Going In For The Kill With Social Skills

Thank you, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012 for visiting THE FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Parents across the nation can dial I-800-EMOTIONS to review this outstanding video. It will make you laugh, cry, sing, and shout. You will jump out your seats and cheer. You will be overcome by waves of EMOTIONS. Through it all, it will help you develop the CENTER CORE of one’s heart. It will take you down the path of HUMANITY. There is nothing fake about this CONVENTION and the people at the CONVENTION is the REAL DEAL. Your service representatives for today is HOPE, CHANGE, DIVERSITY, and CHOICE. The CEO Is BELIEVE and the FOUNDER of this company is INCLUSION. Our service representatives are here to POINT OUT and INTERPRET any feelings that you may be unfamiliar with. Our company has been in the business for EONS. We have managed to stay in business by moving FORWARD and never leaving WE the PEOPLE and OUR NATION with the fear of YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. Our motto is WE ARE STANDING STRONG and by KEEPING the FAITH WE CANNOT GO WRONG.

On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART children/adults with extraordinary minds, unique abilities, and multi-level intelligence learning styles struggle with the abstraction of our English language. The expressive/receptive language or what is said and how it is received is the determining factor of whether or not we will HATE ON a person. NO GLAMOUR LANGUAGE, SOCIAL INCOMPETENCY DISORDERS, SEMANTIC/PRAGMATIC DISORDERS along with FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE is the math that doesn’t add up. Geometry is a good example when you need to use your imagination or your creative ability to solve the problem. A trip to the RNC demonstrated no imagination and the REPUBLICANS inability for creativeness. If by any chance you visit the REPUBLICANS NATIONAL CONVENTION it will give you an in-depth look at individuals with INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS who struggle with communication skills, logic, reasoning, common sense and just being realistic. Throughout this CONVENTION it will also demonstrate many examples of people who are very skilled at making poor decisions, not getting the message, and lack of organizational skills. Pull up a chair. It is okay to talk to a chair when someone is sitting in it.

The REPUBLICANS are the WALL STREETERS of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. Yes, they have the stock market cornered. They are the overachievers in the areas of sarcasm, multiple meanings, implied meanings, and hyperboles. The REPUBLICANS took the E off EXAGGERATION. Yes, they dibble and dabble in colorful language but they lacked the INCLUSION of PEOPLE of COLOR in their PARTY and at the CONVENTION. REPUBLICANS special knowledge in the use of oxymoron put them at GOAL MEDAL status. These MORONS got it under lock and key and now it is their LEGACY. It has something to do with the 47% SYNDROME. This is a new syndrome being evaluated by the PRESIDENT and the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. Our government needs to have a concentrated VETTING PROCESS for government officials especially the ones who are CANDIDATES for the PRESIDENCY. There were many CANDIDATES whose elevators did not go to the top. Their elevators did not have a START BUTTON. The RNC 2012 really rocked it and gave a new definition to lack of EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS. The RNC 2012 was JACKED UP, in a DISARRAY, and was totally COLORLESS in more ways than one. Even CHRIS CHRISTIE complain. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

In viewing this tape you will understand the “I” NUCLEUS FACTOR portrayed by CHRIS CHRISTIE and many others who talked about themselves. CHRIS did an exceptional job of being himself and everything being center-around CHRIS CHRISTIE. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART please do not get this confused with the UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR of an individual having a cumbersome dialogue about himself. We tend to label NEUROLOGICAL BEHAVIORS as annoying or “attention-getting,” rude, and threatening. The close resemblance, Hey! Woo! Ah! Is this not a thin line between love and hate? Makes you wonder who really is on what side of the chart.

The new reference guild to TRUE HEARTS FORWARD by the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012 can be located on the web, in blogs, and has now been released. The speakers dug deep into their inner soul to reveal their pain and how they manage to survive. This CONVENTION put the U in UNITY. It put the H in HOMIE. It brought people from all over the world to share and reflect on “WHAT TYPE OF NATION DO THE PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE IN GOING FORWARD?” This is a powerful teaching tool for children/adults who are diagnosed with Asperger, AUTISM, PERVASIVE DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS, and NONVERBAL LEARNING DISABILITY and any other exceptionality. This dynamic SELF HELP video can be used by anyone. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Make sure you take this video with you next SOUL SEARCHING PILGRIMAGE. We guarantee you will step into the light and become a REAL HUMAN BEING. Within 90 days if this SELF HELP VIDEO did not break into the core of your heart and yank those deep-rooted emotions out, your A..S just can’t be HELPED. You will not be refunded. We will send you back to the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012. Here you will be evaluated for the 47% SYNDROME. You will remain with the CANDIDATE’S CREW until further LOCKUP notice.

