Mean Mug-shots

Oooh! It is dark down here. What did you say we are looking for? I didn’t. Why are we here? Where is this place? I bet not find out you are connected to the FBI. I was already told not to go anywhere near those guys. What’s that? Did you hear that? Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This place looks very familiar. Don’t tell me we ended up in the rose garden. Is the President scheduled to do a speech today? I hope we don’t have another crazy A.. reporter pushing the disrespect button like Neil Munro. Wow! When he interrupted the PRESIDENT’S speech I wanted to wrap his A… up in a straight-jacket. I want my crew on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART to be on the lookout for MEAN MUGSHOTS. It is hard for people who cannot read facial expression identify mug-shots. I can understand the position of those with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS, their psychological syndromes, and their outburst. The majority of the TIME it is not an outburst. They are talking loud and people take it for rudeness and fail to even ask if there is a problem. SMOKEY ROBINSON would sing it this way, “The Way You Do The Things You Do.”

What do you mean? These suckers haven’t done anything. Exactly! Do you have to call them suckers? It is Congress. Yes, I do. Look at all the names they have called our President and they haven’t stopped yet. That ain’t rude. It is a big D.. shame. They have the nerves to worried about their credibility. What credibility? Whose drawers and mug-shots is on the line? What has been the order of operation for the PRESIDENT? The lone wolf. Exactly! It is not his choice but it is his mug-shot. Get out of here! Did you notice because of his skin tone… Are you kidding me? No Sh… Sherlock! I see where this conversation is going.

Congress is worried about the President making a UNILATERAL DECISION. The President’s DRONE has more firepower than their guns. The President steps out and tells Congress they have been a bunch of Dick Cheney heads. What! Did I write that? Hey, I am keeping it. Edit my Pa-too-tie. For the President to come out and tell Congress it is his decision. He will do it himself. No, he didn’t! Give a black man the Presidency, DRONE, and a DECISION is just too d..n much This can never happen in the WHITE WORLD. It’s bad enough we got a Black man for a President. They forgot the world no longer belong to Whites but is more diverse and becoming more inclusive. Excuse me. It never did belong to their A.. I don’t know how they arrive at this equation but I bet you they never got an answer for that problem.

D’Angelo with his Brown Sugar Baby would wash it down the drain. Yes, Secret Agent RA-RA got the opportunity to see the prison population going down, gay rights, and the possibility of the drug war coming to an end. I don’t mind standing in line, taking a number and hoping one day it will become a more inclusive environment for people who are being stigmatized. It will be their TIME to draw a RED LINE and say they are no longer taking the interruptions nor the put-downs. They too can take part in society and play an important role.

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, and the President has to sit down with these clowns in Congress to make a decision. Who is the biggest clown of them all? What has Congress shown the people? They can’t make any decision. Congress does not want to put forth an effort to make a decision nor take responsibility for the decision they steal from others. While the crew on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is raising their hands and making it clear they would not screw it up. Just give them the opportunity and walk them through the different steps. They will do everything in their power to get it right and in the process, they will try not to FAIL. Well, too bad we can’t say the same for the so-called mainstream. I hope now you realize the people on the opposite end of the spectrum (Congress, 1%, Republicans) isn’t so sharp but crooked, have money to wash away their sins, and change the boundaries so they can win.

Remember when we were coming through the tunnel. What did you ask me? How in the world will the President be able to work with these people and their mug-shot looks like this? I’m worried about their brain. You should at least look like you got something upstairs. Well, Mike Turzai, state representative of Pennsylvania didn’t and he still holds a position. Can you imagine the look on their faces when the President said he would go at it alone? Hell, they look like that all the TIME. Throughout President Obama’s term, he has gone at it alone. Who are the top mug-shots you want our crew to remember?

Steve King-U.S. House Of Representative, Iowa 4th Congressional District, AKA CHESTER CHEETOS who will take your corn-puffs away along with your food stamp and starve you to death because you did not do your house chores. He is the Livestock of immigration and Mr. Melon man himself (pure racist). Don’t let the blue eyes and the vaseline smile on his face fool you.

Stephen Fincher, Representative of the 8th Congressional District in Tennessee, reacts to farm bills by profiting from the money and putting it into his pockets, cuts food stamps and hide behind the scriptures of the bible stating if the poor don’t work they don’t eat. Yes, LAWD! Mr cloak and dagger Bible Munger himself. Don’t let those beady eyes and mustache eyebrows fool you. He is AKA Harry the Raccoon for being one of the King of Coon-face Corruption.

