Message To The People

One can be stronger in Death than in one’s Life. What is the lesson you want to give your children, grandchildren, and the next generation? Have you lived your life in such a manner as the years go by the Celebration of your Life will endure the test of TIME? Are you on LOCKDOWN? Will your life come down to the cubicle effect? What is the cubicle effect?

You work with a person for years and one day you come to work and a card is passed around for you to sign. Do you remember the person’s name? Did they like jellybeans or Twizzlers? Did you take any TIME out of your life to step over to the next cubicle? Will you sign the card out of appropriateness and donate money just to keep in step with today’s business? Did you fail to take the OPPORTUNITY to step out of your cubicle and initiate conversation? Is it possible a really decent person was not included in your cup of tea arena?

There are a lot of people on this planet who cannot step out of their zone. How on earth was NELSON MANDELA locked away in a cubicle on ROBBEN ISLAND and the people did not forget him? The Celebration of NELSON MANDELA’S LIFE resurrected a new journey to an OPEN DOOR POLICY. MADIBA’S INCLUSIONARY PROGRAM reached across the nations and brought together 91 dignitaries. The life of one man inside his cubicle permeated the walls and the hearts of the people. Are you locked inside your cubicle serving a life sentence because of HATRED, RACISM, LIES, and OBSTRUCTION? Are you serving a LIFE SENTENCE because you cannot be TRUSTED?

I am free now. The hurt and pain that wrenched my heart because our PRESIDENT has gotten so much disrespect dissipated. The chains began to unlock. The shackles slipped off from around my ankles as the PRESIDENT began to eulogize MADIBA. The crowd began to chant and cheer. I realize the pressure had been lifted from around my neck. My tears had gone into free fall. As my tears mixed with the rain in South Africa I embraced the respect and acceptance of the OPEN DOOR POLICY NELSON MANDELA had given to President Barack Obama. I grab my mirror and took a deep breath. Breathing on the mirror will keep me from becoming encased inside of a prison. NELSON MANDELA has taught the greatest lesson on Integration, Inclusion, Humanity, Forgiveness, Hope, and Reconciliation.

My crew has sent a Message To The People of the United States of America. They missed years of the young NELSON MANDELA but always respected MANDIBA. The OPPORTUNITY arose for them to see the MANDELA inside of BARACK OBAMA. How can the polls say the President’s rating is down when he is not accepted by his own country? Whose ratings are down? This Message is sent to the family of NELSON MANDELA.

ELKAN RIFT (AMHARIC)–ETHIOPIA (letter and word pronunciation)

Rest In Peace MANDELA/May Your Soul Rest In Heaven.

Screamers, Shouters, and Shooters__Scarred Opportunities

Come in a little closer. I haven’t forgotten about you, DEEP SEAL TEAM SIX (MSNBC). This is about strategies and coping skills. It was hard but I survived. I also sent a special SHOUT out to LYLE. His words rotated around in my brain. Lyle threw down and took me back with his famous quotes. As long as you know the true meaning of those famous words, the mouths those words are coming out of and the action and INTENTIONS behind those words, you will not get screwed. Exactly! Will it make me a SCREAMER? Absolutely Not! The YOUTUBE moment on “OPPORTUNITY” is all wrong. Where did they get those folks from? Whew! I did check out the TODAY SHOW with BILL SIMON, the new President and CEO of WALMART. Was there something wrong with the teleprompter MHP? The script was off. KYRSTAL BALL and all Y’all did you check it out. What do you think DAVID CORN? Do you have your PRETENDERS LIST ready to go, BIG EDDIE? Are You ready to DE-BUNKED and Funked up the Junk in the Trunk, Secret Agent RA-RA? You mean to tell me Bill Simon is happy with the associate salary. Well, I’m quite sure the associates would be real thrilled with Bill Simon’s salary. The associates would be totally ready to retire from Bill Simon’s Walmart bonus. Visit and check out Retail Hidden Potentials: How Raising Wages Would Benefit Workers, the Industry, and the overall Economy. Alex Witt of MSNBC interviewed Professor RICHARD FLORIDA. WHEW! There’s a Brother who can help lift employees up out of the poverty level along with Senator BERNIE SANDERS and Kool and the Gang. So Fresh and Exciting!

Cross on over to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. What! You call it a NUCLEAR OPTION. I got to call HARRY REID, Senator Majority Leader of the BIG D and borrow his boxing gloves. WHIP IT UP! It must be nice to have an OPTION. Is it SCHICK or BIC? Depending on whose team you represent, what cd you are listening to, or video you’re watching I think the opponent is trying to cut you over your eye. Every person needs a cut man. He will keep you from losing the fight. Your chances of seeing your opponent are much better when you can determine how close or far away your opponent is before you get the hell knocked out. Did you just get so tired, worn down, and you went KABOOM? Couldn’t take it anymore. The opposite end of the spectrum went too far. INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS are rocking it again with changing the words and not matching the action to the words. Here comes the blood trickling down into the eye. DEPTH PERCEPTION!

Remember when zero was zero. Not anymore! The Crew put a new spin on zero. You had to actually count up the nothing to get the real meaning of zero. This is CONGRESS new math. Remember when Right To Work actually meant you had a Right To Work and not get screwed by your job. In this day and TIME, you work your A… off and still need government assistance to help make ends meet. Your salary is so low. Check your vocal cords. The voice has hit its last note. Can you get any poorer working full TIME? A lot of associates has EBT cards and participate in the SNAP PROGRAM. Right to be poor. Hmmm!

