Everybody Is On Someones Hit List__ Ah! Sh…..

T. BOBBIE, I told you not to be surprised when you look at the screen and see your name floating around. You are one of the finest educators I have ever known. To this DATE, TIME, and NOW you are a MAJOR PLAYER IN MY LIFE. What! Don’t tell nobody. Hey! You know how I love messing with you. It gives me the feeling when everyone is announcing their accolades and the UNIVERSITIES are probably sitting there thinking, “D…! I hope they don’t tell people they graduate from this school with their IGNORANT A…” BOBBY JINDAL is a road scholar. I wonder what side of the road his brain is sitting on. T. BOBBIE your next saying about me is, “GIRL YOU ARE TOO SILLY.” I am not waiting for something to happen to you to tell you how I feel about you. This is what the majority of people do. They wait too late. I LOVE YOU. You have made some major sacrifices to give to others. It TIME for me to give back to you.

Hell! You are not the NATIONAL HANDOUT SYSTEM. NEWT GINGRICH would say, “YOU ARE THE FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT”. MITT ROMNEY would say, “I would never convince them (the 47%) to vote for me).” Do they expect us to be the GIVERS? Everyone is looking for a handout, free stuff, and trying to buy something like your votes. The GOP has been identified as the TAKERS. Put the locks on the door and don’t let them in. Give yourself credit if you don’t it will be a sin. Take your hard-earned money and buy you something new. I hope you realize you are long overdue. We all know who the RUMP SHAKERS are. They will LIE to you, CRY to you, and BREAK you by far. It’s all good T. BOBBIE. Enjoy your dinner today with the family and make their A… pay for it.

It would be so nice if the POOR had more money knocking at their DOOR. It would be great if the MIDDLE CLASS is not made out to be the CLASS OF THE PAST. To top that off, if the WEALTHIEST could stop being so selfish, take a TAX CUT with their greedy BUTTS, and close down the LOOPHOLES. Show WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION you do have a SOUL. So T. BOBBIE it is TIME to rock this. Everybody Is On Someones Hit List__Ah Sh…

Who is ROCKIN’ THE LIST? Everyone wants to trounce people with mental illness. I am not letting it go down like that T. BOBBIE. In this blog, you can “CLICK ON” and find out about your MENTAL MADNESS. Yeah, baby! KNICK-KNACK, PATTY-WACK GIVE A DOG A BONE! COMING FROM THE FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART these NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS/CONDITIONS are NOT ALONE. Think about it. The only difference is all other behaviors are INTENTIONAL. EVERY behavior is viewed as INTENTIONAL until it has been ruled out as UNINTENTIONAL. So stop stereotyping, demeaning, blaming, and locking folks up for neurological disorders/conditions which affects the body’s NERVOUS SYSTEM. We are talking about the structure, biochemical, or electrical occurrences in the brain or the spinal cord. The nerves can be affected which leads back and forth to the brain and spinal cord. Once the nervous system has been COMPROMISED (the WORD JOHN BOEHNER CAN’T SAY OR DO) the result causes pain, confusion, muscle weakness, poor coordination, seizures, paralysis, loss of sensation, and changes your level of consciousness.

Please remember the BRAIN IS NOT A FUSE. You can replace a FUSE. Think of the BRAIN as the coordination of your senses, your smarty pants (intellect), and your nerves. This NEURON NETWORK BOARD can become overloaded if it is OPERATED UniMODAL. One side of the BRAIN is doing all the work and you do not have a lot of choices to put your BRAIN in another MODE. The BRAIN can become overloaded or get a short in the wiring system. We use the CIRCUIT BREAKER (your ELECTRICAL SWITCH), or the STOP/GO BUTTON to RESET YOUR BRAIN MANUALLY or put you on AUTOMATIC to keep from causing damage to your network so we can have the person up and running again. Your information has taken a different route. Has anyone had their BRAIN remove lately? Don’t answer that. It reminds me of the SEQUESTER SYNDROME. What was that? What a WORD!

I will keep this simple. You have to understand what happens when CHARLIE BROWN goes to kick the ball and he gets the same results. Whose behavior is INTENTIONAL? Whose behavior is UNINTENTIONAL? Have you ever thought that CHARLIE BROWN may not be able to kick the ball due to poor psycho-motor coordination? Simple athletics skills are not happening with people who have poor coordination. This would point to one of the characteristics of a NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER. Suppose LUCY has learned CHARLIE BROWN’S weakness and has decided to push his buttons. Does this sound like anyone in CONGRESS or the REPUBLICANS?