Scott Desjarlais, Tennessee 4th Congressional District, AKA SCUMMY BEAR had sex with a patient, his wife alleged he was violent and had threatening behavior. Do you know SCUMMY BEAR won against Eric Stewart(Democrat)? Well, three TIMES a charm meant nothing to this dude who had four affairs. There is not enough soap to do eggheads’ dirty laundry. I was having a BOB moment only with the names starting with S. I will not ask you who are your MEAN MUGS-SHOTS because this story will never end. Gotcha! Look at you “Chomping At The Bits” to call some folks out. There you go riding on the whitest most conservative Republican A.. thrashing them with a whip screaming into the night. Once again letting the dog rat know you are ATREYU and you got this puppy under control.

In the moment of reaching for the stars and asking for help, you do not want to find all the help you got is really from a place called FANTASTICA. Even if it is an act of Protocol let the people you summon have the mind to pull it off, the will to be there in TIME of a true crisis, and not there just for criticism.

Protocol! What is that? It has been Congress, the Republicans, Tea Party, and the 1% that has taken it to a new level of disrespect having someone who is bi-racial for President. David Chapelle made a joke stating never be the 1st black at anything. I was so pissed off at him. How do you feel now? I’m still pissed off because African Americans, Latinos, Asians and whoever has the ability to hold the position of Presidency should wear the shoes and not feel entitled like you know who. FERRIS BUELLER Day Off is John Boehner and Congress swan song. Even when they reconvene they will still be off. The President will be the President. He will command no matter what obstacle lies in his path.

Who should receive the highest medal of disrespect, sleaziness, lack of trust, and liars of all liars? Whose face and facial expression would you attached to these medals? What do you want to remember? There is a big mug-shot book the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART can peep through and identify faces and connect them to behaviors and emotions. Can you leave me with something special? Sure

I will take you back to a very special day. Everything that I have tried to explain throughout my stories on facial expression and body language was captured by a man who walked up the stairs, hesitated, and turns around. WHEW! It was the MEAN MUG-SHOT of all TIMES. It was the POSITIVE mental rotation of comparing and contrasting the LEADER against the LOSER. What was said and the action that was taken was even more powerful. He recaptured the moment. He paid attention because he knew the moment could be recycled in his brain and could be etched in his heart. “I want to take a look one more TIME.” “I’m not going to see this again.” This is a look you will always want to remember. The President of the United States would do his best to serve the people. Now let’s see what Congress will do. You know Congress serve their pockets. Come on Congress. Smile! This is not Candid Camera but the real world. So get your act and your MEAN MUG-SHOTS together. Shhh… the President is about to speak.

Opposite End Of The Spectrum___Behaviors

Hate it when folks just can’t do the job, never had an original thought of their own, and don’t have a plan. They don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and absolutely don’t know the answer? Why do people pretend like they know? We know and so does the whole world know they don’t know a D..n thing. They break out in the “I will get back to you later” message. Here we go with the PUT OFF TURNED OFF SYNDROME. It would be so nice if the person or persons can say, “I don’t know.” Is it really so hard to say these 3 little words? Instead, they lay back in the cut, fold their arms and pretend like you are the dummy for not knowing and asking them the question. You are the dummy if you think they will give you an answer or tell you the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Do you think you will be judged as STUPID for not knowing? You are STUPID for pretending you know. What happens when your cover is peeped? BUSTED! Please feel free to ask all the questions you want.

Never failed to use your common sense. It is absolutely okay to reach back and evaluate your life lessons and compare and contrast them to what is transpiring today. Never let any WHITE KNIGHTS ride in on their horses and tell you to dismiss common sense, your life experiences, and look at the evidence. They just told you to be STUPID. If you don’t have common sense and you are brilliant have a BRO or SISTER break it down in layman’s term. The nonprofessionals are truly the professionals when it comes to street smarts. These are the people with LIFE LEARN LESSON SKILLS. They went out into the world and got their A.. kicked, dusted their A… off, and they know not to do that SH… again. Most important of all they have learned the big lesson of the day. If it happens to them it could happen to you or anyone. Consequences are dealt with the hand of the ones who cheat, lie, and are full of deceit. Through failure, it will punch the clock of success if you keep trying even at the smallest goal to get it right. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum is not trying to get it right.

