Go For Joe Remix

Joe is doing what he does.
He can wear OBAMA’s shoes.
Biden made it clear on the View.
Joe was not singing the Blues.

The world can go for JOE.

Go for what you truly know.
2016 it could be Joe.
Joe has his own stride and street flow.
Who said it’s Hilary D… show?

The world can go for Joe.

Joe said it on the air.
He was quite debonair.
Tell the people not to despair.
Biden wants it and he cares.

The world can go for Joe.

The Clinton’s had some nerves.
You don’t kick the President to the curve.
Hilary doesn’t have Joe’s swerve.
Will she get what she deserves?

The world can go for Joe.

By no means is Biden scanty.
You just ruffled my cancer panties.
When you survive it ups the ante.
Go ahead and kiss my fanny.

The world can go for Joe.

Why should I play nice?
There are men and there are mice.
TIME for Joe to roll the dice.
Joe knows the sacrifice.

The world can go for Joe.

Joe can go on and on.
Biden is driven and not yet done.
His loyalty by far isn’t gone.
TIME for Joe to make his run.

The world should go for Joe.

What does Hilary need to learn?
Respect isn’t bought it needs to be earned.
There are voters who are deeply concerned.
If Hilary wins will the people get burned?

The world can go for Joe.

For Joe, it truly matters.
This is what Hilary hasn’t gathered.
The Presidency doesn’t come on a gold platter.
Too many lives can get shattered.

The world can go for Joe.

There has been so much media hype.
Who will be the next Boss of The Mic?
Joe Biden will put up a D… good fight.
The people deserve a choice and know what is right.

The world can go for Joe.

The greatest disability of all is not to acknowledge we all are disabled. No one person knows everything, can do everything, but you sure in hell can lose everything by not acknowledging one’s disability. NLD MOM/cancer survivor

My Funny Valen-Mind___P Funk Style

Here it comes the lecture of the year. My brain is sitting on a skateboard. I’m the star of Porgy and Bess. When the Doc walks through the door he will deliver my benediction. Has my brain outlived my body? Indeed! Indeed! Whew! I got some War Wounds on me. Well, I haven’t reached 80 yet. Who will be the first to reach 100? The girl’s chances of making it to 100 are 1 in three while boys chances are 1 and 4. I don’t recall my brain climbing Mt. Everest at 40. Our cognitive brain function will take a nose dive in the last years of our lives. Why are women worried about their weaves, nails, body, and fashion? Why are the guys tripping off their nipples and taking selfies of their Anthony Weiner? Guys, stop hanging out with Vladimir Putin. Chaboni yogurt is cool. Let’s give recognition to our mental functions (decision-making, memory, reasoning, problem-solving skills, and how fast our globe connected to our neck can take in and put out information). Is that why Beyonce is singing Oh! Oh! Oh! All The Single Ladies? I am not putting the weight on the women along.

Men on the Republican side needed to take the Foster Friess Challenge and distribute those aspirins to Todd Akin (Ex Congressman of Missouri), Richard Murdock (Indiana State Treasurer), Paul Ryan (Congressman of Wisconsin/Chairman of the Budget Committee) and Richard Black (State Senator of Virginia). These are the Generals who initiated the War on Women and their minds are definitely on a BUDGET. Have we reached the last 30 to 40 years of our declining mind? Are we about to set up residence in the Nursing Home or at AARP Condo?

Who gives a hoot-nanny about our noggin health until we fock ourselves up in an accident. See There, we can no longer look like Prince or Smokey Robinson. We’re eating up from the floor up. Yeah, baby, we are pressing the skinny jeans to the curve. Working out the body while our mind has derailed in hell. How much knowledge can your mind bench press? Shut up! Is that your mind sitting over on the bench? Will you be able to get back in the game? TIME TO WORK IT OUT! Put the Drugs, alcohol, and fast food down. Drop the anger off at Dieffenbach Trash. Lakeside will tell you to just sail along and it will be a Fantastic Voyage. Get up off your A.. and do the Lakeside Stank. While you are at it go out and get some of those Sudoku mental puzzles to challenge your noggin or the Big Book Connect The Dots. Somebody up in the House of Representatives is not representing and they sure in hell haven’t connected the dots.

We could have gotten a better answer from Congress other than NO if these BRO’s had used their minds more. They took the MONEY CHALLENGE, not the MIND CHALLENGE. It didn’t allow Congress mind to adapt. Depending on how we use our noggin this baby can be modified to improve. Well, since Congress don’t believe in science look for a decline in noggin activity. If the GOP, Republicans, and the Tea Party take the Black to Brown to Beige Challenge we just might see some brain activity. What a challenge! 🙂

How are you using your Funny Valen-Mind? P Funk Style is throwing creativity in the game. If you can’t party with the P Funk creativity we can throw in Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama who can concretely show you how to Stanky Leg it out. Get rid of those old poisonous habits that are sucking the life out of your brain. James Brown would tell you to Get On The Good Foot and make some daily changes. Sing Aretha Franklin song, You Better Think, before you make some crazy impulsive decision. While you are at it take the Stylistic advice. Stop, Look, and Listen. Think of your brain as a Clock, reset it.

