Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard

Now there is a title. Don’t let your mind play around with it too long. Are you talking to me? Who else would I be talking to? I don’t see anyone else out there but you. That’s because I can go in and have the conversation no one can hear except for you. Don’t you think that is dangerous? It is dangerous when you start hearing other voices inside your head other than your own. This is still one on one. Girlfriend this is me and me rotating my thoughts around. This is not Sybil with 16 personalities. Absolutely not! Aren’t you worried someone will think you are crazy? One of the biggest problem people have is they are so worried about what other people think. I got my diagnosis. I’m cool. My body may not be in top condition but I’m still ROCKIN’ my TOC. Don’t you mean CLOCK? The BRAIN is the TOC and the HEART is the TIC. The whole picture is the CLOCK. If these 2 gizmos are not functioning well you are in a world of trouble. Your TIC-TOC has just knocked the TIME off your CLOCK. You know you are… Don’t say it.

I learned my lesson. Why do you always capitalize TIME? TIME is very important. TIME is a lot shorter than most people realize. We need to stay focus and use our TIME wisely. TIME is a teachable moment. Did I learn the same lesson? You certainly did, in due TIME. I don’t care how many TIMES I have to repeat this saying. Everyone doesn’t learn by repetition. You will strike a nerve and make a person go off if you say it too many TIMES. When they say they got it. They got it. Did I get it? You were a little bit slower on the draw when reacting to what others said than me. So I would hold you back when you wanted to react too quickly. Yes, it is a balance which makes us works so well together. Is this why people are impulsive and they don’t think before they act or speak? A lot of TIMES. There are different TIMES when the brain just won’t allow a person to hold back their thoughts. There are other TIMES when a person or persons are very verbal and they have to process their information outside their Internal Hard Drive. It looks like a person with head-gear (Bluetooth). If you don’t see the Bluetooth you think the person is crazy for talking to themselves. You have to be careful not to mistake them for a person who is diagnosed with schizophrenia. How do you know they are talking to someone on the other end? You don’t. Assumption! I hate talking to crazy A… people. Good thing you don’t work for CONGRESS nor talk to them.

Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain it that way. There was a lot of things Dr. Byron Rourke didn’t explain. Where is Dr. Rourke? Dead! What! Remember he died on August the 11th, 2011 in his sleep. I will never forget that day on FACEBOOK when the bells tolled for him. Up pops a women picture used on Dr. Byron Rourke obituary The Windsor Star got it wrong or somebody did. That was the day I had to really restrain you from… Right! Right! The NLDers went crazy. They came out of their box and express how they really felt about the great child neurologist. Twitter wasn’t to please either. The words were not so kind. Who do you compare Dr. Byron Rourke demise too? First, let me do that crazy thing Secret Agent RA-RA does. Maahahaha…! Maahahaha! Correct me if I am wrong. I have never seen this sinister laugh spelled out before. Close enough. You are driving me crazy. Who is it you are comparing the Great Windsor Professor to. Margaret Thatcher! Shut Up! Can you sing Celebration by Kool And The Gang? YAHOO! There’s a party going on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. Don’t tell me YAHOO got their name from Kool And The Gang. Hey, I think you might be on to something.

Is it inappropriate for people to celebrate when a person dies? It is called hypocrisy when you pretend you are going to miss them. It is wrong to the 3rd degrees to attend a person funeral you never liked. What about respect? Did the person earn any respect in life? Well! Well, hells bells they don’t receive any respect in death. You are only going to end up on BIG EDDIE’S PRETENDER’S LIST. So if your inner thoughts express how you feel outwardly why are you made the villain when you know how the person sitting next to you feels the same way. It doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand the other person used his external hard drive to shout out what you wanted to say. You are a villain if your hypocritical A.. shows up and never liked nor respected the person in life.

Blacks folks are covered. When a person dies we call it a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. So you can spin the title on the obituary any way you want. Oh Yeah! That is so wrong. Do you think I miss JESSIE HELMS? I wasn’t at his funeral either. It will fall under the title, gone but not forgotten. If we reflect back on what you did and it was bad you will be forgotten easily. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to TED CRUZ but I think I could get on the stage with the Floaters and sing the remix of FLOAT ON. CRUZ ON! CRUZ ON! CAPRICORN and my name are TED. I’m here because I wanted OBAMACARE DEAD. The Re-PUB-li-cans are pissed off at what I said. So what! I waved the white flag and put my LIES to bed. So I want you to Cruz on Cruz on. I’m GONE! I’m GONE! What is with you and these songs? Talk to my man Oliver SAKS. He could relate to Music and the Brain. MUSICOPHILIA! Right on! Right On! It is a real YOUTUBE MOMENT.

