Created Mental Madness__The Wall

There is a different point of view behind the transformation of minds moving to the next generation. Would you like to join me over on the Flip Side Of The Chart? I call the Flip Side the Neuropsychological Side.  The children and the young adults have been taken from their homes and strip away from their parents. The children are the bricks to the future. A strong foundation can’t stand if the mind has been traumatized.  Many of the construction sites have been robbed.  The bricks have been removed. The progress of the transformation has been disrupted. A wall goes up and wraps around the brain. The hearts of children are broken.  Their minds are shattered and the spirit is demolished by a wrecking ball. Whatever these children/ young adults observe in life can put them at a disadvantage because their ability to problem solve has been disrupted.

What are the dreams of these children when they go to bed? How many times have they called out for their loved ones?  Their imagination has been confiscated. The ability to role-play and go Other When(Times) and Other Where (Places) have put them at high risk to be the next generation to show lack of empathy, compassion, and support.  The shackles have been removed from the feet to the mind.  A wall of Hatred, Resentment, Mistrust will be constructed.

In life stages of Transformation, our nation will not be able to flourish, reproduce children, provide shelter and food for the nation. What happens to the survival rate of our nation? Building a wall around the mind has grave consequences. We can not become a competitive nation or be considered as a Super Power. What happens to an Inclusive Nation?

Proper development of these children/young adults or with their parents, caregivers, or loved ones.  Mercury crippled the development of children handing down consequences of developmental delays, neurological injuries, and cerebral palsy.  The brain is very sensitive to lead. Damages to the brain caused by lead affect memory, cause the inability to have children, results in behavioral problems, intellectual disability, seizures, anemia, anxiety disorders, iron deficiency, comas, and death.  Whose Intentional Behavior in Michigan cost the children and the people in this state a lifetime of hurt, pain, and mental destruction? As the foundation of the mind gets reduce from bricks to rocks, to grains of sands the consequences become more grave. You are staring down the throat of mix development disorder. Interruption of these children development is as follows:

Lack of growth/progress in the following areas of math, language, speech, receptive-expressive learning, motor coordination, reading, auditory processing, developmental coordination, developmental dyspraxia, gross motors delays, neuromuscular disorder, clumsiness, fine motor skills.

Many children were snatched away from their parents at a very young age.  Keep in mind that none of these children are placed in a conducive environment in order for the brain to TRANSFORM.  The following detriment in the area of Sensory Integration Interruption and Destruction are listed below:

Once the brain develops bilateral integration (the brain’s ability to allow the right and left side to work together) here is what comes next, if you are in the right environment.  We all know these children are not out riding bikes, playing ball, skipping, running and jumping (Body Coordination). The younger children will be unable to use their sensory motor skills abilities to develop their perceptual motor skills. Eye/Hand Coordination will be disrupted. The children will be unable to tie their shoes, write, button their clothes. Perceiving Relationships Of Objects In Space including the position of one’s body in relation to objects. Putting the pieces of a puzzle together or trying to get through an obstacle course will be extremely difficult. Since the children are not allowed conversation and not allowed to be touched Hearing and Speaking Skills will practically be destroyed. How will the children remember and repeat words in a list? If you send any one of these children to shop and ask to pick up an onion, grape juice, bread, and one pound of ground chuck it will not happen. We all know the children are not out shopping.

The older children use a more mature brain. Disruptions at any early stages of brain activity can affect higher levels of learning skills such as reading, writing, thinking, behavior control and working independently in a child’s seat.  Our nation does not have a clue or access to exactly where or what these children are doing. The Social and Emotional maturity has been stripped away from the children/young adults. These two major ingredients are the Chicken Soup To The Souls to organize and develop Sensory Integration. When our children have success in the following areas listed above their self-esteem soars. The early kidnapping of immigrant children builds a wall around the mind and Mental Madness has been created.