When you INTENTIONALLY fail and try to take others down the KEYSTONE PIPELINE you have a hand full of consequences to deal with. Go with what you know and have lived. To all the men who can never have a baby stop trying to deny the rights of women to make their own decisions. To the BROTHERS who never passed a kidney stone through their PENIS maybe you need to reconsider leaving women rights alone. It can get messy and painful but it will never compare to women having a baby. This will give all the men the opportunity of RETHINKING the RAPE issue and let women decide what choices they need to make for themselves and their bodies.

Was this an out-of-body experience to actually witness people doing wrong and they knew it was wrong? How is it possible to balance a budget when you work with people whose mind is not balanced? WHEW! On The Opposite End Of The Spectrum, we have had some crazy A.. Behaviors. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, those minds which are imbalanced and suffer from a chemical imbalance get put out into the pastures, drugged up, and jailed. What a treatment plan! Whenever things get out of sort and a person doesn’t understand right and wrong it has nothing to do with their pride. Hell, they don’t know and they need to be taught. Is it INTENTIONAL? NO! Take a look across the street and we will visit with some arrogant/over-confident FOLKS. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, they call it HUBRIS. This DUDE up next owned every word definition under the thesaurus.

Let’s scope out LITTLE RICHIE RICH. Hey! On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, this pretender lost the election and was very cocky. Talking about a V.I.P. he never told the TRUTH about himself or his taxes. How VAIN was this? What a hand! The shuffle was on and he never stopped using his cards of consequences. His riches remain intact but along the way, his CREDIBILITY has no impact. There goes his IMAGE. PRIDE! Forget about that. This DUDE wore his PRIDE on his shoulders. He still tried to go to lunch and sit in THE CHAIR. He did get served in more ways than one. He is definitely not a good model for LIFE SKILLS/SOCIAL SKILLS because he had neither of the 2 skills. He failed to learn and his wife blamed the man who sits in THE CHAIR for LITTLE RICHIE RICH failures. What did he learn? Nothing! He is still out trying to give advice. Don’t take it.

WOW! Take a peep at the DUDE flashing his wiener around. Is he full of himself or just disgusting? On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, it was understood when Sammy whipped out his wiener and began to have a display day. It was understood when Derrick whipped out his wiener in public and wanted to pee immediately. They were both corrected and given redirections. Although they struggle with their disabilities, appropriateness of one’s behavior is always addressed. Right and Wrong is a big TIME conversation. WEINER is not on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. What is his D… problem? There is plenty of room.

Then we have FILNER on the ROOF. Just another typical BOB whose trying to reach out a little bit too much. Finger fascination! BOB is just trying to learn how to really reach people especially women. He is a.k.a GROPESTER, a.k.a BE ALL YOU CAN BE HUMAN ASSAULT SEX WEAPON, a.k.a. GRANNY SNATCHER and has rolled the dice 19 TIMES and counting. Is this HUBRIS or is BOB FILNER the new keyword for SEX OFFENDER? This is some pretty embarrassing behaviors for government officials. What is up with these mayors? What is up with the BOBS? Hold Up! I’m missing my WATCH. BOB has it. No! Get out of here! What would BOB McDONNELL want with a waterproof TIMEX? This DUDE has sunk to an all TIME low. I get it now. It started with the TIMEX and moved up to the ROLEX. Hey, I want to share the love. In Kansas City Missouri, city councilman MICHAEL BROOKS got busted for SEXTING. What did MICHAEL expect? It sure wasn’t blackmailing that lead to a police investigation. Come on MICHAEL BROOKS! Your constituents in Districts 5 is feeling really betrayed. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum fries small fish too.

LIFE LEARN LESSON teaches you if it didn’t work for CHARLES MANSON, JOHN GOTTI, TED BUNDY, AILEEN WUORNOS it sure wasn’t going to work for WHITEY BULGER. AILEEN would straighten the men out. These are the big TIME fish players who all got caught in the end. WHITEY BULGER relationship with his trusted friends, the FBI still got him TIME. What a relationship! The FBI, an agency who gave themselves all A’s and never is wrong. Does this sound like our Congress? The REPUBLICANS can take a bow. Screw conflict of interest. The FBI has kicked it up two notches and added the GARLIC. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum__Behaviors keeps on keeping on. Who can get writer’s block with a crew like this? I wonder what the small TIME players are thinking? You D… Skippy! It is not JIFFY. All of the MISBEHAVING PLAYERS will go down in the end. WARNING! WARNING! DANGER! DANGER! Will Robinson. Doctor Smith behavior is nothing compared to THIS MOMENT IN TIME. I guess Doctor Smith is no longer the future screw-up. He doesn’t look too bad after all.

