Hey, those are not my eyeglasses…

Hey, those are not my eyeglasses. One of the lenses is missing. The left lens is intact, but the right lens is out. Now you are cooking! Thank you for finding my neuro-behavioral right hemisphere shades. No, I’m not Captain Sparrow. I’m NLD.

Don’t worry, we will hit a few bumps along the way. We are going to have some misunderstandings. This is just a friendly reminder to let you know that I’m not EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED. I have UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS So whatever happens to me and the world around me, I did not do it on purpose.

Those bumps will decrease, the misunderstandings will diminish if you EDUCATE yourself about me. Just TEACH me. Give me the FACTS, no FLUFF and we will be okay. SPELL IT OUT, POINT IT OUT, so that we can TALK IT OUT. LA Confidential. Just the Facts Jack!

From where I am standing, looking through these glasses, I process information differently. You would too if you miss 65% of NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION.

Sure, I talk a good game but all hell is going to break loose if I have to apply the information or write it. Look close… that’s right… I’m very language proficient.

In the educational world, they judge you by scholastic achievements based on language communication. What happens when you stop talking? We have to decipher the NONVERBAL ASPECT of COMMUNICATION. Uh oh, I’m in trouble now! The body starts talking. I can’t read it.

Let me ask you something… Do you know anyone like this? Does it sound like you?

Stay Tuned…..

One comment on “Hey, those are not my eyeglasses…

  1. kynny garrett says:

    it is time to clean off the lens of the eye glasses and to see the truth for what it is and not for the lies that the american people been told over the years. let’s bring out the full picture or the wide screen truth of what the republican party has in mind of turning the country into a feudalist society where there are just peasants and nobles with no in betweens. they have no intentions of bridging the gap but to widing where women and miniorites or second class citizens. are we going to have another titanic disaster where only the rich get the lifeboats and the poor get the shaft and i really don’t mean john shaft. it is time to clean off the glasses and get the true facts and perception of what is really going on.

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