The Humpty Trump Dance__Do Me Baby

Time to talk SMACK. A laser light parade behind The Donald. Whew!  I can’t believe he used a battleship as a backdrop to do his speech and never served in the military. This is something that I truly think you would enjoy. Who would enjoy? She knows who I’m talking to. Can you tell me?  Keep reading the story.  You will find out. You haven’t got started yet. If you let me finish and stop flapping your liver lips I can go with the flow of getting my point across.  My liver lips? What do you mean by that? The liver is a large filtration organ in the belly. It is the yum-yum eat em up of the digestive tract. So if you don’t eat healthy the liver can’t take what you’ve eaten and make it useful for your body. The liver neutralizes harmful substances that enter the bloodstream Your point is.  Baby girl you and Donald Trump have no filter. There is no need to bring a plumber. As for as my processing goes I think this is a great feature that you possess.  Good news, it’s not INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR.  As far as The Donald he is not fake. Cool your jets and don’t hate.  Many people find it hard to live with the pretty poison you spit from those soup coolers backed up by your Hoover Vacuum Cleaner when both you and the TRUMPSTER open your mouth.  Yeah, Baby Girl you do not clown around.  The  Donald will roast the town.  It is your property.  The real-estate value has a tendency to go down when you both approach people on their turf. Don’t get all huffy. You are not a scripted person. Entertainers Indeed! Neither one of you is prim or proper. Not even stuffy.  The Donald is not scripted. He has his stash of cash. The Donald is not buying nor will he be manipulated.  When I stand before you and talk I know you will deliver.  TRUTH by NO FAULT. What do we call it? Coming At You From The Flip Side Of The Chart it would be called social blunders, gaffes, down-right rudeness, a slip of the lip, or a boo-boo.  From the opposite end of the spectrum, we call it acting a fool and being ignorant.  When it becomes unbearable one can become downright indignant. The Donald is ferocious, notorious and braggadocious.  He is wrapped up in his image and this Brother is on fire.  Trump message is really scary and his mind is walking the tightwire.  I call it pure vanity. The Donald loves himself.  Trump raised the bar on insanity? Nothing fake. No dress rehearsal. Bare A** to all humanity.  Now can we use profanity?  Only if it slips.

Time to hook Donald Trump Up with the remix. It was back in 1989 when Digital Underground was unscripted and doing themselves. In order to get on board, Digital Underground didn’t care if you rode their train or not. It was all about DO ME, BABY.  Yes, Digital Underground has resurfaced and THE DONALD has been reincarnated with his trademark “the HAIR” instead of  “the NOSE.” Digital Underground was representing their SEXY. Twenty-six years later The Humpty Trump is here to VEX THEE. Dropping bombs and rolling up on stage coming off in a blaze. The GOP, The Koch Brothers, The Media are up in arms and truly amazed. Trump has Stomp The Yard. Rocking the 2016 contenders and catching them all off guard.  Hop on over to YOUTUBE and check out the video by Digital Underground. Yes, this is perfect for The Donald. Every time The Donald steps upon the stage he reminds me of David Chappelle famous quote, “I’m rich B****.  Why should The Donald bow down? Yes, just imagine a foreign dignitary not recognizing The Humpty Trump for his achievements in foreign policy if he wins the nomination for the presidency. I can see why the President would be worried.  By the way, does Trump have any knowledge of foreign policy?  Trump would go into Rick James mode, “I’m Rick James B****.  Not recognizing the Recognizable is quite an insult for those who feel they have paid their dues. Who is Rick James? Donald Trump’s ego unscripted.  Why is The Humpty Trump polling high? The Donald is coming off as himself and he is DOING HIMSELF. Meanwhile, the GOP has undertaken the next video by Digital Underground featuring 2Pac, The Same Song. Visit Linda Garrett’s Google+ and check out the video.  You can’t go wrong.


I’m Braggadocio.

I fan the flames of arrogance and dance to the beat of boastful.

My sidekick can be identified as Pinocchio.

Kicking A** in the polls while the GOP is going postal.

Me, myself, and I are the new trio.

I’m Big Buff Billionaire taking my Humpty Trump Dance coastal.


Do Me, Baby! Do the Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump

Do Me, Baby! Are you ready for embarrassment?  Are you ready for The Donald stump?


Being myself with no regrets.

Calling out the constituents who lack my flare.

They never figure to place their bets.

On THE DONALD pressing the really weird hair.

What I say is no big threat.

Don’t you know I am the Republicans worst nightmare?


Do Me, Baby! Do The Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump.

Do Me, Baby! Whoa! Back it up. I did not call Carly Fiorina an old frump.


Rolling in my limo or when I take a stroll.

The question never ceases to arise.

Did you have any idea women would take to the polls?

If it was left up to Megyn Kelly it would be my demise.

Wait a minute ladies, The Humpty Trump has a soul.

Just to let you know “WHATEVER,” Hell even I’m surprised.


Do Me, Baby! Do The Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump.

Do Me, Baby!  Ah Yeah! Take it to the next level and Let’s Get Crumped.


You think I’m treacherous, tumultuous, downright dangerous.

Sounds like Jed Bush,  Lindsey Graham, and John McCain to me.

Take me Seriously. I’ve been generous. Fox pissed me off and I was furious.

Trump gave out cell numbers. Invited associates to his wedding. Just ask Hillary.

So we all get a little crazy. At least I’m not shady. My trademark is Trump-style fabulous.

Humpty Trump sounded the alarm and meant no harm to avoid the control freak conspiracy.


Do Me, Baby! Do The Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump.

Do Me, Baby! Recognize!  Don’t criticize or apologize.  The Donald is no one’s chump.


