Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard

Now there is a title. Don’t let your mind play around with it too long. Are you talking to me? Who else would I be talking to? I don’t see anyone else out there but you. That’s because I can go in and have the conversation no one can hear except for you. Don’t you think that is dangerous? It is dangerous when you start hearing other voices inside your head other than your own. This is still one on one. Girlfriend this is me and me rotating my thoughts around. This is not Sybil with 16 personalities. Absolutely not! Aren’t you worried someone will think you are crazy? One of the biggest problem people have is they are so worried about what other people think. I got my diagnosis. I’m cool. My body may not be in top condition but I’m still ROCKIN’ my TOC. Don’t you mean CLOCK? The BRAIN is the TOC and the HEART is the TIC. The whole picture is the CLOCK. If these 2 gizmos are not functioning well you are in a world of trouble. Your TIC-TOC has just knocked the TIME off your CLOCK. You know you are… Don’t say it.

I learned my lesson. Why do you always capitalize TIME? TIME is very important. TIME is a lot shorter than most people realize. We need to stay focus and use our TIME wisely. TIME is a teachable moment. Did I learn the same lesson? You certainly did, in due TIME. I don’t care how many TIMES I have to repeat this saying. Everyone doesn’t learn by repetition. You will strike a nerve and make a person go off if you say it too many TIMES. When they say they got it. They got it. Did I get it? You were a little bit slower on the draw when reacting to what others said than me. So I would hold you back when you wanted to react too quickly. Yes, it is a balance which makes us works so well together. Is this why people are impulsive and they don’t think before they act or speak? A lot of TIMES. There are different TIMES when the brain just won’t allow a person to hold back their thoughts. There are other TIMES when a person or persons are very verbal and they have to process their information outside their Internal Hard Drive. It looks like a person with head-gear (Bluetooth). If you don’t see the Bluetooth you think the person is crazy for talking to themselves. You have to be careful not to mistake them for a person who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. How do you know they are talking to someone on the other end? You don’t. Assumption! I hate talking to crazy A… people. Good thing you don’t work for CONGRESS nor talk to them.

Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain it that way. There was a lot of things Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain. Where is Dr. Rourke? Dead! What! Remember he died on August the 11th, 2011 in his sleep. I will never forget that day on FACEBOOK when the bells tolled for him. Up pops a women picture used on Dr. Byron Rourke obituary The Windsor Star got it wrong or somebody did. That was the day I had to really restrain you from… Right! Right! The NLDers went crazy. They came out of their box and express how they really felt about the great child neurologist. Twitter wasn’t to please either. The words were not so kind. Who do you compare Dr. Byron Rourke demise too? First, let me do that crazy thing Secret Agent RA-RA does. Maahahaha…! Maahahaha! Correct me if I am wrong. I have never seen this sinister laugh spelled out before. Close enough. You are driving me crazy. Who is it you are comparing the Great Windsor Professor to. Margaret Thatcher! Shut Up! Can you sing Celebration by Kool And The Gang? YAHOO! There’s a party going on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. Don’t tell me YAHOO got their name from Kool And The Gang. Hey, I think you might be on to something.

Is it inappropriate for people to celebrate when a person dies? It is called hypocrisy when you pretend you are going to miss them. It is wrong to the 3rd degrees to attend a person funeral you never liked. What about respect? Did the person earn any respect in life? Well! Well, hells bells they don’t receive any respect in death. You are only going to end up on BIG EDDIE’S PRETENDER’S LIST. So if your inner thoughts express how you feel outwardly why are you made the villain when you know how the person sitting next to you feels the same way. It doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand the other person used his external hard drive to shout out what you wanted to say. You are a villain if your hypocritical A.. shows up and never liked nor respected the person in life.

Blacks folks are covered. When a person dies we call it a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. So you can spin the title on the obituary any way you want. Oh Yeah! That is so wrong. Do you think I miss JESSIE HELMS? I wasn’t at his funeral either. It will fall under the title, gone but not forgotten. If we reflect back on what you did and it was bad you will be forgotten easily. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to TED CRUZ but I think I could get on the stage with the Floaters and sing the remix of FLOAT ON. CRUZ ON! CRUZ ON! CAPRICORN and my name are TED. I’m here because I wanted OBAMACARE DEAD. The Re-PUB-li-cans are pissed off at what I said. So what! I waved the white flag and put my LIES to bed. So I want you to Cruz on Cruz on. I’m GONE! I’m GONE! What is with you and these songs? Talk to my man Oliver SAKS. He could relate to Music and the Brain. MUSICOPHILIA! Right on! Right On! It is a real YOUTUBE MOMENT.