Organization of Sensory Integration is used in our daily lives. What harm has been done to the children (Sensory) hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, the perception of motion/movement and gravity? These children are in lockdown. Integration is the process of making whole, unifying letting the brain gather information our senses take in.  How will these children organize and process their information?   Taken away from their homes, developing relationships and interactions with others will be a monumental concern. How much information can these children gather in a cage? Have these children endured any physical injuries?

Who Created Mental Madness__The Wall in the Social/ Emotional and Psychological/Physical domain? Who brought the children over to the Neuropsychological Side of the chart? Why hasn’t mental illness been address on a regular basis? Who will need Rehabilitation in the areas of Learning and Behavioral Disorders? Who will be Developmentally Delayed? Who will be Visually and Hearing Impaired? Who will be Emotionally Disturbed? Who will end up with Physical Handicaps? What percentage of the children will survive? Why is it necessary to destroy the foundation of bricks for the mind? Is this a strategy to keep the old empowered, rich, and preparation for dictatorship? Is this a strategy to keep our nation from Transformation?  I would like to invite Dr. Melina Abdullah, Lateefah Simon, and Ebony Riley back on any show on MSNBC to shine the light on Created Mental Madness__The Wall.  One more thing? Explain the difference between Habilitaion and Rehabilition in children/young adults who suffer from Mental Illness? Welcome to the Flip Side Of The Chart?

Hold Up Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee!

Who is Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee? Well, Kee-Mo-Sah-Bee (KEMO-SABE) today is your friend, dawg, soul mate, homie, homegirl, homeboy, and confidante. Get my DRIFT :). We are going to drop back to yesteryear for only a moment. I don’t like hanging back in the past too long. If it is for MENTAL purposes, yes. I still have the BRAIN POWER to reach back and REMEMBER. My clock is still rocking and I have not forgotten. I do not wish to enter into the boxing arena with ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, PARKINSON’S, ALS/LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE, DEMENTIA, or any of the other neurodegenerative diseases waiting to snatch up my BRAIN. So I must THINK BIG.

Wow! Talking about loss of quality of life and losing all those precious memories, this would be pure horror. You will lose even more. A person whole circuit board is wiped out. One would lose their ability to functional living skill. I don’t want to use the word IMAGINE because this is not going to happen in the mind of someone with a degenerative disease. Not being able to write, dress, extreme muscle weakness, motor neurons of the central nervous system eventually fade out, gets destroyed, and the body suffers from restricted muscle/muscle paralysis.

Rescue is in order. Back in the day, there was a masked man who rode by himself and did a world of good. Is this going to be an UNCLE LAWRENCE STORY? NO! UNCLE LAWRENCE was really creative. Did UNCLE LAWRENCE stretch his stories? NO! He straight out LIED. His stories were pure entertainment. Do you know they have a NEWS NETWORK that functions just like UNCLE LAWRENCE? It is called FOX NEWS and it refuses to give the FACTS. Some of the people who appear on this show can LIE their A.. off just like UNCLE LAWRENCE. No CODE OF ETHICS

The masked man had a code he followed. He believed that no matter what changes, the TRUTH never changes. The TRUTH lives on for AEONS. The masked man believed whatever was taken later in life one has to settle up and make payments for that which was taken. If you wanted friends you must learn to be a friend to yourself. You would need to know who you are as a person before you could reach out and try to befriend someone else. He felt if there were rules made whatever was BEST for the MAJORITY of the people should be the rule. If there was going to be a fight, a person had to be prepared mentally, physically, and morally. In today’s TIMES, you have to come with the megabucks. Even back then the LONG RANGER believed the government was by the people, for the people, and of the people. His A… would have been the LONE STRANGER and he would not be riding again. Hi-Yo WHO? It would not be SILVER.