Recently the CANDIDATE, not the PRESIDENT revealed how his ATYPICAL SOCIAL BRAIN works. The CANDIDATE has struggled with not being able to give examples. His NO GLAMOUR and FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE got him in big trouble in his last AMBER CANDLELIGHT VIDEO. TEDDY PENDERGRASS was not in this video singing TURN OFF THE LIGHTS but the CANDIDATE did CLOSE THE DOOR on the 47%. The EMOTION was not invited to sing one of their famous hits from the 60s. It was the CANDIDATE EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS that has sent him down BLIND ALLEY. How is it possible for the CANDIDATE to become the PRESIDENT when he cannot separate himself from his own conflicting thoughts? Has the CANDIDATE demonstrated the ability to determine what is good or bad, better, best, or worse? Can the CANDIDATE work toward a defined goal? Is the CANDIDATE able to recognize what is similar or different? Does the CANDIDATE work on current activities or is he stuck in the past? Will this CANDIDATE be able to look ahead to the future? Can this CANDIDATE predict the outcome of his behavior/actions? Has this CANDIDATE demonstrated impulsive behaviors that he could not suppress which has led to the lack of SOCIAL CONTROL and UNACCEPTABLE SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES? WOW! This is an EXECUTIVE with an EXECUTIVE FUNCTION DISORDER. Hey, I’M JUST ASKING.  Stated by the  VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE, the CANDIDATE cannot articulate what he needs to say. Has the CANDIDATE looked into a functional language program that can help him with his severe delays in expressive language?

The PRESIDENT expresses himself extremely well and eloquently. The PRESIDENT hasn’t displayed any outburst of negative behavior. The TOC is working with the TICK on the PRESIDENT’S CLOCK. This BROTHER here, ROCKS! The PRESIDENT gets the message. THE PRESIDENT understands the main idea and not only that he gets the WHOLE PICTURE. The PRESIDENT reasoning and problem-solving skills are off the chain. AIN’T NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BROTHER’S BRAIN. The PRESIDENT LISTENS and COMPREHENDS what is said and what is heard. Does the CANDIDATE LISTEN? Can the CANDIDATE COMPREHEND?

If the CANDIDATE cannot control or regulate his behavior on a daily basis don’t fret our PRESIDENT can. If the CANDIDATE cannot initiate, plan, solve problems, set goals, and prioritize, our PRESIDENT can. If things get out of whack and the order of operation is not operating in order our PRESIDENT will and can jump in to seal and close the gap. I know darn well the CANDIDATE cannot work it out. Our PRESIDENT can. YES, HE CAN CAN and still move FORWARD. You just have to POINT IT OUT.

Here’s my special SHOUT OUT to DAVID CORN for the candlelight 47% video. I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH! Outside these wall of an existing condition is the perfect match for INSIDE THESE WALLS__EXISTING CONDITIONS.

6 comments on “Going In For The Kill With Social Skills

  1. kynny garrett says:

    in order to be a true candidate or president you have to have social skills and intelligence and the Romney-Ryan ticket lack both. how can a person write off half the country like a tax writ off and expecting to win. sorry charlie you can’t do that because you just written off part of the vote needed to win the election. nice going Sherlock Holmes. so basically you are going to write off the country a tax return but you are not getting nothing in return because the people will not go for a heartless flip flopper who only takes cares of his own whitey tightie one percent. news flash from Bing, Yahoo, Google,or MSN, America is a diverse country with different cultures. in the words of Red Foxx, “You Big Dummy.” Go back and read the story The Tortoise and the Hare, you might just learn something about races and life lessons of social skills.

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  3. What arrogance. He ‘s not even trying to cover up how he really feels about voters. Looks like all you have to have is a big wad of cash to go with your big alligator mouth. On election day we shall see who exhibits the qualities that exemplify the characteristics of americans , shall we?

    • smokelbg says:

      We can always put him on food stamps and give him a medical card. See how he likes being included in the 47% since he thinks every one is a welfare queen. How Terrible!

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    • smokelbg says:

      That sounds pretty cool and I appreciate the comment. I love to write. I hope you enjoy my funky language. Please continue to read. There will be so much more. NLD MOM/cancer survivor 🙂

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