Everybody Is On Someones Hit List__ Ah! Sh…..

T. BOBBIE, I told you not to be surprised when you look at the screen and see your name floating around. You are one of the finest educators I have ever known. To this DATE, TIME, and NOW you are a MAJOR PLAYER IN MY LIFE. What! Don’t tell nobody. Hey! You know how I love messing with you. It gives me the feeling when everyone is announcing their accolades and the UNIVERSITIES are probably sitting there thinking, “D…! I hope they don’t tell people they graduate from this school with their IGNORANT A…” BOBBY JINDAL is a road scholar. I wonder what side of the road his brain is sitting on. T. BOBBIE your next saying about me is, “GIRL YOU ARE TOO SILLY.” I am not waiting for something to happen to you to tell you how I feel about you. This is what the majority of people do. They wait too late. I LOVE YOU. You have made some major sacrifices to give to others. It TIME for me to give back to you.

Hell! You are not the NATIONAL HANDOUT SYSTEM. NEWT GINGRICH would say, “YOU ARE THE FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT”. MITT ROMNEY would say, “I would never convince them (the 47%) to vote for me).” Do they expect us to be the GIVERS? Everyone is looking for a handout, free stuff, and trying to buy something like your votes. The GOP has been identified as the TAKERS. Put the locks on the door and don’t let them in. Give yourself credit if you don’t it will be a sin. Take your hard-earned money and buy you something new. I hope you realize you are long overdue. We all know who the RUMP SHAKERS are. They will LIE to you, CRY to you, and BREAK you by far. It’s all good T. BOBBIE. Enjoy your dinner today with the family and make their A… pay for it.

It would be so nice if the POOR had more money knocking at their DOOR. It would be great if the MIDDLE CLASS is not made out to be the CLASS OF THE PAST. To top that off, if the WEALTHIEST could stop being so selfish, take a TAX CUT with their greedy BUTTS, and close down the LOOPHOLES. Show WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION you do have a SOUL. So T. BOBBIE it is TIME to rock this. Everybody Is On Someones Hit List__Ah Sh…

Who is ROCKIN’ THE LIST? Everyone wants to trounce people with mental illness. I am not letting it go down like that T. BOBBIE. In this blog, you can “CLICK ON” and find out about your MENTAL MADNESS. Yeah, baby! KNICK-KNACK, PATTY-WACK GIVE A DOG A BONE! COMING FROM THE FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART these NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS/CONDITIONS are NOT ALONE. Think about it. The only difference is all other behaviors are INTENTIONAL. EVERY behavior is viewed as INTENTIONAL until it has been ruled out as UNINTENTIONAL. So stop stereotyping, demeaning, blaming, and locking folks up for neurological disorders/conditions which affects the body’s NERVOUS SYSTEM. We are talking about the structure, biochemical, or electrical occurrences in the brain or the spinal cord. The nerves can be affected which leads back and forth to the brain and spinal cord. Once the nervous system has been COMPROMISED (the WORD JOHN BOEHNER CAN’T SAY OR DO) the result causes pain, confusion, muscle weakness, poor coordination, seizures, paralysis, loss of sensation, and changes your level of consciousness.

Please remember the BRAIN IS NOT A FUSE. You can replace a FUSE. Think of the BRAIN as the coordination of your senses, your smarty pants (intellect), and your nerves. This NEURON NETWORK BOARD can become overloaded if it is OPERATED UniMODAL. One side of the BRAIN is doing all the work and you do not have a lot of choices to put your BRAIN in another MODE. The BRAIN can become overloaded or get a short in the wiring system. We use the CIRCUIT BREAKER (your ELECTRICAL SWITCH), or the STOP/GO BUTTON to RESET YOUR BRAIN MANUALLY or put you on AUTOMATIC to keep from causing damage to your network so we can have the person up and running again. Your information has taken a different route. Has anyone had their BRAIN remove lately? Don’t answer that. It reminds me of the SEQUESTER SYNDROME. What was that? What a WORD!

