Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep__An NLD Mother’s Prayer

It appears that certain government officials didn’t like the language of President Barack Obama’s Speech. I did not come here to defend the President because this is a man who can PRESS ON.

MAXINE WATERS, you may like your HIGH HEELS, you may not like wearing SLIPPERS. You say you work, you march, but you are sending a mixed message to the people. There are many ways which each individual can convey their message.

It appears you have a problem with understanding what others are trying to convey or even say. Are YOU listening? Do YOU have your own AGENDA?

Being candid can give people the impression in which your straightforwardness reflects no COMPASSION, EMPATHY, or SUPPORT. My son speaks candidly. He was diagnosed with NLD Syndrome at the age of 4 years 10 months. Now that he is older he has a very strong voice and tone. He is more like Chris Christie only a DEMOCRAT. Chris Christie has a very strong tone and so far there is no recanting of what he may say. I asked my son what is it about MAXINE WATERS that is disturbing about her political stance. He said, “If you go to the CREW you will find 15 MOST CORRUPT MEMBERS of CONGRESS on this LIST”. Yes, she is on the list and she has her own agenda. He also stated she was listed for the year 2006, 2007, and 2009. The future of government lies in the hands of our younger adults. How can we trust the platform of government officials if our elder’s behaviors are so poorly?

The behavior of Elected officials in government doesn’t match the words that come from their mouths. Maxine Waters has continued to insert her foot in her mouth and videotaped her A… Yet rudeness has been placed upon the backs of those with NLD Syndrome. People diagnosed with NLD Syndrome bear the scars and wear the banners of curtness, inappropriate/unexpected behavior, behavior problems, angry/explosive and implosive behavior. Our society accused those with NLD Syndrome with acting out intentionally. Yet this behavior has been relentlessly displayed by Maxine Waters and many other government officials. You are in for a rude awakening if you know someone diagnosed with NLD Syndrome.They will wax your A… and continue to buff.

Sugar coating will never happen. Loyalty is a strong trait that NLDers carry which political officials need to borrow. Maxine Waters’ sense of loyalty will reveal itself on the evening news by once again recanting her statements. Showing her loyalty lies with her own personal agenda of having a political position in the year 2012. We are tired of our Government officials throwing each other under the bus. The behavior of our government is deplorable.

My son’s political stance is not to go golfing with John Boehner and feel comfortable with Mitch McConnell. We all know where he stands. Eric Canter blocks all and keeps everything to himself. Jim Demint’s followers, the Tea Party, are out of control. The Republicans and the Tea Party recant their statements all the TIME. As a race of people, we need to support the INTELLIGENCE OF THE MIND and those decisions which will affect the lives of not just one RACE of people but for ALL the people.

Our young adults are taking a closer look at the political figures. Herman Caine announced he was a real black man. If you have to do a public service announcement on your manhood you fall short in a lot of areas. Herman Cain, Alan West, Jessie Lee Peterson, Lloyd Marcus, Star Parker and many others who are attached at the right hip of the Right Wing Extremists will get a friendly reminder from their GRAND MOO FA.

Rush Limbaugh, Grand MOO FA, his second in command Glenn Beck, and all of FOX NEWS will make a public service announcement to Herman Caine and his BLACK JACK GANG. It will be brief. The Grand Moo FA doesn’t think that African Americans are INTELLIGENT. Herman Caine shares those same beliefs and thinks we have been brainwashed into becoming DEMOCRATS. “You People” have confused the younger African Americans and we have accomplished our goal, stated the GRAND MOO FA. On the Tyra Banks show, we saw African Americans wanting to be white. Younger adults wanting to belong to the KKK. Hell, even in grade school, smaller children are beginning to think dark skin is ugly and natural hair is nappy.

When smaller children are asked to pick out who is the smarter child, they picked out the one who is white. You guys have been just great in screwing up your race. You have served your Purpose and your services are no longer needed. “Herman Caine while you were out trying to discover your identity and put your BLACKNESS under the Microscope, I Rush Limbaugh, the Grand Moo FA, discovered something better.” You are not FREE to go. We Own you. What a Sell-Out. Price of Success.