Check this out! A brown horse was ridden by the LONE RANGER before there was SILVER. LONE RANGER rescued SILVER. LOYALTY! KEE-MO-SAH-BEE was a diverse white man in a mask hanging out with a chocolate animal and an INDIAN called TONTO. This brother was ahead of his TIME. I bet you the mask was representing he was hiding something. Do you think he was gay? Did the LONE RANGER smoke too much with TONTO and didn’t want anyone to know he was high? WOW! He would fit right in. Just like he rescued SILVER, the SUPREME COURT would be passing judgment on his GAY RIGHTS. Don’t let me tell a story. I can mess it up. Give me a bible story and CHRIST will be shooting hoops, and cutting a record deal instead of walking on water. OKAY, SKEET…put on the brakes. This does not refer to PRESIDENT OBAMA nor JAY-ZEE. So let it go.

In today’s TIME, the LONE RANGER would tell you that everyone inside their shell could make this world a better place and all men are created equal. We tell ourselves that all the TIME but WE THE PEOPLE are still fighting for EQUALS RIGHTS today. At least our show has not been canceled and the great saga still continues. You know what I would have a love for the masked man to be played by SIDNEY POITIER, HARRY BELAFONTE, or BILL COSBY. CONTROVERSY! It probably was hard enough having a white man in a mask hanging out with an INDIAN named TONTO. The chocolate horse was too much so they had to throw in SILVER. The sand would be on fire and the storyline would look more like NICHOLAS CAGE in GHOST RIDER trying to mess a BROTHER up. Hmmm!

The LONE RANGER carried a gun to disarm people. It was shot first ask question later. His character was one of common sense and logic. In this day and age, this radio/television show would have not lasted long with the villains being the NRA and CONGRESS as the backers. Common Sense and Logic has been tossed into the wind if you are talking about these groups in the same sentence. I am. Is this how the movie title GONE WITH THE WIND evolved? I don’t recall an episode of any rich people taking control. Back in the day, the game was taking control of the land, not GERRYMANDERING. TONTO would not have been riding with the LONE RANGER. He wouldn’t be calling him KEE-MO-SAH-BEE and they would not be sharing the same peace pipe. The LONE RANGER would be manipulating TONTO’S rights and trying to steal TONTO’S vote. Today you have people trying to take control of your thoughts and your MIND.

Being able to step back in TIME and to REMEMBER is so crucial to one’s BRAIN. Having your own thoughts or ideas are so important. Even if you cannot organize your thoughts in a sequential manner a pill is not a quick fix. The TIME has come. WE NEED TO RETHINK THE WAY WE THINK AND ACCOMMODATE THOSE WHO PROCESSES DIFFERENTLY. A pill cannot fix what the people have failed to work on. You have to work with what you got. Every program should not be set up for academics along. If the child is coming in with learning or behavioral problems the program should be geared more toward the students social/emotional issues. Whenever a child has a unique style of learning and it is not addressed it will manifest into what looks like a behavioral problem. What do pills do? It will MASK the most essential problem. It will become more difficult to resolve the problem. WOW! THE LONE RANGER would say that. Hell NAH! I would. D… people are always trying to shoot an idea down before it can settle in the minds of the people who have great ideas. The key word is IDEA. Making a MENTAL IMPRESSION with your own MIND is your IDEA. THINK BIG.

Making a DECISION is the GOAL. It challenges the BRAIN. SHOOTING FOR THE STARS, and ULTIMATE GOAL is the individual taking responsibility for the DECISION he/she makes with his/her IDEA coming from their BRAIN. If in the event the individual processes the information differently we must go around, use another method, or take a different path. A different method of teaching must be provided to adjust to the individual style of learning. Other strategies need to be incorporated into the success of what the individual can achieve. I am not talking about using DRUGS or locking people away in JAIL. Our society has a tendency of holding every person by the same standard or rules, not in the BEST interest of everyone. KEE-MO-SAH-BEE would be pissed off.