I will keep this simple. You have to understand what happens when CHARLIE BROWN goes to kick the ball and he gets the same results. Whose behavior is INTENTIONAL? Whose behavior is UNINTENTIONAL? Have you ever thought that CHARLIE BROWN may not be able to kick the ball due to poor psycho-motor coordination? Simple athletics skills are not happening with people who have poor coordination. This would point to one of the characteristics of a NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER. Suppose LUCY has learned CHARLIE BROWN’S weakness and has decided to push his buttons. Does this sound like anyone in CONGRESS or the REPUBLICANS?

We just can’t go around bunching everything together. Got to be more careful! What is first? Certain mental conditions are not usually classified as neurological conditions and vice-versa. You have a spectrum of sciences which deals with neural and mental. These sciences address the thought, emotion, behavior, and how one’s personal/consciousness has been influenced. QUE SERA, SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE)! If your A… got a problem these are the questions you should be asking. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SEEK HELP. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. YOU are NOT THE FIRST. YOU DEFINITELY WON’T BE THE LAST TO SEEK HELP.

1.) What is wrong with me?
2.) Where can I go to seek out help and get a diagnosis?
3.) How much testing is involved?
4.) What is this that I have? (after you get your results)
5.) What is my prognosis(rainy/sunny day forecast, prediction, get out the crystal ball,
or other prophecies)?
6.) What are the signs and symptoms of what you diagnosed me with?
7.) Is there a cure?
8.) Is there any treatment if there is no cure?
9.) How much research has been done?
10.) What is the success rate if any of me living a productive life?
11.) How will this affect my life over a period of TIME?
12.) Are there any other mental or physical illness that exist with what I have been
diagnosed with? (In my space at the same TIME and place/coexist)
13.) What are the risk factors for what I have?
14.) Will my treatment involve medication, therapy, surgery, neurorehabilitation,
habilitation (starting from scratch, step by step procedure, no assumption made
that I know but a straight-up teaching process with just the facts jack)? Gray me
up at a later date.
15.) What can I expect from treatment?
16.) How can I help myself if I get into a CRISIS?
18.) Where can I go and get a second opinion?
19.) Will my child/adult ever grow out of his/her diagnosis?
20.) Is this a disability that will improve or worsen over a period of TIME?
21.) Am I going to live or DIE?
22.) How much TIME? Hey! I am just asking because most people don’t want to know.
23.) What is all this going to cost?
24.) Who will help me pay for all of this?

BOTTOM-LINE: It can cost you your life if you don’t seek help. Early intervention would be great but if this is not the case, PLEASE CONTINUE ON YOUR JOURNEY to seek help.

T. BOBBIE there are many people who do not ask these questions especially coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. People with neurological syndromes find it hard to initiate conversation and don’t know where to begin asking the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY questions. This is where the naive and trusting part takes over and the person with mental illness or has a neurological problem becomes the VICTIM and is easily VICTIMIZED. Their civil rights, human rights, and any other rights that are due are always violated. DR William BEGG (Bill), DR RICHARD FRIEDMAN, and many doctors across the nation understand why only 4% of people suffering from mental illness are not violent and so do I. PRISON IS NOT A TREATMENT CENTER, PEOPLE! EASE UP OFF THE BLAME DUDE. There are a lot of people who have a very short FUSE when it comes to the topic of MENTAL ILLNESS. OKAY, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CLICK ON and LEARN MORE.

Visit the following websites to help re-route your misinformation.

1.) http://www.ninds.nih.gov/health_and_medical/disorders/ (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS and DISORDERS) list from A-Z with over 295 major neurological disorders, symptoms, and syndromes that are frequently observed.
2.) http://www.nimh.nih.gov (THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH)
5.) http://www.cdc.gov/ (CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL)
6.) http://www.helpguide.org
8.) http://www.who.int/topics/en/ WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO)
9.) http://www.surgeongeneral.gov (SURGEON GENERAL)

These are just a few sites to get the ball rolling and the next TIME T. BOBBIE I will share a list of the many books I have read over the years in this area of NEUROLOGICAL and MENTAL DISORDERS. It is strange how.GOV is hanging off these websites and the people in the GOVERNMENT aren’t clicking on. You know they are ROCKIN’ THE LIST. Every TIME we end our conversation I want to echo back what you always say to me. LOVE YA! LOVE YA! LOVE YA!