Living with you all the TIME ain’t no joke. I know. You capitalize TIME. We are really doing this Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard. Correct. Dr. Byron Rourke put a lot of information out there and it wasn’t parenting friendly at all. Rourke did a disservice to the NLD COMMUNITY by not breaking his message down. Little hope was given and his message hinges on suicide. He wasn’t very positive. Even on the opposite end of the spectrum black men or join at the hip of violence spoken in the same breath of mental illness. Rourke always compared Nonverbal Learning Disability to Asperger. Autism was pitted against NLD never giving recognition to the unrecognized. Don’t ever put an NLDer in the room with someone who has Autism. Not Pretty! Rourke never stepped outside of his box and gave NLDers a chance. He never left Windsor either. He traveled but he chose to live in Windsor until the bells tolled. He wouldn’t be happy with Ted Cruz denouncing Canada. Rourke needed to experiment on Cruz instead of his son Phil.

I don’t want NLDers or any other exceptional person caught in a thread on FACEBOOK or any other social network not reaching out to a real live human being and making a face to face connection. It is hard but everything Congress, GOP, Re-PUB-li-cans, and the Pee Partiers threw away will be the lesson learned for the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Too many of the stories on NLDers are caught in a grade school TIME warp. NLDers grow up and party too. We all struggle in relationships. So many of us struggle to do the math. Paul Ryan is a great example of the WAR ON MATH and WOMEN. Rourke did not stress enough to not become so frustrated and give up when the behaviors manifest themselves. People diagnosed with neurological behaviors will not get 42 TIME to do any 1 thing wrong. That’s amazing how nothing has been redefined. Can you believe how nothing has to be done so many TIMES? It uses to be a TIME when nothing was zero. Now we have to count nothing. D…!

Who does it remind you of? A lot of people. Darrell Issa came up with a lot of nothing. Issa gears are locked into an eternal mode and he is driven hard. Issa reminds me of Silvio Berlusconi. Mr. Above the Law money bags. Only Issa is sponsored by the Koch Brothers. Eric Ebenezer Cantor needs to withdraw from his medication. He has SNAPPED. What about Pinky and the Brainless? Ted Cruz and the Pee Partiers are going to blow up the world because they don’t want a black/multi-racial person telling them what to do. It is too much. Their behaviors have been unremarkable. All of these people said and did whatever d… well pleased and was not challenged by their party’s behavior who are maximally challenge.

I wonder what Dr. Byron Rourke would think of all the behaviors in CONGRESS driven to the brink of starving our children. I bet he would be amazed at the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS motivated by fear of losing their white status and not mixing it up with the SHADES of BROWN in TOWN. Would Dr. Byron Rourke compare these so-called normal folks to Schizophrenia? I would love to have seen the inclusionary program Dr. Byron Rourke would attempt to develop for a Congress who did not wish to be included with a multi-racial president. Do you think he could help with the HATRED problem? Ain’t no pill for Hatred. Dr. Byron Rourke never stepped outside his chambers of horrors to see who the real SLIM SHADYS were. So what do we do with all this psycho-babble? For now, we Set It and Forget It and make sure it is not placed on the back burner. Is the oven on? No! Good! The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART gets another chance. What about 42? The hard drives on those mouthpieces are broken and the behavior is unproductive and INTENTIONAL. Their external hard drive was driven hard because they are gamers and their memory was ate up. What about their internal hard drive? They were playing GRAND THEFT AUTO V. You know what happen. Congress should have passed the gun legislation.

Change__Acronym Baby

What’s that you got in your hand? It is a piece of stone with the word CHANGE carved into it. You didn’t steal it out of the Rose Garden. NO! Look, Newt Gingrich. Don’t even compare me to that toxic regenerating lizard. He belongs to the salamander family. NO! He belongs back in the water because his A.. has spent too much TIME on dry land. When newts are in the water they are breeding. Hell! He had three wives. I don’t care about Newt Gingrich. Did he CHANGE? NO! Now, who is sounding like NEWT? Okay, you got me. Are you going to make a story out of this stone? The story has already started. What! It started with the word CHANGE. Did the Republican Party CHANGE? Well, they changed for the worst. What would be the Acronym Baby for their Change?