Fourteen candidates plus Trump will participate in tonight GOP debate.

Will The Donald instigate, intimidate, and infuriate?

Not one contender has been able to duplicate The Humpty Trump entertainer gone buck wild.

Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson don’t forget what The Donald will demonstrate.

I hope you Brothers have certified birth certificates.  If not get ready to be defiled.

Chris Christie doesn’t exaggerate. Scott Walker will get annihilated. John Kasich go tell Mike Huckabee The Donald will not cooperate.

Humpty Trump is ready to terminate. You are not sitting at the White Pearly Gates. He is Wrecks-N-Effect. It’s The Donald’s infamous style.


Do Me, Baby! Do The Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump.

Do Me, Baby! Stick with me ladies. Tell the Koch Brothers to get ready to take their lumps.


The Donald is narcissistic. Undeniably infatuated with his ideology and he is sick with it.

Reaching out to every person that will believe his rhetoric.

While everyone knows The Humpty Trump is talking pure Bull Sh**.

The networks treated The Donald like he is__A real D***.

Has it stopped The Humpty Trump? He is a die-hard who won’t quit.

He is delirious. Get serious.  The Donald is the true meaning of prick.


Do Me, Baby! Do The Humpty Trump. Do The Humpty Trump.

Do Me, Baby! Outrageous, contagious! Don’t worry this brother will fall into a slump.


Unforgettable__The List

It felt as though I was humming to the tune of Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable. Was it Lee Major who played in the FALL GUY? If you are not sure going forward in making a decision don’t forget to reach into your pockets and pull out the TRUSTED ADULT. Your business should be Comfort Zone LLC so you can sing Alicia Keys, Diary/Secrets. We will hope for the best and may your secrets fall into the hands of someone you can truly say, “Your Secrets Are Safe With Me.” It won’t be Chris Christie. Baby! Are you about to be fired? Please tell me Chris Christie was not trying to sing Nappy Roots song, Po Folks. You know the part where he states he has lived in Jersey and he will croak in Jersey bit. Right! Right! Now he is beginning to understand Tupac, All Eyes On You. BUSTED! The Hawk, The Almighty Hawk, Mr. Wind has caught your back on the way out the door. Lou Rawls knew what he was talking about when he song Dead End Street. I guess being a contender for the Presidency looked quite appealing. The Governor might need to change course with his dream. If the General name keeps popping up, SAMSON and DELILAH (Bridget Kelly) will star in their next movie. You can call it Rockin’ With The Rockerfellows__ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT for the real Land Slide. Chris Christie is not a Grand Guardian. He guards his pockets only.

Who can be considered a Grand Guardian? It could be your momma, your daddy, brother, sister, a close friend, relative, minister, an attorney, a person you TRUST with your story. The Media has become quite an effective choice and has become very popular. Hell! It sounds like SUPERFLY. Some people have had success with Twitter. A wonderful example is a young lady who Tweeted out 3 Rochester Teens standing on the sidewalk waiting for the bus who was about to get arrested for blocking traffic. Happy! Happy! Happy! These young BROTHERS coach was their Grand Guardian. Lawrence O’Donnell threw down on this exclusive story ARRESTED ROCHESTER TEENS SPEAKS OUT. You go Lawrence O’! This is what I call true Arrested Development. I like their songs too. Go ahead Mr. Wendal. Pay attention because we are beginning to see some new strategies to save ones A…

Whew! I’m so glad these three young Brothers were not Andy Asperger, Nathan NLD, and Tommy Tourette Syndrome. The Flip Side Of The Chart will not stand a chance. These Brothers wouldn’t be Rockin’ with the Rockerfellows. They aren’t affluent. Who will get the shaft? The middleman has been cut. Mental Institutions are not much of an option. Moving Forward with modern technology and the Winans forecasting Teddy Riley’s Time To Make That Change it is definitely a New Jack Swing. Bottom line just makes sure you are not standing in front of the Grand Jury. This is not to be confused with your Grand Guardian. Well, depending on the verdict. If it rides in your favor, Hallelujah! Can I Get An Amen Or Not?

Steve Kornacki was pushing the interrogation factor. Keep asking the question until you get the right answers. If you are not sure about the answer to find your Grand Guardian, fact checker, or the most reliable News Media that is BUSTING LOOSE with THE TRUTH and throwing down like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. Google It! Bing It! SING Ya-HOOO-ooo! Check this out. When my girl was a guest on Up with Steve Kornacki you notice Dawn Zimmer, the mayor of Hoboken had her Alicia Keys Diary/Secrets. I just want all my Brothers and Sister over on the Flip Side Of The Chart to remember this precious strategy. If you struggle with writing, the keyboard on the computer may give those fingers some ease. If you can’t put your thoughts on paper get a tape recorder. Go to your FACEBOOK wall where you can share or make it public or private. For those of you who can get to the point in 140 words or less and is just D.. short-winded, Twitter is for you. For those of you who have more to say, Do Your Thang on FACEBOOK. Don’t throw your conversation E-Mails away. Think of it this way. E stands for Evidence and it might save your A… one day or you may get burned depending on what is in the E-mail. Thank GOD for modern technology and what it has brought to our ever-changing world. Change is the fuel in which a mule refuses to move forward. The mule is cool with the acceptance of stubbornness. Jack-Ass!

