The Skin You Are In

We got the opportunity to peep through the lens of the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS at the highest level of government. So these are not your Everyday People. Sly And The Family Stones message of inclusion, “we got to live together”, hasn’t worked in all these years. The Neurological behaviors took a back seat and learn to take notice of their environment. I call that making progress. Getting NLD Syndrome to interact more with their environment and become more sociable would take them out of the stigmatizing category of being socially incompetent. Every characteristic of NLD Syndrome could be compared and contrasted to the intentional behaviors of the real crazies from the opposite end of the spectrum. NLD Syndrome came out smelling like a rose. Why! People diagnosed with NLD Syndrome do not wish to fail. The opposite end of the spectrum rallied in failure 42 Times and then some. The language changed along with the behaviors. It didn’t matter if the intentional behaviors were wrong. Those rotten Intentional Behaviors got away with their crimes and sins at least for now. Do you think it was because of money and the skin you are in? The one lens analogy on eyeglasses demonstrated faulty perception. We Needed An Interpreter to give clarity to What’s Going On. Even Marvin Gaye knows a war was not the answer but only love could conquer hate. The key players and war dogs/neo-cons at the opposite end of the spectrum haven’t done well this concept of Love and Happiness. Al Green like it and Edwin Starr would tell the war dawgs, “War what is it good for__Absolutely Nothing.” You are always Welcomed To My Blog. It will help give you a jumpstart. If that isn’t enough knock on the door and do an About Face and see how I got through my hunger pains and the motivation to proceed forward. There is always someone at Home. Make sure you knock hard enough because once you step through the door you will learn and I hope you continue to read more.

Well, the opposite end of the spectrum had an interpreter but he was also very misleading. You really need to be careful who is deciphering your information. You could end up in Russia. They might just have their own agenda to steer a person in the wrong direction. The opposite end of the spectrum misleading misinformation was to throw you off your game or take advantage of a person’s who can’t put all the pieces in place to get a whole picture. You no longer had to figure out what a person thought. Reading between the lines became obsolete. The abstract became concrete. Certain agencies with all of their spying became discreet.

Whether or not it was mental stability or mental illness it boiled down to the skin you are in. It didn’t matter if you were atheist, Catholic, a woman, an immigrant, latino, black or from the LGBT community. It didn’t matter if you were recognizable or unrecognizable. It is TIME for everyone to put on their choir robe and stand up and sing, “What Different Does It Make.” Can we get past the skin you are in?

Folks at the highest level of government got away with grandiose BS. They kept their jobs, got paid for doing absolutely nothing, vacation all the TIME and was awarded for their horrible Intentional Behaviors. They had me singing Rose Royce, Car Wash. All of a sudden Affluenza Syndrome rolled up on the scene and closed the umbrella down on Asperger, Autism, PDD, and other exceptionalities. Affluenza was rolled out as having so much money and influence. The person felt uncomfortable, wasn’t motivated, felt guilty and isolated. The rich became bored so they go out and kill someone. A judge comes along and declares this fictitious disorder kept the person from understanding the consequences of their behavior because they are too D.. rich. Unbelievable! NLD Syndrome was never on the Autism Spectrum. Now it is TIME to point out after 41 years of NLD Syndrome not making its way to the DSM 5 we have arrived on ELYSIUM. A make believed disorder, Affluenza, got recognition and got folks off the hook. It will never happen with NLD Syndrome or any other exceptionality.

Did I say ELYSIUM? The affluent and G money dawgs took it away and stole mental illness, healthcare and made off with the list. Transportation was blocked and reaching for the stars seemed impossible with a bully at the helm. The wealthy failed to realize killing is a no-no. Writing a check on a human life taken out is pretty D.. low. Whew! Straight up! Was it the color of the skin you are in? For the Elite-Si-Un-Nites, it is TIME to realize our world has changed into a broader spectrum of Black to Brown to Beige. The skin you are in should not determine the TIME served or “The Chair” the judicial system thinks one deserves. You know “THE CHAIR” has been a hot seat for the Master Mind of Design. Due to the nature of his abilities to be calm and laid back he did not blow himself up with his Nuclear Option. ūüôā As the Brain would say, “I don’t mind a step by step procedure as long as you do not leave out the major provisions. I would say, “Sweet potato pie isn’t any good without the sweet potatoes.” What did you get? Did you notice the skin the Brain was in? Run and get your choir robe and sing it with me again, “What Difference Does It Make.”

