Erase Away The Day

I watched the Golden Globe Awards on the carpet, not on the linoleum floor.  I could feel the pressure around my jaws as my face begin to tighten. All I could think about was my daughters and my granddaughters. Give them the opportunity to blossom into women and don’t let their self-esteem be stripped by “Shush.”  Lord don’t let a younger generation of women travel my road of Seen and Not Heard.  Women in my day were inappropriately touched by their teachers, fathers, relatives, so-called friends and ministers to be later told they would go to hell.  Who would believe them?  The greatest disappointment and the biggest Shush is when you tell your mother, guardian, or a person who you thought was a trusted friend.  The biggest hurt comes when they don’t believe you. It can shut your voice down for many years.  I pray to God Time will be Up when they embark on their journey in their lives.  Don’t get Shushed. Continue to be Heard. Continue to be Seen.

There was a voice from the late 60’s that floated through my head. As I closed my eyes I could hear Angela Davis speak about men’s power. Angela’s voice echoed, men will not cow down. Through the lens of men’s eyes, they will find a way to dismantle and manipulate any purpose or program that will put women in a position of power.  It will be done in your home, job force and government agencies (White House). Men objectify women. They feel women are their accessories (fur coat, leather glove, diamond ring, trophy wife). The abstract now becomes concrete.  Men will rise up and do everything to make women pay by lowering women into the bargain basement. It’s strange how men can drop women off into the bargain basement but don’t want to select their wives, girlfriends, or fiancée from the bargain basement. Men of power do not want their daughters dropped off at the Going Going Gone Shop in the bargain basement. Look what men do with their power.  Thinking with Penus Power has failed every time.

I found it really hard to write.  I felt my voice getting smothered and my fingers going numb. Nine months have rolled by. Hope begin to knock on my door and at my fingertips. The greatest line from the movie Scarface popped into my head. “Say Hello To My Little Friend.” The Hollywood Shoot Out of Sexual Harassment had revealed the many Scarred Faces in Hollywood.  It opens the door for the Recognizable and Unrecognizable to come forward and tell their story. Every Scarred Face and Scarred Heart across the nation would grieve, wear black, and share the global runway.  Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey took the lead for pieces of the puzzle on sexual misconduct.  It was pointed out there are many more pieces of the puzzle to come.  Gorilla glue is making the case for sexual harassment.   Alabama rolled out the red carpet before the Global Awards and made it quite clear there will be no sexual predators in the United States Senate.  They too should get an award for letting the world know having a sexual predator for a senator is definitely not the norm.

There has been so much division, hatred, and the most unremarkable behavior witness in my lifetime. I looked and searched for any channel to help Erase Away The Day. I watched a lot of Jimmy Fallon because he wasn’t riding the political tidal wave.  I was so amazed how the media continue to ride their horse after being so heavily attacked.  I needed time to regroup. I had so much to reflect on. The numbness is beginning to slowly wear off at my fingertips. I recall Tweeting after the Alabama election.  After viewing the Golden Globe Awards my heartfelt much lighter. My brain didn’t look like Pin Head.  My mind felt at ease.

All that Intentional Behavior brought to the forefront by people who knew better.  These men had a choice to make the right decision and didn’t. Yes Say Hello To My Little Friends Matt Lauer, Charley Rose, Bill O’Reilly, Blake Farenthold, Roger Ailes, Russell Simons, Mario Batali, and there are so many more. I  think Clarence Thomas name can fit inside the many more.  These are the infamous master of educators to the hidden residual rule of Sexual Harassment.   Think all the people who were diagnosed with a neurological syndrome and just didn’t have a clue about sexual harassment. The abstract is now concrete.  Well, you got infamous recognizable face wear now. Thanks to Me Too Movement, Times Up Movement, and the many women’s movement growing at light speed who were Seen and Heard. Most of all Thank You for telling your story and not letting Sexual Harassment Erase Away The Day and Erase Away Your Life.


Smokelbg Life Class__ Dedicated to Oprah

It has taken me a long TIME to get here. I’m so grateful and very appreciative to share my EXTENSION of QUALITY of LIFE with the world. To all the innovative masterminds that have allowed me to reach millions of people by the internet, Thank You.

I was puzzled when so many people became frustrated with Oprah because it took years for them to get on her show. Year after year has passed and I still haven’t got on her show. Did you hear me? HEll, I’m still ALIVE and it’s all GOOD. Year after Year!