2 Fast 2 Furious And Let’s Get Serious

Look down the hallway. Has he gotten on the elevator? The coast is clear. How do they expect you to be comfortable when they are in your room ever 2 hours yanking, poking, and prodding like you are a giant lab rat? Check that nurse out.

She was putting a lot of PURELL on her hands. That was GERM-X. PURELL/GERM-X it’s all the same. Is it just me? I don’t want to seem paranoid. Maybe it’s your attention to detail. There is a big difference when a person PAYS ATTENTION or when they are too detailed.

Well, I know PURELL and GERM-X should be the richest company in the world. Do these people think they are going to get Bubonic Plague from a black person? If they do they will be dead in four days. WOW! 2 FAST and 2 FURIOUS and let’s GET SERIOUS.

In the 14th century, it wiped out 25 million people over in EUROPE. They called it BLACK DEATH. The tissue would turn BLACK when the cells start dying. BUBONIC PLAGUE would attack the armpits, the groin, and the lymphatic system.

The PRESIDENT is knocking the REPUBLICANS out of the box with his achievements. Yeah, the REPUBLICANS think we are GIANT GERMS but I tell you what. WHAT! The PRESIDENT put a WHIP A.. on the REPUBLICANS with his EBOLA VIRUS PUNCH. He put the REPUBLICANS on LOCKDOWN.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION cannot get the REPUBLICANS out of LEVEL 4 containment. The REPUBLICANS are on the ropes. They are running scared. The PRESIDENT has turned deadly with his JAB. WHEW!

PRESIDENT OBAMA was tough when he took the REPUBLICANS to the hoop and SLAM DUNK the REPUBLICANS on the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT. Did you see all of that broken glass? My point exactly! What is your point? I forgot you couldn’t read between the lines. BOTTOM LINE:

This was too much for the REPUBLICANS. CHECK THIS OUT! The EBOLA VIRUS has been reinstated several TIMES. In 2000 it’s named changed to EBOLA ZAIRE. It was reinstated, the name was changed, and went from EBOVZ to ZEBOV. In 2010 it was reinstated to EBOV.

What is the POINT? Do you actually think the REPUBLICANS want PRESIDENT OBAMA REINSTATED? Do you now understand why his “TOTAL KNOCK OUT” blow has been deadly to the REPUBLICANS? Will it kill them? Please don’t say that around MITT ROMNEY’S wife.

ANN ROMNEY, aka CRUELLA de VILLE, if she reads this story she will probably call FOX NEWS. I can see CRUELLA de VILLE telling the MANGLE TANGLE GANG, who is caught up in their web of STUPID TRIANGLE, “PRESIDENT OBAMA IS TRYING TO KILL MY HUSBAND.” He has a virus. Yeah RIGHT!

Hey! She ain’t my family and this campaign is getting dirty. I am not like them but I can roll with the best of them.

Don’t let Mitch McConnell, the REPUBLICAN CREW, KOCH BROTHERS, ADELSON, and MITT ROMNEY get ahold of this plague. They might just add it to their SUPER PAC MONEY if they can’t buy a president. MITT ROMNEY ain’t no MAYTAG he needs a lot of repairs if he can be repaired.

Wasn’t MAYTAG replaced by WHIRLPOOL? Yes, but MAYTAG was a much better built and equipped product. Those washers and dryers lasted forever. If the REPUBLICANS were smart they should have replaced MITT ROMNEY. They didn’t have anyone to replace him with.

We got a MAYTAG for a PRESIDENT. You can say that because he needs very little repairs and he has done one hell of a job cleaning up another president’s mess. SQUEAKY CLEAN! TRUTH MACHINE! We can’t say the same about come fix my rich A… product MITT ROMNEY.

