE came with the introduction of ERECTILE EXAM and CARDIAC STRESS TEST for Men. How soothing and relaxing when new strategies are introduced to bring about awareness.

Would you like to take it to a new level? Also, request that all men be required to have mammogram screening. Men can be at risk for breast cancer. Men who are at risk range between the ages of 60-70 years.

Contributing factors to breast cancer in men also includes obesity, high estrogen levels, a family history, excessive drinking, and exposure to radiation. TUCKER MELANCON who was appointed by BILL CLINTON in 1994, is a breast cancer survivor.

He served as a Western State Judge in Lafayette Louisiana and finished his studies at Tulane LAW SCHOOL in 1973. ERNEST GREEN a former fullback football player was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

GREEN had 2 sisters diagnosed with breast cancer. ROBERT RAY RODDY was diagnosed in 2003 with breast cancer. He co-hosted game shows and was the voice of The Price is Right after the death of JOHNNY OLSEN.

RODDY was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. He advocated that all men should have mammogram screening. RODDY felt his cancers could have been prevented if he had taken a COLONOSCOPY. He later passed away on October 27, 2003.

RICHARD ROUNDTREE, an actor, and fashion model was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1973. MR JOHN SHAFT himself has played in many movies from 1970-2011 last playing in the MENTALIST in 2011.

You know what JANET HOWELL, never be angry again because there are so many FAMOUS MEN with PROSTATE CANCER. ROBERT DENIRO, NELSON MANDELA, LOUIS FARRAKHAN, BOB DOLE, JOHN KERRY all were diagnosed with prostate cancer. JOHN KERRY’S father died of prostate cancer.

RUDY GIULIANI was diagnosed with prostate cancer and his father died of prostate cancer in 1981. Can you REPUBLICAN BROTHERS, RUDY GIULIANI and BOB DOLE help a SISTER OUT? I am NOT FOX NEWS. JUST the FACTS JACK!

Now you can request mandatory screening for MAMMOGRAPHY, COLONOSCOPY, PROSTATE, and PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! NINA TURNER knows we need to help SAVE these MEN’S lives. (Cause they SHO AIN’T TRYIN’ TO SAVE OUR LIVES!) OKAY!

KELLY CASSIDY you stepped up your game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW with your game plan to have the men watch the video for persistent erection. They need to look at this video at least 3 TIMES a week. It is a tremendous struggle and it is TIME to push back.

Ladies, we have our hands full. We cannot forget to watch out for the men for eye screening every 2 years. Men need their dental exam every year. It is important that men be tested for osteoporosis between the age of 50-70. We need to make sure the men have a flu shot after 50.

We cannot forget the blood pressure screening every 2 years nor the cholesterol screening every 5 years. AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES need to go in at the age of 45 for colon cancer. You need a stool test done every year. Don’t forget to get the sigmoidoscopy every 5 years.

For the men who are uninformed, this invasive procedure is done with a sigmoidoscope checking the lower bowel(colon) and your rectum. Since the REPUBLICANS made the rules it is TIME to BEND OVER and accept the equal opportunity of the rules. How many of you REPUBLICANS like RAM-BO?

Our President, BARACK OBAMA, stepped up his game. You came OUT OF THE SHADOW and have fulfilled PROMISES KEPT. You put a plan into action. Teachers will be evaluated. If the teachers are not up to par they will not be teaching our children. Let’s take it a step further.

If our government is not up to par they DO NOT need to run THIS COUNTRY. NICHOLL WALLACE and STEVE SCHMIDT came forward and told the truth proving this point. PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING needs to be done.

ALL government officials and whomever else fall under this category need psychological testing and screening. No more secrets, it is TIME to come OUT OF THE SHADOWS. It will save this country a great deal of TIME, MONEY spent, hurt and pain.

Right now we are in the process of the debates. We know that none of the CONTENDERS/PRETENDERS are capable of running the country. So why are we doing this? Who is keeping their secrets? Let the TRUTH be told.

Those who have been in the shadow have never been considered as being highly intelligent. We have been locked in a box for years and subject to stereotyping.

The greatest fear was letting us out of the box because we would exceed expectations. Once you break the pattern, that opens the door and allows the healing process to take place.

There wouldn’t be as much room for the hatred and the racism. It would be more room for acceptance in diversity. The ones who come OUT OF THE SHADOW will gain TRUST and RESPECT. We have a true leader. He didn’t fit the mold of the stereotypes. It brought about heat and pressure.

His placement in power only brought about more shadowboxing to keep us contained on the wall. If the REPUBLICANS were allowed to have their way, it would beat down our spirits and strip us of our dignity.

Dr. Bell, the first African-American tenured Professor at Harvard said it best,”He wanted to be the first, but he didn’t want to be the last.” Barack Obama is the first African-American president. The Shadow-boxers want him to be the last.

The door is now open, the only way the door can be closed is to use the doorstoppers. We have observed the grandiose delusions of MITT ROMNEY, a toxic oppositional defiant disorder of NEWT GINGRICH, religious fanaticism of RICK SANTORUM and yesteryear RON PAUL.

All of these doorstoppers above are locked into the I NUCLEUS FACTOR. Everything serves their agenda and nothing else matters or exist.

The PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS took it to a new level. They displayed to the world their unintelligence, anger, arrogance, conspiracy theories, INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS, hatred, and racism. It canceled out the theory of the GREAT WHITE HOPE and Who really ranks SUPREME.

As I sit here and listen to GLORIA ESTEFAN COMING OUT, OF THE DARK, it is crystal clear. The biggest complaint in the AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE is we DO NOT STAND together. We can easily be manipulated and DIVIDED. Here is the opportunity to dismiss the MYTH.

It is TIME to stop PRACTICING BEING BLACK(PBB). It is TIME to STAND for what we believe in and STAND for the person who believes in us. To the DEMOCRATS and the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS, it is TIME for you to come OUT OF THE SHADOW and stop PRACTICING BEING BLACK(PBB).

Enough of the roundtable discussions, it is TIME to go to work. ALABAMA and MISSISSIPPI come OUT OF THE SHADOW, take a STAND for the most INTELLIGENT candidate, the one who has a true PURPOSE, and the one with a true sense of REALITY.

A door has been open. The REPUBLICANS and the REPUBLICANS CONTENDERS are OUT OF THE SHADOW. The WORLD has witnessed their BEHAVIORS. What have we learned? What do the REPUBLICANS STAND for? Whose back is up against the wall? Who should we TRUST? Who has earned the PURPLE?

The emphasis lies in changing the hearts and the minds of the PURPLE SWING. This is not a GAME CHANGE. Change has come. We have worn the PURPLE with dignity. We are OUT OF THE SHADOW. It is TIME to COME OUT OF THE DARK.