Oprah has given out cars, trips, built schools, and funding to people all over the world to help their cause. Oprah is great a philanthropist. She has given hope to others and offered strategies, coping skills, and survival techniques.

She has laughed, cried, and worked all parts of her body to demonstrate the finest of NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS her show could offer. It is quite difficult to teach emotions. Words and body language give out more information.

A lot of information is missed if a person has NLD Syndrome. Oprah turned herself inside out.  Oprah may not have realized the great gift she has given my son. Today I get the opportunity of my LIFE to share some of her TIME.

Think about it. The next TIME you pick up a TIME ADJUSTMENT SLIP at work, step outside the workforce and think how much TIME you need to give to your LIFE. Think about who you want to share that TIME with. No matter how long it takes.

Here I am sitting in the hallway at OWN Studio. Here she comes! Good Morning Oprah, thank you for seeing me today. The last TIME Nicky NLD  (Nonverbal Learning Disability)and Sparky SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) were here they didn’t get a chance to see you. They waited a long TIME.

I was proud of them for waiting it out. Nicky NLD has a very difficult TIME sitting in a chair for an extended period due to his coordination. He much rather sits on the floor because he has a tendency to fall out of a chair.

People have called him a clumsy idiot and stupid because of his poor balance. Sparky SPD moaned and groaned about the fabric on the seats. He kept saying it was a strange odor in the hallway. At the TIME an elevator was being worked on.

The construction work was so loud.  Nicky NLD had to literally sit on Sparky SPD to keep him from going bonkers. Sparky SPD has a sensory processing disorder. We are quite familiar with Nicky NLD’s syndrome.

We just had a refresher Course In NLD on 10/17/2011. Let me bring the viewers up to date on Sensory Processing Disorder. SPD Foundation had a writing campaign to clear up some false information and hysteria about SPD. This took place back in March.

Their goal was to have 10,000 responses by March the 4th, to bring in positive responses, and the facts about SPD. At that TIME people could register their comments on Oprah’s Website and post their letters in the section listed for ZACH’s STORY.

Sensory Processing Disorder is a neurological disorder. Our brain processes input from our environment. All of our senses need to come out to the playground along with their 2 major cousins and play.

The 5 senses and 2 cousins need to integrate or act as a team. The 5 team players consist of our vision (sight), auditory (hearing), tactile (touch), olfactory (smell), and gustation (taste).

The 2 cousins vestibular (sense of balance and movement), proprioception (the sense of knowing where one’s body movement in space) must come along for the ride. Hopefully with the wires connecting the ride will be smooth.

These are all separate wiring in the brain that needs to make a connection on the merry-go-round. If the connection is not made, there will be deficits in planning, organization, everyday life skills, self-care, work and leisure activities.

The bad misfiring of wiring to the brain will cause extreme avoidance, distress, agitation, fear, and confusion in the management to carry out one’s life in their environment. Children diagnosed with SPD mental processing are normal and have normal health.

They do very well with others as long as their external environment isn’t busy or overwhelming. Children with SPD become very sensitive to outside factors and this depends on the way the environment looks, smells and sounds.

Our 5 senses and the 2 cousins need to hop on the merry-go-round so our body won’t have difficulty processing the information in our environment. This particular disorder has UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS, not caused by the parent, and is physiological.

Treatment for SPD may target life skills, social skills, and emotional behavior. There is some exceptional information on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Visit and you are on your way.

Dr. Phil had done a show on a young man named Zach. Apparently, Zach’s behavior was so out of control he made some attempts to hurt his parents. Smokelbg wrote a story on Getting Zach On the Right Track.

This was to give Zach and his parents support along with some strategies and coping skills. Smokelbg wanted the audience to understand ZACH’s behaviors. He was viewed by the audience as a violent and dangerous person with INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS.

The perception that people have when they are not educated about any type of disorder makes the individual appear to be so dangerous to them and society. This very perception and judgment leave the individual ISOLATED and without a sense of community.

ISOLATION is the KISS of DEATH and invites a MENTAL DEATH to an individual which leaves the individual unable to RESURRECT oneself. Those who have misjudged encounters, bullying, sexual, social, emotional, and physical abuse.

RESURRECTION from this grave site may be very hard to achieve if the individual has been stripped of their self-esteem and self-confidence. The body, once it loses hope and sense of purpose, will lose self-determination and cease to exist.

