Code O__Universal Donor

I know you have to get your beauty rest. MONDAY is a big day. Go ahead and tuck everyone in. Tell MICHELLE, nighty-nighty and don’t let the MITT BUGS BITE. Kiss the kids and tell them ARIANA, BOO-BOO, and LITTLE MAN send their love. The grandkids said they are ready and suited up. We went to the hardware store Saturday. We bought some STREET GEAR. BOO-BOO suggested we buy some knee pads. She wants to see you steal MITT ROMNEY again. We call it the KNEE PAD CREEP. LITTLE MAN said, “Every night I am on my knees praying and my knees are getting darker.” ARIANA reminded me not to forget to get the vaseline. I wanted to tell her we could borrow vaseline from JOHN BOEHNER’S face but that was a NO-NO. She said the PRESIDENT will slide into victory. We are being vigilant and prayerful.

BOO-BOO asked me why did the media think you lost the first debate. I told her you never did. The media forgot to check their CODE OF ETHICS at the door. I explained to my grandchildren there are rules that a person live by. There are rules that validate who we will become and how we view ourselves as a person. You must never lose the RESPECT and DIGNITY within oneself. Every person that enters your circle will lose RESPECT for you. A good example is MITT ROMNEY denouncing his own program. You must never denounce what you truly believe in. When the fog clears you will lose respect for yourself and so will others. MITT ROMNEY did it with his signature program ROMNEYCARE.

It is our value system of right and wrong. It will dictate our social behavior. This will determine whether or not we have a conscious. When I say conscious it comes down to whether a person cares or not what they say, do, or who they may ENDORSE. It is a big difference when a person has a choice and know right from wrong. They may choose to shake the sand in a box, erase the TRUTH in order to LIE, and give the incorrect answer every TIME or no answer at all. This is the SKETCHY MOMENT. CODE O never did this throughout the debates nor on the campaign trail.

CODE O. That’s right. CODE OBAMA, you are a man with MORALS and ETHICS. You are a UNIVERSAL DONOR who gives to all and not to one SELECT GROUP. Your BLOOD runs through the veins of the 47%. It will move the people and the nation in the right direction. FORWARD! The 47% are breathing on their own. We don’t need a RESPIRATOR nor do we need to be RESUSCITATED. We sure don’t need MITT ROMNEY as PRESIDENT. HE will put the POLICIES, PEOPLE, and our NATION in a COMA. The orders will be given to WALK SLOWLY, PULL THE PLUG, and DO NOT RESUSCITATE. It reminds me of the AUTO BAILOUT. I can see BILL LAIMBEER CLOTH LINING MITT ROMNEY. Yes, our NATION would never progress because we would be trapped inside those BINDERS. The BINDERS would be labeled CODE CASE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and you would never hear about equal pay for women. LILLY LEDBETTER WHO? Thank GOD the lights were on at AL SMITH DINER. Your jokes were funny.

What a BLOODBATH! How many PRESIDENTS of COLOR have WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION had? What does our country understand about DIVERSITY? How could the POLLS and the MEDIA decide THE CANDIDATE had won the FIRST DEBATE? There are people who have voted for many years of their life and never been polled. Who is being targeted to make the numbers favor the CANDIDATE? MITT ROMNEY is a man who has demonstrated TIME after TIME he has no MORALS and NO CODE OF ETHICS. He will CORRODE our NATION and the ECONOMY. He failed his LITMUS TEST. What does it say about the individual who accepts a LIAR to run the country? What happens to your MORALS and CODE OF ETHICS? Right and Wrong no longer matters. Have you failed your LITMUS TEST? What are we teaching our children? LYING is acceptable. It is okay to be like MITT ROMNEY. He is successful, rich, and full of SH..T. His jokes SUCKED!

A person WORD was his contract. When you LIED the contract was broken. TRUST and RESPECT went out the door. The power you sought went down the SHAFT. Anyone who TRUSTED a LIAR got the SHAFT. If you were tagged as a LIAR you were excluded. LIARS carried the largest I.O.Us. The payments were never-ending. The layaway fees continued to accumulate an eventually LIARS got laid away. People in my community detested LIARS and SNITCHES. They would sell you out and change their tune at the drop of a dime. A LIAR would get you killed and no one would ever know the TRUTH or cause of death.

MITT ROMNEY has faked being a SOUTHERNER eating his CHEESY GRITS. MITT has learned how to say Y’ALL when he shops at SAX FIFTH AVENUE. He loved him some DAVEY, DAVEY, CROCKET and he can’t wait to become LATINO in the 47% video. He has never chosen to be AFRICAN AMERICAN. MITT lost out on our votes. Go ahead MITT and insult our race for not wanting to be a BLACK MAN. I wonder what DENNIS ROTHMAN, “THE WORM” would say about that. “The WORM” would probably be mad as hell because MITT refused to dye his hair green and where fishnet pantyhose. I would love to see him in a debate with RASHEED ABDUL WALLACE. It will never work. I can hear RASHEED saying, “CANDY you better get MITT and say it NOW or this debate will be off the air in an SEC.” I’m glad Mitt isn’t a referee.

