Easter Under The Umbrella For NLD

Scene:  Sammy Spatial Relations and Fanny Faulty Perception explain why Nicky NLD does not want to participate in the Easter egg hunt. There are certain elements when activated within Nicky NLD which can bring out certain unwanted behaviors. This would be Nicky NLD’s beast. Sammy and Fanny are trying to figure out strategies and coping skills to help Nicky NLD.   Sammy wants to make the hunt easy for Nicky NLD and wants him to feel included.  Sammy Spatial Relations gives his view of his relationship with Nicky NLD for clarity and understanding. Fanny Faulty Perception wants people to understand what happens to Nicky NLD when he comes in contact with her family and other relatives.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

I’m glad you agreed to meet with me today. I appreciate you coming,  Sammy Spatial Relations. Is your back injury any better?

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Not really, but I have a good doctor. I could have prevented this injury from happening. I know better. Judging from the size and weight of that pipe I thought my body was in the clear. My timing was off and Roscoe was up next to put his parts in the car.  At Ford Motor Company the order of operation is crucial. If one person is off it screws up the whole line.  I’m so glad that wasn’t Nicky NLD out there on the line with me.  He would be wrapped up like the mummy.  It would be a 50 car pile up.  Nicky NLD hasn’t built any relationships with direction, time, space, quantity, shape, movement, volume, order,  and size. These are not Nicky NLD qualities. This is what I am good at. He can have a relationship with others but he will receive a lot of false information. He needs to build a relationship with his body and use his senses to gather information to make judgment calls. The more he interacts with his environment, the more he would remember by not having to ask for information. This would help strengthen his problem-solving skills.

He would understand cause and effect, stick to his schedule, and compare and find out what he likes and dislikes. He would know the difference.  Through the eyes of Nicky NLD, it is hard for him to discriminate differences (visual-spatial). He cannot make his body move smoothly and accurately. That is why people think he is clumsy and he bumps into people and objects all the time (motor-spatial). Nicky NLD can’t participate because it takes both visual and motor spatial skills to finish the activity. This garden is a maze to him.  He felt trapped. Your family was pretty hard on Nicky NLD. This is why he doesn’t want to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt. You and your crew didn’t understand. I get why Nicky NLD got so angry.  We are inseparable. I’m trying to help him with his deficits not bring him down in front of the whole world. The key to helping Nicky NLD is giving him support, acknowledging his achievements, and correcting his mistakes without beating him down and calling him out of his name.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

So you are singing Nicky’s praises once again to the tune of Natalie Cole’s Inseparable.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

What you are saying to me right now is the very reason why Nicky NLD took out the shears and turned your garden maze into chopped spinach greens.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

Nicky NLD went too far. My family teasing him didn’t last forever.  It was fun and short-lived. You know Anthony Acute Stress is quite fond of Nicky NLD. Acute stress is normal. Any information Nicky received or event that makes him feels unpleasant stresses him out. It wasn’t like it was work related or he was caught in a traffic jam.

Hey, Charles Chronic Stress could have started in on Nicky NLD. Talkabout getting really bad results! Charles Chronic Stress just keeps pushing those magic buttons and continues his stress act. He refuses to go away.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

You and I both know that acute and chronic stress are the two major causes of faulty perception. Fanny Faulty Perception this is you. STRESS!

Fanny Faulty Perception:

Come on Sammy Spatial Relations, a girl has to cause a little drama once in a while in her life. It’s the way people perceive me and think about me that causes the stress. You know I can’t do this on my own. We all have life stresses. It could be financial, relationships, work-related, or health issues. Look deep inside of me and you will find out what it all boils down to. The individual perception and his/her thinking get them all worked up. I told you on Twitter to handle your business before your business handles you. How long will Nicky NLD be mad at us?