Where is that List? Unbelievable! It was right here all the Time. Check Bobby D out. Man! Look at the sweatshirt Bobby D wore to school. Back in the day, we called it a cheat sheet. Your A… was out partying instead of studying for the test. The key to scoring on the test was knowing where to position yourself if you’re going to get the majority of the right answers. The person on the opposite end of the spectrum knows it is a cheat sheet. Intentional behavior is about to make its move. The person on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART doesn’t realize it is a cheat sheet. Interrogation TIME! Bobby D is pissed because my Boi on the Flip Side is asking all these questions and drawing attention to Bobby D shirt. What! So the teacher wants to get her test on. Hold Up! Hold Up! She has to find out why the commotion is in motion. As she approaches Bobby D the answer just jumps out. Bobby D thinks my Boi has snitched. Bobby D is removed from the classroom. Here we go with the “Meet me at 3:30 your A.. is mind.” WHOA! Mr. Intentional Behavior is not going to pass the test either because he was out with Bobby D and he invented the shirt. Did we make any friends today? On top of it all, somebody is about to get thrashed.

A person who can’t focus and trouble with concept formation can hang it up. Do you know how hard it is for some people to put their ideas in a group? Comparing and contrasting is horrible. Did you actually think knowing what is relevant and irrelevant was going to happen right this minute? No! It will take TIME, patient, and a person who is willing to be the grownup in the room to say they understand. Are you willing to teach and teach and teach? On the Flip Side Of The Chart, there are so many people who are so willing to learn. Stop being HATERS and frustrating the great minds who process information differently. It must be understood on the Flip Side Of The Chart Thomas Edison light bulb will take a minute to be turned on. When it comes to the glow is Awesome! We will not roll out the fight on Christopher Columbus and my BOI Lief Erikson. Discovery just ain’t our thang. It is cool to give credit where credit is due. We just need concrete information and the TRUTH to be square. Do not take the ZOO-ZOOs and WHAMS-WHAMS away. You are going to piss the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART off. I hope you don’t think making an example out of people you fail to teach are going to be receptive to punishment. Come on! Take responsibility. You don’t think when Bob McDonnell, formal governor of Virginia got his ZOO-ZOOs and WHAM-WHAMs took away he wasn’t pissed. INTENTIONAL! MHP, the price of chicken has gone up.

Unforgettable! Please tell me when you hear about NLD Syndrome you will be able to hold a decent conversation on the topic. If you know anyone who appears to be unique treat the person with dignity and respect. Your lightbulb might be screwed in too tight. Loosen up and adjust. Help create an inclusive environment for a BROTHER or a SISTER. Just a friendly reminder to let your A.. know a BROTHER and SISTER doesn’t mean BLACK FOLKS ONLY (BFO). OKAY!

NLD Syndrome called Nonverbal Learning Disability is a developmental disability in which the individual demonstrates a mature vocabulary, rote memory skills, excellent reading abilities. Who does this look like to you on the opposite end of the spectrum? Mr. so-called Normal! Hmmm! Children/Adults have difficulty interacting with others (same age peers or not), transitioning to new settings, working in different environments (whether or not it is at school or on the job), WHEREVER under the UMBRELLA, UMBRELLA, UMBRELLA… Stop it RHIANA! Working with anyone and anything NEW can cause a major BOO BOO in the world of NLD. It’s all good on the opposite end of the spectrum the GOP, Republicans, and Tea Partiers was totally out of touch and sync. NLD Syndrome Traded Places and it was not with Eddie Murphy. On the Flip Side Of The Chart, it is called Work With Me Program. From where I’m sitting, WHOOP! WHOOP NLD Syndrome we are rooting for you. Sure NLD has problems with writing and fine motor skills. So did Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky. This dude from the opposite end of the spectrums had problems with his writing skills too. Hell, he decided to steal someone else’s work. What was wrong with his fingers? Right! Right!

NLDers has exemplary reading skills. So did Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, with his Green Eggs and Ham BS. He totally misinterpreted the D.. story. People diagnosed with NLD Syndrome want to get it right. What can we say for this sucker IDIOT-OLOGY Ted Cruz? What did he achieve? Abstract concepts need to be explained in detail as the individual with NLD has a difficult TIME with understanding metaphors, emotional nuances, multiple levels of meaning and relationships issues. On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Golden Globe Pussy Willow Award goes to Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, for his libido statement. Go Head Pimp Daddy Sugar! The second runner-up on the opposite end of the spectrum is State Senator Richard Black of Virginia for his belief that marital rape should not be a crime. This is not Joe Black’s brother and you definitely do not wish to meet him. You can find this article at Salon. By the way, Richard is living up to his name. Dick! Our third runner-up on the opposite in the spectrum is Foster Friess, Mr. Business Man Of The Year, with his aspirin still between his legs in his day and his mind only. There are so many HATERS on the opposite end of the spectrum. NLDers are not HATERS. What comes out their mouth is tough but the bottom-line is they can be redirected because they want to get it right. The HATERS on the opposite end of the spectra is caught in a Time Warp, Intent to do harm, love to fail, and do not wish to move FORWARD. Just give NLDers a description of abstract concepts. Make it simple and be patient. KISS 🙂 NLDers do not wish to fail and struggle with moving forward. It is a BIG D… difference.

1) NLDer have motor impairments causing difficulty in tasks that require dexterity, manipulations of small objects, and coordinated handling tasks such as writing, typing, buttoning buttons.

2) Attentional deficits cause people diagnosed with NLD Syndrome to have difficulty in coping with over-stimulating or distracting environments and requiring him/her to have limited distractions and assistance in focusing himself/herself.

Mayor Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, Ontario Canada, demonstrated exactly what can happen to an NLDer on a regular day without the recreational drugs and booze. Strictly meaning bumping into people, accidentally mowing a person down and running head-on into an object. Rob is a Space Invader and just didn’t know what to do with his big voluptuous body. Poster Baby Justin Beaver is not too far behind. Did you know Ted Cruz, Justin Bieber, and Rob Ford all came from Canada? Should it really mean anything? See, that is how stereotyping gets started. Cut the Sh.. out.

