There Is More To Opportunity

My neck is so stiff. Everywhere I turn I hear the word OPPORTUNITY. WHIPLASH! The strange part about the word OPPORTUNITY it doesn’t appear to carry the same meaning. Are you ready to ROLL THIS BABY OUT?


O-Opportunity is TIME used wisely. Whether or not the TIME was short or long you
did not miss out.
P-Purpose was to open the door for everyone to have and invest in affordable
healthcare and not just one state.
P-People are the No.1 Priority over Profit.
O-Obligation and determination always rides on the backs of those who care__
R-Relying on the law of the land to FIX the health care needs of the people
in waiting who deserves the right to choice, quality of life, and the ex-
tension of whatever livable TIME left.
T-Tenacity and Tolerance strike the cord of Frustration. Who showed
determination, understanding, and acceptance? The one who is FRUSTRATED.
U-Universal Health Care for all and no more junk policies. When you are tattered
torn and sitting behind the medical chart or on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART you
suddenly realize the policy you have paid years and years ain’t worth JACK
SH… Here comes the static. You are not at fault. The insurance companies
tell you it could have been AVOIDED, it is a LUXURY DISEASE, hell you are not
covered. OBAMACARE/AFFORDABLE CARE ACT will open the door and give you a rain-
coat, umbrella, and protective boots for affordable care. Illness is not a
LUXURY and when you DIE you do not go on HIATUS.
N-Negotiating and advocating for your own LIFE instead of the insurance company
determining whether you will LIVE or DIE. I would like my DOCTOR to have a
say. He would be the one performing the surgery. Not the D. Insurance
Company. Leave it to the INSURANCE COMPANIES and I would arrive DOA.
I-Intelligence weighs in for the people to determine who wants what is best for
their LIFE.
T-Truth was spoken and a hard pill to swallow. Trust is just around the corner.
Y-You think I’m not going down to the wire using Y. Walt Disney did it with
Mickey Mouse. MIC-see you real soon KEY-Why because it only takes 1 person
to show another human life they care. YES WE CAN and Y-YES he did make
OBAMACARE/AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT the law of the land. It is TIME for the
Healing to begin and the DISCRIMINATION TO END. ENDA 🙂


O-Opposition from the Opponent. NO is their answer. Stripping away all rights
and dignity of a LIFE. What is left? Downward decline spun into depression.
Death of the spirit, heart, and mental well-being. Deprivation of HEALTH then
comes DEATH.
P-Pessimism is a true characteristic of the Opponent. Problems are Created.
There is no room for HOPE.
P-Profit is the No.1 Priority. Our children/adults can starve. The health of our
nation lays the groundwork for the people to be encased in their tombs. They
will not get into the trenches with the people for their best interest. It is
digging a grave for the people and using Poor Judgement to seal the people’s
faith. Who feels threatens? Who is afraid the plan will succeed?
O-Obstruction by the OLIGARCHY CREW will set our nation back. It will diminish
the chance for moving the people and our nation FORWARD.
R-Racism has no place in governing. REALLY! Stop with DELUSIONS. It is TIME for
T-Tainted the lines of information to make what is REAL to appear FALSE and
FALSE to appear REAL. Turning people against each other every chance the
moment arises to induce mistrust and creating an atmosphere of FEAR.
U-Unilateral Decision or shall we call it Emergency Manager Law. In the
Corporate World it is SENSE OF URGENCY. You weren’t quick enough on the draw
so we made the decision for you. RIGHT! What was the rush? What is the big
fuss? You still don’t have a plan. You call that a plan? UNDERTAKERS!
N-NO! That is all we got for you. NOTHING, NOTTA, NEGATIVE!
I-Ignorant/Incompetent and refuse to hear you out or change. Indentured Servants
are who they attempt to shape your personality into.
T-Task Masters who are high dollar bill rollers paid to do nothing. Not even
pass a bill.
Y-You know why the crazies took the OPPORTUNITY to ROLL OUT in this manner.
Y (Why) for one TERM ONLY. Y (WHY) to OBSTRUCT, DESTROY, and to never let
the world spin on its axles. Everything on this planet must revolve around a
MISSED OPPORTUNITY. TIME, whether it was short or long, was INTENTIONALLY not
used WISELY.

