Tan Is The New Black

Every channel I turn on I see the TAN SUIT. I hope by now you have changed your suit. You know who you are.  Sure this is personal. I cannot believe all the people who missed the TRUE meaning of the TAN SUIT. Okay!  People did not get upset when H.W.B. aka CAPTAIN SOCKS wore the TAN SUIT. R.R.,  the actor, rocked the TAN SUIT and there was no rest and recuperation for the nation. B. C., the saxophonist blew the suit out and NO he did not come Before Christ. Standing behind the podium in the TAN SUIT rocked the HOUSE.

The power of Nonverbal Communication revealed itself front and center.   Either you could read the TAN SUIT or totally missed out on the message.  Just think if you were one of the persons on the Flip Side Of The Chart and you could not read the intonation of ones voice tone (pitch), facial expression, hand signals, metaphors, and you most certainly could not read their outfit.  Sure everyone was in an uproar. A black man wearing a TAN SUIT representing who. Exactly! From Black to Tan to Beige just gave a sneak preview of the next or future Commander-and-Chief and how INCLUSION is key. In this case, it was quite upsetting to those who looked upon the podium and saw a White person may not get another chance to do their dance.

Let’s step back to 1962 when Elmer Bernstein wrote the song Walk On the Wide Side. Believe it or not Brook Benton song Walk On The Wild Side. Just in case you are not familiar with Brook Benton he is the black cat or black dude who sung Rainey Night In Georgia.  White folks don’t be upset if you never made a special request.   In the preview of the movie, a black cat comes strolling down the sidewalk and this song is playing in the background. Along the way, the black cat faces off with a white cat.  The black cat takes the white cat down. Hmmm! This movie wasn’t received too well back in the day. It was a lot going on and it would be a movie that is very acceptable now. Yes, Joan Fonda, Anne Baxter, and Barbara Stanwyck would have felt right at home in this era.  It would be an everyday occurrence in the neighborhood instead of a movie. Just to update the preview of the movie for today,  a calico cat can take the place of the black cat. The calico cat can give the white cat a run for its money. Not because of the color of the cat but because 99% of calico cats are female. So now we have a woman getting her chance to dominate THE CHAIR.

Yes, you did push the buttons and you Walked on the Wild Side.  For a moment I thought massive seizure activity was on the rise.  Someone decided to change the colors on the X-box and PlayStation Game. The box does have a warning label for rapid color change.   Change is a killer for the Adjustment Bureau. I hope you know your TAN SUIT did not represent the cool and sandy beaches of Italy. Tan is The New Black for representing immigration. Tan is The New Black for Inclusion throughout the nation. Tan is The New Black that has struck fear into the hearts of those who cannot accept this situation. Tan is The New Black that has landed on U. S.  soil for Emancipation. Tan is The New Black.

I flick through my channels and I found you amongst all of that positive energy.  The large rocks had engulfed you. How did you feel with all that positive energy circulating around your body?  It probably felt like YOUR SPACE dot COM. I see you ditched the TAN SUIT.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  The people need to know WHY.  The people understand a lot more than given credit for.  The people understand you are dealing with a destructive force that has emerged from the Bermuda Triangle, aka the Devil’s Triangle. White Clouds emerging out of nowhere.  We’re not talking about toilet paper.  Finally, something white is linked to big TIME evilness.

The TAN SUIT is powerful.  The message it communicates is from Black to Tan to Beige generates what the next Commander-and-chief will facilitate. No person or persons should ever fear or be impeded by thoughts that one race ranks supreme over another. It matters if you are BLIND, CRIPPLE, and fall under the category of DISABLED. Your voice plays a part of the balance to help keep our nation stable.

Of course, I was paying attention.  I notice a young man wearing a tan sports jacket and a blue shirt. He was representing. Yes, I thought Luis Gutierrez looked great. I wonder how Julian Castro and his brother Joaquin Castro look standing behind the podium in their TAN SUIT. Whew! Double your pleasure double your fun. Two contenders behind the podium, LAWD! You know who will be dead and done. Tan is The New Black. I have many friends who are decent human beings. When I am asked if they are white or black my response is they are really cool people and “decent human beings.”  Sooo what happens to all the black folks?  They are joined by the New Black which is Tan. We all come together, vote,  and take a stand.  Stereotyping hopefully will be diminished. You know who will move the nation forward and be in command. Your suit told the story. It was not hard to understand. Immigration is Key and should not be judged by any man. See There! Look what happens when you can’t read Nonverbal Communication.

Side by Side Play

Mom took me to the playground.