Living with you all the TIME ain’t no joke. I know. You capitalize TIME. We are really doing this Internal/External Hard Drive__Driven Hard. Correct. Dr. Byron Rourke put a lot of information out there and it wasn’t parenting friendly at all. Rourke did a disservice to the NLD COMMUNITY by not breaking his message down. Little hope was given and his message hinges on suicide. He wasn’t very positive. Even on the opposite end of the spectrum black men or join at the hip of violence spoken in the same breath of mental illness. Rourke always compared Nonverbal Learning Disability to Asperger. Autism was pitted against NLD never giving recognition to the unrecognized. Don’t ever put an NLDer in the room with someone who has Autism. Not Pretty! Rourke never stepped outside of his box and gave NLDers a chance. He never left Windsor either. He traveled but he chose to live in Windsor until the bells tolled. He wouldn’t be happy with Ted Cruz denouncing Canada. Rourke needed to experiment on Cruz instead of his son Phil.

I don’t want NLDers or any other exceptional person caught in a thread on FACEBOOK or any other social network not reaching out to a real live human being and making a face to face connection. It is hard but everything Congress, GOP, Re-PUB-li-cans, and the Pee Partiers threw away will be the lesson learned for the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. Too many of the stories on NLDers are caught in a grade school TIME warp. NLDers grow up and party too. We all struggle in relationships. So many of us struggle to do the math. Paul Ryan is a great example of the WAR ON MATH and WOMEN. Rourke did not stress enough to not become so frustrated and give up when the behaviors manifest themselves. People diagnosed with neurological behaviors will not get 42 TIME to do any 1 thing wrong. That’s amazing how nothing has been redefined. Can you believe how nothing has to be done so many TIMES? It uses to be a TIME when nothing was zero. Now we have to count nothing. D…!

Who does it remind you of? A lot of people. Darrell Issa came up with a lot of nothing. Issa gears are locked into an eternal mode and he is driven hard. Issa reminds me of Silvio Berlusconi. Mr. Above the Law money bags. Only Issa is sponsored by the Koch Brothers. Eric Ebenezer Cantor needs to withdraw from his medication. He has SNAPPED. What about Pinky and the Brainless? Ted Cruz and the Pee Partiers are going to blow up the world because they don’t want a black/multi-racial person telling them what to do. It is too much. Their behaviors have been unremarkable. All of these people said and did whatever d… well pleased and was not challenged by their party’s behavior who are maximally challenge.

I wonder what Dr. Byron Rourke would think of all the behaviors in CONGRESS driven to the brink of starving our children. I bet he would be amazed at the INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS motivated by fear of losing their white status and not mixing it up with the SHADES of BROWN in TOWN. Would Dr. Byron Rourke compare these so-called normal folks to Schizophrenia? I would love to have seen the inclusionary program Dr. Byron Rourke would attempt to develop for a Congress who did not wish to be included with a multi-racial president. Do you think he could help with the HATRED problem? Ain’t no pill for Hatred. Dr. Byron Rourke never stepped outside his chambers of horrors to see who the real SLIM SHADYS were. So what do we do with all this psycho-babble? For now, we Set It and Forget It and make sure it is not placed on the back burner. Is the oven on? No! Good! The FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART gets another chance. What about 42? The hard drives on those mouthpieces are broken and the behavior is unproductive and INTENTIONAL. Their external hard drive was driven hard because they are gamers and their memory was ate up. What about their internal hard drive? They were playing GRAND THEFT AUTO V. You know what happen. Congress should have passed the gun legislation.

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    in the roman empire when a prisoner got punished for a crime; it was 39 lashes and saved one. the republicans cannot do the math because the passed the max with 42 lashes of obama care and still cannot get it right. ted cruz it is TIME for you to be gone and cruz on with the rest of the crazies in your party. it is TIME to end the hatred and start the healing. there is a TIME and a season for everything. since the republicans like to use the BIBLE for their personal gain of hate, fear mongering, and profiteering; it is TIME for me to set the record straight with GOD and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. GOD don’t like ugly or liars. it was one of the commandments that was stated in exodus and leviticus is help thy neighbor not starve thy neighbor. cantor shame on you because you are jewish and jews were consider hebrews that wrote the old testament of HOLY BIBLE. man, you give your heritage a bad name. what would king david would had done if he found out you were starving your people that you represent. SHAME!! THERE IS NOTHING HOLY ABOUT THE REPUBLICANS AT ALL. Paul Ryan you are next on the holy hit list. you claim you are catholic but catholics believe in social reform and social duty. the catholics did not fall in love with ann ran. SHAME!!!! I am surprise the POPE has not excommunicate you from the catholic church like they did henry the viii. SHAME!!! i know damn well that every two weeks i get paid for showing up and doing actual work. congress been on more vacations in the last few years than warren buffet checking his account. when a crisis comes and congress dont get there way they throw a fit and leave the president and country out to dry. SHAME!!! won’t the REAL CONGRESS please stand up and get it done done like larry the cable guy

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