3) Performing multiple tasks simultaneously can possibly Blow The Roof Off The Mother for NLDers. One thing at a TIME is good and limit the information you give to the task. Multiple commands are so counterproductive. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this happens many TIMES with the GOP and Kill OBAMACARE. Ask the baby who has to potty on himself and need their diaper change right away the response would be___SEE THERE. 🙁

4) Organizing material on NLDers watch is the Beatles singing HELP I NEED SOMEBODY. I mean not just anybody. Go get the Brother or Sister some HELP with writing outlines, determining how to sequence/order and prioritize, planning, and transitioning from one idea or aspect of a project to another.

Help me LAWD! On the opposite end of the spectrum, my BOI Chris Christie had A Whole Lotta Of Shakin’ Going On. He was not on the stage with Jerry Lee Lewis and The Outlaws. Will he be the next outlaw? Well, maybe he over-planned but he probably didn’t plan on this happening. Steve Kornacki, You Light Up My Life and I am singing George Clinton Flash Light. UP! UP!

5) Visual-Perception/Visual-spatial deficits. How persons interpret what he/she sees, understanding the boundaries of their environment and the boundaries in a relationship. Do Not Cross The Line. Just explain to the person in the right tone if they are standing to close if it flies over their head and they don’t get it. We don’t need to get in a shouting match. Be patient if the person is slow in gathering their thoughts. Explain to them information that is personal should not be shared on FACEBOOK. Stay out of the Abstract Zone and pour on the concrete. Please don’t go there with picture this. Do not say can you imagine. The response will be I can’t see a D.. thing. Can you? Just remember in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together get some gorilla glue because BABY you got some communicating to do. This will not take on the format of TWITTER (the 140 words or less). It is not happening. So gear up and get those jaws ready to do some talking. Parents do not get bog down or frustrated. Make it the happy moment TIME. Let your child/adult know you have a certain amount of TIME to spend on conversational skills and afterward you can party All Night Long just like Lionel Richie.

Are you lost Boo? You can’t read the map? Turn left on 68th street. Why are you turning right? Man! I’m in the car with a person who can’t tell their right from their left. It’s cool! I will drive the next TIME. Do not get into a WRESTLE-MANIA argument with an NLDer. Start singing Luther Vandross, Always and Forever. Make it clear it is okay to disagree. It doesn’t make either party right or wrong when it comes to a person’s opinion. How can you fail a survey? Facts are facts and make it clear you ask for their opinion. Say the right word so you can send the right message. To keep the NLDer from becoming frustrated, angry, and having those meltdowns. POINT IT OUT. Smokey Robinson did. I Am So Excited because I get this and I want you to get it too. Become a Pointer Sister or Pointer Brother. Ye-ah! Doctors spend a little more TIME checking out this area. Soooo I thought I would give it a lick-er-ty split. There is no one test to determine NLD SYNDROME. To all the parents out there, Heads Up! When Baby girl or Baby Boi can’t tie his/her shoe, ride a bike, trips and falls and nothing is in the way, don’t want to play with those LEGOS, takes forever to write, don’t seem to understand you are mom or dad and appears they are talking Sh.. to you, HOLD THE FORT DOWN. Beating a child is not the answer. The KEY is EDUCATION, DEDICATION, and making MEDICATION the last recourse to helping your child understand and cope with his Behaviors. Develop a plan, not an A.. whipping.

Drawing complex figures, and trying to understand higher levels of math can be hard (dyscalculia). On the opposite end of the spectrum, Paul Ryan gets the Award for Dyscalculia and his Forcible Rape statement. Let someone with NLD Syndrome make any of these scuzzy remarks and they will be up for grabs on all types of harassment or sexual harassment charges. To my NLDers don’t get frustrated. Listen to Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans, Count On Me and drink some hot tea. Feel better now. It is such a shame when the blame is placed on NLDers and other exceptionalities who are born with neurological behaviors. NLDers are not emotionally disturbed and should not be ostracized, criticized, isolated, nor punished for their UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. Make sure everyone involved in Operation Road Hog gets punished. INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR!

6) Social Miscueing is where we need a real INTERPRETER. Interpreting the body languages is the monkey wrench found in your lunch bucket. Where is the lunch? Guess what? You are the lunch. NLDers get eaten alive because they cannot discern nonverbal cues. When you hear a person say they have a friend who doesn’t know where to start or end a conversation look out. If the conversation appeared to not make sense and was not simple or pragmatic I hope you are aware that you might be talking to Sarah Palin from the opposite end of the spectrum. She is the queen of Com-boo-very and Louie Gohmert, U.S. Representative from Texas, is the King of BS. NLders are winning the battle of Sanity from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART.

So what if you have trouble recognizing faces, taking people to mean what they say, you Get Jiggy Wit It and the other person feel insulted. I’m quite sure Will Smith, from the opposite end of the spectrum, had to Get Jiggy Wit It when people were all up in his business about his marriage and trying to drink his Kool-Aid. Sure you are going to have social blunders. The opposite end of the spectrum says gaffe. It was an error of the lips either way. Who will get punished? Right! Right! You guess it. It wasn’t because you are the Social Butterfly in your community or the Affluent one. As far as TRUSTING people and being NAIVE the opposite end of the spectrum racked up some points and ran away with the ball. Hey! They re-elected CHRIS CHRISTIE. I’m just saying!

7) It is TIME to take off the “Black and White” Tuxedo and break it down to the grey sweat suit. Grey yourself up so you can become flexible instead of having rigid ideas. Are you ready? Be like Guy and Let’s Chill.