Where are your occupational therapist, speech pathologist, para-professionals, any type of practitioners to help the child enhance their ability to use their right and left side of the brain working together (Bilateral INTEGRATION)? Did you cut them out of the budget? The process has to start very early in children to use their sensory motor skills and later develop their perceptual motor skills. All the walking, running, jumping, skipping, and playing ball that keeps our BODY COORDINATION intact. Did they cut out the P.E. program? Remember when the kids had the old tennis shoe that sat on the table in school to lace up. Don’t forget about the shirts and sweaters that the kids practice on to button up. Where is the double line paper to write with that had an alphabet off to the side of the paper to trace? It works for EYE-HAND COORDINATION back then. Whatever happened to the good old crossword puzzles or navigating through an obstacle course? It worked for PERCEIVING RELATIONSHIPS OF OBJECTS IN SPACE. It also helps determine the position of one’s body in relation to the object. Whatever happen to “REPEAT AFTER ME CLASS.” Did you REMEMBER and could you REPEAT the list of words? This was one way to help develop HEARING and SPEAKING SKILLS.

As children get older the more mature brain kicks off with the reading, thinking, writing, behavior control and having the ability to work independently in one’s own chair. Damages were done to brain activity development cause problems to these higher learning skills. The social/emotional maturity of a person is being able to organize and develop one’s senses and integrate this process of gathering more information into one’s brain. What happens to a person self-esteem if they are unable to read, write, think, modulate one’s behavior, and work independently? RIGHT! RIGHT! It plummets.

You are there. It is nothing like allowing the brain to use the information our senses take in. This is the best information one can get because every mode from our senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, how we view movement/and gravity makes the ballet FOR REAL. 🙂 It is much better than taking it in on a computer or IPAD. Our alert buttons go off, our senses are heightened, and the brains gather up more information. This is SENSORY INTEGRATION which is used in many of our life activities. The lack of interacting with one’s environment cripples the development, relationships, and interactions we have with one another. What if something happens to the BRAIN? What if there aren’t many knobs on your channel. You can burst the bubble by investigating the BRAIN. Many children/adults are at a great risk of being classified as brain damages. What achievement? You don’t have to worry about any type of achievement if you don’t THINK BIG and take smalls steps. You will not get your big leap for MANKIND.

REMEMBER TO REMEMBER. THINK TO THINK. DO WHATEVER CAN BE DONE. Will there be an early onset of ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, PARKINSON DISEASE, ALS/LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE, DEMENTIA or any neurodegenerative disease if we fail to take action? Put on the boxing gloves and LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE. Hold that MENTAL IMPRESSION because that MENTAL IMPRESSION can be wiped out by one of the above diseases.

Don’t forget to revisit and click on library. Also for coming in on EARLY DEVELOPMENT, revisit JUST THINK and we will reach THINK BIG.

Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

I don’t think my boi, WAYNE LaPIERRE understands how this works neither does CONGRESS. If they had some information on how the NERVOUS SYSTEM operates, ain’t no way they would put a gun into the hands of a person with severe balance problems, difficulties with fine graphomotor skills, and lack of coordination. DUDE! More damage would be done to the individual with the gun than you can ever imagine. The 100 billion neurons of the nervous system each person’s brain have aren’t the functional unit of CONGRESS and the NRA. Their 100 billion neurons are their money in the bank and nothing in their brain. I wonder where their e-mails to their neuron chamber are being sent. I don’t think these people ever took a close look at how their children/adults function. It is all UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR and nothing is planned for a person that has been diagnosed with a COORDINATION DISORDER. From the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, you would be listed as 315.4 COORDINATION DISORDER. On a regular day if you don’t know you will soon find out. People will view you as a clumsy, awkward, nerdy A.. person who is embarrassing to be around.