What do I know? I live in the STATE of Missouri. TODD AKIN has failed to take his annual PAP SMEAR. He doesn’t know if he has an STD or if he’s infected with HIV. If TODD AKIN ever gets FORCIBLY RAPED he will never need to worry about getting pregnant. TODD is packing C4 in his VAGINA. SUPER PAC TIME! Tell the doctors to watch it when they do his unwanted BOB “VAGINA PROBE” MCDONNELL exam. PETER KINDER, Lieutenant Governor, want to BLAME the DEMOCRATS for taking him out of the BOX. PETER allegedly use his vaseline for sliding up and down a pole with a stripper. ROY BLUNT, Senator from Missouri, would deny WOMEN the right of Contraceptives in the workforce through insurance providers. Yes, the BLUNT AMENDMENT was just too BLUNT. Next door we have SAM BROWNBACK, Governor of Kansas who is the constant TRICK or TREAT and major horror for this state. BROWNBACK changed KANSAS into a SLAVE STATE. Let’s not forget KRIS KOBACH who is the SECRETARY of STATE of KANSAS. MITT ROMNEY’S “PAPER PLEASE” GO TO GUY is the creator of “YOU LOOK LIKE an ILLEGAL ALIEN to ME.” SCOTT BROWN and KRIS KOBACH have a lot in common. ATTORNEY GENERAL DERRICK SMITH wanted to take our PRESIDENT name off the ballot in KANSAS. The PRESIDENT failed to send in his ABSENTEE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. KNOW YOUR DAWGS and YOUR NEIGHBORS DAWGS TOO. KEEP FROM GETTING BIT. This will happen if you VOTE FOR MITT.

I don’t know what part of the MIDWEST GRETCHEN CARLSON of FOX NEWS live in but it sho ain’t family friendly here. MITT ROMNEY has already rolled through this TOWN and gave GS STEELE a complete ROTOR ROOTER. BAIN CAPITOL is snaking its way to SHREVEPORT ILLINOIS to finish the gutting job. MODERATE MITT only wants to become the PRESIDENT so he can give our NATION a giant ENEMA. This is MITT strategy for fixing the economy. The 47% understand MITT’S COLONOSCOPY ECONOMICS and LOW CANDLELIGHT DOUCHE. MITT will turn the NATION into MISSOURI. This playground sandbox degrades people for pure recreation. I LIVE IT!

CODE O it’s okay if you can’t swing out your MIDDLE NAME. MITT doesn’t like the name WILLARD because it relates to the 1971 movie. Where your NIGHTMARES END and WILLARD BEGINS! MR. SOCIAL MISFIT himself MR “WILLARD” MITT ROMNEY who is the leader of the GOP, CONGRESS, REPUBLICANS and TEA PARTY. They are the REAL RAT PACKS and SAMMY DAVIS JR. is HOT ABOUT IT. WILLARD kept his large mansion because now he can afford it. Only this TIME he lives in his mansion with CRUELLA DE VIL along with her 5 sons who are MISSIONARIES on a MISSION to stay the HELL out of the WAR. This one is for you LAWRENCE O’DONNELL. BRING IT! LAWRENCE O’DONNELL BROUGHT IT!

I know CODE O you can bring the PEOPLE and the NATION FORWARD. PEOPLE have to PAY ATTENTION. I am an AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE, one of the 47% who has NEVER been demeaned by our COMMANDER IN CHIEF. I am a WOMEN missing a lot of body parts with PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS and a cancer survivor. YOU have NEVER made me feel less than a WOMEN but always uplifted and supported WOMEN’S RIGHTS. I feel I am a WHOLE PERSON. As PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, you have brought to the table a seven-course meal giving your FAIR SHARE. You are a COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CARE PACKAGE lifting the spirits of WOMEN. CODE O, you have open the door for equal pay. You have open the lines of communication and delivered a powerful message. You have made it clear that it will take TIME, it will be hard but we are ready to move this NATION forward. If you having trouble with your job or even if you are out of a job MOVE FORWARD. There are EMPLOYERS that will give their fair share but whatever happens one has to move FORWARD and become BETTER, NOT BITTER. At the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, JIM SINEGAL gave me hope. There were many stories at the DNC 2012 that help start the healing process. CODE O, in the lives of the 47% and many Americans across this NATION you are our UNIVERSAL DONOR. Your BLOOD flows through our veins and into our hearts. It is TIME for us to give our FAIR SHARE. I will not BOO. I will VOTE. WE THE PEOPLE GOT YOUR BACK.