All the children played.

Mom watched me very carefully.

She knows I have delays.


Mom came up to me repeatedly.

I didn’t know how to react.

So I shook my head and flapped my arms.

I tried to interact.


The children begin to surround me.

All I could do was stare.

Mom stepped right in immediately.

She helps me become aware.


This is my big moment,

To make friends and try to choose.

This is my moment for reaching out.

I did not want to lose.


Mom deals with all my social blunders

She truly understands.

She loves me and encourages me.

Mom tells me, YES YOU CAN.


I became so frustrated.

My behaviors begin to manifest.

I started stumping, crying, and screaming.

Mom told me it was time to rest.


The children became so frightened.

They all started running away.

I was puzzled and felt very empty inside.

This was a horrible day.


Understanding the concept of making friends,

Made it difficult for the children to stay.

Mom wrapped her arms around me and whispered.

It is called side by side play.


This is dedicated to all the Mothers with children that have extraordinary minds with unique abilities and multi-level learning styles on Mother’s Day, wishing you the best. This also goes out to all the children across the world who have difficulty developing friendships and relationships. Hang in there, you are not alone.

NLD Mom/cancer survivor

Look of Love NLD Valentines’s Day

The Scene opens with a loving couple talking to each other.


Did you bring me that special edition of Ebony Magazine?


Yes, I did.


I”m talking about the one that has the three different covers on it.


I got this baby girl.


Is it the edition with the Obama’s on it?


Yes, it is.


Does it say 15 Hottest Couples?


Okay, stop right there. You’re rocking my list. That was eight questions. When you sent me to the store, you gave me too many directions. You wanted the magazine, avocados and hair dye. I forgot the other stuff.  So I went back to pick up BeBe so he could help me out.


You went to Bebe’s house!  Is that why it took you so long?


Bebe is my interpreter. We have been hanging out together for years. He’s my trusted friend and he has my back.


Yeah right, Bebe is a knucklehead.


Hey, you don’t need to be dissing my friend.  I have a hard time multitasking. If you just give me 3-5 things to do, I will be just fine.  But girl, you went on and on.


So, are you telling me that I worked your nerves?


Hey, I did not say that. I’m saying that if you give me too many directions it’s going to set me up for failure.  Baby, I have problems with multitasking.  It is on my list.


You and your list.  All I asked you to do is get me a few things from the store, stop at Arnesha,  get my curling iron and pick up my dress from the cleaners. You forgot that but you didn’t forget Bebe.  Since he is your interpreter, why don’t you marry him? Interpret that!


Ooh, don’t tempt me, girl.


What did you say?


My friends Andre Autism, Arnell Asperger and Ace ADHD have the same problem with staying focused and multitasking.


No Leon, your friends have problems with their names all starting with A. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  Is that all their parents can come up with is the letter A?


Come on. Your friends name Arnesha.


Leon, don’t go there.  Just bring me the magazine and tell me what you see. Okay, come over here.  Are you paying attention?


Yeah, baby.




Michelle and Barack have pretty teeth.


Get out of here.  You did not just say that.  They’re smiling.  Check out the look in their eyes.  Leon, this is the look of passion and true love.


Girl, you are over the top. So I am supposed to see all that from a look on their faces in a magazine photo?  Right.


You never look at me anyway when I’m talking to you. Hell, I will take a cross-eyed look right about now…  Anything!


Cynthia it is going to make you mad. It is on my list.


Here we go. I’m so tired of that list. Where Leon? Show it to me.


It is right there with nonverbal communication. That’s why I can’t look at you or tell you what mood you are in. I can’t read facial expressions.  This has an effect on the way I act toward your friends. You get on me about that television show, Lie To Me. It teaches facial expression and body languages.  I’m really trying to learn.


Oh, Leon, my friends will help you.


Thanks, baby, I’ll keep looking at the program… and I’ll keep reading this book on different cultures and what their gaze means.


Leon, I didn’t know you could read.  Just kidding.


If we were Asians and we gazed at each other like that,  it could mean that we are rude, aggressive and disrespectful.  Japanese lower their gaze in respect. Our culture is more flirtatious. In some cultures, it means that you are putting a spell on someone by giving them the evil eye.  They even did a study on children who tested and gave better answers when they were not looking at the examiner.  It takes a lot of mental processing when you are looking at someone.  The children that look at the examiner did not do as well.  Hey, it is just a theory.


Wow, Leon, that is really interesting.


Cynthia… about your girlfriend Arnesha…


Yeah, Leon.


She has SAD


No Leon, don’t you mean she IS sad?


