Here Their Voice

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

You are looking in the wrong direction. The voices that you are listening to drown out the significant voices. These voices may not speak all the time. When they do speak every word that comes from their mouth is worth listen to.

Here them out. They have a lot to say when they do speak. Are you listening? They are great educators. They show you their pain, feelings, and transparency. They show you a mirror image of who you are. If you listen you will learn what they need. You will learn how to help them navigate their world through their mental, emotional, physical,social and spiritual journey.

My daughter spoke out and I could hear the beast in her voice informing the people in her community her child was going through a tough time. The lost has taken a profound affect on her child. No parent wants to lose a child to gun violence, violence, an act of suicide. My daughter heard and listened to the voice of her daughter. Another life will be saved when we pay attention and Listen.

I admire my adult children. I’m proud of the learning process and progress they have made in their life. I hear their voices and they have taught me a lot about myself. I was ninja watching when my daughter spoke of the trauma her daughter was going through in the lost of her daughter’s friend.

Mental Health is a battle for quality of life every day of our lives. Honor your health. Honor your life. Listen to the voices that will teach. You will learn. I look to my adult children for advice. They are most masterful educators of all times. Hear their voice and listen. They will show you what they need in their lives to help them to move Forward.

Full Circle |365 Holiday

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

Every day in this life is a holiday. Of course every day in a person life is not magical. We fail to appreciate what we have right in front of us. We fail to look around and see others have so much less. We fail to be grateful for the moment and time we live in.

Appreciation for life, family, and friends are the presents we overlook. We have a mindset that we are entitled to gifts on those holidays. What stand before us is a human life we ignore. Some of us have no idea to immediately open, share and keep that package/person unwrapped. It could possibly bring us a lifetime full of happiness,

Everyday is a holiday. You are in this moment and Time to create for today and move forward into the future. Do not let your holiday slip away. Do not let the people in your life be excluded from your Holidays. You have 365 Days in your life to celebrate anytime on any given day.

Leap year brings you a gift of an extra day. Let’s get the party started and enjoy whatever day you choose in your life to be your favorite Holiday