I haven’t talked about this group in a very long TIME. Whenever CONGRESS or the REPUBLICANS was brought up and their ideologies it was hard for me to separate the APA (American Psychiatric Association) from the 2 government agencies and the FBI. It can get real tricky and fancy on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Check it out! Over here on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, we have an APA. Yes, the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION and their 36,000 members get together, publish their books, journals, determines who is crazy and the severity of their craziness. The APA has this codebook used nationwide for diagnosing a disorder. The APA does it by testing or evaluating what a person can or cannot do to see what your strengths and weakness are. They go to the drawing board to see what type of plan they can set you up with. They go back to the drawing board to adjust or modify the plans when things begin to look as though it will not work. What hotel and luxurious accommodation will the person receive? You mean to tell me all they got are jails and no triage facilities. This doesn’t sound too good. Can I get some real help around this place? What are you stuck with after all that tweaking of the program? Do you walk away with a big fancy label that will stigmatize you for life? Later to have the APA come back and snatch your label away and shove you under a different umbrella. NO CAN DO!

Well, on the Flip Side Of The Chart you have staunch advocates who said they were not playing that game. Toni Atwood and Simon-Baron-Cohen, King Pens of Asperger made it clear to the APA to take their circus tent and move it to another town. Same stale old game but the players have changed. The game remains the same but it is TIME to step to the plate and change the rules. The new crew has to move forth with a new conversation. The DUDES on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART made it clear they would not be swept under the rug. The APA can take their umbrella and shove it. Everyone should be treated equally, tested, and diagnosed properly. People who were diagnosed with the fancy names wanted the BS stopped because they knew the APA did not have their act together. WHEW! Baby Bring It! How are you going to tell people who need to be on the list? Have you checked out the list lately? Do you see your name on the list? EXACTLY! When you get your SH… together come back and tell me about my SH… BOTTOM LINE the PLAYER will no longer be PLAYED. The PLAYER will show you what he got and what he truly stands for. The PLAYER is coming after you. You have held the PLAYER up long enough. Does this sound familiar? It is an ERIC HOLDER MOMENT.

We will run this baby to the OPPOSITE END OF THE SPECTRUM and check out the BEHAVIORS. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, the body language is out of sync. WHOA! On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, they call it FURTIVE MOVEMENT. What will a person try to hide if they may not want someone to know they are not societies most acceptable? Stop and Frisk here I come. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, it is all viewed as Dysfunctional Behavior no matter what is caught on tape. On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, you pick up your fancy name and 3 more diagnoses. Next, you are tagged for Americans Most Dangerous. On the Opposite End Of The Spectrum, you no longer need a gun. Hell, a slab of concrete will do. Even though you were the victim, dead, and being a child did not matter. The Opposite End Of The Spectrum put their precious guns before the children and accepted the loss as just a loss. On the same spectrum Women are viewed as second class citizens they are being rubbed off the chart.

It has been a rough and a mind-boggling journey. Many rivers and valleys have been crossed. The trip was worth the pain, aches, and heartbreaks. The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART is not the psychotic bosses. Hail to the Opposite End Of The Spectrum. You kicked A… and you have won all of the crazy mo-fo debates.

Hold The Fort Down

Is it me? I don’t think so. I don’t have to wonder if my child’s life matters. I know the importance of my son’s life and the wicked hell and bullying children’s lives are put through when they appear different.

All children are important regardless if they have a neurological disorder, learning disability, behavioral disorder, or just the children in the mainstream. NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND nor should ONE CHILD’S LIFE BE CONSIDERED MORE OR LESS THAN THE OTHER. Concerned parents whose children have behaviors that may seem strange, nerdy, or disabled understand what will happen to their children. I want YOU to understand.

