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You want them to know where the real scandal lies? Who do you think would have the most to gain. Who do you think to put a weapon in the hands of adults and made a profit off their lives by being the official drug dealers? What happens when the adult’s lives were exhausted, a drain of life, jailed, and final treatment was suicide? Who did they turn to next and label for profits? Could our children pull off more profit for the pharmaceutical companies with the expansion of diagnostic labels without consistent testing? It is TIME TO HANDLE THE SCANDAL. It is TIME for CONGRESS to FEEL THE BURN.

Congress would have the most to gain by hooking up with the pharmaceutical companies and making big TIME profits off the lives of adults/children. Medication and no Dedication without Strategies and Compensation is what Congress put into law. It was Congress who gave credence to their legislature and became New Jack City. Congress has become PIMPS, PLAYERS, HUSTLERS, and WHORES. You gave South Carolina Mark Sanford for MOTHER’S DAY. NO APOLOGY! The pharmaceutical companies have the green light to push their drugs onto the public. Medication was a quick fix. To hell with the side effects and long turn counterproductive treatments. Introduce the Budget Cuts and introduce Jail as the new treatment center and make TRIAGE obsolete. Other countries don’t operate as DRUG DEALERS. Has anyone talked to DR. ALLEN FRANCES lately? Please don’t let the DSM5 off the hook. DR FRANCES needs are front and center. Get him on the talk shows.

Did the psychiatric community separate the critical care from noncritical patients? Did the psychiatric community sift through the diagnosis and see which patient deserve first priority? Which individuals are selected to be on psychotropic drugs? Will drugs put the patient at a greater risk for suicide? Should medication be looked at as the last measure of an individuals treatment plan instead of the first?

What would be the next money-maker? Did Congress decide to place military weapons into the hands of adults and also make them accessible to children because it would make a larger profit? Will Obama Care take away from Congress Drug Profit? Maybe the pills were not working fast enough and Congress had to find another way. So now Congress has decided to take the food out of the mouths of children, the elderly, disabled, poor, and the sick and shut in. The smoke screen of all the D..n Scandals was to take our eyes off of Gun Legislature, Jobs, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Immigration, Education, Tax Reform, Social Security, the Deficit, and all the things President Obama and his administration has fought for. The smoke screen isn’t working.

What is the link to WORK WITH ME NOW and MANIFESTATION OF ONE’s BEHAVIOR? It is very simple. You act out if people fail to WORK WITH YOU or cooperate. Did you see President Obama act out? Who acted out? Whose behavior has MANIFESTED? Who responded with LIES, HATRED, ANGER, and INTENTIONAL MALICIOUS BEHAVIOR? Who extended the olive branch, came to the table and said, “WORK WITH NOW?” On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, the behavior will manifest itself but the behavior is neither INTENTIONAL and the emotional response will be entirely different. A very strong example would be Nonverbal Learning Disability. We must never lose insight of who the victim is and how they were victimized. People who are disabled, children, and the elderly are always heavily preyed upon. It also reminds me of the MILITARY SCANDAL and the three young women who were kidnapped. There is NO THERE THERE! All the SCANDALS will backfire because CONGRESS has failed to learn from their mistakes.

Bring out your psychiatrist, psychologist, neuropsychologist, sociologist, criminologist. They probably will agree in their field of expertise they get caught up and fail to take a peek-a-boo I see you approach. They get blindsided and see their field of studies as being the most important. It would be nice to hear from these doctors and draw upon the FACTS. It is TIME for the roundtable of discussions. The President has taken the reigns. The American people deserve to know the FACTS that our nation is dealing with a bunch of crazy A.. people. These people need to be evaluated. Should they be running the country? Is it humanly possible to make an error 38 TIMES when you have been shown the correct thing to do unless you have a brain-based disorder (neurological)? Will the results change or the response be different along with the fact that the behavior may diminish if you are willing to WORK WITH THE BEHAVIOR and not DRUG THE BEHAVIOR UP? This is not REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRATIC but about SANITY and INSANITY and the results, you get when you are WILLING to WORK WITH PEOPLE.

