This Is Not Green Eggs And Ham

Systemic risk brought our nation to a halt.
The Incompetent minds demanded deficit default
Government shutdown affected the nation as a whole.
While 18 SENATE REPUBLICANS acted like total A..holes.

Do not let JOHN BOEHNER off the hook.
This Brother got paid for being a crook.
The Speakership stayed in total limbo.
The default of our economy was played down by TED YOHO.

There were 144 NAYS up in the HOUSE.
JOHN BOEHNER lacks courage. He is the SPEAKER OF THE MOUSE.
GOP was set on CRUZ control.
While the people and the nation suffered without their payroll.

TED CRUZ led the REPUBLICANS into extremist purgatory.
SARAH PALIN and MICHELE BACHMANN’s words continued to be derogatory.
The REPUBLICAN PARTY has been totally ripped apart.
TED CRUZ, the PIED PIPER, ain’t even smart.

You cannot LEAD with HATRED, DRAMA, nor CRISIS.
Our nation has suffered from BOEHNER sacrifices.
How is it possible for BOEHNER to be a hero?
Negotiations are over and BOEHNER got zero.

HARRY REID thinks BOEHNER’S actions are MIND BOGGLING indeed.
The plan to kill OBAMACARE will never succeed.
NANCY PELOSI was pissed and you could hear it in her voice.
24 billion dollars in debt was the REPUBLICANS poor choice.

The President and the BIG D stood tall and firm.
“NO” is the answer. TIME for the GOP to SQUIRM.
Lesson learned this path has been walked before.
The President and the BIG D ain’t doing this Sh… no more.

Do you want to know the REPUBLICANS next scheme?
On JANUARY 15 destroy the image of REV. DR MARTIN LUTHER KING.
Why not pick this date for the next government shutdown?
It is TIME for the REPUBLICANS to govern and stop going round and round.

FEBRUARY BLACK HISTORY month will be recognized.
The world can see the transparency of the GOP.
Will these BROTHERS leave it along and let it be?

NEWT GINGRICH once whipped out his can of WELFARE SPAM.
Former President Clinton showed NEWT, “This Is Not Green Eggs And Ham”.
This fool is tripping and is Overwhelmed.

It is all on tape and INSTAGRAM
The REPUBLICANS followed a MADMAN who has no respect for UNCLE SAM.
TED CRUZ speaks with a forked tongue. Yessiree MAAM!

Coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART Obamacare would be very useful to the opposite end of the spectrum. Why would THE REPUBLICANS, GOP, and the TEA PARTY try to defund a bill they so desperately need and can use? This crew has demonstrated MENTAL ILLNESS at its finest. If you did not understand what dysfunctional mean, you know now. This has been a learned lesson on TRUST. Can the people TRUST THE REPUBLICANS to do what is right for them and the nation after 24 billion dollars set back?

Change__Acronym Baby

What’s that you got in your hand? It is a piece of stone with the word CHANGE carved into it. You didn’t steal it out of the Rose Garden. NO! Look, Newt Gingrich. Don’t even compare me to that toxic regenerating lizard. He belongs to the salamander family. NO! He belongs back in the water because his A.. has spent too much TIME on dry land. When newts are in the water they are breeding. Hell! He had three wives. I don’t care about Newt Gingrich. Did he CHANGE? NO! Now, who is sounding like NEWT? Okay, you got me. Are you going to make a story out of this stone? The story has already started. What! It started with the word CHANGE. Did the Republican Party CHANGE? Well, they changed for the worst. What would be the Acronym Baby for their Change?

C-Corruption and obstruction of the government failed to make it right for
WE THE PEOPLE (Congress, GOP, and the horrible Pee Partiers). Normal Folks!

H-Hatred for the PRESIDENT and anyone or anybody that was of a
different race had a different lifestyle or religion.

A-Anger that never ceased to exist and prevented this Party from moving FORWARD.

N-Nigger is the mindset of the GOP because of their Hatred under the letter H.

G-Guns were chosen over the lives of our children, adults and family members.
Not one bill passed by Congress for a plain and simple background check.

E-Egotistical maniacs that serve their purpose and their pocketbooks only.

This is not CHANGE. Exactly! This is the real AUTOPSY. A dead Party who could not accept CHANGE. The opposite end of the spectrum thinks this is CHANGE but what they failed to realize the Four Tops would sing It’s The Same Old Song with a different meaning since you’ve been gone. Who left and what CHANGED? The GOP left. Ousted by themselves, the GOP did not have the balls to stand up for what they truly believed in. The world CHANGED and Inclusion was accepted. This Party could not accept. What is it the GOP could not accept? Their A.. is not the only color in the Crayola box and they are not the only flavor at Baskin Robbins. Crayola extended their colors and Baskin Robins has new editions. Baskin Robins has limited editions for seasonal changes. CHANGE is powerful. Look at the CHANGE coffee made. Look at the variety of flavors and the colors. Now I don’t have to worry about a person spilling hot coffee all over me. I will be mad if they spilled my cold mocha frappuccino. Are you ready to take it to the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART? YE-AH!