What will happen if someone else doesn’t understand their body language, the lack of eye contact, or if the child doesn’t understand that he is violating a person’s space? I can look in my own backyard and see the danger right at my doorstep. I don’t want to wait until a death occurs within the community and realize this could be my son. As a mother, I do not wish to bury my son before me. NO PARENT DOES! How many more lives will it take?

Our children are dying and regardless of the RACE or being DISABLED it is an INJUSTICE. I never thought the day would come when I would see so many young adults lying in state at a funeral home. To see a mother stretch across her child’s coffin screaming, GOD Why? You could have taken me first. I never thought the day would come when I would hear a child say, “I’m PAID IN FULL.” I got my funeral arrangement taken care of and my mother doesn’t have to worry. We don’t live past the age of 25 in the city. DEAR LORD! What happened to our children’s spirits for them to take on this mentality? When did we start DIVIDING people’s lives up and measuring the significance of one life or one race over another? It is TIME TO HOLD THE FORT DOWN.

On March 22, 2011, I posted GOT NO TIME TO BE DISABLED. Yes, this was an eye-opener for me. TREVON, not TRAYON MARTIN, made it clear to me that he didn’t have TIME to be disabled because it would make him an easy target in his community. Everybody was viewed disabled in his community and you didn’t have to do any wrong to get killed. It was open season on Blacks. I was also informed by TREVON that being or looking disabled was a protective coating also. It would keep certain people afraid and out of your hood.

Your community had earned a certain IMAGE. BLACK on BLACK CRIME would be swept under the rug. WOW! If you lived in a nicer neighborhood and you were killed it was an INJUSTICE. WOW! Who would care about someone getting killed in the inner city or ghetto? Trevon said it was an everyday occurrence. If you are black you were under attack. He said there are special rules and gun laws to kill us all. WOW! This was only a year ago.

Trevon reminded me on several occasions to get the spelling of his name right. He said he had been to three or four funerals within 2 weeks TIME. One of his friends had gotten either wounded or killed and the spelling of his name was TRAYVON. We talked about it extensively but I dismiss it as him being superstitious. On April 25, 2011, a young man name TREVONNE WINN went to visit his family in EAST FLATBUSH BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. This young man was killed and his murder was caught on tape. The article was written by Grant Greenberg and the headline read, MISTAKEN IDENTITY KILLING CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE VIDEO. TREVONNE WINN was from SOUTH CAROLINA. To see his mother and twin sister speaking to the media was heart-wrenching.

When I heard about the shooting I called TREVON’s cell phone but I could not reach him. I went back to talk to his family but everyone was so tight-lipped. I remember TREVON wouldn’t give me his last name. He said the less I knew about him the better. I remember him telling me no matter how crazy the people appear to be, “AIN’T NO SNITCHES UP IN THE HOUSE.” His wicked smile would appear and in my heart, I felt he was going to be alright. I haven’t heard from him since but I light a candle and pray may GOD watch over him.

On May 10, 2011, I posted a brief story stating it didn’t matter if you were diagnosed with NLD SYNDROME. I was going for RECOGNITION OF LIFE. Too many of our children were dying. I had tunnel vision and color blindness when it came to NLD SYNDROME. It was TIME to step outside of the box. I had to realize it was just not our children with the neurological disorder at great risk but anyone can be taken advantage of. All children/adults lives are at stake. THERE IS NO PERSON IMMUNE FROM DANGER! THERE IS NO PERSON EXEMPT FROM DEATH!

This is when I recognized I no longer cared for the validation of the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA). They were bad at their job and had not taken responsibility for putting NLD SYNDROME on the DSM5 after 41 years. DR. REIGER and his task force team could burn in RICK SANTORUM’S HELL and could DINE IN HELL’S KITCHEN. I can say that I did not walk away empty-handed. The AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA) taught me to never ENDORSE anyone who could not do the job. The AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION has been compared to the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They are bad at their jobs, they do not care about lives, and it is all about funding. The CONTENDERS/PRETENDERS needed psychological testing with the exception of PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The contrast between the APA, the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and the PRETENDERS/CONTENDERS there are none. They are all as crazy as a “road lizard.” The PSYCHIATRIC community has never spoken out or came forward to address the madness of the debates nor the decision-making process of any candidate. Mr. ETCH A SKETCH himself should have been erased from the debates a long TIME ago. The REPUBLICANS have gotten the opportunity to display their madness, ignorance, and incompetence. I’m going to spread the joy around. We have DEMOCRATS that are out there too. Let’s not forget MR. FREEZE of LOUISIANA, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, who put 90,000 dollars in the freezer.