No, SAD means social anxiety disorder. She is petrified of embarrassing herself. Arnesha has an intense fear of people talking about her. Whenever Arnesha comes over here and we are going to the party, she starts pouring on the alcohol. She starts shaking, complaining that she has nausea, and pouring out the sweats. Did we ever make it to the party?  I know that is your homegirl,  but you really need to talk to her about seeing a doctor.


Oh, Leon, I didn’t know you cared.


I don’t.  She is drinking up all my Hennessy. Just kidding!  Gotcha back.


Leon, I see you’re getting better with the jokes. Boy, I’m going to grey you up yet.


I just wanted to include Arnesha… I know how it feels to be left out.


Leon, I’m so proud of you. You have really come a long way.


Cynthia, I really appreciate you too.  I know it has been hard for you but thanks for hanging out.


Leon, can you try to give me that look Barack is giving Michelle?


Girl it’s going to take a long time before I master that one. Will you hang tough with me that long?


Well, as long as you keep trying.  For now, I will take Alicia and Swizz or we can go for a Will and Jada smile and gaze.


Baby, try not to rock my list. It took lots of work getting me to express my feelings. Just please be patient and together we will achieve one skill at a time.  At least I’m not Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost saying “Ditto”.


I love you, Leon.


Happy Valentine’s Day Cynthia.


Good Night.

Who In The World Is NLD

It is time to go in search of specific characteristics or traits that sets me apart from others.   These characteristics will help identify NLD

>  I can talk it out better than simply doing the task

> My speech and language develop early

>  I learn information by habit or rote memory

>  I use Fancy footwork to express myself eloquently

>  Dancing is out, tying my shoes and typing is difficult, I will not be on a balance beam, or riding a bike due to coordination problems

> My nervous system is compromised which causes me to have severe balance problems

> No cutting the turkey, or cutting any objects for that matter – fine motor skills

> It’s hard to identify faces, to judge people, It is hard to understand others viewpoints,   and I have a problem with the perception of time.

> I can’t read people’s body language (posture, gesture, facial expression, social cues)

> I find it difficult adapting to change and transitioning

> I take abstract concepts literal, hidden residual rules

> I have poor social judgment and trouble interacting with people

There are three areas that include NLD and surround me.

> motoric

> visual-spatial-organizational

> social

Motoric – impairment causing difficulty to typing and writing (computers, iMac, iPods, iTouch, iPad, iPhone).

Thank you to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Sony and for Mac Scribe;

NLD has difficulty buttoning, fastening,(Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki, for velcro); manipulating small objects, tasks that require dexterity(Thank you for your “As Seen On TV”, Grabber, your One Touch can opener, Slicer Dicer, and Magic Bullet ).

NLD talks their way through a motor task (verbally)(Thank you for Bluetooth);

NLD resist eating with a fork or spoon, (Thank you for food product like Cup of Soup with a spout) laying on the floor, NLD finds it hard to sit in a chair(Thank You for video rocking chairs, ottomans, platform beds, and bean bags) due to coordination it will be difficult to master simple athletic skills,

NLD find their gross motor skills are impaired (running, jumping, climbing)

NLD presses too hard with the pencil.(Thank you for stylus)

Visual-spatial/visual perception-organizational-

For NLD it is difficult to tell who is in charge (difficulty with authority figures) hard to judge how heavy or large an object (doesn’t explore the world around him/her), hard to gather information, can’t envision or no imagination, can’t think creatively or abstractly not sure where his body is in space (space invader)

NLD can’t read maps, graphs or charts (Thank You for Garmin, TomTom, Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, Net 10, Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, Straight Talk, Cricket for your navigational devices);

NLD  verbally labels everything, difficulty with shapes, sequence, prioritizing, binds through dialogue (use Bluetooth), difficulty with left and right,   and concept formation organizing and planning.

Social-expressive and receptive language –

NLD has difficulty with pragmatic and semantic skills (linguistic and how one express oneself) or linguistic syntax, abstract language (figurative, idioms, multiple meaning) very literal, monotone voice,

NLD has lots of social blunders, cannot decipher posture, facial expression, very black and white, cannot read between the lines,

NLD makes very precise remarks, people think they are jerks,

NLD has cocktail party speech(Captain Jack Sparrow), labeled as a pest or annoying, rude, not courteous

NLD may appear to others as disrespectful, naively trusting (needs trusted adults or grand guardians) rigid in thoughts…

In addition, NLD has difficulty with attention deficits, overstimulating environments, trouble with staying focus, and distractions need to be limited. Multitasking is counterproductive and step by step procedures work best with limited directions.