C-Corruption and obstruction of the government failed to make it right for
WE THE PEOPLE (Congress, GOP, and the horrible Pee Partiers). Normal Folks!

H-Hatred for the PRESIDENT and anyone or anybody that was of a
different race had a different lifestyle or religion.

A-Anger that never ceased to exist and prevented this Party from moving FORWARD.

N-Nigger is the mindset of the GOP because of their Hatred under the letter H.

G-Guns were chosen over the lives of our children, adults and family members.
Not one bill passed by Congress for a plain and simple background check.

E-Egotistical maniacs that serve their purpose and their pocketbooks only.

This is not CHANGE. Exactly! This is the real AUTOPSY. A dead Party who could not accept CHANGE. The opposite end of the spectrum thinks this is CHANGE but what they failed to realize the Four Tops would sing It’s The Same Old Song with a different meaning since you’ve been gone. Who left and what CHANGED? The GOP left. Ousted by themselves, the GOP did not have the balls to stand up for what they truly believed in. The world CHANGED and Inclusion was accepted. This Party could not accept. What is it the GOP could not accept? Their A.. is not the only color in the Crayola box and they are not the only flavor at Baskin Robbins. Crayola extended their colors and Baskin Robins has new editions. Baskin Robins has limited editions for seasonal changes. CHANGE is powerful. Look at the CHANGE coffee made. Look at the variety of flavors and the colors. Now I don’t have to worry about a person spilling hot coffee all over me. I will be mad if they spilled my cold mocha frappuccino. Are you ready to take it to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART? YE-AH!

What do you want people to know about your Change__Acronym Baby? First I was shocked when you put Nigger down on the paper. Right! Right! Chris Matthews was shocked too but me using the word LIAR probably got on his nerves more. Saying the word Nigger is too much for the media to bear. A heavy price comes with this word. It is hard to digest in print. Do you know a big struggle for people with NLD, OCD, Asperger, and other exceptionalities are putting their thoughts on paper? It has to do with one’s ability not being able to write (dysgraphia) and the organization of one’s thoughts. It is murder for the CREW on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART to even think about writing. If a person put too much pressure on the pencil the lead will break or the pencil markings on the paper will be so dark it looks as though the person is drawing. You sure don’t have a problem with putting it on paper. It reminds me of a song by ANN NESBY and AL GREEN, Put It On Paper. Does the song have anything to do with writing? NO! Gotcha! I’ll Take You There with what CHANGE means to me. Go head, Mavis Staple. SHUM-ON-NOW!

C-Communicate the message of Day cannot exist without Night. Happy cannot exist
without Sad. Right cannot exist without Wrong. Weak cannot exist without
Strong. One cannot exist in the same mode all the TIME without being labeled,
stereotyped, and tagged disabled.
The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is the state of the art which
demonstrates to the opposite end of the spectrum the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of
the GOP, Republicans, Pee Partiers, are not smart. Is this your norm? Oh, fart!

H-Humaneness is an area that our CREW has trouble with. Not being able to put
oneself in another person shoes makes one unable to relate to people’s hurt/
pain. Through the lens and in the reflection of the mirror people view the
CREW as insensitive, mean, rude, and insane. Isolation is NO gain. It is the
worst of a mental an emotional drain.

A-Achievement takes TIMES. We become frustrated when our behaviors
implode/explode. Our behavior will never improve if you don’t understand
the burden of our mental load. Abandonment only leaves us with no hope. So
you decided to hand us a noose on a rope.

N-Narcissism is not written down in our book. We could not decipher our image
after we took a look. Selfishness, vanity, and pride is a blank slate. The
criticism of our self-esteem can be destroyed by our loved ones, family,
friends, and mates.

G-Gaffes or social blunders is the kill all of the kill all. People cannot
believe we blurt out the wrong words and it makes us appear small.
It was hard for Chris Matthews to believe Mike Turzai would come out and give
the secret sauce away. From this day forth horrible views were displayed.
Government officials said anything and everything about the people and the
PRESIDENT. What was said was said and it was truly meant. Were they done?
NO! Are we Done? Yes! The rejection has been massive and this is no fun.