Well, I can’t say he’s a broke A… He has a lot of money and he is still a dummy. Do you think even until this day and TIME people still view African Americans, Latinos, and people from other diverse backgrounds this way? ABSOLUTELY! Man, that is really horrible.

Horrible is having a CONTENDER who is all JACKED UP and the Super Pacs want a return on a bad investment. They are trying to pond this sucker off on the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the NATION. What do we get? SCREWED! Point taken!

You think the nurse back there viewed you in the same manner. Put it like this, she did and I know you have difficulty reading people. Most people don’t treat you in the same fashion. Here it is 2012 and she has moved BACKWARDS.

Once you have lived the HATRED and RACISM FACTOR then you become fully aware of what a true Cancer or highly contagious disease is. It is not always under the microscope or on your radar screen. I bet that is messy getting all over a person’s equipment. Let me explain.

Put it this way, messy is when you have the REPUBLICANS, and CONGRESS spreading the disease INTENTIONALLY. Messy is when you have people out of jobs and the REPUBLICAN’S SUPER PACs are throwing millions of dollars away when they could reinvest in our economy.

We need to rebuild our nation before it falls loose at the seams. Some people don’t like the word INFRASTRUCTURE. Messy is the backward thinking of the REPUBLICANS and their desires to uphold laws that would not benefit the PEOPLE in order for our NATION to move FORWARD.

Imagine even before the 14th century anything or anyone black was considered deadly and evil. JIM CLYBURN, Representative for South Carolina and the Assistant Democratic Leader, said it was something EVIL about the way ERIC HOLDER was treated.

Wasn’t he the Minority Whip of the Democratic Party? This Brother has been in the political game a long TIME. You know it was a shame the beauty pageant ladies didn’t know who VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN is.

This is why I came to help you blow this joint. Maybe you need to correct the last word. No! I hope the REPUBLICANS reading this story think we are smoking. They always jump to conclusions and get their information wrong. We can handle the scandal. The REPUBLICANS can’t handle the PAIN.

The PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, NANCY PELOSI, and the BIG D have been kicking A… and taking names. We got to blow this POP STAND, let the WORLD, and the analyst know how this works from THE FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART.

I knew JAMES CLAYBURN was reaching back into a long TIME hurt that is very difficult for AFRICAN AMERICANS to discuss. I hope this will help ease his pain. Well, at least make him laugh and move FORWARD. WHOLLY GUACAMOLE is a good remedy. It wasn’t us having the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE MOMENTS.

Who is the US? I will be more than happy to SPELL IT OUT. BLACK FOLKS. GET OUT OF HERE! No! It is SHUT UP! STEREOTYPING is cruel, demeaning, and discriminating. BLACK FOLKS have been tagged for many years. So now this LEGACY has been dropped in the lap of the REPUBLICANS.

PURPLE SWING STATES get a load of the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK that has been holding this BOMB inside of them for many years. When PRESIDENT OBAMA got elected it was PARLIAMENT FUNKADELICS RAISING THE ROOF OFF THE MOTHER. Let’s have a YOUTUBE MOMENT.


ELIJAH CUMMINGS, Congressman from Maryland, and ranking BIG D on the OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE, when asked the question about RACISM pertaining to ERIC HOLDER he didn’t address it. ELIJAH CUMMINGS pain was IN TOO DEEP.

CUMMINGS said he would let someone else address the issue. Well, Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner? HAH! Just to let ED RENDELL, former governor of Pennsylvania, know we are well aware of MITT ROMNEYS screw ups ALL SEASON LONG.

KNOW THIS, we are PAYING ATTENTION! Don’t give me that BS about it is summer and people aren’t tuned in to MITT ROMNEY’S 59 FAILED POINT PLAN if you want to call it a PLAN. NICE TRY! Why do you think people use the INTERNET? If they don’t know they will know.


Why do the analysts feel it is hard for the PRESIDENT to get his message across? We live this and the analyst is shocked about it. Now it is TIME for them to get it. They probably thought we had overcome only to find out the REV DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. is turning over in his grave.

