Side by Side Play

Mom took me to the playground.

All the children played.

Mom watched me very carefully.

She knows I have delays.


Mom came up to me repeatedly.

I didn’t know how to react.

So I shook my head and flapped my arms.

I tried to interact.


The children begin to surround me.

All I could do was stare.

Mom stepped right in immediately.

She helps me become aware.


This is my big moment,

To make friends and try to choose.

This is my moment for reaching out.

I did not want to lose.


Mom deals with all my social blunders

She truly understands.

She loves me and encourages me.

Mom tells me, YES YOU CAN.


I became so frustrated.

My behaviors begin to manifest.

I started stumping, crying, and screaming.

Mom told me it was time to rest.


The children became so frightened.

They all started running away.

I was puzzled and felt very empty inside.

This was a horrible day.


Understanding the concept of making friends,

Made it difficult for the children to stay.

Mom wrapped her arms around me and whispered.

It is called side by side play.


This is dedicated to all the Mothers with children that have extraordinary minds with unique abilities and multi-level learning styles on Mother’s Day, wishing you the best. This also goes out to all the children across the world who have difficulty developing friendships and relationships. Hang in there, you are not alone.

NLD Mom/cancer survivor

One comment on “Side by Side Play

  1. kynny garrett says:

    to all the mom’s happy mother’s day. this poem is inspiration to us all who had that playground experience that ended raw. yes, it is hard to develop friendships and relationships but remember this the day when you think you are alone you are not. a warm hug from a loving mother will get you by the day, so dry your eyes and don’t cry. this poem is inspiration because i remember those days when i didn’t have the friends and didn’t understand why they went away and years later i can relate and reflect on the playground days knowing that i wasn’t alone but held by a mother who understood.

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