This is what happens to Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and other exceptionalities because once the behavior comes out no one wants to WORK with the behavior. Once again you have labeled this person as VIOLATE or DANGEROUS when no solution was put in place. What has been offered as a solution is not a SOLUTION? A neurological disorder may get it wrong 38 TIMES until someone has shown them or pointed out their error. They would want to get it right because the frustration is so great. The behavior will multiply itself sending this person into a state of depression, confusion, and anxiety. NLD and other exceptionalities do not wish to be set up for failure. Who does? Unless you are Congress and your major goal is to OBSTRUCT DEMOCRACY. What solution was offered to help diminish the behavior? It would be easy to drug, imprison, and “CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR” to get rid of these people. You call it a SCANDAL. I call it a D..m shame. NEUROLOGICAL disorders DO NOT PLAN INTENTIONAL ACTS upon people to destroy their lives or another person’s life nor do they plan to destroy someone else’s freedom. Where does the TRUE SCANDAL LIE? Who is TRULY SCANDALOUS?

Was the 38 TIMES Congress went back to the drawing board and was shown the right direction INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR? Was Congress willing to WORK WITH the PRESIDENT? Who should we really take a closer look at? Why should we bother to listen to people who cannot accept a loss, learn from their losses, and move forward to gain? I hear you MARTIN BASHIR. These are the people who have run our country into the ground, who want to starve our nation, put guns in the hands of children whose lives are being taken on a daily basis. Can anyone tell me what the BODY COUNT has risen to since SANDY HOOK? The majority rule will become EXTINCT along with the majority of the nation. We must stay focus and remember what is truly important in our lives and prioritize from there. If one cannot put things in proper perspective find someone who will give you the FACTS.

Bottom line the more a person or group of people fail to get the right answer or the appropriate response after trying numerous amounts of TIMES the behavior will begin to escalate. Once this behavior goes totally SOUTH because the Government System has failed to work with the person or persons a new label will be given and you are now viewed as VIOLATE and DANGEROUS. Is this another SCANDALOUS strategy to isolate people and not offer compensations? Who is responsible for the MILITARY SCANDAL? You go to War, fight for your country, run the risk of losing body parts, and the greatest risk of losing your life. If you survive with your life you will now have to deal with the hidden secrets of being raped in the military. Dealing with the facts of not being heard by government high-ranking officials after you fought for your country is SCANDALOUS. If the government fails to work with you, your behavior runs a strong risk of changing. Before SUICIDE comes knocking at your door it is possible you may take someone else out of the box and then yourself.

So the good news is The GOP, Congress, Tea Party, and Blue Dog Conservative Democrats have been models for TRANSPARENT NEGATIVE INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS which has manifested into HATRED, LIES, and the ability not to have regards for a HUMAN LIFE. How SCANDALOUS is that? I will be respectful and not throw everyone into the same category. A loss is a MASTERFUL GAIN if you are willing to LEARN from an error. WORK WITH THE PEOPLE and not AGAINST THE PEOPLE and show the PEOPLE YOU WORK FOR THEM.

There are quite a few doctors who are unhappy with how the DSM5 turned out. There are several syndromes named after worthwhile RECOGNIZABLE people who made a great contribution to society. Coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, we must show the contrasting different of the so-called normal folks who have the audacity to label and stigmatize the disabled. What syndrome should be on the list? Since we have had more transparent behaviors in our government let’s name the syndromes after government officials who have shown true worthlessness. Here is a list of my favorite government official who I know will make the list due to the severity of their disorder.

1.) MCCONNELL SYNDROME-hatred syndrome, not having the ability to accept a loss, filibuster anxiety and he will even filibuster himself. Due to the nature of his disability, he is unable to recognize his destructive behavior and how he has brought his party down to representing absolutely nothing after his remark about the PRESIDENT 1 term.