The cat is out of the bag. Elvis has left the building. Who let the Dogs out? MIKE TURZAI, the Majority Leader of the House in Pennsylvania, was caught on tape. TURZAI stated, getting voter’s ID law passed to help governor ROMNEY win Pennsylvania and the White House–DONE.

You know what I like that answer. Yes, sir-ree! It is now Time for the people to move FORWARD and to ease out of the PAIN. WHOLLY GUACAMOLE is the LEGACY the REPUBLICANS has GAIN. Wait until you get to capture this crazy moment in history.

Is this actually happening? The stories we have seen on TRUE BLOOD isn’t this frightening. Look over there. Is that MEAN JEAN SMITH of OHIO? She looks like something out of the EXORCIST. Her head is spinning around.

She probably peed in her pants after she found out CNN and FOX NEWS reported the SUPREME COURT DECISION was UPHELD on the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. It’s probably the same reaction MEAN JEAN SMITH had when she lost her congresswoman seat in the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.

A lot has happened since the SUPREME COURT DECISION. Before we go to our meeting I need to stop by and make a bus check. For what? Well, to see who CONGRESS has thrown under the bus this week. Is that a robe hanging out from under the bus? We know who that is.

Is that a piece of a mustache? Nice watch! Check out those shoes. Man! You can never come down this street without seeing body parts all over the place. This would be a good place for HARVEY WEINSTEIN to film a movie.

The movie on CONGRESS would get an academy award for the best true story and FAKE A… PEOPLE.

What TIME is it? You know I don’t do TIME. Doing things randomly keeps me from becoming frustrated. People are terrible about meeting their deadlines or being on TIME. They LIE about it and frustrate me even more. You couldn’t be friends with MITT ROMNEY. You’ll be DEAD.

So to keep me from getting all worked up, I will get there when I get there. You will never get there with MITT ROMNEY because he doesn’t know where THERE is. You might do good having a congressional seat because they don’t do deadlines either.

You know what is cool about today. What? The format of this story because when one of us say something crazy the reader has to figure out which one said it. Blame it on MITCH he has been a real B…ch. Check the scheduled first.

We are on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART and people think we are crazy anyway and that is AWESOME. Why did you call this NLD SUMMIT? We were making the scrapbooks on RADICAL INTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS of some of the highest profile career people in our government.

RETAIL POLITICS comes at a much higher price. You would think the KOCH BROTHERS and SHELTON ADELSON would shop wholesale to get more bang for their buck. Dang! MITT ROMNEY is THRIFT STORE POLITICS and he is not a good BARGAIN BASEMENT DEAL

Do you have something new? AB-SO-LUTE-LY! WHAT? They are called TRAITORS. Did you see those 17 guys out in the hallway? They can never be your friend. They couldn’t be TRUE to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Today we are going to TAG THAT A… Did you say HASHTAG?

NO! I forgot when you hear rhyming words the DYSLEXIC part begins to manifest itself. I have nothing personal against rappers. They do a lot of rhyming and remixing but I just don’t understand the meaning of their songs. Don’t feel bad they don’t either.

They talk about the PRESIDENT acting aloof toward people in his cabinet. Hell, if you have people on your team that will betray you for their own interest I would run a BUTT NAKED DISTANCE also.

Forget about being up close and personal when I know BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS straddle the fence. They do not make good friends at all. In my last story, I mention I had the opportunity of being married to a DEMOCRAT in disguised.

This is one of my favorite lesson he taught me. However, you are treated by your opponent do not let HATRED throw you off focus. Identify the HATRED but do not become part of the HATRED and move FORWARD.

HATRED can never be used as a TOOL for RECONSTRUCTION but as a TOOL for SELF DESTRUCTION. If a foundation is built off of HATRED it will crumble. Never take any NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR and use it to rank as a POWER. You will discover you will have a POWER OUTAGE. Call your opponent out by NAME.

You must remember whenever a Priest exorcises demons he has to call out the demon by name to make them step forward. I learn so much now I can give back. We must be fair and give the 17 DEMOCRATS their share. They may or may not be BLUE DOG Democrats. These suckers just ain’t LOYAL.