We just can’t go around bunching everything together. Got to be more careful! What is first? Certain mental conditions are not usually classified as neurological conditions and vice-versa. You have a spectrum of sciences which deals with neural and mental. These sciences address the thought, emotion, behavior, and how one’s personal/consciousness has been influenced. QUE SERA, SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE)! If your A… got a problem these are the questions you should be asking. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SEEK HELP. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. YOU are NOT THE FIRST. YOU DEFINITELY WON’T BE THE LAST TO SEEK HELP.

1.) What is wrong with me?
2.) Where can I go to seek out help and get a diagnosis?
3.) How much testing is involved?
4.) What is this that I have? (after you get your results)
5.) What is my prognosis(rainy/sunny day forecast, prediction, get out the crystal ball,
or other prophecies)?
6.) What are the signs and symptoms of what you diagnosed me with?
7.) Is there a cure?
8.) Is there any treatment if there is no cure?
9.) How much research has been done?
10.) What is the success rate if any of me living a productive life?
11.) How will this affect my life over a period of TIME?
12.) Are there any other mental or physical illness that exist with what I have been
diagnosed with? (In my space at the same TIME and place/coexist)
13.) What are the risk factors for what I have?
14.) Will my treatment involve medication, therapy, surgery, neurorehabilitation,
habilitation (starting from scratch, step by step procedure, no assumption made
that I know but a straight-up teaching process with just the facts jack)? Gray me
up at a later date.
15.) What can I expect from treatment?
16.) How can I help myself if I get into a CRISIS?
18.) Where can I go and get a second opinion?
19.) Will my child/adult ever grow out of his/her diagnosis?
20.) Is this a disability that will improve or worsen over a period of TIME?
21.) Am I going to live or DIE?
22.) How much TIME? Hey! I am just asking because most people don’t want to know.
23.) What is all this going to cost?
24.) Who will help me pay for all of this?

BOTTOM-LINE: It can cost you your life if you don’t seek help. Early intervention would be great but if this is not the case, PLEASE CONTINUE ON YOUR JOURNEY to seek help.

T. BOBBIE there are many people who do not ask these questions especially coming from the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART. People with neurological syndromes find it hard to initiate conversation and don’t know where to begin asking the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY questions. This is where the naive and trusting part takes over and the person with mental illness or has a neurological problem becomes the VICTIM and is easily VICTIMIZED. Their civil rights, human rights, and any other rights that are due are always violated. DR William BEGG (Bill), DR RICHARD FRIEDMAN, and many doctors across the nation understand why only 4% of people suffering from mental illness are not violent and so do I. PRISON IS NOT A TREATMENT CENTER, PEOPLE! EASE UP OFF THE BLAME DUDE. There are a lot of people who have a very short FUSE when it comes to the topic of MENTAL ILLNESS. OKAY, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CLICK ON and LEARN MORE.

Visit the following websites to help re-route your misinformation.

1.) http://www.ninds.nih.gov/health_and_medical/disorders/ (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS and DISORDERS) list from A-Z with over 295 major neurological disorders, symptoms, and syndromes that are frequently observed.
2.) http://www.nimh.nih.gov (THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH)
5.) http://www.cdc.gov/ (CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL)
6.) http://www.helpguide.org
8.) http://www.who.int/topics/en/ WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO)
9.) http://www.surgeongeneral.gov (SURGEON GENERAL)

These are just a few sites to get the ball rolling and the next TIME T. BOBBIE I will share a list of the many books I have read over the years in this area of NEUROLOGICAL and MENTAL DISORDERS. It is strange how.GOV is hanging off these websites and the people in the GOVERNMENT aren’t clicking on. You know they are ROCKIN’ THE LIST. Every TIME we end our conversation I want to echo back what you always say to me. LOVE YA! LOVE YA! LOVE YA!

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    The oldies but goodies are coming back into play. this reminds me of a research paper from high school but only with characters behind it that makes it more interesting to read than a research paper. very informative with a twist of humor that kept the brain explanation simple and smart. now there is a comparison and contrast to the gangsters known as the al capones that carries not only knives but guns as well with intent of yet again holding the country up for ransom. yes, you got the republican congress with the intentional behavior of making the president fail at the cost of people’s jobs yet again. the john dillenger is john boehner and eric canter as machine gun kelley. if julius caersar getting stabbed outside the senate was bad, look out the hill have knives. just ask our president of the united states.

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