Superbowl Game Time, Rockin’ the List

For the first time in the forty-year history of the franchise … the NLD’ers.   It has been a painstaking miniseries and a Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, but it finally paid off.  The fans are quite mystified by the NLD’ers.  They have been around for years but no one has been scoping them out.

Walk with me.  I see Commissioner District.  Commissioner District can you tell me anything about the NLD’ers?  “No, who in the hell are these guys and what spectrum do they come from?”  The Commissioner commented:  “I know about Aspergers and my money on them.”

Aspergers is a tough team to beat.  They are not very sociable.  It is not that making friends and developing relationships don’t matter, but they only hold one special interest.  They go on and on about that interest and people become frustrated and think they are boring or only into themselves.  Well, it won’t be any love lost between the NLD’ers and the Aspies.  There will be no Hollywood hugs and kisses between them.

So, Bobby Tourette, what is the big rivalry between the NLD’ers and the Aspies?   Remember we have kids in the house, just hold the cursing down!  Well, the NLD’ers hold many interests.  They can converse on any topic.  The Aspies think that NLD’ers is the know-it-all.  NLD’ers volume gets pumped up on their vocals and then they’re in your face and in your space.  This is not intentional.  Hey, I get along with the NLD’ers.  The Aspies will let you know they are not interested.  You might as well find someone or something else to do.

Mark Autism you have been in the game for over thirty years.  You know what it is like to be Number #1.  What is your perspective on the game?  Jack PDD-NOS  it is like being at the top of the Billboard’s records chart. This is a very recognizable label.  You know how that works Jack PDD-NOS. Take, for instance, you are a little bit of this and a little of that and not enough to qualify for anyone’s team.  You need a real label.  Dr. Psych.  despises you.  Dude, get rid of the NOS (not otherwise specified) and you can come out and play with the big boys.  People might think you are that NOS caffeine drink.

Andre ADHD pays attention and tries to stay focused on the commentary,  but he can’t put the Munch and Crunch down.  How do you think the NLD’ers will do against the Aspies?  Well, Mark Autism,  this will be a bloodbath.  Right now,  Aspergers is pretty hot under the collar.  Dr. Psych and his followers decided to drop the Aspies off the list and put them down with NOS, of all players.  Do you know this will affect their insurance, state funding, and definitely affect their educations?

We are in for one hell of a game. I don’t know why they would have picked the American Psychiatric Association to moderate the game.  When the Aspies see the APA they are going to go off and start cursing like Bobby Tourette.  They are so focused on the list.  I wonder will they be able to play the game?  Do not mess with the Aspies special interest. The NLD’er just might pull this one-off. They have a lot going on. Winning this game means a lot to the underdog. For the first time in the history of forty years, there will be more testing, state funding, insurance coverage, school reformation, and they will be recognizable. NLD’ers will take their rightful place on the DSMV, hold their trophy in the air and wave it like they just don’t care. Keep your heads to the sky and they will be Rockin’ the List.

6 comments on “Superbowl Game Time, Rockin’ the List

  1. kynny garrett says:

    like in the republican debates a lot of republican candidates are rocking that list of behaviors. it is time to name that tune of the behavior and see where it falls under the list.

  2. eneldicpdd says:

    The name nvld is pathologically used for some sorts od milder PDDs. NLD is a learning disorder, it affects school abilities. PDD affects social and emotional area and makes someone really aloof. NVLDic PDDs are not forms of classic autism. Some may be simply named as autistic despite it. But it is not like Kanner’s autism, which disables with very narrow nad rigid mind nad deep sensory integration disorders. NVLDers with severe nonverbal communication disorders are PDDers. They rather tend to have “inappriopiate” interests,b

    • smokelbg says:

      What is your point? How many people with NLD have you interacted with? How many people with NLD have you live with? Well, until you live with a family member or interacted with people who are diagnosed with NLD your response is inappropriate. Not only does pervasive developmental delays affect social/emotional areas so does stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks which is secondary to the first or actual diagnosis which is Nonverbal Learning disability. ADD was the older name but now it has been classified as ADHD. Many of the diagnosis have change. Once the name change who does it benefit? Is it the school, insurance companies, or whether or not one receive disability benefits. NLD has been compare and contrasted to the mainstream or the so called normal folks. Dr.Byron failed to compare NLD to the mainstream. There are many people in the mainstream who failed their litmus test and have very inappropriate behavior and interest. This blog is compared and contrasted to the highest level of government who has very poor judgement, were not organized, and had extreme INTENTIONAL Behavior. Why should the mainstream take the privilege of stereotyping those who have the actual neurological neurobehavioral disorder? So who really has a problem? NLD MOM/cancer survivor

    • smokelbg says:

      NLD is not aloof. They are very social able but get rejected because of their inability to read people and their awkwardness.

  3. I love you.

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