I guess he wanted some cold hard cash. SANDFORD BISHOP who just loved using his position to benefit his family. Not to single the BLUE DOG RUFF RUFF out, this is a great past TIME on CAPITOL HILL. GREGORY MEEKS, we will try not to have a HURRICANE around you. OOPS! There goes the funding. It is all about equal opportunity. It is hard to believe these people are elected officials of our country.

On July 12, 2011, IN THE DEFENSE FOR THE DEFENSE…NLD__A YOUTUBE MOMENT was posted. Another famous case, which was in FLORIDA, went into a BARBARIC MODE. INJUSTICE SPOKE VOLUMES and children started turning up missing by their parents. People were making jokes saying if you want to get rid of your kids take them to Florida. You will get off the hook. CHRIST! BABY LISA turned up missing in the state of Missouri. The jokes got even worse. ANGRY GRANPA had a reaction to the FLORIDA CASE that was out of this world. He took PRIME TIME HATRED to a new level. The ANGRY GRAMPA’S behavior was a revelation to DR. DREW.

On October 8, 2011, AN NLD MOTHER’S PRAYER was posted. My son decided to take his usual walk. He stopped in a small shop to make a purchase. The shop did not have what he wanted. He left and started walking home when the police pulled him over. He remembered all the talks we had and was playing the information over in his head. The officer asked him had he been to the shop. He replied in a respectful manner. My son wanted to know what he had done wrong. The officer asked if he had shouted at the girl behind the counter. He was surprised. His voice tone was the same. The officer wanted to know if he always talked loud. The rest is history. When he arrived home I was told of his experience. I was asked if there were any PRIVILEGES IN BEING BLACK. WOW! Will it always be this way? He dropped his head and said, “I HELD THE FORT DOWN and LIVED ANOTHER DAY.”

To the MILLION HOODIE MARCH: I could be that parent and that could be my son. I will continue to PRAY while YOU PRESS ON. Go forth in PEACE and remain and STAND STRONG. From this day forward, “HOLD THE FORT DOWN.”


Look of Love NLD Valentines’s Day

The Scene opens with a loving couple talking to each other.


Did you bring me that special edition of Ebony Magazine?


Yes, I did.


I”m talking about the one that has the three different covers on it.


I got this baby girl.


Is it the edition with the Obama’s on it?


Yes, it is.


Does it say 15 Hottest Couples?


Okay, stop right there. You’re rocking my list. That was eight questions. When you sent me to the store, you gave me too many directions. You wanted the magazine, avocados and hair dye. I forgot the other stuff.  So I went back to pick up BeBe so he could help me out.


You went to Bebe’s house!  Is that why it took you so long?


Bebe is my interpreter. We have been hanging out together for years. He’s my trusted friend and he has my back.


Yeah right, Bebe is a knucklehead.


Hey, you don’t need to be dissing my friend.  I have a hard time multitasking. If you just give me 3-5 things to do, I will be just fine.  But girl, you went on and on.


So, are you telling me that I worked your nerves?


Hey, I did not say that. I’m saying that if you give me too many directions it’s going to set me up for failure.  Baby, I have problems with multitasking.  It is on my list.


You and your list.  All I asked you to do is get me a few things from the store, stop at Arnesha,  get my curling iron and pick up my dress from the cleaners. You forgot that but you didn’t forget Bebe.  Since he is your interpreter, why don’t you marry him? Interpret that!


Ooh, don’t tempt me, girl.


What did you say?


My friends Andre Autism, Arnell Asperger and Ace ADHD have the same problem with staying focused and multitasking.


No Leon, your friends have problems with their names all starting with A. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  Is that all their parents can come up with is the letter A?


Come on. Your friends name Arnesha.


Leon, don’t go there.  Just bring me the magazine and tell me what you see. Okay, come over here.  Are you paying attention?


Yeah, baby.




Michelle and Barack have pretty teeth.


Get out of here.  You did not just say that.  They’re smiling.  Check out the look in their eyes.  Leon, this is the look of passion and true love.


Girl, you are over the top. So I am supposed to see all that from a look on their faces in a magazine photo?  Right.