2.) BOEHNER SYNDROME-low work ethics or no work ethics, no guts, obsessed with whatever is not THERE, cannot pass a bill to save his life or help save anyone else’s life. Boehner has put a new meaning of not being in charge, not being able to take charge and not being in charge of himself. So why is he THERE THERE? 🙂

3.) BACHMAN SYNDROME-doesn’t have the facts and makes up information because it sounds good to her, delusional, very dangerous if you are not careful in certain communities and countries it will get you killed. Bachman Syndrome is interconnected with LOUIE GOHMERT SYNDROME that has conspiracy theories intertwined with being a religious fanatic.

4.) RYAN SYNDROME-has a horrible case of DYSCALCULIA. The numbers don’t add up and he can’t do the math due to his brain disorder which is greed. DYSCALCULIA is a brain disorder. PAUL RYAN is just D..m GREEDY. He is not smart.

5.) ISSA SYNDROME-Arrogance at its finest. Shut up! I don’t have to listen to a NEGROE. I am the richest person in CONGRESS and I do not have to RESPECT the President or anyone that doesn’t have the money or of a diverse race. He probably suffers from an identity crisis cross by the HERMAN CAIN factor. ISSA SYNDROME accepts he is rich and not LEBANESE AMERICAN and Herman Cain has never accepted he is BLACK. This syndrome has a fascination with closed doors and information that can be extracted from behind the scenes. ISSA SYNDROME is obsessed with prosecuting without the FACTS and compelled to use all of his OVERSIGHTS to bully his colleagues with information that is not THERE THERE. Yes, it possible you are shaking hand with OCD.

6.) MCCAIN SYNDROME-WARDOG cover up just to go to War. He probably thinks he is under seize. Every now and then he has a flashback of common sense. He carries a personal spotlight around and must meet the criteria to be back at the nursing home by 9:00 p.m.

7.) RUBIO SYNDROME-thinks he is TUPAC/2PAC homie. He has not developed any relationship with science or BILL NYE the SCIENCE GUY. He has trouble identifying what race or class he is from. RUBIO needs to check his biography and make sure he is himself. RUBIO SYNDROME has a tendency to take on issues such as IMMIGRATION to appear sincere to the LATINO COMMUNITY only for votes.

8.) SANFORD SYNDROME-no respect for family, no morals straight out WHORE. Refer to the following SYNDROMES (VITTER, EDWARDS, GINGRICH, and CAIN).

9.) PALIN SYNDROME-Dropout, inspires quitters, cheaters, and liars to remain, quitters, cheaters, and liars. This syndrome shows the inability to not want to learn. Fock that! You have just become straight up ignorant. It is not possible to see RUSSIA from your bay window in ALASKA. Palin Syndrome will set women back at least 2000 years.

10.) CRUZ SYNDROME-character assassination without evidence, paranoia, state right nostalgia, black helicopter conspiracy, and the government is going to take our guns away theory. Please refer to ALEX JONES, GLEN BECK, and JOSEPH MCCARTHY SYNDROME.

There are so many new syndromes that could be added to our list of worthless INTENTIONAL behaviors. Feel free to add more characteristics and traits to the following or choose your own. I personally feel this list gives a comparison and contrast to INTENTIONAL versus UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. WORK WITH ME NOW. Who is responsible for the SCANDALS? Who is SCANDALOUS?

Dedicated to Dr. Allen Frances

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    see all the suit wearing mofos are back in business and acting a fool like ludacris. the real scandals are not passing gun laws, appealing the health care mandate, redistricting so their cronies can get in, drugging up our kids for quick fixes instead of testing, citizens united, and many more. oh distractions from the real trouble issues at hand. can you say scandalous. it is the great gasby effect when stuff hits the fan who is actually your true friend or foe. man oh man, if i can think of at least 200 plus syndromes that exists in the republican party;then i be rich or a runner up for the noble peace prize in the field of psychology.

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