Sinister Of Defense

You thought the boss was ASLEEP.
The PRESIDENT’S thoughts were SACRED and DEEP.
He stole MITT with a KNEE PAD CREEP
Who is the one that WHINE and WEEPS?

It would be hard to keep up the pace?
MITT’S LIES was all over the PLACE.
BIG EDDIE, it will not help Mitt win the RACE.

Here you face off with a CLOWN.
It is TIME for ROMNEY to go DOWN.
When MITT starts LYING, who’s safe and SOUND.

The Media did their normal REBOOT.
MITT was FACT CHECKED into hell without the TRUTH.
Whenever MITT LIES he should lose every TOOTH.
Once again MITT has demonstrated he is UNCANNY and UNCOUTH.

AXELROD or CUTTER this was a brilliant PLAN.
The Media went berserk and did not UNDERSTAND.
PRESIDENT OBAMA wrapped a noose right around the MAN.
Hung by his LIES, MITT killed his only FAN.

You sat in your IVORY TOWER.
Stay focus and don’t waste your MEDIA POWER.
Wake up and take a TRUTH SHOWER.
We got down to the last and final HOURS.

MITT ROMNEY represents all the ZEROES.
MITT cannot bond with any NEGROES.
The Newspapers made him out to be a HERO

He used BUSH 5 point plan. How LIMP?
MITT ROMNEY is running for SUPER WIMP.

EZRA KLINE produced some pretty darn good FACTS.
RACHEL MADDOW! Was MITT trumped-up on CRACK?
He reminded me of RICK PERRY from front to BACK.

58 million people watch the DEBATES.
We should be concern about MITT ROMNEY’S HATE.
Everyone VOTE not to seal their own FATE.

He stated he would let the people CHOOSE.
A rush to judgment some failed to refuse.
He has taken great risks and paid his DUES.

None of what happened made any SENSE.
We live it and we are the 47%.
MITT’S candlelight dinner has already CONVINCED.

Dedicated to the 47%: Whenever you feel there is a loss, check again through the eyes of objectivity. Looking through the lens you will realize you have gained knowledge, strength, appreciation, and respect for the ones you thought had failed you. NLD Mom/cancer survivor.

Here’s The Deal Bill

The story has been released. I have no intention of taking any of my words back. Too late! Do you know how hard it is to move FORWARD especially if you feel like you have been screwed over? What is with the NO APOLOGY THINGY? If I’m wrong I’m wrong. Sure we all have to work through our hurt, pain, and anger. I hate setbacks but it doesn’t mean I’m ready to play bowling for dollars with the many years of our friendship. No matter what you did in your life if your wife could move on I could move on too. What troubled me was many people in my neighborhood related to you as a BLACK MAN. Just ask SCOTT BROWN. He said, “He could look at you and tell.” SCOTT BROWN was the one who came to our neighborhood and rubbed it in our faces. He knew you were a BLACK MAN when you went on ARSENIO HALL show in 1992 and play the saxophone. SCOTT BROWN probably thinks this validated your BLACKNESS. SCOTT BROWN got some kind of LEGACY. GEEZ LOUISE!

NEWT GINGRICH steps out in front and tried to talk about you. Here’s The Deal Bill. How could the pot call the kettle WHITE when you are a BLACK MAN? SCOTT BROWN got upset because he is sticking to his guns on your BLACKNESS, BILL. NEWT might as well buckle up, put on his helmet, push the pedal to the metal, and drive straight into hell. NEWT GINGRICH gets the award for being the MOST INSENSITIVE HUSBAND, CHEATER, a FAKE CRY BABY, and PLAYER for many years.

Bill, you taught us a wonderful lesson at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION 2012. You made it clear you are not a HATER but a MOTIVATOR. No matter what your grievances were with NEWT, CONGRESS, and the REPUBLICANS you did not have TIME to be a PROCRASTINATOR. You reach across the isles and compromise to move this nation forward. We now know who are the TERMINATORS. It is hard to believe the REPUBLICANS and CONGRESS would be so blatant to put their feelings of HATRED and RACISM before WE THE PEOPLE and our NATION.

There were many TIMES you took the heat for me. You were absolutely right. I do say some crazy things and I write crazy too. Bill, you just have such a way with words. My words are more like a GINSU BLADE. Your words are more like the NICER DICER. People always wanted to remain your friend no matter what you said or did to them. People would run a butt-naked mile if they thought I would be anywhere in the neighborhood. Don’t let me go to a family reunion, it is on. I don’t know how to spin the words or what they call paraphrase to let a person down easy. For me, it is going to the hoop, slam dunk, and all net. Your face will end up like the backboard, CRACKED. I got some messed up social skills also. I’m not into the HATE but I do love me some TRUTH TELLING. The TRUTH is TOUGH on the heart and the nervous system. Once you know the TRUTH is going to be told, you get nervous as hell, and the heart can give out.