Jody Foster should take home two awards. My girl came out big pimping the Whitest suit I have ever seen portraying a pissed off Ann. Jody Foster showed what a Bratty A.. rich society thinks about the poor and the middle class. I pulled out my iPod and began to listen to Stevie Wonder’s Living For The City. What was Annie up to? Ann was so determined to overthrow the Brain and seize the “The Chair.” Once again her Boy on a failed mission had lost “THE CHAIR” and gave away his signature plan. We saw who won and we know who cares. Finally, the Brain said it. Yes! We are back on earth again and Spike Lee could have made ELYSIUM in Massachusetts and saved on his budget. It is going to be hard for the Elite-Si-Un-Nites who failed to unite. Spike Lee can be angry at me instead of Tyler Perry. I hope their disagreements got squashed.

2014 has arrived. Are you ready to connect the dots and bridge the gap? If you are coming to this blog for the first TIME and you have no clue about NLD Syndrome we need to go in search of the list. Almost every characteristic of NLD Syndrome was mirrored by the opposite end of the spectrum Intentional Behaviors. We got a closer look at rudeness, poor judgment, disorganization, naiveness, decision-making, and not being able to adapt to changes. We know who are Ruthless People. We know who gets blamed for ruthlessness. We know who did not care about failure and it wasn’t who you think. NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disabilities) a Neurological Syndromes with Unintentional Behaviors sat back and observed from the Flip Side Of The Chart and was totally amazed. The opposite end of the spectrum showed their monkey A.. and stole the list. What was on that list? What person or persons do you know Rocked the List in 2013? It is Time to find out The Truth About NLD Syndrome And Who It Resembles. What Skin Are You In? Time to go in search of the list.

Let Fathers Be Fathers

This experience is frightening for me. Our son has to go through a diagnostic evaluation to see if he has a learning disability. He was fine until he reached middle school then his grades begin to drop. The more things he had to do on his own he just didn’t seem to be able to get organized for his school work. I thought it was because his grandmother passed away. Quincy and his grandmother were so close. She practically raised him from a baby. His mother, Catherine, worked two jobs and her mother offered to help us out. JoAnn, Catherine’s mother, was a diabetic. I always felt my wife should quit one of her jobs so we could spend more time with Quincy. I didn’t mind making the sacrifice to work the extra hours. I wanted at least one parent to be with Quincy so he wouldn’t feel he was so alone. She was forced to quit one of the jobs after her mother died. I don’t know if she resented coming home.

I worked for the railroad. It was a fairly decent pay when I put in the extra long hours. Milton, a long time co-worker, and my best friend had a son diagnosed with autism. He shared many stories about his son. Milton’s stories frightened me because they always seemed to be so closely connected to my life. It appeared that Milton and his ex-wife had problems regarding their son being autistic. Later I learn Milton’s ex-wife had trouble with any women coming around her son or dating Milton.

Milton had gained full custody of his son. He was very proactive in his son’s life. Milton had started an autism support group. He had invited me several times. It always made me feel as if Milton was so many steps ahead of me. He continued to ask me to come and participate in the Autism group. Some parts of me wanted to attend but the other half of me was afraid. For some reason, I could see part of my life being like Milton. It felt like the movie Face Off.

Catherine and I had trouble in our marriage. She blamed herself for not being there when her mother passed away. We had problems before her mother ever came to stay. Her mother’s presence helped relieve a great amount of stress in our household.

JoAnn was so patient and kind with Quincy. She was Quincy’s rock. Catherine and I were so tired after working so many hours. It left us no room to deal with Quincy’s problems. It didn’t allow him the ability to process when he became angry and frustrated. JoAnn would always tell Catherine, Let Fathers be Fathers and Deal With It. Let the boy’s father deal with his behavior. Catherine was quick-tempered and lacked patience. It would make Quincy’s behavior become very explosive.

More and more Quincy’s behavior started changing and he begins to sleep a lot. I became greatly concerned because I thought Quincy was slipping into a state of depression. Catherine said Quincy just wanted attention and he was just lazy and she didn’t have the time to be bothered with his foolishness. Where did that response come from? When I ask her about her statement, she glared at me with her lip twisted and stormed out of the room. I guess that was my answer. We had begun to argue more frequently.

I was all for the evaluation but Catherine would get upset every time I would try to talk about it. We were getting closer to our evaluation date. Catherine had almost totally shut down. The moments of silence were killing me and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time I would try to discuss how we could help Quincy she would bring up her father and how he would deal with the situation. Catherine was very close to her father. At the age of 17, her father died on his way to work of a stroke. She always compared me to her dad. At first, I didn’t mind. I kind of thought it was an honor until I talked to JoAnn. Before Catherine’s mother died we had this conversation about JoAnn’s husband. He wasn’t the man my wife made him out to be.