Jason Altmire (PA) lost in the Democratic Primary, John Barrow (GA), DAN BOREN (OK)-retiring, Leonard Boswell (IA), Ben Chandler (KY), Mark Critz (PA), Joe Donnelly (IN) running for the Senate against Richard Mad Mourdock (R) tried to defund and destroy CHRYSLER in the AUTO BAILOUT)

Kathy Hochul (NY) won the special election after Christopher Lee resigns in disgrace after getting busted on Craig List for his TOPLESS GEAR, Ron Kind (WI), Larry Kissell (NC), Jim Matheson (UT) running for re-election. Mike McIntyre (NC)–running for re-election,

Bill Owens (NY) running for re-election, Collin Peterson (MN) and his Mad Max statement in 2007 documented by politico.com. Collin Peterson said 25% of his people thought the Pentagon and Rumsfeld took the Twin Towers down. He voted against climate change.

Collin Peterson voted against the AUTO BAILOUT. He has to go. It is TIME to BAIL him out of the Democratic Party. Nick Rahall (WV), Mike Ross (ARK)–retiring and he was against the single payer and public option in the healthcare bill. Can you say Corrupt? Corrupt!

You really did not have to say it. You said… I know I was being sarcastic. I am very literal. Last but not least we have Tim Waltz of (MN) running for re-election. Okay, you really think you guys should be re-elected after putting your GUNS before the PEOPLE? Get Real!

Don’t ever forget CONSERVATIVE is CONSERVATIVE not about CHANGE but doing what is right or CONSTITUTIONAL. CHANGE will come within the decision-making process. The PROCESS for CONSERVATIVES is to CONSERVE NOT TO CHANGE.

My spin is Doctors will CONSERVE an organ in the body but everything runs its course. The body has to change and regenerate new cells for growth.

So does our NATION if we wish to THRIVE, SURVIVE, and STAY ALIVE. Eventually, the organ has to be removed but let us hope and pray the disease has not become so aggressive and your life can no longer be protected.

A Dentist will do a root canal, fill, and reconstruct the teeth before they will pull it. Give it 2 to 5 years and you are back at the dentist getting those teeth pulled and receiving partial dentures. President Obama and his Crew are protecting the lives of the American People.

What do you think about the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT? I have questions. Okay! Will the CONSTITUTION be upheld to CONSERVE the lives of the PEOPLE and our NATION until it runs its course and needs to be reform?

Do the CHIEF JUSTICES feel that PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has shown the PEOPLE and our NATION such POWER he will sign those changes to the CONSTITUTION that will set the stage for the next REMODEL? Is this why the CHIEF JUSTICES are afraid?

Did JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS set the stage for what is CONSTITUTIONAl for keeping the CONSTITUTION intact but not for REFORMATION? CONSERVATIVE IS CONSERVATIVE and TIME will tell. The stage is being set. CITIZEN UNITED is not about CHANGE.

Who were the CHIEF JUSTICES who voted for CITIZEN UNITED? Think about it.

Who is the guy in the wrinkled suit with the ball and chain wrapped around his WONKERS? He is not from EZRA KLEIN BLOG. I bet that hurt. Don’t tell me, I know who it is.

Who do you think it is? I may get this wrong because I have trouble identifying faces. It is COLUMBO the messy detective who would make you admit the TRUTH because you didn’t want him destroying anything on your property. COLUMBO was thumping ashes all over the place and he was so clumsy.

He would pester you to death. COLUMBO’S attention to details made many of his suspects become unglued. When he spoke it worked the nerves of his suspect because his speech was pointing the finger directly at you but COLUMBO did not have enough EVIDENCE.

The very rich would commit a crime and he would break them down with his questions and grab a priceless object that the 1% cherished. I could see COLUMBO telling the NRA to hand over their guns. Once again it was not PRESIDENT OBAMA trying to take your guns away.

His appearance in that shabby raincoat broke the suspect down even further because he looks so cruddy. COLUMBO was not dressed to impress. Clothing has a lot to do with the way our body communicates the message once our mouth shuts down.