Remember if you ever get called in the office on your job and the people are saying they just want FEEDBACK and it is not a VERBAL or a COACHING wait for the
shoe to drop. As you get older you have a tendency to forget. Sooo on January 25th approximately around 2:15-2:30 am, 2014 I just wanted to remind myself I was being held accountable for an ineffective job with little to no resources to get the job done. Okay! Remember to keep your diary, tape, and keyboard ready. E for Evidence. Unforgettable that’s what you are.

This Is Not Green Eggs And Ham

Systemic risk brought our nation to a halt.
The Incompetent minds demanded deficit default
Government shutdown affected the nation as a whole.
While 18 SENATE REPUBLICANS acted like total A..holes.

Do not let JOHN BOEHNER off the hook.
This Brother got paid for being a crook.
The Speakership stayed in total limbo.
The default of our economy was played down by TED YOHO.

There were 144 NAYS up in the HOUSE.
JOHN BOEHNER lacks courage. He is the SPEAKER OF THE MOUSE.
GOP was set on CRUZ control.
While the people and the nation suffered without their payroll.

TED CRUZ led the REPUBLICANS into extremist purgatory.
SARAH PALIN and MICHELE BACHMANN’s words continued to be derogatory.
The REPUBLICAN PARTY has been totally ripped apart.
TED CRUZ, the PIED PIPER, ain’t even smart.

You cannot LEAD with HATRED, DRAMA, nor CRISIS.
Our nation has suffered from BOEHNER sacrifices.
How is it possible for BOEHNER to be a hero?
Negotiations are over and BOEHNER got zero.

HARRY REID thinks BOEHNER’S actions are MIND BOGGLING indeed.
The plan to kill OBAMACARE will never succeed.
NANCY PELOSI was pissed and you could hear it in her voice.
24 billion dollars in debt was the REPUBLICANS poor choice.

The President and the BIG D stood tall and firm.
“NO” is the answer. TIME for the GOP to SQUIRM.
Lesson learned this path has been walked before.
The President and the BIG D ain’t doing this Sh… no more.

Do you want to know the REPUBLICANS next scheme?
On JANUARY 15 destroy the image of REV. DR MARTIN LUTHER KING.
Why not pick this date for the next government shutdown?
It is TIME for the REPUBLICANS to govern and stop going round and round.

FEBRUARY BLACK HISTORY month will be recognized.
The world can see the transparency of the GOP.
Will these BROTHERS leave it along and let it be?

NEWT GINGRICH once whipped out his can of WELFARE SPAM.
Former President Clinton showed NEWT, “This Is Not Green Eggs And Ham”.
This fool is tripping and is Overwhelmed.

It is all on tape and INSTAGRAM
The REPUBLICANS followed a MADMAN who has no respect for UNCLE SAM.
TED CRUZ speaks with a forked tongue. Yessiree MAAM!

Coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART Obamacare would be very useful to the opposite end of the spectrum. Why would THE REPUBLICANS, GOP, and the TEA PARTY try to defund a bill they so desperately need and can use? This crew has demonstrated MENTAL ILLNESS at its finest. If you did not understand what dysfunctional mean, you know now. This has been a learned lesson on TRUST. Can the people TRUST THE REPUBLICANS to do what is right for them and the nation after 24 billion dollars set back?

Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard

Now there is a title. Don’t let your mind play around with it too long. Are you talking to me? Who else would I be talking to? I don’t see anyone else out there but you. That’s because I can go in and have the conversation no one can hear except for you. Don’t you think that is dangerous? It is dangerous when you start hearing other voices inside your head other than your own. This is still one on one. Girlfriend this is me and me rotating my thoughts around. This is not Sybil with 16 personalities. Absolutely not! Aren’t you worried someone will think you are crazy? One of the biggest problem people have is they are so worried about what other people think. I got my diagnosis. I’m cool. My body may not be in top condition but I’m still ROCKIN’ my TOC. Don’t you mean CLOCK? The BRAIN is the TOC and the HEART is the TIC. The whole picture is the CLOCK. If these 2 gizmos are not functioning well you are in a world of trouble. Your TIC-TOC has just knocked the TIME off your CLOCK. You know you are… Don’t say it.

I learned my lesson. Why do you always capitalize TIME? TIME is very important. TIME is a lot shorter than most people realize. We need to stay focus and use our TIME wisely. TIME is a teachable moment. Did I learn the same lesson? You certainly did, in due TIME. I don’t care how many TIMES I have to repeat this saying. Everyone doesn’t learn by repetition. You will strike a nerve and make a person go off if you say it too many TIMES. When they say they got it. They got it. Did I get it? You were a little bit slower on the draw when reacting to what others said than me. So I would hold you back when you wanted to react too quickly. Yes, it is a balance which makes us works so well together. Is this why people are impulsive and they don’t think before they act or speak? A lot of TIMES. There are different TIMES when the brain just won’t allow a person to hold back their thoughts. There are other TIMES when a person or persons are very verbal and they have to process their information outside their Internal Hard Drive. It looks like a person with head-gear (Bluetooth). If you don’t see the Bluetooth you think the person is crazy for talking to themselves. You have to be careful not to mistake them for a person who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. How do you know they are talking to someone on the other end? You don’t. Assumption! I hate talking to crazy A… people. Good thing you don’t work for CONGRESS nor talk to them.

Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain it that way. There was a lot of things Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain. Where is Dr. Rourke? Dead! What! Remember he died on August the 11th, 2011 in his sleep. I will never forget that day on FACEBOOK when the bells tolled for him. Up pops a women picture used on Dr. Byron Rourke obituary The Windsor Star got it wrong or somebody did. That was the day I had to really restrain you from… Right! Right! The NLDers went crazy. They came out of their box and express how they really felt about the great child neurologist. Twitter wasn’t to please either. The words were not so kind. Who do you compare Dr. Byron Rourke demise too? First, let me do that crazy thing Secret Agent RA-RA does. Maahahaha…! Maahahaha! Correct me if I am wrong. I have never seen this sinister laugh spelled out before. Close enough. You are driving me crazy. Who is it you are comparing the Great Windsor Professor to. Margaret Thatcher! Shut Up! Can you sing Celebration by Kool And The Gang? YAHOO! There’s a party going on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. Don’t tell me YAHOO got their name from Kool And The Gang. Hey, I think you might be on to something.

Is it inappropriate for people to celebrate when a person dies? It is called hypocrisy when you pretend you are going to miss them. It is wrong to the 3rd degrees to attend a person funeral you never liked. What about respect? Did the person earn any respect in life? Well! Well, hells bells they don’t receive any respect in death. You are only going to end up on BIG EDDIE’S PRETENDER’S LIST. So if your inner thoughts express how you feel outwardly why are you made the villain when you know how the person sitting next to you feels the same way. It doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand the other person used his external hard drive to shout out what you wanted to say. You are a villain if your hypocritical A.. shows up and never liked nor respected the person in life.

Blacks folks are covered. When a person dies we call it a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. So you can spin the title on the obituary any way you want. Oh Yeah! That is so wrong. Do you think I miss JESSIE HELMS? I wasn’t at his funeral either. It will fall under the title, gone but not forgotten. If we reflect back on what you did and it was bad you will be forgotten easily. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to TED CRUZ but I think I could get on the stage with the Floaters and sing the remix of FLOAT ON. CRUZ ON! CRUZ ON! CAPRICORN and my name are TED. I’m here because I wanted OBAMACARE DEAD. The Re-PUB-li-cans are pissed off at what I said. So what! I waved the white flag and put my LIES to bed. So I want you to Cruz on Cruz on. I’m GONE! I’m GONE! What is with you and these songs? Talk to my man Oliver SAKS. He could relate to Music and the Brain. MUSICOPHILIA! Right on! Right On! It is a real YOUTUBE MOMENT.

Living with you all the TIME ain’t no joke. I know. You capitalize TIME. We are really doing this Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard. Correct. Dr. Byron Rourke put a lot of information out there and it wasn’t parenting friendly at all. Rourke did a disservice to the NLD COMMUNITY by not breaking his message down. Little hope was given and his message hinges on suicide. He wasn’t very positive. Even on the opposite end of the spectrum black men or join at the hip of violence spoken in the same breath of mental illness. Rourke always compared Nonverbal Learning Disability to Asperger. Autism was pitted against NLD never giving recognition to the unrecognized. Don’t ever put an NLDer in the room with someone who has Autism. Not Pretty! Rourke never stepped outside of his box and gave NLDers a chance. He never left Windsor either. He traveled but he chose to live in Windsor until the bells tolled. He wouldn’t be happy with Ted Cruz denouncing Canada. Rourke needed to experiment on Cruz instead of his son Phil.

I don’t want NLDers or any other exceptional person caught in a thread on FACEBOOK or any other social network not reaching out to a real live human being and making a face to face connection. It is hard but everything Congress, GOP, Re-PUB-li-cans, and the Pee Partiers threw away will be the lesson learned for the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Too many of the stories on NLDers are caught in a grade school TIME warp. NLDers grow up and party too. We all struggle in relationships. So many of us struggle to do the math. Paul Ryan is a great example of the WAR ON MATH and WOMEN. Rourke did not stress enough to not become so frustrated and give up when the behaviors manifest themselves. People diagnosed with neurological behaviors will not get 42 TIME to do any 1 thing wrong. That’s amazing how nothing has been redefined. Can you believe how nothing has to be done so many TIMES? It uses to be a TIME when nothing was zero. Now we have to count nothing. D…!

Who does it remind you of? A lot of people. Darrell Issa came up with a lot of nothing. Issa gears are locked into an eternal mode and he is driven hard. Issa reminds me of Silvio Berlusconi. Mr. Above the Law money bags. Only Issa is sponsored by the Koch Brothers. Eric Ebenezer Cantor needs to withdraw from his medication. He has SNAPPED. What about Pinky and the Brainless? Ted Cruz and the Pee Partiers are going to blow up the world because they don’t want a black/multi-racial person telling them what to do. It is too much. Their behaviors have been unremarkable. All of these people said and did whatever d… well pleased and was not challenged by their party’s behavior who are maximally challenge.

I wonder what Dr. Byron Rourke would think of all the behaviors in CONGRESS driven to the brink of starving our children. I bet he would be amazed at the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS motivated by fear of losing their white status and not mixing it up with the SHADES of BROWN in TOWN. Would Dr. Byron Rourke compare these so-called normal folks to Schizophrenia? I would love to have seen the inclusionary program Dr. Byron Rourke would attempt to develop for a Congress who did not wish to be included with a multi-racial president. Do you think he could help with the HATRED problem? Ain’t no pill for Hatred. Dr. Byron Rourke never stepped outside his chambers of horrors to see who the real SLIM SHADYS were. So what do we do with all this psycho-babble? For now, we Set It and Forget It and make sure it is not placed on the back burner. Is the oven on? No! Good! The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART gets another chance. What about 42? The hard drives on those mouthpieces are broken and the behavior is unproductive and INTENTIONAL. Their external hard drive was driven hard because they are gamers and their memory was ate up. What about their internal hard drive? They were playing GRAND THEFT AUTO V. You know what happen. Congress should have passed the gun legislation.

