Under Surveillance

I have have retired. I have started a new journey. I pushed the button and now I am a Content Creator on YouTube. For the first time in many years I feel that I have added value to my life. My voice is heard. I’m no longer invisible. I’m no longer under surveillance.

I stop writing. I needed to heal. This journey with this Brick and Mortar company was 19 years of my life. I enjoyed some of the people but it had reach the point you could not develop friends and relationship. Why? The Behemoth Company thought you were trying to form a union. Yep! Under surveillance.

The greatest frustration was seeing the employees works so hard. Employees remained on government assistance, applied for food stamps and W.I.C. Watching the hurt, pain, and shame in the employees eyes was devastating to my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I listened to the stories of how employees felt they would never get ahead. All I could think about was it had to be a better way.

The majority of the employees felt they were constantly monitored. Of course once again, under surveillance. The employees began to talk in a whisper. Many of the employees stood outside to talk on their breaks. I begin to notice the cashier at the registers were constantly looking up at the ball up above their register. Under surveillance again.

I took notes. I began to blog my thought’s. What could I do? Here it is l1 years later and I see a clear cut path to help the employees move forward to platforms that will help them earn passive income and build their own business.

I’m sharing this video. You tell me what you think? No longer should the employees be under surveillance. Today many platforms exist for the employees to become Leaders instead of Bosses.

The Garden Hater

In life we fail to appreciate the sincerity of people that are genuine. We take on the habit of validating people who fail to validate or like themselves. An opportunity arise for the people who are fake. Genuine people get caught up believing in people who don’t believe in themselves. What happens. The people that are the trusting and loving end up being used as a tool.