In the heat of the moment, I tried to get Catherine to talk. When she mentioned her dad my head spun around like I was the star in the Exorcist. The next thing I knew I had revealed what Catherine’s mother had told me about her dad. At that moment I realized from the look on my wife’s face she never knew. My heart-felt as if it was going to come through my chest. I would never say or do anything to hurt Catherine. It was all over. Catherine ran into the bedroom and started grabbing her clothes out of the closet. I was trying to prevent her from leaving and I don’t remember what happened after that. I have tried to relive that moment in the bedroom a thousand times. The only thing I do remember is I was trying to guard my face. When I looked down, my shirt was bloody. From the mirror in the bedroom, I could see scratches all over my body. I called Milton to see if he could pick Quincy up from school. He never asked for an explanation.

Everything was going through my mind. Did she call the police? When were the police going to arrive? Whatever happened in that bedroom, Catherine never came back. The police never showed up. Who said that men don’t cry. I cried for days and days. I love my wife but we always seem to communicate with other people. That did not help our marriage at all. Months had passed and finally, I got a call from one of Catherine’s longtime friends from New York. Beverly told me Catherine was granting me full custody of Quincy. Before I could ask about Catherine, I was listening to the dial-tone. Just when I thought I had pulled myself together the crying came back. Here was my son asking all these questions and I had no answers. Quincy and I had to move on.

Quincy did get evaluated and he was diagnosed with NLD Syndrome. I have full custody of Quincy now. He often asks me if he was the cause of his mother leaving. He wonders will she ever come back. I wonder the same. Catherine and I never really communicated what was on our minds and in our hearts. We were both too young to have children. I am seeking professional help. There is so much I need to work through. I don’t want to be an angry parent. This isn’t just about my life. I need to be sure I don’t damage Quincy’s life. He has a lot to deal with. I will be right there for him. I have a lot to learn about NLD Syndrome. Milton is helping me to set up a support group and build a website. Yes, I am afraid that I will keep my promise to Quincy’s grandmother. Let Fathers be Fathers and continue to advocate for their children’s needs. Let Fathers be Fathers and understand the social and emotional part of their children’s life. Let Fathers Be Fathers and show the love, support, and embrace their child’s weakness just as they would rally around their strengths. JoAnn is probably looking down on me and Quincy today. As JoAnn would say, Let Fathers be Fathers and Deal With It.

DEDICATION: This story is dedicated to a young man who had to deal with it. He has done an exceptional job and is very supportive of his family and children. He would make any mother proud of how he is handling his life and the lives of family and friends he has touched. This one is for you, Willie Watson.

Superbowl Game Time, Rockin’ the List

For the first time in the forty-year history of the franchise … the NLD’ers. ¬† It has been a painstaking miniseries and a Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, but it finally paid off. ¬†The fans are quite mystified by the NLD’ers. ¬†They have been around for years but no one has been scoping them out.

Walk with me. ¬†I see Commissioner District. ¬†Commissioner District can you tell me anything about the NLD’ers? ¬†“No, who in the hell are these guys and what spectrum do they come from?” ¬†The Commissioner commented: ¬†“I know about Aspergers and my money on them.”

Aspergers is a tough team to beat. ¬†They are not very sociable. ¬†It is not that making friends and developing relationships don’t matter, but they only hold one special interest. ¬†They go on and on about that interest and people become frustrated and think they are boring or only into themselves. ¬†Well, it won’t be any love lost between the NLD’ers and the Aspies. ¬†There will be no Hollywood hugs and kisses between them.

So, Bobby Tourette, what is the big rivalry between the NLD’ers and the Aspies? ¬† Remember we have kids in the house, just hold the cursing down! ¬†Well, the NLD’ers hold many interests. ¬†They can converse on any topic. ¬†The Aspies think that NLD’ers is the know-it-all. ¬†NLD’ers volume gets pumped up on their vocals and then they’re in your face and in your space. ¬†This is not intentional. ¬†Hey, I get along with the NLD’ers. ¬†The Aspies will let you know they are not interested. ¬†You might as well find someone or something else to do.