Weapons of mass destruction is a person with poor psycho-motor coordination. They are ostracized for yet another UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR. Let’s get into the SPECIFICS. Talking about clumsy and awkwardness you have just learned the true meaning of BEYONCE singing to the left to the left. You are out for a walk and you realize your partner is constantly in your space. It looks like a shoving match. I hope you are wearing a bright orange or a yellow safety vest. It is possible you can ACCIDENTALLY get shoved into the street. Yes, and we know you are IRREPLACEABLE. Please find a walking trail. Stay away from the sidewalks close to the streets. Breaker Breaker One__ Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Tell the coaches to get off the kid’s back. Sure he has the CHARLIE BROWN SYNDROME. He is concentrating on the ball, not his balance. Every time he goes to kick the ball he is going to land on his A.. This is not funny and his/her classmates need to stop the bullying because they feel their classmate is an octopus. The person puts all of their concentration on the ball, forget, to maintain their balance, and hit pay dirt. Remember the movie WHITE MAN CAN’T JUMP. Even if he could jump it’s not any good. He can’t land on his own two feet nor can he automatically resume his balance. It takes two to tango and jumping- jacks looks messy when you are trying to coordinate two sides of your body. The individual looks like they are shadowboxing without the shadow. Their body is all over the place getting beat up.

No GRASSHOPPER, your athletics skills will not be mastered. You will never be a NINJA. You must learn GRASSHOPPER how to secure your equilibrium. It will not happen with this diagnosis. BLAA…..AH! You will not be taking any leading roles in QUENTIN TARANTINO’S PRODUCTIONS. OKAY, kid, I do not mean to leave you without any hope. You want to play in the movie MACHETE. Aren’t KNIVES very dangerous for a person with a coordination disorder to manipulate without getting cut? You took four fingers off the last TIME when you tried to cut a hot-dog down the middle. Do you like sauerkraut that much? Really! Forgive my ignorance I failed to RECOGNIZE your pattern of repetitive behavior. Repeat performances are what you do. I have been very insensitive to understanding that you are not doing this to annoy me. WOW! Another action-packed and very bloody movie in the making. I’m just letting you know GRASSHOPPER a machete is a big knife. You can get pretty messed up trying to sling it around. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Need A Gun?

Separating the right from the left side of your body, running from head to toe is a line marking the middle of the body called midline. So which is the dominant side? More problems are visible on the left side of the body for people with NLD SYNDROME. The left side of the brain represents the right side of the body. Left, left, ain’t no left right left. There are problems with left-right orientation. So you need to stop getting mad at your friend for turning right on ASKEW when you told them left. Don’t get no attitude because you told them to go north on SUMNER and go east on BELMONT. So what if you exited off 210 highway and landed in a “SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL” The next TIME you will travel with someone whose company you enjoy instead of the WICKED ..ITCH OF THE WEST. Keep your A.. out of the TWILIGHT ZONE. DIRECTIONS can be very DEADLY when you ask someone with poor coordination. Help me LAWD! ORGANIZATION people is not working up in their house. Breaker Breaker One Who__The Hell Needs A Gun?

Give me a break! You did not hire this person to be a HITMAN. Did you give them DIRECTION? How much information did you give them? How much TIME did you allow for this crime to take place? Did you organize the information for them? Are you expecting your HITMAN to put the details in order? Did you send ROCCO from the BOONDOCK SAINTS to do the job? What! You drove by McDonald and your client has not been HIT and remains alive. GET OUT OF HERE! People with coordination disorders will not get there by your map or anyone else directly. They certainly won’t be on TIME to do the crime. COUNTERPRODUCTIVE HEH!

Three people who were at guns shows shot themselves. A person shot himself on gun appreciation day at a gun rally in Washington D.C. I hope they were not HITMEN. What I do appreciate is this proves my point. Did the guy in the movie theater have a distinct problem when he sat down and shot himself in the A…? Why did he have a gun in the movie theater? Was there some confusion on where the appropriate place where a gun is allowed? Are you entering the SOCIAL SECURITY BUILDING? Did you not see the sign on the door that said federal property NO GUNS ALLOWED. There is a TIME and a place for everything. If you do not understand the hidden rules, you can SET IT OFF. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A GUN?