We Need An Interpreter

You know, we need an interpreter. This goes out to all my NLD associates. I chose the eyeglasses with one lens analogy because it gives a distorted view. This is not the whole picture. We get false impressions of what we see and how we interpret the information. We may miss the body language. Much of the nonverbal information is missed. Perfect, I don’t get the whole picture either!

English is truly a second language. Just like how you may interpret other foreign languages, English is foreign to me. If you start adding METAPHORS, SIMILES, and PERSONIFICATIONS, things really become abstract. You really have some explaining to do if you start talking to me with idioms and sarcasm…. don’t bother going there.

People make comments and say “It flew over your head.” I would say I did not have the ability to “get it.” I did not understand the meaning. Did the person explain it to me? This is very frustrating and makes people angry. Just say it in plain English. It’s time to break it down.

So in the world of Harry Potter, I’m going to need a dictionary. So many of the words seem abstract in these books. Twilight was simply horrible. We will be sitting in the movie theater and you will become my interpreter. This will continue throughout the movie.

Here come the famous questions…

What was your conclusion? How can you draw inference upon what happened? I have an idea if you POINT IT OUT and EXPLAIN IT all to me, I will give you an answer. This is where we begin to pour the concrete. I need CONCRETE, EXPLICIT, and FACTUAL INFORMATION.

People may think I am being sarcastic. I’m not. Do you know what I am talking about? Truth is, I don’t have a clue about sarcasm. It all sounds foreign to me.

Does this sound familiar? Do you have anybody in mind?

Hey, those are not my eyeglasses…

Hey, those are not my eyeglasses. One of the lenses is missing. The left lens is intact, but the right lens is out. Now you are cooking! Thank you for finding my neuro-behavioral right hemisphere shades. No, I’m not Captain Sparrow. I’m NLD.

Don’t worry, we will hit a few bumps along the way. We are going to have some misunderstandings. This is just a friendly reminder to let you know that I’m not EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED. I have UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS So whatever happens to me and the world around me, I did not do it on purpose.

Those bumps will decrease, the misunderstandings will diminish if you EDUCATE yourself about me. Just TEACH me. Give me the FACTS, no FLUFF and we will be okay. SPELL IT OUT, POINT IT OUT, so that we can TALK IT OUT. LA Confidential. Just the Facts Jack!

From where I am standing, looking through these glasses, I process information differently. You would too if you miss 65% of NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION.

Sure, I talk a good game but all hell is going to break loose if I have to apply the information or write it. Look close… that’s right… I’m very language proficient.

In the educational world, they judge you by scholastic achievements based on language communication. What happens when you stop talking? We have to decipher the NONVERBAL ASPECT of COMMUNICATION. Uh oh, I’m in trouble now! The body starts talking. I can’t read it.

Let me ask you something… Do you know anyone like this? Does it sound like you?

Stay Tuned…..

Welcome to my Blog!

The doors are open. Sure! Come on in. We have embarked upon a new year and it is TIME for some changes up in the House. Once you crossed the threshold there is no turning back. What do we WELCOME? We WELCOME change, growth, progressiveness, diversity, and inclusion. In the words of AL Green–LOVE and HAPPINESS. It makes you want to do wrong or make you want to do right. It can make you come home early or make you stay out all night. Whatever it makes you do, we will find out whether or not it was INTENTIONAL or UNINTENTIONAL. Let’s see who is ROCKIN’ THE LIST. Let’s see who will be thrown off the MENTAL CLIFF.

I am happy to have you here. Please take your time, read my blog, and help spread the facts about NLD (NONVERBAL LEARNING DISABILITY). What is that? It is a neurological, neuro-behavioral syndrome with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS shaken up by a broken down compromised nervous system where the right hemisphere of the brain lacks creativity. The good news is there are many NLDERS who do not lack creativity and are very sociable. Hang tight, roll with me, and we will find out the three areas that encompass NLD Syndrome.

No one should compromise who they are to become what we want them to be. We need to adapt and change our way of thinking. It is TIME to change the lightbulb in our minds and get some energy savers. We will be able to run the marathon. Our minds can endure the pain, hardship, and stress of a decrease in power to shed the light on the actual problem. A surge in energy can spin our Rolodex out of control and shift the information in our brain. The boost can be too much and the tasks overwhelmed us. In the long run, it will cost our bodies less, help diminish the brain stress, and give an extension of quality of life. Some people need a JUMP START in life while others need a swift kick in the A… Which one are you?