Mark Autism you have been in the game for over thirty years. ¬†You know¬†what it is like to be Number #1. ¬†What is your perspective on the game? ¬†Jack PDD-NOS ¬†it is like being at the top of the Billboard’s records chart. This is a very recognizable label. ¬†You know how that works Jack PDD-NOS. Take, for instance, you are a little bit of this and a little of that and not enough to qualify for anyone’s team. ¬†You need a real label. ¬†Dr. Psych. ¬†despises you. ¬†Dude, get rid of the NOS (not otherwise specified) and you can come out and play with the big boys. ¬†People might think you are that NOS caffeine drink.

Andre ADHD pays attention and tries to stay focused on the commentary, ¬†but he can’t put the Munch and Crunch down. ¬†How do you think the NLD’ers will do against the Aspies? ¬†Well, Mark Autism,¬† this will be a bloodbath.¬† Right now,¬† Aspergers is pretty hot under the collar. ¬†Dr. Psych and his followers decided to drop the Aspies off the list and put them down with NOS, of all players. ¬†Do you know this will affect their insurance, state funding, and definitely affect their educations?

We are in for one hell of a game. I don’t know why they would have picked the American Psychiatric Association to moderate the game.¬† When the Aspies see the APA they are going to go off and start cursing like Bobby Tourette. ¬†They are so focused on the list.¬† I wonder will they be able to play the game? ¬†Do not mess with the Aspies special interest. The NLD’er just might pull this one-off. They have a lot going on. Winning this game means a lot to the underdog. For the first time in the history of forty years, there will be more testing, state funding, insurance coverage, school reformation, and they will be recognizable. NLD’ers will take their rightful place on the DSMV, hold their trophy in the air and wave it like they just don’t care. Keep your heads to the sky and they will be Rockin’ the List.

Super Bowl Flare Up NLD

We are counting down the days to the Superbowl. Emotions are running high. Our tempers are flaring up. Americans go berserk when competitive sports are involved.

Can I have a spotlight down here, please?  I just need to take a closer look at some of the players.  Thank you.  Maybe this will shine the light on why our team players are having these outbursts of anger, and explosive behaviors.

Leroy, get over here and stop acting like you own the team. ¬†I know you don’t do well with criticism. ¬†You upset a few of your teammates when you get loud and you were in their face. ¬†Don’t be upset if they change the color of your shoes. You look like a Demanding Diva to the coach and the owner.

Let’s get one thing straight. ¬†Leroy is not emotionally disturbed. ¬†He has some negative behaviors but he is not a behavior problem.¬† In the Sunday paper, it had Leroy Syndrome painted as an arrogant a-hole. ¬† He is not arrogant and he wasn’t having a bad hair day. ¬†Leroy Syndrome is NLD. ¬†Leroy does Leroy.¬† He does himself. ¬†Leroy does have other special interests.

It appears that Leroy may have a know-it-all attitude. ¬†He has trouble with authority figures and has a problem with identifying who is in charge. ¬†So coach Asperger, just explains to him in a nice calm voice that the team is not his. ¬†Sorry Coach, I forgot you have the same problem with a loud voice. ¬†We will find someone else to do it. ¬†Leroy does better with praises than with criticism. ¬†Tell Mike Ditka this is good for Leroy’s self-esteem. ¬†What is wrong with positive feedback? ¬†We all know Leroy needs a lot of praises.

Bring that bucket over here. ¬†Is that the understanding bucket? ¬†That’s the wrong bucket. ¬†Get it out of here!

Tell Dwayne and Boo Boo don’t get mad. ¬†I know he talks loud.¬† The other players Asperger,¬† Autism, and ADHD talks loud also. ¬†He did not mean to sound threatening. ¬†Leroy has a right hemisphere brain disorder. ¬†He is unable to comprehend changes in voices and body language. ¬†The non-verbal element of his speech is disturbed. ¬†Leroy doesn’t have rhythm. ¬†Literally. ¬†That’s in his voice and tone of his speech. ¬†He can’t read the facial expressions which play a part in his loud voice. ¬†Calmly say to him, lower your voice. ¬†He just needs to be cued in.

Leroy would you tell them that those tennis shoes are not your lucky piece charm. ¬†“Yes, I have a hard time adapting to change and the coach did not let me know ahead of time.” ¬†Leroy, is there anything else you would like to tell us? ¬†“Well, the shoes are important to me. ¬†I have a difficult time with what is relevant or irrelevant. ¬†I talk off task or get away from the subject. ¬†When people don’t explain themselves and they ask me did I understand, I say no.” ¬†Well, you heard it firsthand from Leroy Syndrome. ¬†This will help you understand why people tell you NO.

To the owner, you have a manual on how the game is played.  It is time to get a manual on Leroy Syndrome.

This one is dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama.  Understanding NO is important.