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Nicky NLD just doesn’t pack his bags and go. He can empty the suitcase but the baggage will be there for a long time due to his memory. Your family is on his A-list and it will be years before it will move from the front to the back of his mind. I talked about what happens with Nicky NLD. We are still processing to this very day on ways to make the situation better.  This day is here once again. We have to find a better solution and minimize Nicky’s stress level. Did you invite your cousins Angela Anxiety, Pamela Panic Attack, and Sassy Suzy Stress?

Fanny Faulty Perception:

You know I did. It wouldn’t be a party without them.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Sassy Suzy Stress drives Nicky NLD up the wall. Around her, his stress doesn’t come out of the thin air. The air changes into the fog when he sees her. When she is out of sight his air is clear once again. Nostradamus can’t predict his stress level when panic, anxiety, and stress appears.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

I bought my dream car. The gas prices have gone up and now I’m stressed. I can’t afford the gas for this big 8 cylinder SUV.  I’m not selling my car. Maybe I should get another job. Sassy Suzy Stress is having work-related issues.  Anthony Acute Stress needs to cut back on his relationships. Three girlfriends are too much for him. Charles Chronic Stress has got health issues. Everything is wrong with him. I called Smokelbg up for some advice. She views this as an opportunity to learn. I like her advice but once out of her classroom, I will have a YouTube moment. The camera is rolling and I will be caught on tape doing something I feel I could have gotten away with. Anything or anyone can cause stress.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

The last time Nicky NLD visited Pamela Panic Attack, cousin to anxiety, it was disastrous. He was very uncomfortable and his heart sped up. He became cold one moment and hot the next. Nicky NLD tried to hide it but the fear was so intense it broke loose. I thought he was going to have a seizure but I was wrong. He complained of being nauseous. His hands begin to shake and perspiration covered his face. Nicky NLD said his stomach got queasy.  He shared with me what happened to his friend Tyrone Tourette when he hooked up with Pamela Panic Attack. Tyrone Tourette became light-headed and felt chest pains. He had shortness of breath and of course, his tics came out to play. Tyrone TS said Pamela Panic Attack is not the girl for him. He thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

How long did that last?

Sammy Spacial Relations:

Nicky NLD said the attacks didn’t last much longer than 10-15 minutes. He thought he was going crazy and his behavior would go over the cliff. As long as we provide him with coping skills and helpful strategies he will be equipped to handle the Easter Egg Hunt without any problems.

Fanny Faulty Perceptions:

How did things work out with Angela Anxiety?

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Angela Anxiety is kind of common. She always seems to recur. Nicky NLD doesn’t want her around She will show up if you are physically ill or if it is a mental illness. Angela Anxiety can offset your mood and your emotional tone. The more fear Nicky NLD has his mood and thinking will be affected. You know he loves sports, especially football.

He had to work so hard just to be able to play the game.  This physical activity will be gone once Nicky NLD gets upset.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

Have you met the rest of Angela Anxiety’s family?

Sammy Spatial Relations:

I met some of them, but not all of them. I know for a fact we cannot invite Alice Agoraphobia. If Nicky NLD comes in contact with her he may stop traveling or get to the point he is afraid to be alone in the house. She makes him hate crowded places. Do not place her on the list for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Fanny Faulty Perception does not try it. Nicky NLD probably won’t show up.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

We could invite Shirley Specific Phobia.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Are you crazy? Why do you think Nicky NLD was running around butt-naked at the last Easter Egg Hunt?  We are trying to minimize his stress level not make him act and think irrational.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

I thought he wanted to shed some skin and I love the dance he did on the table.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Shirley Specific Phobia brought her pet snake, spiders, bees, and bugs. The dance you thought he was doing, he was trying to smash them and escape like Houdini. Nicky NLD is okay with dogs, birds, and flying. His friend doesn’t like needle injections, storms, and he is scared of water. Andy Autism is not that crazy about heights, automobile driving, and rodents.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

So I guess she won’t be invited.