Work With Me Now!__Scandals

You want them to know where the real scandal lies? Who do you think would have the most to gain. Who do you think to put a weapon in the hands of adults and made a profit off their lives by being the official drug dealers? What happens when the adult’s lives were exhausted, a drain of life, jailed, and final treatment was suicide? Who did they turn to next and label for profits? Could our children pull off more profit for the pharmaceutical companies with the expansion of diagnostic labels without consistent testing? It is TIME TO HANDLE THE SCANDAL. It is TIME for CONGRESS to FEEL THE BURN.

Congress would have the most to gain by hooking up with the pharmaceutical companies and making big TIME profits off the lives of adults/children. Medication and no Dedication without Strategies and Compensation is what Congress put into law. It was Congress who gave credence to their legislature and became New Jack City. Congress has become PIMPS, PLAYERS, HUSTLERS, and WHORES. You gave South Carolina Mark Sanford for MOTHER’S DAY. NO APOLOGY! The pharmaceutical companies have the green light to push their drugs onto the public. Medication was a quick fix. To hell with the side effects and long turn counterproductive treatments. Introduce the Budget Cuts and introduce Jail as the new treatment center and make TRIAGE obsolete. Other countries don’t operate as DRUG DEALERS. Has anyone talked to DR. ALLEN FRANCES lately? Please don’t let the DSM5 off the hook. DR FRANCES needs are front and center. Get him on the talk shows.

Did the psychiatric community separate the critical care from noncritical patients? Did the psychiatric community sift through the diagnosis and see which patient deserve first priority? Which individuals are selected to be on psychotropic drugs? Will drugs put the patient at a greater risk for suicide? Should medication be looked at as the last measure of an individuals treatment plan instead of the first?

What would be the next money-maker? Did Congress decide to place military weapons into the hands of adults and also make them accessible to children because it would make a larger profit? Will Obama Care take away from Congress Drug Profit? Maybe the pills were not working fast enough and Congress had to find another way. So now Congress has decided to take the food out of the mouths of children, the elderly, disabled, poor, and the sick and shut in. The smoke screen of all the D..n Scandals was to take our eyes off of Gun Legislature, Jobs, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Immigration, Education, Tax Reform, Social Security, the Deficit, and all the things President Obama and his administration has fought for. The smoke screen isn’t working.

What is the link to WORK WITH ME NOW and MANIFESTATION OF ONE’s BEHAVIOR? It is very simple. You act out if people fail to WORK WITH YOU or cooperate. Did you see President Obama act out? Who acted out? Whose behavior has MANIFESTED? Who responded with LIES, HATRED, ANGER, and INTENTIONAL MALICIOUS BEHAVIOR? Who extended the olive branch, came to the table and said, “WORK WITH NOW?” On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, the behavior will manifest itself but the behavior is neither INTENTIONAL and the emotional response will be entirely different. A very strong example would be Nonverbal Learning Disability. We must never lose insight of who the victim is and how they were victimized. People who are disabled, children, and the elderly are always heavily preyed upon. It also reminds me of the MILITARY SCANDAL and the three young women who were kidnapped. There is NO THERE THERE! All the SCANDALS will backfire because CONGRESS has failed to learn from their mistakes.

Bring out your psychiatrist, psychologist, neuropsychologist, sociologist, criminologist. They probably will agree in their field of expertise they get caught up and fail to take a peek-a-boo I see you approach. They get blindsided and see their field of studies as being the most important. It would be nice to hear from these doctors and draw upon the FACTS. It is TIME for the roundtable of discussions. The President has taken the reigns. The American people deserve to know the FACTS that our nation is dealing with a bunch of crazy A.. people. These people need to be evaluated. Should they be running the country? Is it humanly possible to make an error 38 TIMES when you have been shown the correct thing to do unless you have a brain-based disorder (neurological)? Will the results change or the response be different along with the fact that the behavior may diminish if you are willing to WORK WITH THE BEHAVIOR and not DRUG THE BEHAVIOR UP? This is not REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRATIC but about SANITY and INSANITY and the results, you get when you are WILLING to WORK WITH PEOPLE.

This is what happens to Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and other exceptionalities because once the behavior comes out no one wants to WORK with the behavior. Once again you have labeled this person as VIOLATE or DANGEROUS when no solution was put in place. What has been offered as a solution is not a SOLUTION? A neurological disorder may get it wrong 38 TIMES until someone has shown them or pointed out their error. They would want to get it right because the frustration is so great. The behavior will multiply itself sending this person into a state of depression, confusion, and anxiety. NLD and other exceptionalities do not wish to be set up for failure. Who does? Unless you are Congress and your major goal is to OBSTRUCT DEMOCRACY. What solution was offered to help diminish the behavior? It would be easy to drug, imprison, and “CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR” to get rid of these people. You call it a SCANDAL. I call it a D..m shame. NEUROLOGICAL disorders DO NOT PLAN INTENTIONAL ACTS upon people to destroy their lives or another person’s life nor do they plan to destroy someone else’s freedom. Where does the TRUE SCANDAL LIE? Who is TRULY SCANDALOUS?

Was the 38 TIMES Congress went back to the drawing board and was shown the right direction INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR? Was Congress willing to WORK WITH the PRESIDENT? Who should we really take a closer look at? Why should we bother to listen to people who cannot accept a loss, learn from their losses, and move forward to gain? I hear you MARTIN BASHIR. These are the people who have run our country into the ground, who want to starve our nation, put guns in the hands of children whose lives are being taken on a daily basis. Can anyone tell me what the BODY COUNT has risen to since SANDY HOOK? The majority rule will become EXTINCT along with the majority of the nation. We must stay focus and remember what is truly important in our lives and prioritize from there. If one cannot put things in proper perspective find someone who will give you the FACTS.