On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, FUMBLES reads differently.

F-Full steam ahead. FORWARD!
U-United WE Stand and you know what is going to happen to the DIVIDED CREW’S A.
M-Mobilize and get them DEMS MOTIVATED.
B-BELIEVE you-ME the job will get done. All In TIME!
DYING because I did not take the OPPORTUNITY would not be good. On my Way!
E-Evil is not having a Plan, nor a solution, and creating Problems. Evil is
hesitation, desperation, and no determination to FIX the physical and mental
conditions of We The People and The Nation. Flip EVIL and there you go. What! LIVE! Somebody is DYSLEXIC!

The People want to LIVE. Thank you for caring.
FUMBLE the ball! You learned the texture of the ball, its weight, size, shape, color and you learned why you are still so determined to hold onto the ball. INTEGRATION and the greatest link to the people. Who left the Ball in the corner? What do the Republicans, GOP, and Tea Party, know other than No? There you go. Who is not connected?

84 Days And Counting And Counting

Follow me down the pipeline. Never mind. We will take a different path because JOHN BOEHNER and the REPUBLICANS tried to make a profit off the KEYSTONE PIPELINE. They are the MONEY DOGS who just don’t care for the welfare of the PEOPLE and our NATION.

I think the AT&T route would be much better. Are you getting a clear reception? Of course, we are now up to speed working it with a 4G network. There is a lot of information out there. There is so much more space.

AT&T PLAN is the strongest survival technique for those who are HUMANE.

A=ACCEPTANCE and the REPUBLICANS, CONGRESS, especially Mitch McConnell has never ACCEPTED the PRESIDENT nor his POLICY. T=TRUST which WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION do not TRUST CONGRESS and the REPUBLICANS to put the welfare of the PEOPLE first.

T=TRUTH has not been demonstrated by REPUBLICANS, CONGRESS, and by MITT ROMNEY who can never seem to tell the TRUTH. These brothers are not concerned about HUMANITY but MONEY does rank as the No. 1 PRIORITY.

I tell you what, today we will strip away the titles. NO REPUBLICANS and NO DEMOCRATS to deal with. Now we are down to just the MAN. 84 DAYS AND COUNTING AND COUNTING and there are many lives on the line with MUCHO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS.

We’re standing on a cliff. Do we jump? NO! OBAMACARE! JOHNTHAN ALTER I want to take you back to the poem REST PEACEFUL MY NUBIAN QUEEN in the APRIL 2011 archive. My girlfriend didn’t jump either. She didn’t live in Massachusetts.

There was nothing on the table to REPEAL. DEATH was her only OPTION. You called that a CHOICE.

The air was brisk and it had begun to rain. The rain was slanted, cold, and piercing. The next thing I remembered I was muddy and the tips of my hands were bloody. One of the pallbearers was trying to wipe the mud away from my eyes and someone was trying to hold my hands.

In the moment of pain and grief, I do recall screaming out. “When will this end?” “Is there anyone out there to help us?” “Lord Jesus, for the GRACE of GOD THERE GO can’t believe you’re gone but you will never be forgotten.”

I will move FORWARD. She couldn’t afford the insurance and it was hard for her to keep up with the payments. As a matter of fact, she took on a second job just for more insurance coverage.

JOHNATHAN ALTER, I just wanted to let you know many of my crew and others have taken that dance with DOCTOR DEATH, THE REPEAL CREW. I just found out we were in the wrong location. WOW!

ED SCHULTZ you know what it is like when everything stops and you are COUNTING and COUNTING for that ray of hope. The doctors enter the room and you don’t care what it cost, spare no expense. Thank GOD you are covered. $8,000 are you kidding me!

I think that is the cost of an aspirin, bedpan (without the PEE), and the VERSACE gown that shows your A..S.

There are so many of us who are worried. We don’t want to be a burden on our family or the next of kin. It became unbearable and the ones who had PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS no longer EXIST. Thank GOD! The ray of hope has now changed into a RAINBOW for INCLUSION of HEALTH CARE.