E-Effort has taken on a unique appearance in this blog. These stories put on
WORDPRESS can help MENTAL ILLNESS from being dismissed and flogged. The worst
of the behaviors just couldn’t resist. It has been proven by the highest level
of government officials INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS will always exist. Yes, it is so
wrong to lock away the meek, ill, less fortunate, and downright poor. The
behavior of government officials must be struck down forever more. UNINTENTIONAL
BEHAVIORS has paid the highest price. Compared to the power of the so-called
Normal Folks in our government it has been a tremendous sacrifice.

Whooh! You have come a very long way. I have a longer road to travel. I have learned so much about myself. I think what is really important to me is more people should learn too. There are so many people out there who are scared and too afraid to hold the conversation on any type of mental disorder. They haven’t got a clue of what is wrong with them. If they decide to seek help and get diagnosed they got some question they can ask. I hope they will turn to this blog for some answers. It is a start. What is your Acronym for CHANGE NLD MOM/cancer survivor?

I saw it with my own eyes. I rub the stone. It came to pass. No person snatched off the stage by the SANDMAN. Every person there had a story to tell which ended with success. A Network stepped Out Of The Shadows to bring the people and our nation HOPE. The greatest teaching tool of all TIME. MSNBC Advanced The Dream three-folds. In the darkest hours of our trials and tribulation Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC went BOLD, BIG and All The Way Live. Lakeside would have loved this. I want to send a special thank you to the following:

Reverend Al Sharpton
Magic Johnson
Tyler Perry
Condoleezza Rice
Cory Booker
Stevie Wonder
Sallie Krawcheck
Lisa Price
Michael Eric Dyson
Ron Blaylock

ADVANCED THE DREAM demonstrated that CHANGE can be a CHALLENGE for us all. We can CHANGE. We will be CHALLENGE. We can SUCCEED by AWAKENING THE DREAM inside of us. NLD MOM/cancer survivor

Mean Mug-shots

Oooh! It is dark down here. What did you say we are looking for? I didn’t. Why are we here? Where is this place? I bet not find out you are connected to the FBI. I was already told not to go anywhere near those guys. What’s that? Did you hear that? Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This place looks very familiar. Don’t tell me we ended up in the rose garden. Is the President scheduled to do a speech today? I hope we don’t have another crazy A.. reporter pushing the disrespect button like Neil Munro. Wow! When he interrupted the PRESIDENT’S speech I wanted to wrap his A… up in a straight-jacket. I want my crew on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART to be on the lookout for MEAN MUGSHOTS. It is hard for people who cannot read facial expression identify mug-shots. I can understand the position of those with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS, their psychological syndromes, and their outburst. The majority of the TIME it is not an outburst. They are talking loud and people take it for rudeness and fail to even ask if there is a problem. SMOKEY ROBINSON would sing it this way, “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

What do you mean? These suckers haven’t done anything. Exactly! Do you have to call them suckers? It is Congress. Yes, I do. Look at all the names they have called our President and they haven’t stopped yet. That ain’t rude. It is a big D.. shame. They have the nerves to worried about their credibility. What credibility? Whose drawers and mug-shots is on the line? What has been the order of operation for the PRESIDENT? The lone wolf. Exactly! It is not his choice but it is his mug-shot. Get out of here! Did you notice because of his skin tone… Are you kidding me? No Sh… Sherlock! I see where this conversation is going.

Congress is worried about the President making a UNILATERAL DECISION. The President’s DRONE has more firepower than their guns. The President steps out and tells Congress they have been a bunch of Dick Cheney heads. What! Did I write that? Hey, I am keeping it. Edit my Pa-too-tie. For the President to come out and tell Congress it is his decision. He will do it himself. No, he didn’t! Give a black man the Presidency, DRONE, and a DECISION is just too d..n much This can never happen in the WHITE WORLD. It’s bad enough we got a Black man for a President. They forgot the world no longer belong to Whites but is more diverse and becoming more inclusive. Excuse me. It never did belong to their A.. I don’t know how they arrive at this equation but I bet you they never got an answer for that problem.

D’Angelo with his Brown Sugar Baby would wash it down the drain. Yes, Secret Agent RA-RA got the opportunity to see the prison population going down, gay rights, and the possibility of the drug war coming to an end. I don’t mind standing in line, taking a number and hoping one day it will become a more inclusive environment for people who are being stigmatized. It will be their TIME to draw a RED LINE and say they are no longer taking the interruptions nor the put-downs. They too can take part in society and play an important role.