You never look at me anyway when I’m talking to you. Hell, I will take a cross-eyed look right about now…  Anything!


Cynthia it is going to make you mad. It is on my list.


Here we go. I’m so tired of that list. Where Leon? Show it to me.


It is right there with nonverbal communication. That’s why I can’t look at you or tell you what mood you are in. I can’t read facial expressions.  This has an effect on the way I act toward your friends. You get on me about that television show, Lie To Me. It teaches facial expression and body languages.  I’m really trying to learn.


Oh, Leon, my friends will help you.


Thanks, baby, I’ll keep looking at the program… and I’ll keep reading this book on different cultures and what their gaze means.


Leon, I didn’t know you could read.  Just kidding.


If we were Asians and we gazed at each other like that,  it could mean that we are rude, aggressive and disrespectful.  Japanese lower their gaze in respect. Our culture is more flirtatious. In some cultures, it means that you are putting a spell on someone by giving them the evil eye.  They even did a study on children who tested and gave better answers when they were not looking at the examiner.  It takes a lot of mental processing when you are looking at someone.  The children that look at the examiner did not do as well.  Hey, it is just a theory.


Wow, Leon, that is really interesting.


Cynthia… about your girlfriend Arnesha…


Yeah, Leon.


She has SAD


No Leon, don’t you mean she IS sad?


No, SAD means social anxiety disorder. She is petrified of embarrassing herself. Arnesha has an intense fear of people talking about her. Whenever Arnesha comes over here and we are going to the party, she starts pouring on the alcohol. She starts shaking, complaining that she has nausea, and pouring out the sweats. Did we ever make it to the party?  I know that is your homegirl,  but you really need to talk to her about seeing a doctor.


Oh, Leon, I didn’t know you cared.


I don’t.  She is drinking up all my Hennessy. Just kidding!  Gotcha back.


Leon, I see you’re getting better with the jokes. Boy, I’m going to grey you up yet.


I just wanted to include Arnesha… I know how it feels to be left out.


Leon, I’m so proud of you. You have really come a long way.


Cynthia, I really appreciate you too.  I know it has been hard for you but thanks for hanging out.


Leon, can you try to give me that look Barack is giving Michelle?


Girl it’s going to take a long time before I master that one. Will you hang tough with me that long?


Well, as long as you keep trying.  For now, I will take Alicia and Swizz or we can go for a Will and Jada smile and gaze.


Baby, try not to rock my list. It took lots of work getting me to express my feelings. Just please be patient and together we will achieve one skill at a time.  At least I’m not Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost saying “Ditto”.


I love you, Leon.


Happy Valentine’s Day Cynthia.


Good Night.

Super Bowl Flare Up NLD

We are counting down the days to the Superbowl. Emotions are running high. Our tempers are flaring up. Americans go berserk when competitive sports are involved.

Can I have a spotlight down here, please?  I just need to take a closer look at some of the players.  Thank you.  Maybe this will shine the light on why our team players are having these outbursts of anger, and explosive behaviors.

Leroy, get over here and stop acting like you own the team.  I know you don’t do well with criticism.  You upset a few of your teammates when you get loud and you were in their face.  Don’t be upset if they change the color of your shoes. You look like a Demanding Diva to the coach and the owner.

Let’s get one thing straight.  Leroy is not emotionally disturbed.  He has some negative behaviors but he is not a behavior problem.  In the Sunday paper, it had Leroy Syndrome painted as an arrogant a-hole.   He is not arrogant and he wasn’t having a bad hair day.  Leroy Syndrome is NLD.  Leroy does Leroy.  He does himself.  Leroy does have other special interests.

It appears that Leroy may have a know-it-all attitude.  He has trouble with authority figures and has a problem with identifying who is in charge.  So coach Asperger, just explains to him in a nice calm voice that the team is not his.  Sorry Coach, I forgot you have the same problem with a loud voice.  We will find someone else to do it.  Leroy does better with praises than with criticism.  Tell Mike Ditka this is good for Leroy’s self-esteem.  What is wrong with positive feedback?  We all know Leroy needs a lot of praises.

Bring that bucket over here.  Is that the understanding bucket?  That’s the wrong bucket.  Get it out of here!