OBAMACARE will lift the burden and will help diminish the loss of lives. More people will see their doctor for preventative maintenance. It will bring peace to those who are diagnosed as a terminal to live out their quality of life without being a medical burden.

Has anyone taken any statistics on the people who died without DIGNITY?

There are 2 MEN and COUNTING and COUNTING who believed in a PLAN not just for one STATE but for the NATION. There are 2 MEN and COUNTING and COUNTING who took the risk for the PEOPLE and the NATION. These 2 men have their own IDENTITY yet they compliment each other very well.

They are not looking to discover themselves in each other. They are not trying to hide any TAXES. These 2 men have their own ideas yet they are willing to compromise and bring others into their circle to get the best result (EBONY and IVORY=DIVERSITY). SHO-NUFF!

These 2 men have moved this nation FORWARD, manage to adapt to many changes and resolve many of the problems in our economy. We still have a long way to go.

These 2 men and COUNTING and COUNTING have remained and held steadfast to their AT&T PLAN. These 2 men have gained the ACCEPTANCE and TRUST of the WOMEN, LBGT COMMUNITY, LATINOS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, the POOR and MIDDLE-CLASS VOTERS. The TRUTH rides on the side of TEAM OBAMA and BIDEN.

They are working the 4G NETWORK. Their FIBER OPTIC COMMUNICATION is very CLEAR.

The other 2 men and COUNTING AND COUNTING are trying to discover themselves. 1 man is the remix of the other man because he has NO IDENTITY. He is the SURROGATE. He has just entered THE TWILIGHT ZONE. CURIOSITY is stunned by this mans LIES.

The other man is the NEW and IMPROVED Cocky-locky of the SURROGATE who is actually looked upon as the REAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. They do not compliment each other. These 2 MEN took risk but it was to hide TAXES and their WEALTH (WHITEY and TIGHTY=NO DIVERSITY)

The risk these 2 men will take is not for WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. The risk these 2 men are taking is for HIGH DOLLAR WHITE VOTES and everyone else is EXCLUDED. These 2 men ideas are from the FAILED BUSH ADMINISTRATION, BARRY GOLDWATER, and from AYN RAND.

These ideas aren’t original nor creative. Now the 1 man has to be stuck to the other man’s FAILED POLICY like GORILLA GLUE. The 2 men together just don’t add up. The 1 man did not believe in his own health care plan and he threw it away.

Why should the PEOPLE and THE NATION believe in him? He doesn’t believe in himself. This man never denounces any bad policy or bad people. WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION has gotten a first-hand glimpse of how these 2 men will run the government.

It starts with Cocky-locky saying he will not reveal his TAXES. Will he stick to the policies? We are NOT RICH. So our vote doesn’t count. Well, Cocky-locky many of my crew and others have died for what you 2 men are trying to repeal. IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE!

The cuts these 2 men will make will cuts health care, education, women rights, the air we breathe. You will get the opportunity to dance with DOCTOR DEATH if you call this an OPPORTUNITY.

These 2 men signal has been dropped and they have a FAILED COMMUNICATION NETWORK. ROMNEY and RYAN is not a TEAM.

They have not moved FORWARD. They have not change the copper wiring in their NETWORK. You say they have GUTS. These 2 men will GUT your lifestyle and GUT your LIFE leaving WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION GUTLESS. THE NEW NEW DEAL meet the brothers of the INFAMOUS JACK THE RIPPER.

LADIES and GENTLEMEN coming to the stage life and shaking down the 3R–ROMNEY and RYAN RIPPER.

84 DAYS AND COUNTING AND COUNTING who would you want to spend your quality of life with? Even if you did not get the opportunity to make it, you would want something in place for your children, grandchildren, grandparents, and our future generation.

It is TIME for OUR NUBIAN QUEEN to not only REST IN PEACE but to be at PEACE. My screams and cries have been answered. It is called OBAMACARE, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE PLAN.


DEDICATED: To the ones who have gone before me and paid the price with their lives and could not AFFORD TO LIVE. This is the ROMNEY AND RYAN RIPPER PLAN. DANCING WITH DOCTOR DEATH!