This grave site has now become a permanent address. Smokelbg wrote a story called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep_NLD Mother’s Prayer when you get the TIME please go back and review this story. It is posted at

I chose 5 questions from Oprah’s LIFE CLASS that I felt it was very important to share with the WORLD.

1.) What is it really that I’m supposed to be doing with my LIFE?

a.) Teaching individuals to PAY ATTENTION, helping individuals to RECOGNIZE the importance of TIME and how important it is to RESPECT TIME by cherishing and RESPECTING THE QUALITY of their LIFE.

b.) Helping individuals understand the importance of Validation.

c.) Giving Recognition to the Unrecognized- Nonverbal Learning Disability that has been overlooked by our society for 41 years.

d.) Making people aware that NLD Syndrome’s, a neurological disorder with UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR is mirrored through the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of people who can make the CHOICE.

e.) Writing stories, books, so NLD Syndrome is simplified/individuals will not find the information intimidating and will seek help.

f.) As a cancer survivor, I want to motivate individuals to LIVE BEYOND THE PINK.

2.) What is your gut telling you right now? What will you do about it?

a.) People are paying attention, I can hear it through their words, body language, and even what they wear.

b.) I am doing it right now by reaching out to people and getting the information out there.

3.) What are you grateful for?

a.) Being able to take whatever adversity in life and use it as a teaching tool.

b.) Having a masterful mentor and educator, my son, who has taught me whatever I CAN DO–DO.

c.) Breathing on a mirror, seeing my breath, my LIFE.

4.) What is the pain that you thought you would not survive and what got you through it?

a.) The greatest pain was loving someone more than I love myself. When I was diagnosed with cancer I realized at that moment I may not have enough love for myself to save MY OWN LIFE.

b.) When you look into the eyes of your children, family, friends, and see the fear that they have for YOUR LIFE, it all changes. The fight has begun. You want them to know you will do your best to fight back. There is enough love left to pull it off.

As your legs swing over the edge of the hospital bed and you wait for the test results to roll in, you can see the NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION at its PEAK. The silence in the room is unbearable. The body language will reveal all.

Whatever QUALITY of TIME that was designated I wanted to LIVE and LOVE MYSELF from this day FORWARD.

5.) If you were giving your last lecture what would be your best piece of advice for appreciation of life?

a.) I hope I have lived my LIFE in such a manner that even when I can no longer dress, feed myself, or bath myself someone will try to HELP ME near the END. Even in the last days of those final hours I will know, feel the love, respect, and appreciation for those who are there to mourn me. I would ask for a pillow and my mirror so I could prop my body up and say to everyone present in the room, ” I did not have to die alone.”

I would breathe on the mirror and know I had moved FORWARD from that MOMENT ON.

The Who Not The View Featuring Darlene Dyslexia

Scene:  A TV station, lights blazing and an actual live studio audience is roaring…


Welcome to “The Who, Not The View”  and our first guest, Darlene Dyslexia

Darlene Dyslexia:

It’s so good to be here Mavis. Love the earrings and shoes.


Can you tell our viewers today what new project you’ve taken on?

Darlene Dyslexia:

First I want to say something about my dear friend and longtime business partner Norvella NLD. She was unable to make it to the show today. We both have taken on the APA (American Psychiatric Association).  My girlfriend always includes her friends in her life and it’s about time that we start including her.  We are going to get Norvella NLD on the list.  Tell Anita Asperger not to worry.  When the DSM5 rolls around in May 2013 we are going to make sure that Aspergers hold their place.  Norvella NLD will have a place for the first time in our history.  Tell Wrong to come down to earth and visit with us. We love them and we totally understand how they feel.


Do you mind if I call you DeDe?

Darlene Dyslexia:

Sure, I have been called lots of things in my lifetime.  I will be fine as long as people don’t get me confused with DeDe of Dextor Laboratory or Dare Devil of Marvel Comics.


I’m sure they won’t make that mistake. (sarcastic)


It’s really good seeing you after all these years.  Mad Mavis Behavior, you have really come a long way since back in the day. I just have to tell the viewers, girlfriend here wasn’t always the sweet  M&M milk chocolate.  Whoooo,  I’m proud of you.  You were a bitter b……… back in the day.


Hey! Hey!  This is a family show.  I’m here to talk about you.  Tell our viewers something about you (getting frustrated.)


Okay, don’t get your boxer shorts in a bunch.


Just answer the question. (steamed)


Now dyslexia is a learning disability that damages a person’s ability to read.  It will rise up and show its ugly head. People will notice that someone with dyslexia will have problems with speaking and spelling. When someone with dyslexia hears the sound of the words it is very hard for them to interpret and spell the word.