From old to new it’s me and you! It can be done by incorporating your ideas and life experiences that have passed. Apply them to TODAY this MOMENT in TIME. I love doing it with oldies but goodies songs, movies, and stale old white folks who can’t move on. 🙂 Free your mind and your A.. will follow. Well, in this story it means to take a nap when you are tired. If you can hit the refresh button on the computer hit the refresh button on your noggin and breath in and out. Those moments you take in a lot of information keep it SSS-Short, Sweet, and Simple. Lay off with all that multi-tasking. Focus on one thing and work your way up the ladder. You climb a ladder one step at a TIME. Try skipping some of the steps and see what happens to your monkey A… Found out multi-tasking is unproductive. Did you slip and fall and break everything you stood for?

Remember the movie Happy Feet. The penguins were jamming. Find the songs and movies to make you feel like you are Waiting To Exhale or Stella Got Her Groove Back. Put some pep in your step and more glide in your stride. Do your THANG BABY and AEROBICIZE! Technotronic would tell you to Pump Up The Jam and get that blood flowing to the brain. If you leave your brain on CRUZ control you will end up like TED CRUZ, brain cell death. There is a decline in brain activity when you set it and forget it. Always go back and check on it.

We can crank up the volume with exercise and move the same old-same old thinking up to complex thinking magnified. Work out baby, for MENTAL BRAIN HEALTH. Chaka Khan song the hell out of My Funny Valentine. If you listen closely to her song she sings “each day is Valentine”. We don’t want our mental processing compared to a downhill fiscal cliff that will hamper our decision-making, reasoning, critical thinking, and planning which will implode in our minds. So here’s to all the unadaptable people who will lie and say they have gotten too old. Changes in thinking can upgrade the mental load. Moving our minds FORWARD will take a while. We can do this. Try not to resist. Try My Funny Valen-Mind__P Funk Style.

See There__I Get It

I didn’t miss the game. The President State Of The Union Address was SuperBowl Alpha. The accomplishments which can be drawn from his message will not be Omega. You know who won. The Boss Of The Mic stepped out with a new and powerful drill. Stepping back and pressing forward I grasped a new Skill. To everyone on the Flip Side of the Chart lean in closer so we can remain smart. The message delivered was pure and simple. It shall be remembered as the state of the art.

Everything will always look bleak and dim if we cannot look through the lens, see the people who are making it happen and the changes before it is asked of them. We cannot stand in the rain without being suited up. Nor can we no longer live in a manner that is not suitable for us. Time will no longer be spent on talking about the Lieutenants Dans of the world who turned out to be wasted job codes. It will be revealed to the nation the dedicated men and women who have given their hearts and their souls. Hope and change have not left the scene. When we roll out all the negatives, it is hard to envision our dream. Hope will no longer be shattered and live in the shadows. The change will not be left behind. It is the marathon in which our lives battle our weaknesses to ascertain our strengths. The elements of Hope and Change together will sustain the Legacy. Speaking of Legacy! I tried to stay on course BOSS. 🙂

Peyton Manning didn’t lose his Legacy. He kept it ever so real after his lost. He remained calm, cool, and collected. Peyton continued to give out autographs. He didn’t act out and he didn’t blast people. Manning did not play out Grimm’s Fairy Tale by saying, “He would break you in half.” Absolutely horrible behavior from Representative Michael Grimm of New York! Thank God Peyton Manning played instead of Michael Grimm. It would be some messed up folks on the football field. Peyton Manning did not send out any e-mails or Tweets stating he was harboring old Sh.. and needed his diaper changed. See There__I Get This. Going back to yesteryear didn’t help in the Weinstein Theory of Chris Christie singing Boyz To Men We Come To The End of the Road. No Thug-os-ity up in the house! Okay, I will get back on track. 🙂

I understand whose Legacy was lost. The refusal for Change leaves little to no Hope. If we do not address the achievements. Hope and Change will become blurred leaving the nasty taste of grievance. All will be lost of Hope and Change to lie at our feet as a wreath of bereavement. The validation of Costco stepping up to the plate to eradicate the problem of low wages before it was asked of them is a true Legacy. Recognition should be given to those who do their best to do their duty of giving, serving, and protecting their country. It should be the effort of not just one but an effort from all to reach out and develop a work with one another program. Hope and Change are new and improve one pound IPAD Air. The burden of Income Inequality will someday be lifted and a load of disparity will be down to a minimum, to say the least hopefully it will no longer be there. It is a Big Dream but with Hope, Change, and hard work from the people, a government who is willing to govern and work on behalf of the people, nothing shall be impossible. The Pope Of Hope would say, “With God, All Things Are Possible If You Only Believe.”

The blame shall no longer be shifted to one side of the chart. We must all take responsibility and do our part. Opportunities should be equal. However we arrive at an effective plan to get a solution, I’m willing to do a sequel. No more TIME can be wasted on Intent and Delusion. TIME is of the essence and so is Inclusion. All who fail to participate in the unleashing of one’s dreams will not be allowed to beat one down and lower one’s self-esteem. The luggage has gotten lighter. No more packing around old Sh..! The baby needs the diaper changed if not he will throw a fit. See There__I Get it.