Please tell me you didn’t try to teach them how to tell TIME on an analog clock. They will be staring at those little lines forever. DIGITAL PLEASE! Yes, they will be late TIME and TIME again. So ease up and ask them if there is some way you can get to the movie or anywhere else on TIME. Please, Lord, don’t let it be a military funeral. You are not going to get there on TIME. Maybe the person can camp out like he/she is waiting on the HOBBIT, a new movie release in stores. When the military gates open at the cemetery, VOILA! You think the family will notice the person suit is wrinkle and doesn’t look too fresh. Does the person smell a little musty? It doesn’t matter to them because they are there for you and the family. So stop getting embarrassed because it will happen again. TIME and TIME again because I hope you realize by now they DO NOT DO TIME. TIMING can be a matter of one’s LIFE OR DEATH. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Did you notice when the person try to write it was difficult holding the pencil correctly? Did you notice how they would hold the pencil with that tripod grip? Did you notice when you ask them to write certain letters they just couldn’t remember the shape and form of the letter? Okay! You are now holding a razor in your hand. Your face is now the paper and the razor is the pencil. Do not stare at the person when they arrive at work with little pieces of paper all over their face. He had to figure out a way to stop the bleeding. Too bad wittiness wasn’t a strength for the person with poor psycho-motor coordination. He could hold up the fingers that are now cut or shorten and say to his co-workers, “Say hello to my little friends.” I am SCARFACE. A RAZOR to the face of the individual who is trying to shave has become an instrument of danger. All because of an impairment of their brain. Try a ROTARY SHAVER of that stinking MAGIC SHAVE creme. The smell alone is a legal FUNK BOMB to the person sensory of smell. Breaker Breaker One___Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Why is the toothbrush so raggedy? Your mouth is the BLACK HOLE. We have bleeding gums all over the place. Endless amount of damage is done to the mouth because the person with the coordination disorder has brushed past 2 minutes, applied too much pressure on their teeth and gums and can’t feel the pressure. Who’s your DADDY? It isn’t the tooth fairy. Brother-man is on his way to the DENTIST with damaged gums. Where is the toothpaste? All over the mirror, sink, up to their arm everywhere except on the toothbrush and in their mouth. Please use electric toothbrushes only. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Don’t forget to put a reminder notice on the mirror or a checklist of DO for hygiene purposes. Combing one’s hair or getting the blanket balls out of the person’s hair is not the #1 priority when you have difficulty with prioritizing. Taking a bath is not first on the hygiene list when the person wakes up hungry. Peppy Le Pew our skunk friend has come calling. Don’t tell me that BODY ODOR is not an assault weapon on the person that lives with you or to the people who work around you. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Just remember when you sit down and do homework assignments with your children pay close attention. When they become frustrated with writing and it is taking them a long TIME to get the necessary output in work, guess what is going to happen next. The lead will break in the pencil and then you will feel some excruciating pain in the eye. You are big pimping an eye patch for at least 6 months. The results of the static tripod effect happen when pressing the pencil to the point of no return. Baby Boi is trying to get control of his writing. It looks as though he wrote with a dark crayon. Is he writing or is he drawing? Why? Your child/adult has FINGER AGNOSIA. Silly GOOSE! Those fingers, mostly their fingertips have the inability to recognize and interpret sensory impressions because of impairment in the brain. You didn’t know that. SHUT UP! Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Oh, so you sent little JOHNNY in the kitchen to take the ice tray or the bag of ice out of the freezer to pour it into a glass. Really! That sounds simple. Did JOHNNY miss pouring the ice into the glass? Where did the ice go? Did you call out and ask JOHNNY did any of the ice get on the floor. JOHNNY doesn’t initiate conversation. What! You didn’t ask. Are you in the kitchen? You slipped and fell. Who’s fault is it that you broke everything that you stood for and your leg. Smart HUH! Communication is very essential when you know you failed to jump-start the conversation when the other person lacks to initiate conversation. Lack of COMMUNICATION is a terrible assault weapon. Miscommunication is reloading your assault weapon. How many rounds? Don’t ask CONGRESS this question. What! Thirty-six TIMES to repeal OBAMACARE. Breaker BreakerOne__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Do not feel publicly embarrassed if your dinner date keeps taking you out to places that have finger food. This is their hidden way of compensating. They resist eating with a fork and spoon. So what if they eat their GREENS with their hands. I did too and smash my cornbread up in my GREENS. I didn’t know it was a problem eating without a fork and spoon. I was so happy to have food. Hell, we were poor and utensil wasn’t so important to me. I was hungry. Sopping those biscuits up in the gravy makes me want to stop writing this story but I won’t leave you hanging. Yeah, baby! Your fingers can be a dangerous weapon when it comes to eating and your partner just thinks you are grotesque. Guess what? It is not INTENTIONAL. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Don’t ask them to do any art projects involving scissors. It is hopeless with scissors and with a coordination disorder you are not the star in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS I know it bothers you to keep tying your kid’s shoe because they always seem to come untied. Surprise! They were never tied. You might be tying their shoes for them for years. SLIP-ON! VELCRO anyone? Fine motor skills are impacted because of lack of finger dexterity. Lose the embarrassment and try understanding. If you are teaching them how to use scissors be sure to move your hands out-of-the-way. They will accidentally cut themselves and you will be next. The person did not mean it. So do not retaliate and cut them. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS loved to explore the world. Well, in relationships there are many people who are not hands on. Some people you want them to keep their hands off. Don’t go telling a person you think they are weird because they are not touching you. It may be for the best. The psychologist would put it in this manner. Due to lack of tactile perception and psychomotor prowess, this is required to have a smooth affectionate encounter to establish INTIMACY. Who writes this BS? Forget the psychobabble, Girlfriend/Boyfriend wants to be HANDLED, touched and aroused. Okay your A… is alone again. You are now the star in LES MISERABLE singing your dream ain’t what it turned out to be. ISOLATION has taken over your WORLD. ISOLATION is the KISS OF DEATH. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Need A Gun?