What do you want people to know about your Change__Acronym Baby? First I was shocked when you put Nigger down on the paper. Right! Right! Chris Matthews was shocked too but me using the word LIAR probably got on his nerves more. Saying the word Nigger is too much for the media to bear. A heavy price comes with this word. It is hard to digest in print. Do you know a big struggle for people with NLD, OCD, Asperger, and other exceptionalities are putting their thoughts on paper? It has to do with one’s ability not being able to write (dysgraphia) and the organization of one’s thoughts. It is murder for the CREW on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART to even think about writing. If a person put too much pressure on the pencil the lead will break or the pencil markings on the paper will be so dark it looks as though the person is drawing. You sure don’t have a problem with putting it on paper. It reminds me of a song by ANN NESBY and AL GREEN, Put It On Paper. Does the song have anything to do with writing? NO! Gotcha! I’ll Take You There with what CHANGE means to me. Go head, Mavis Staple. SHUM-ON-NOW!

C-Communicate the message of Day cannot exist without Night. Happy cannot exist
without Sad. Right cannot exist without Wrong. Weak cannot exist without
Strong. One cannot exist in the same mode all the TIME without being labeled,
stereotyped, and tagged disabled.
The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is the state of the art which
demonstrates to the opposite end of the spectrum the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of
the GOP, Republicans, Pee Partiers, are not smart. Is this your norm? Oh, fart!

H-Humaneness is an area that our CREW has trouble with. Not being able to put
oneself in another person shoes makes one unable to relate to people’s hurt/
pain. Through the lens and in the reflection of the mirror people view the
CREW as insensitive, mean, rude, and insane. Isolation is NO gain. It is the
worst of a mental an emotional drain.

A-Achievement takes TIMES. We become frustrated when our behaviors
implode/explode. Our behavior will never improve if you don’t understand
the burden of our mental load. Abandonment only leaves us with no hope. So
you decided to hand us a noose on a rope.

N-Narcissism is not written down in our book. We could not decipher our image
after we took a look. Selfishness, vanity, and pride is a blank slate. The
criticism of our self-esteem can be destroyed by our loved ones, family,
friends, and mates.

G-Gaffes or social blunders is the kill all of the kill all. People cannot
believe we blurt out the wrong words and it makes us appear small.
It was hard for Chris Matthews to believe Mike Turzai would come out and give
the secret sauce away. From this day forth horrible views were displayed.
Government officials said anything and everything about the people and the
PRESIDENT. What was said was said and it was truly meant. Were they done?
NO! Are we Done? Yes! The rejection has been massive and this is no fun.

E-Effort has taken on a unique appearance in this blog. These stories put on
WORDPRESS can help MENTAL ILLNESS from being dismissed and flogged. The worst
of the behaviors just couldn’t resist. It has been proven by the highest level
of government officials INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS will always exist. Yes, it is so
wrong to lock away the meek, ill, less fortunate, and downright poor. The
behavior of government officials must be struck down forever more. UNINTENTIONAL
BEHAVIORS has paid the highest price. Compared to the power of the so-called
Normal Folks in our government it has been a tremendous sacrifice.

Whooh! You have come a very long way. I have a longer road to travel. I have learned so much about myself. I think what is really important to me is more people should learn too. There are so many people out there who are scared and too afraid to hold the conversation on any type of mental disorder. They haven’t got a clue of what is wrong with them. If they decide to seek help and get diagnosed they got some question they can ask. I hope they will turn to this blog for some answers. It is a start. What is your Acronym for CHANGE NLD MOM/cancer survivor?

I saw it with my own eyes. I rub the stone. It came to pass. No person snatched off the stage by the SANDMAN. Every person there had a story to tell which ended with success. A Network stepped Out Of The Shadows to bring the people and our nation HOPE. The greatest teaching tool of all TIME. MSNBC Advanced The Dream three-folds. In the darkest hours of our trials and tribulation Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC went BOLD, BIG and All The Way Live. Lakeside would have loved this. I want to send a special thank you to the following:

Reverend Al Sharpton
Magic Johnson
Tyler Perry
Condoleezza Rice
Cory Booker
Stevie Wonder
Sallie Krawcheck
Lisa Price
Michael Eric Dyson
Ron Blaylock

ADVANCED THE DREAM demonstrated that CHANGE can be a CHALLENGE for us all. We can CHANGE. We will be CHALLENGE. We can SUCCEED by AWAKENING THE DREAM inside of us. NLD MOM/cancer survivor

Characteristics Of



NEWT GINGRICH campaigns as HOT HEADED and straight up MR. FEROCIOUS.



In the 2012 Election, he has been written off as a LIABILITY.



RON PAUL, MR. NOSTALGIA, platform lingers in the PAST.

MICHELE BACHMAN, MRS.DELUSIONAL, her conspiracy theories didn’t LAST.

RICK PERRY at the debates stated, “I CAN’T OOPS” get it RIGHT.

RICK PERRY, MR.PERPETUAL GAZE stood like a deer that glances into the HEADLIGHTS.

Now, who would you vote for in the 2012 ELECTION?

I would vote for the person with a STABLE MIND and PROGRESSIVE DIRECTIONS.

Investigate the candidates from up ABOVE.

Remember these are TRAITS and CHARACTERISTICS OF.