Sammy Spatial Relations:


Fanny Faulty Perception:

I might as well scratch Sandra Social Phobia off the list. Nicky NLD hasn’t quite gotten over Arnesha, In The Look of Love Valentine’s Day,  for drinking up all of the liquor. Arnesha and Sandra are SAD (social anxiety disorder).  They have that intense fear of embarrassing themselves, of losing their bowels and bladder, and people thinking they are crazy. We gave them plenty of notice that we were going to have this egg hunt. Weeks passed and Sandra got so worked up and just couldn’t pull it off.  Remember when her sister got her in front of a crowd and told Sandra had wet her pants. As she got older I thought she would get better.  Sandra never recovered from the hurt of embarrassment.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

We don’t need her and Nicky NLD shaking and sweating at the same time.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

We got Gerald Generalize Anxiety. He would be kind of the minimum anxiety disorder for Nicky NLD.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

I really don’t want any anxiety around for Nicky NLD. I don’t know Gerald Generalize Anxiety.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

He would make a person lose sleep, have muscle tension, poor concentration and cause the person to be tired.  I recall when Nicky NLD was younger, his mom referred to him as being over-anxious. Gerald Generalize Anxiety doesn’t hang out with panic disorder, social phobia, and obsessive-compulsive orders or any other crew members. Now that Nicky

NLD is older he worries about his family, bills, and he drives me nuts talking about his girlfriend. Nicky NLD definitely doesn’t want Oscar OCD at the egg hunt.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Yeah, I heard about the squabble Tyrone Tourette and Oscar OCD have between them.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

OCD affects his friend Tyrone Tourette. Tyrone Ts was having tics and ended on the list (DSM-4) with Oscar OCD. Nicky NLD is still not on the list and it has made Tyrone Tourettes really angry. Oscar OCD has the NO NO THOUGHTS. These thoughts are grotesque,  forbidden, and very inappropriate, Oscar OCD own thoughts frighten him.

He is scared he may act upon his own impulsive thoughts. His thoughts are uncontrollable. He washes his hands a million times and ends up with dermatitis. Everyone and everything is contaminated. We are getting into the big league of anxiety and depression disorders. The risk gets high in Tyrone Tourette family. A lot of the people in his family develop OCD. Other mental disorders include people who pull their hair (trichotillomania), gambling, sexual behaviors, and shoplifting. Then you have the lesser of the evils. There are those who are obsessed with their looks.  They are either obsessed with the Barbie Doll factor/star in The Prince and The Frog.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

He’s out. No Easter Egg Hunt for Oscar OCD.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

You don’t want any of my family there.

Sammy Spatial Relations:

Baby, you cause stress and your family is big-time stress inducers.

Fanny Faulty Perception:

What about Aaron Acute and Pierre Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Sammy Spatial Relations:

This is trauma and drama at its finest. Within the first month, Aaron’s drama starts right after his trauma.  Aaron went to the bar on 13th Wilshire where he was robbed, beaten, and stabbed.  He witnessed the killing of the owner of the bar. After that, he was running around like he had amnesia. When I tried to talk to him about what happened, he was very evasive. It appears as if his mind separated from his body. His memory was so poor he acted as if he was on the soap, Another World. Gerald General Anxiety came to visit. Aaron Acute Traumatic Stress took flight and fought any recall, flashback or dream that would be a friendly reminder to his hurt and pain. The acute stress persisted for three months.  He later was upgraded to post-traumatic stress.  Pierre Post Traumatic Stress lasted 6 more months. He started going downhill fast. Pierre is listed on the DSM4 as having low self-esteem, trouble in his relationships, permanently damaged goods, loss of hope in society and people. Pierre Post Traumatic Stress has started boozing and doing drugs. Well, I think in order to help Nicky NLD, you and your family will not be invited. Nicky NLD needs to be surrounded by people who will support, respect and stand with him. Your family just doesn’t have those qualities.

Advisory Alert: To the House and Senate Committee

In this story today there are those who have stood by the wayside and offered no moral support but were stress inducers. Our government has done the same. This story reveals characteristics and traits of people who had no common interest in the individual only to set the individual up for failure. Our government has done the same.