Bill, you always stood by me no matter what came out of my hot off the press mouth or rolled off my lava lips. What did you do to make people always want to hang out with you? It was like your tongue was basted in SAFFLOWER OIL and you had the good monounsaturated fats (MUFU). For some reason, you could explain your way out of a shoe that was laced wrong. Your mother should have named you HOUDINI after the explanation of ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO. POOF! That questioned disappeared. The way I see it you are the POLANA. Straight up fruit and good to boot. I dove thee MINISTER OF EXPLANATIONS. Do you think you could help MITT out?

My tongue was basted in LARD the lower scale of the MUFU’S. My conversation would eventually give someone a heart attack. I want to explain why people can’t tie their shoes, ride a bike, hang up their clothes, fall out of a chair, appear unorganized, have social blunders/gaffes, and ROCKIN’ THE LIST. I want to make it clear why people are not WRAPPED TIGHT. I am the JELLY. I dove myself, SINISTER OF DEFENSE.

When you put a turkey in the oven and you wrap it in aluminum foil some people are stingy with the foil. These are people who are cheap and stingy with their lives. There are others who fail to overlap the aluminum foil, fail to make corrections, and check back on the turkey. These are people who are careless and throughout their lives, they will make many mistakes for not checking or doing their homework. Either way, if the turkey is not WRAPPED TIGHT you will know when that turkey lands on your plate it will be dry as hell. NO JUICES flow through THE TURKEY. The same thing happens in the brain. When you are not WRAPPED TIGHT NO JUICES flow through THE BRAIN. Something is not flowing properly. Treat the turkey like it is your brain. Remember to baste it, check on the turkey, don’t set it and forget it. If you do you will end up like the turkey, NOT WRAP TIGHT and NO JUICES FLOWING THROUGH THE BRAIN. We have seen a lot of people who we call TURKEY. Now you know why.

This is the very reason why ANNE ROMNEY is worried about MITT’S MENTAL HEALTH. ANNE is not along on this one. I think all of the people voting especially the 47% is REALLY worried about MITT ROMNEY’S MENTAL HEALTH. Girlfriend we got you covered. You just tell us what psychiatric ward you want MITT to be placed in and I’m sure any and everyone will be willing to help you out.

Here is The Deal Bill. Please go back and review the tapes. ANNE ROMNEY is MITT’S GRAND GUARDIAN. She always refers to MITT as her BOY. Look closely at her body language. She displays the over-protectiveness of a MOTHER and not a wife. There is a big difference between being INDEPENDENT, CO-DEPENDENT, and INTERDEPENDENT. ANNE ROMNEY protects MITT. ANNE ROMNEY has come forward with her DUCTAL CARCINOMA INSITU BREAST CANCER, the loss of a child, and her MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. This is to keep the media focused on what ANNE ROMNEY has in order to shift the MEDICAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL attention away from MITT ROMNEY. Too late! MITT’S behavior has manifested itself. What does MITT have that ANNE is trying to protect which has now become obvious to all? ANNE ROMNEY will not go outside of the script nor answer the questions of others. MITT is rehearsed and scripted because he will get off task and all hell will break loose. The existence of MITT and ANNE ROMNEY relationship is one of CO-DEPENDENCY. The risks outweigh the benefits. The RISKS are RISKS. The foil is off the turkey and this BROTHER isn’t WRAPPED TIGHT.

Go back and look at the tapes with MICHELLE OBAMA. Big Difference! You never heard her refer to the PRESIDENT as a boy. MICHELLE OBAMA is very INDEPENDENT. She is a TEAM PLAYER.
In the relationship with her husband, the rewards definitely outweigh the cost. She is very motherly to her children. She is very WIFEY to the PRESIDENT and she can hold and burn her own candle. MICHELLE OBAMA is a WOMAN who is very humble and can stand on her own two feet.

Whatever happen to loyalty? LOYALTY is on the toilet playing dominos with the TIDY BOWL MAN. HONOR is like the buffalo, EXTINCT. I know you wondering about the LOYALTY statement. I can’t tell you what it means. MITT could tell you because this is what gets him in so much trouble all the TIME. He said dumb MITT. The debates are knocking at the door. MITT has to show us what he got or what he has not. Will it make a bit of difference when he has shown the world how he disapproves of the people he claims to want to govern and be their PRESIDENT? PRACTICE will not make it perfect nor will it correct what has been said or done.

This is the REAL DEAL BILL. Are we squared away now BILL?