Bottom line the more a person or group of people fail to get the right answer or the appropriate response after trying numerous amounts of TIMES the behavior will begin to escalate. Once this behavior goes totally SOUTH because the Government System has failed to work with the person or persons a new label will be given and you are now viewed as VIOLATE and DANGEROUS. Is this another SCANDALOUS strategy to isolate people and not offer compensations? Who is responsible for the MILITARY SCANDAL? You go to War, fight for your country, run the risk of losing body parts, and the greatest risk of losing your life. If you survive with your life you will now have to deal with the hidden secrets of being raped in the military. Dealing with the facts of not being heard by government high-ranking officials after you fought for your country is SCANDALOUS. If the government fails to work with you, your behavior runs a strong risk of changing. Before SUICIDE comes knocking at your door it is possible you may take someone else out of the box and then yourself.

So the good news is The GOP, Congress, Tea Party, and Blue Dog Conservative Democrats have been models for TRANSPARENT NEGATIVE INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS which has manifested into HATRED, LIES, and the ability not to have regards for a HUMAN LIFE. How SCANDALOUS is that? I will be respectful and not throw everyone into the same category. A loss is a MASTERFUL GAIN if you are willing to LEARN from an error. WORK WITH THE PEOPLE and not AGAINST THE PEOPLE and show the PEOPLE YOU WORK FOR THEM.

There are quite a few doctors who are unhappy with how the DSM5 turned out. There are several syndromes named after worthwhile RECOGNIZABLE people who made a great contribution to society. Coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, we must show the contrasting different of the so-called normal folks who have the audacity to label and stigmatize the disabled. What syndrome should be on the list? Since we have had more transparent behaviors in our government let’s name the syndromes after government officials who have shown true worthlessness. Here is a list of my favorite government official who I know will make the list due to the severity of their disorder.

1.) MCCONNELL SYNDROME-hatred syndrome, not having the ability to accept a loss, filibuster anxiety and he will even filibuster himself. Due to the nature of his disability, he is unable to recognize his destructive behavior and how he has brought his party down to representing absolutely nothing after his remark about the PRESIDENT 1 term.

2.) BOEHNER SYNDROME-low work ethics or no work ethics, no guts, obsessed with whatever is not THERE, cannot pass a bill to save his life or help save anyone else’s life. Boehner has put a new meaning of not being in charge, not being able to take charge and not being in charge of himself. So why is he THERE THERE? 🙂

3.) BACHMAN SYNDROME-doesn’t have the facts and makes up information because it sounds good to her, delusional, very dangerous if you are not careful in certain communities and countries it will get you killed. Bachman Syndrome is interconnected with LOUIE GOHMERT SYNDROME that has conspiracy theories intertwined with being a religious fanatic.

4.) RYAN SYNDROME-has a horrible case of DYSCALCULIA. The numbers don’t add up and he can’t do the math due to his brain disorder which is greed. DYSCALCULIA is a brain disorder. PAUL RYAN is just D..m GREEDY. He is not smart.

5.) ISSA SYNDROME-Arrogance at its finest. Shut up! I don’t have to listen to a NEGROE. I am the richest person in CONGRESS and I do not have to RESPECT the President or anyone that doesn’t have the money or of a diverse race. He probably suffers from an identity crisis cross by the HERMAN CAIN factor. ISSA SYNDROME accepts he is rich and not LEBANESE AMERICAN and Herman Cain has never accepted he is BLACK. This syndrome has a fascination with closed doors and information that can be extracted from behind the scenes. ISSA SYNDROME is obsessed with prosecuting without the FACTS and compelled to use all of his OVERSIGHTS to bully his colleagues with information that is not THERE THERE. Yes, it possible you are shaking hand with OCD.

6.) MCCAIN SYNDROME-WARDOG cover up just to go to War. He probably thinks he is under seize. Every now and then he has a flashback of common sense. He carries a personal spotlight around and must meet the criteria to be back at the nursing home by 9:00 p.m.

7.) RUBIO SYNDROME-thinks he is TUPAC/2PAC homie. He has not developed any relationship with science or BILL NYE the SCIENCE GUY. He has trouble identifying what race or class he is from. RUBIO needs to check his biography and make sure he is himself. RUBIO SYNDROME has a tendency to take on issues such as IMMIGRATION to appear sincere to the LATINO COMMUNITY only for votes.

8.) SANFORD SYNDROME-no respect for family, no morals straight out WHORE. Refer to the following SYNDROMES (VITTER, EDWARDS, GINGRICH, and CAIN).

9.) PALIN SYNDROME-Dropout, inspires quitters, cheaters, and liars to remain, quitters, cheaters, and liars. This syndrome shows the inability to not want to learn. Fock that! You have just become straight up ignorant. It is not possible to see RUSSIA from your bay window in ALASKA. Palin Syndrome will set women back at least 2000 years.

10.) CRUZ SYNDROME-character assassination without evidence, paranoia, state right nostalgia, black helicopter conspiracy, and the government is going to take our guns away theory. Please refer to ALEX JONES, GLEN BECK, and JOSEPH MCCARTHY SYNDROME.

There are so many new syndromes that could be added to our list of worthless INTENTIONAL behaviors. Feel free to add more characteristics and traits to the following or choose your own. I personally feel this list gives a comparison and contrast to INTENTIONAL versus UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. WORK WITH ME NOW. Who is responsible for the SCANDALS? Who is SCANDALOUS?

Dedicated to Dr. Allen Frances