It is pointed out in the story how the character was ridiculed and disrespected. Our government has done the same. The story indicates how others have their own agenda to address their own issues. Our government has done the same. It opens the doorway for those in government who entertain the NO NO THOUGHTS to seek help, not act impulsively and destroy their homes and lives so the American People can maintain an ounce of dignity for those who are left in office. It is very hard to maintain the trust and respect of our government if the government continues to maintain the lack of dignity and respect of those in elected positions and others.

Our government has to learn to use the word NO in a positive format.   This word alone, NO, can reduce anxiety, panic, stress, and depression. NO can save lives.

It is time for our government to seek out the necessary help to once again become a healthy country, with a healthy heart, and a healthy mind.


Who In The World Is NLD

It is time to go in search of specific characteristics or traits that sets me apart from others.   These characteristics will help identify NLD

>  I can talk it out better than simply doing the task

> My speech and language develop early

>  I learn information by habit or rote memory

>  I use Fancy footwork to express myself eloquently

>  Dancing is out, tying my shoes and typing is difficult, I will not be on a balance beam, or riding a bike due to coordination problems

> My nervous system is compromised which causes me to have severe balance problems

> No cutting the turkey, or cutting any objects for that matter – fine motor skills

> It’s hard to identify faces, to judge people, It is hard to understand others viewpoints,   and I have a problem with the perception of time.

> I can’t read people’s body language (posture, gesture, facial expression, social cues)

> I find it difficult adapting to change and transitioning

> I take abstract concepts literal, hidden residual rules

> I have poor social judgment and trouble interacting with people

There are three areas that include NLD and surround me.

> motoric

> visual-spatial-organizational

> social

Motoric – impairment causing difficulty to typing and writing (computers, iMac, iPods, iTouch, iPad, iPhone).

Thank you to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Sony and for Mac Scribe;

NLD has difficulty buttoning, fastening,(Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki, for velcro); manipulating small objects, tasks that require dexterity(Thank you for your “As Seen On TV”, Grabber, your One Touch can opener, Slicer Dicer, and Magic Bullet ).

NLD talks their way through a motor task (verbally)(Thank you for Bluetooth);

NLD resist eating with a fork or spoon, (Thank you for food product like Cup of Soup with a spout) laying on the floor, NLD finds it hard to sit in a chair(Thank You for video rocking chairs, ottomans, platform beds, and bean bags) due to coordination it will be difficult to master simple athletic skills,

NLD find their gross motor skills are impaired (running, jumping, climbing)

NLD presses too hard with the pencil.(Thank you for stylus)

Visual-spatial/visual perception-organizational-

For NLD it is difficult to tell who is in charge (difficulty with authority figures) hard to judge how heavy or large an object (doesn’t explore the world around him/her), hard to gather information, can’t envision or no imagination, can’t think creatively or abstractly not sure where his body is in space (space invader)

NLD can’t read maps, graphs or charts (Thank You for Garmin, TomTom, Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, Net 10, Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, Straight Talk, Cricket for your navigational devices);

NLD  verbally labels everything, difficulty with shapes, sequence, prioritizing, binds through dialogue (use Bluetooth), difficulty with left and right,   and concept formation organizing and planning.

Social-expressive and receptive language –

NLD has difficulty with pragmatic and semantic skills (linguistic and how one express oneself) or linguistic syntax, abstract language (figurative, idioms, multiple meaning) very literal, monotone voice,

NLD has lots of social blunders, cannot decipher posture, facial expression, very black and white, cannot read between the lines,

NLD makes very precise remarks, people think they are jerks,

NLD has cocktail party speech(Captain Jack Sparrow), labeled as a pest or annoying, rude, not courteous

NLD may appear to others as disrespectful, naively trusting (needs trusted adults or grand guardians) rigid in thoughts…

In addition, NLD has difficulty with attention deficits, overstimulating environments, trouble with staying focus, and distractions need to be limited. Multitasking is counterproductive and step by step procedures work best with limited directions.