I thought I would switch the role of DARRELL ISSA into COLUMBO’S wardrobe. I would strip him of his AL CAPONE image.

Will COLUMBO be here today? Forgive me. I know you take in information which you hear and speak very literally. No, COLUMBO will not be here today. This was a detective series created by William Link and Richard Levinson around the late 60’s early 70’s.

DARRELL ISSA is the man out in the hallway with his WONKER wrapped in the chain gang ball with the crowbar running through the chain. DARELL ISSA failed to break ERIC HOLDER down and his plan backfired on him. He stooped to an all TIME low going on FOX NEWS.

He thought he would overshadow the PRESIDENT’S victory but things did not work out as planned. He managed to put the spotlight on 17 Democrats who will go down with him today. COLUMBO was brilliant. DARELL ISSA was not brilliant at all. BUBBA is STUPID!

His body language was terrible and his speech threatening. The tone of his voice was disrespectful and ISSA did not make it any better-slamming notebooks around throwing tantrums. This high-profile government official is a real role model for our future generation. OKAY!

Once again DARELL ISSA tried to remove the frame off of his WHOLLY GUACAMOLE MOMENT. You would think that a self-made millionaire who earns his GED would be more promising for a role model.

Yet DARRELL ISSA was charged with carrying a concealed unregistered weapon when he was younger and pleaded to a lesser charge given the sentence of 6 months. He was accused of stealing a DODGE CHARGER and later a MASERATI. MR. 2 FAST and 2 FURIOUS LET’S GET SERIOUS.

I hope the young men on RIKERS ISLAND who just received their GED become better men and greater role models than what the CHAIRMAN of the OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE, MR. 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS DARELL ISSA has become.

The oversight on DARRELL ISSA was putting him in a position of power to discredit ERIC HOLDERS position. ISSA himself not only has bones in his closet but a whole DANG SKELETON. Money does not earn a person respect.

DARELL ISSA put ERIC HOLDER on trial but no one really talked about ISSA’s past which I find rather interesting. Is ISSA above the law? He went on a smear campaign against ERIC HOLDER who should have never been held in contempt.

Once again 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS LET’S GET SERIOUS. Why would you go after someone knowing your past once involved gun charges and reckless behavior? Did DARELL ISSA have a personal ax to grind? Hey! If that information was available on ISSA then use it.

We will say our 23 HAIL MARY’S. Don’t you think that’s unfair? You are asking the wrong person. You are talking to GO IN SEARCH OF MEME! Where do we find MEME? Never mind. I forgot you have some of those MITT ROMNEY directions not knowing where THERE is.

It’s all good because what you do is UNINTENTIONAl.

Everyone is quite aware of DARELL ISSA behavior but no one has held him ACCOUNTABLE for his action. He bullies and pushes for his bidding but he has not been called on the carpet for his AGGRESSIVE, THREATENING, and RADICAL INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR.

He failed miserably in his attempt to discredit ERIC HOLDER and OVERSHADOW the victory of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. I don’t hear anyone talking about DARRELL ISSA today. He is Mr. Yesterday’s News.

DARELL ISSA really tried to jack the ATTORNEY GENERAL. Whenever someone goes after ISSA he turns the table on them and makes them looks as if they are the bad guy. He thought his record was EXPUNGED. He created his YOUTUBE MOMENT.

There are 52 cards plus the 2 JOKERS in a deck. The JOKERS are the TWO MITT ROMNEYS. MITT is out of the game before the game gets started. The JOKERS aren’t used in several card games. DANG!

REPUBLICANS have many infractions. They break the rules all the TIME and play before it is their turn. DOWNRIGHT CHEATING. Are they held ACCOUNTABLE? How will Mitt know the difference between a tax or a penalty? Has he ever been penalized or held ACCOUNTABLE for his behavior?

The REPUBLICANS think when they are confronted with TAXES they are being treated wrongly. If the REPUBLICANS and MITT ROMNEY are held accountable more often for their action and the fair share they may learn the difference between a tax and a penalty.