The Congressional BLACK CAUCUS and the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS need to understand it is not just about the POLITICS of our government. This is about the lives of the PEOPLE and what is best for the PEOPLE.

Our children’s lives should pave the way for a brighter future. Our children’s lives are at great risk and they are no longer living out the full term of their life. A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their child in a coffin surrounded by other young adults. This is a permanent TIME OUT and Recess is over. Even if our children grow up it is hard to see them incarcerated, on death row, and murdered by a senseless death. Before my children were put to bed at night they would get on their knees and pray.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord My soul shall keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul shall take. This prayer has been modified for today’s children and young adults. Before I lay my head to rest. I pray to God I have done my best. When death comes to my soul, I pray to God my children grow old. AMEN! It is TIME TO PRESS ON. It is TIME for TIME_EXTENSION OF LIFE.

DEDICATED: To the future of our children. IN loving MEMORY of STEVE JOBS whose EXIT is NOW A PERMANENT ENTRANCE. You take a closer look at people and everything that surrounds your life. For the first TIME, the field of one’s life extends across the way. It is not dying from what you have but living with the TRUTH of what you have. The TRUTH of having your hands on DEATHS DOORWAY changes everything about you. Steve Jobs, myself, and many others who wear those shoes know what is TRULY IMPORTANT. The TRUTH is a powerful key and it will UNLOCK many doors. DISEASE AND DEATH is the LATCH that can be OPEN with the key of TRUTH. ACCEPTANCE of the TRUTH gives an extension to live. DENIAL of the TRUTH shortens the desire to fight the LATCH of DISEASE and DEATH when you finally come to grips with the TRUTH.

NLD Mom/cancer survivor

3 comments on “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep__An NLD Mother’s Prayer

  1. i like the new prayer you have given for our children. Let some more folks step up to the plate and do for americas youth. Steve jobs and others have laid the ground work. Thank you for pointing out the failure of of our leadership and reminding us of our ultimate responsibility for americas future.

  2. kynny garrett says:

    in truth, politicians need to be held accountable and stop worry about their own agendas and have more concerns for our children. in scripture a child should lead the way and inherit the earth. now how can you get reelected if your votes are in caskets. the dead can’t vote. with the young dying young our hopes for the future seems to be dying with them. 2pac said it best” can anyone tell me why the good die young?” my reply to that statement is politicians are blinded by greed to fill their needs. reason why the youth don’t care for politics is because they know politicians are corrupt and don’t have the future’s best interest. Clever and Waters a piece of advice. read a mother’s prayer and keep your mouths shut and your ears wide open because you might actually learn something. who knows there might be some compassion in those grinch hearts of yours.

  3. kynny garrett says:

    like out in the streets the hustlers have their prayer because they know in life, that the lifestyle they live is fast and furious. so it is get the money and die young and quick. their creed of greed is to be the boss but at the end of the day their bodies are getting tossed. wow talk about curb side service. then the ambulance is there on the scene to pick up the piece or what in the streets we call it the meat wagon. the republicans’ prayer is the creed for greed. all they are worry about is making the president a failed president with hatred and greed. they don’t care if our children are dying as long as they achieve their sick diabolical plan of taking their country back from diversity and women and it is the remake of the color purple or roots with slavery, segregation, and plantations. they will appease to the nra with saying no to any bill that can keep the blood money coming and job security. it is sad that the american people have to pay for their sins with the blood of our children. talk about the movie unforgiven. their sins are more dispicable than the movie dispicable me. now let’s get to a mother’s prayer. what mother really wants to see their own children die before them or father in the manner of speaking. with mother’s day coming up i want the republican base to look around and be thankful that their children are alive to say happy mother’s day to their mothers while the rest of us have to go to the grave to see who is not no longer with us. so when the next time a gun bill comes across the senate or house floor think about a mother’s prayer who is pleading to god for their child to grow old. happy early mother’s day who gave me life and said this prayer for me and my siblings.

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