Tell Dwayne and Boo Boo don’t get mad.  I know he talks loud.  The other players Asperger,  Autism, and ADHD talks loud also.  He did not mean to sound threatening.  Leroy has a right hemisphere brain disorder.  He is unable to comprehend changes in voices and body language.  The non-verbal element of his speech is disturbed.  Leroy doesn’t have rhythm.  Literally.  That’s in his voice and tone of his speech.  He can’t read the facial expressions which play a part in his loud voice.  Calmly say to him, lower your voice.  He just needs to be cued in.

Leroy would you tell them that those tennis shoes are not your lucky piece charm.  “Yes, I have a hard time adapting to change and the coach did not let me know ahead of time.”  Leroy, is there anything else you would like to tell us?  “Well, the shoes are important to me.  I have a difficult time with what is relevant or irrelevant.  I talk off task or get away from the subject.  When people don’t explain themselves and they ask me did I understand, I say no.”  Well, you heard it firsthand from Leroy Syndrome.  This will help you understand why people tell you NO.

To the owner, you have a manual on how the game is played.  It is time to get a manual on Leroy Syndrome.

This one is dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama.  Understanding NO is important.

Who In The World Is NLD

It is time to go in search of specific characteristics or traits that sets me apart from others.   These characteristics will help identify NLD

>  I can talk it out better than simply doing the task

> My speech and language develop early

>  I learn information by habit or rote memory

>  I use Fancy footwork to express myself eloquently

>  Dancing is out, tying my shoes and typing is difficult, I will not be on a balance beam, or riding a bike due to coordination problems

> My nervous system is compromised which causes me to have severe balance problems

> No cutting the turkey, or cutting any objects for that matter – fine motor skills

> It’s hard to identify faces, to judge people, It is hard to understand others viewpoints,   and I have a problem with the perception of time.

> I can’t read people’s body language (posture, gesture, facial expression, social cues)

> I find it difficult adapting to change and transitioning

> I take abstract concepts literal, hidden residual rules

> I have poor social judgment and trouble interacting with people

There are three areas that include NLD and surround me.

> motoric

> visual-spatial-organizational

> social

Motoric – impairment causing difficulty to typing and writing (computers, iMac, iPods, iTouch, iPad, iPhone).

Thank you to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Sony and for Mac Scribe;

NLD has difficulty buttoning, fastening,(Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki, for velcro); manipulating small objects, tasks that require dexterity(Thank you for your “As Seen On TV”, Grabber, your One Touch can opener, Slicer Dicer, and Magic Bullet ).

NLD talks their way through a motor task (verbally)(Thank you for Bluetooth);

NLD resist eating with a fork or spoon, (Thank you for food product like Cup of Soup with a spout) laying on the floor, NLD finds it hard to sit in a chair(Thank You for video rocking chairs, ottomans, platform beds, and bean bags) due to coordination it will be difficult to master simple athletic skills,

NLD find their gross motor skills are impaired (running, jumping, climbing)

NLD presses too hard with the pencil.(Thank you for stylus)

Visual-spatial/visual perception-organizational-

For NLD it is difficult to tell who is in charge (difficulty with authority figures) hard to judge how heavy or large an object (doesn’t explore the world around him/her), hard to gather information, can’t envision or no imagination, can’t think creatively or abstractly not sure where his body is in space (space invader)

NLD can’t read maps, graphs or charts (Thank You for Garmin, TomTom, Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, Net 10, Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, Straight Talk, Cricket for your navigational devices);

NLD  verbally labels everything, difficulty with shapes, sequence, prioritizing, binds through dialogue (use Bluetooth), difficulty with left and right,   and concept formation organizing and planning.

Social-expressive and receptive language –

NLD has difficulty with pragmatic and semantic skills (linguistic and how one express oneself) or linguistic syntax, abstract language (figurative, idioms, multiple meaning) very literal, monotone voice,

NLD has lots of social blunders, cannot decipher posture, facial expression, very black and white, cannot read between the lines,

NLD makes very precise remarks, people think they are jerks,

NLD has cocktail party speech(Captain Jack Sparrow), labeled as a pest or annoying, rude, not courteous

NLD may appear to others as disrespectful, naively trusting (needs trusted adults or grand guardians) rigid in thoughts…

In addition, NLD has difficulty with attention deficits, overstimulating environments, trouble with staying focus, and distractions need to be limited. Multitasking is counterproductive and step by step procedures work best with limited directions.