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, and the President has to sit down with these clowns in Congress to make a decision. Who is the biggest clown of them all? What has Congress shown the people? They can’t make any decision. Congress does not want to put forth an effort to make a decision nor take responsibility for the decision they steal from others. While the crew on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is raising their hands and making it clear they would not screw it up. Just give them the opportunity and walk them through the different steps. They will do everything in their power to get it right and in the process, they will try not to FAIL. Well, too bad we can’t say the same for the so-called mainstream. I hope now you realize the people on the opposite end of the spectrum (Congress, 1%, Republicans) isn’t so sharp but crooked, have money to wash away their sins, and change the boundaries so they can win.

Remember when we were coming through the tunnel. What did you ask me? How in the world will the President be able to work with these people and their mug-shot looks like this? I’m worried about their brain. You should at least look like you got something upstairs. Well, Mike Turzai, state representative of Pennsylvania didn’t and he still holds a position. Can you imagine the look on their faces when the President said he would go at it alone? Hell, they look like that all the TIME. Throughout President Obama’s term, he has gone at it alone. Who are the top mug-shots you want our crew to remember?

Steve King-U.S. House Of Representative, Iowa 4th Congressional District, AKA CHESTER CHEETOS who will take your corn-puffs away along with your food stamp and starve you to death because you did not do your house chores. He is the Livestock of immigration and Mr. Melon man himself (pure racist). Don’t let the blue eyes and the vaseline smile on his face fool you.

Stephen Fincher, Representative of the 8th Congressional District in Tennessee, reacts to farm bills by profiting from the money and putting it into his pockets, cuts food stamps and hide behind the scriptures of the bible stating if the poor don’t work they don’t eat. Yes, LAWD! Mr cloak and dagger Bible Munger himself. Don’t let those beady eyes and mustache eyebrows fool you. He is AKA Harry the Raccoon for being one of the King of Coon-face Corruption.

Scott Desjarlais, Tennessee 4th Congressional District, AKA SCUMMY BEAR had sex with a patient, his wife alleged he was violent and had threatening behavior. Do you know SCUMMY BEAR won against Eric Stewart(Democrat)? Well, three TIMES a charm meant nothing to this dude who had four affairs. There is not enough soap to do eggheads’ dirty laundry. I was having a BOB moment only with the names starting with S. I will not ask you who are your MEAN MUGS-SHOTS because this story will never end. Gotcha! Look at you “Chomping At The Bits” to call some folks out. There you go riding on the whitest most conservative Republican A.. thrashing them with a whip screaming into the night. Once again letting the dog rat know you are ATREYU and you got this puppy under control.

In the moment of reaching for the stars and asking for help, you do not want to find all the help you got is really from a place called FANTASTICA. Even if it is an act of Protocol let the people you summon have the mind to pull it off, the will to be there in TIME of a true crisis, and not there just for criticism.

Protocol! What is that? It has been Congress, the Republicans, Tea Party, and the 1% that has taken it to a new level of disrespect having someone who is bi-racial for President. David Chapelle made a joke stating never be the 1st black at anything. I was so pissed off at him. How do you feel now? I’m still pissed off because African Americans, Latinos, Asians and whoever has the ability to hold the position of Presidency should wear the shoes and not feel entitled like you know who. FERRIS BUELLER Day Off is John Boehner and Congress swan song. Even when they reconvene they will still be off. The President will be the President. He will command no matter what obstacle lies in his path.

Who should receive the highest medal of disrespect, sleaziness, lack of trust, and liars of all liars? Whose face and facial expression would you attached to these medals? What do you want to remember? There is a big mug-shot book the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART can peep through and identify faces and connect them to behaviors and emotions. Can you leave me with something special? Sure

I will take you back to a very special day. Everything that I have tried to explain throughout my stories on facial expression and body language was captured by a man who walked up the stairs, hesitated, and turns around. WHEW! It was the MEAN MUG-SHOT of all TIMES. It was the POSITIVE mental rotation of comparing and contrasting the LEADER against the LOSER. What was said and the action that was taken was even more powerful. He recaptured the moment. He paid attention because he knew the moment could be recycled in his brain and could be etched in his heart. “I want to take a look one more TIME.” “I’m not going to see this again.” This is a look you will always want to remember. The President of the United States would do his best to serve the people. Now let’s see what Congress will do. You know Congress serve their pockets. Come on Congress. Smile! This is not Candid Camera but the real world. So get your act and your MEAN MUG-SHOTS together. Shhh… the President is about to speak.