Who is the lowest man on the totem pole in your thought processing?


Well, Mavis, it would be what I hear, see, and notice.


Is your IQ connected to dyslexia?


I’m glad you asked.  No.   With me and others that have dyslexia,  reading and our thought process develop separately.  Norvella NLD shows strengths and weaknesses in her IQ.  My  IQ is normal but the reading kills me and this is where  Norvella NLD  kicks my tail and excels.  We are really just the opposite of each other. I have a left hemisphere disability.  Norvella NLD has a right hemisphere disability. We get along so well.  They say opposites attract.  She has a developmental disability that is neurological. My disability is not-neurological that is connected to the brain caused by factors in the brain that affect my ability to read, write and spell.


Is dyslexia genetic?


In some families, it can be inherited. Recently they have identified genes that show the person can develop dyslexia.  The Ronnie Booze family got it.  Girl, his family has got a whole lot going on.


Do you know if  Norvella NLD syndrome is inherited?


The last time I heard there wasn’t anything genetic linked to NLD.


Did they ever decide on a definition for you?


Girlfriend, I’m all over the place and it is hard to pin me down.  Maybe I can come back and do a show on all those hypothesis and theories about dyslexia and me.


DeDe let’s try to get through this show. So is that a yes or no on the definition of your name (frustrated)?


That would be no.  All of these associations have not reached a consensus on the true meaning of dyslexia. Don’t you think that suits me well?


I think it fits you perfect (irritated).  How did you do in pre-school?


Well, I have speech delays.  It takes me forever to learn new words.  Nursery rhymes I just dread.  They are so hard for me.  Sometimes my letters reverse on me.  Remember in the movie when Keifer Sutherland didn’t realize he was dead.  He passed by a shop and the reflection in the glass had the word Mirror reversed.  Kind of, sort of,  like that.


Earth to DeDe.


Sorry, I got carried away.


How did you do from grade 1-6?


Man, the alphabets were tough. Rhyming words and counting the syllables in the words are very hard. I cannot for the life of me put those sounds with the letters.  I needed an interpreter when it came to written words. If I hear a word with more than one syllable, me and Norvella NLD can really mess it up.


When you got older and entered Middle School, did it get any better?


No, my spelling was horrible like my girlfriend Norvella NLD.  She had this dictionary thing going on. You could look at her word even if it looked like it was spelled wrong, you could tell what the word was. It was strange…  it still looked like her word was 100% accurate in spelling.  My word was just wrong. The teachers didn’t understand and we both got an F.

Now I don’t think Novella NLD should have got an F.  I had a hard time reading out loud, everything was out-of-order, and I skipped over words.  Any word that was close enough to the word that I was supposed to say, I would use that word in its place.  Novella NLD and I both have trouble with organization skills.  We also have trouble with time on task.

These skills need to be in a treatment center, treating it on a daily basis.   I can’t put words to the right meaning. We both failed to know what is alike and different in words and letters.  Girl, we can crunch the letter together like you defragment folders on a computer.  We just can’t get the spacing between the words.  If Novella NLD and I have not seen the word before, it will definitely not be pronounced right.

Mavis: How are you getting along today?


Well, Mavis, I got so good at hiding being dyslexia that I fooled myself.  Everything runs its course and will reveal itself sooner or later.  People began to see through me. I want to make this perfectly clear to my audience.  I do not write words backward or move words around.  I have a tendency to put words that are not related to words that should be there.


What other learning disability you have in common with Norvella NLD?


Well, we both have problems in math (dyscalculia). Simple math can be difficult.  Higher math like geometry can be more understandable.  Higher math can become difficult and be very abstract like geometry to NLD.  We have problems with writing (dysgraphia).  It is hard to put our thoughts on paper.  Thank God for the computer.  I know Norvella NLD forgets letter formation and has pain and numbness in her fingers.


Well, Darlene Dyslexia, better known as AKA DeDe……..


Hey, did you ask me if you could call me DeDe??


On that note, I think we better go.

Darlene Dyslexia:

Okay, love you Novella NLD.  Hurry up and get well girlfriend.  I will be calling the AAP.  I mean the APA. Tell Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, and McLyte that they can ball up my contract.  If this album has to rhyme it’s a no go. You girls know I have a major problem in this area.  Love You All.


You heard it from the Who Not The View and our guest,  Darlene Dyslexia.