Opportunity is definitely not what the commercial reveals. Walmart or any other company who pays their associate’s low wages and does not put the interests of their associates first is a CRUZ shutdown. SHOUTERS from the rooftop are making it known Opportunity means Retaliation, Bullying, Cutting of hours, Coaching for failure, Locking people in their positions and they cannot transfer to another store once they are coached nor make a job request for a better position for 1 year after the coaching falls off. If an associate is good at a job the Opportunity will arise on several occasion to keep that person locked into the position. The position you applied for has already been filled by a manager’s Furby to do its bidding. Opportunity is hiring a disabled individual and providing them with no work coaches. The first TIME their disability prevents them from performing a certain task the disabled person will be fired because they are DISABLED. Hey, they did get a disabled person at WALMART with 2 coaches. He is no longer there. A very short-lived OPPORTUNITY because the people at Walmart and management did not understand how to appropriately accommodate this young man. People complained about his job performance and he just wasn’t up to speed. He couldn’t stay focus, was rude, wasn’t real sociable and talk about 1 thing all the TIME. GOOD LAWD! It was a huge part of his DISABILITY. This young man could have fallen on the AUTISM SPECTRUM or had NLD SYNDROME. There is not much in the way of job OPPORTUNITIES for the people on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART.

Yes, Opportunity took on a new meaning when you have a co-manager go into office 100 (Asset Protection) and call over the walkie the camera number they are watching you on. Oh, by the way, I am tired of being watched on Camera 16. How bold is this? I thought I worked for Walmart not TARGET. This is a Mike Turzai moment. I am not making this SH… up. We are into the Christmas season BILL SIMON. Why are we losing associates? Opportunity is not working so well. Does less employment around BONUS TIME give OPPORTUNITY for management to increase their BONUS?

Recently associates walked out the door for being bullied. This incident took place in front of customers and associates. She went for help but received no assistant. She never returned to the store. She had hopes and dreams for Walmart’s Opportunity. BILL SIMON talk to SARA PACHECO about her Opportunity at Walmart. Why isn’t management being held accountable for their action? Opportunity rolled back this associated self-esteem and made her feel cheap and low. SARA PACHECO is a human life, not a price. It brought SARA PACHECO to the brink of hurt and shame and placed her on the CLEARANCE WALL. Later she CLEARED out for she could no longer take the abuse. OPPORTUNITY has taken a new path. OPPORTUNITY punched holes in associates soul. Opportunity wiped entire market teams out after these people worked so hard to become success stories. It turned into a red state and GERRYMANDERING is alive and well. It won’t be many BLACK to BROWN to TAN folks in upper big TIME BONUS land. Opportunity is the lock and you know who holds the key.

The latest spin is on APPRECIATION. We APPRECIATE your present to work on BLACK FRIDAY which started on Thursday. Those who work will receive a voucher of 25%. It is only good for 2 days (5th and 6th). I hope you have taken care of your rent and other bills. Good for you! You worked all those hours for BLACK FRIDAY without a Nuclear Option. WALMART knows the family Christmas TIME weakness. The extra discount is extra grease on your french fries. Check your heart. The associates are committed to their family. WALMART APPRECIATE every dime the associate work for with or without a bonus will be given back to WALMART. Who is WALMART committed to? Do not FLATLINE.

I know the deal and I understand the drill. I sit in the PRESIDENT’s chair. No matter how hard I try to do my job it will look as though I can’t do the job. I am to be isolated, disrespected and bullied. I have lived through every store manager that has come through store #2857. WALMART creates SHOOTERS. This is the managers who are so bitter because all of their years of devotion hinges upon their last big BONUS. Now you will see the cuts in associates hours, cuts in associates, and whoever is left. This is where the store manager was once a big TIME MARKET MANAGER. He/she has been GERRYMANDER out of their district. His choice is to either step down and take a store manager, co-manager, assistant, or the janitor in a drum position. The next step is to retire him/her. The pervasive attitude of the WOUNDED SHOOTER is NO PERSON’s EVALUATION SHALL EXCEED EXPECTATION and ROLE MODEL WILL NEVER HAPPEN. From this day forward the majority of the management team and associates shall be given MEET or BELOW EXPECTATION. This was taught to me by the best MARKSMAN, SNIPERS, SPECIAL TASK FORCE UNITS that are no longer with the COMPANY.

What do you think will happen if the store manager spent all of his/her life building a career and dedicating their TIME to WALMART only to be demoted, disrespected, and given this so-called OPPORTUNITY? Whatever the store manager receives on his EVALUATION rest assure you will receive less. WALMART creates the SNIPER. You are out the door so angry and pissed off you are ready for the hit. WALMART creates the DRONE who hovers Inside These Wall Of Existing Conditions. It is understood if you are still with the company leave space so you can step down from the position. STAY INSIDE COMPANY WALLS and not step out to the BIG TIME OPPORTUNITY POSITIONS because these are the positions that are swept away (GERRYMANDERING). Do you rise above the occasion? No! Are you salaried capped? Yes! Which have you become? Are you a SCREAMER, SHOUTER, or SHOOTER? Has your OPPORTUNITY been SCARRED? Good Luck BILL SIMON, CEO, and PRESIDENT of WALMART!