My Buddy and I are heading to the airport. It is TIME to blow this pop-stand. WOW! I hope we can get on the plane without getting into a fight. He will bump into people and he doesn’t apologize unless you tell him to say, “EXCUSE ME.” I got my spray bottom with me with the purple food coloring in it. Why? This is the same BRO I was raised with. He will walk straight through mud, water, glass and knock a person down. We had to pull his A.. out of quicksand. I am not about to do a GLASS PLUS commercial with the bird taking a smackdown flying into the glass. I’ve done that before. This was not PLEXI-GLASS. I spray every open area to make sure it isn’t a glass. I hope my DAWG doesn’t walk through the Glass and my dumb A.. is following. Guess who got cut up? Guess who walked away without a scratch. Reminds me of the drunk driver syndrome where the driver walks away without a scratch and everyone else gets seriously injured or killed. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

Call me when you get home. I had NE-NE to rearrange the closet and remove the hangers. I get tired of her fusing about you can’t hang your coat up. All of your clothes are halfway off the hangers. It takes a lot of concentration and coordination to take your clothes and make sure they are turned inside out. Some people think this simple skill of hanging clothes on a hanger is automatic. Not if you have problems with concept formation or visual-spatial organization (up/down, over/under. bottom/top). Whenever you were in the closet after laundry day you would become so frustrated. You literally got HUNG UP. If your mind can’t recognize the characteristics, the labels, and the information gets chunk together the job will take a very long TIME or it won’t get done. MALCOLM it took NE-NE a long TIME to understand you do not do well with generalizing information. The information is too broad and the gap needs to be shortened or closed so you can operate and do your “thang.” Connecting the dots is hard as Hell for you. When explaining the information that is similar the analogies just flies right over your head. I am glad NE-NE is learning and not complaining. Folding your clothes and putting them in a chest made it easy for you. I bet it has improved your SMOOTH AFFECTIONATE ENCOUNTERS to “GET IT ON.” Yeah, there has been an improvement in touching. You think you’re MARVIN GAYE. Are you blushing? Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

MALCOLM I am very proud of you. Although our FLIGHT has been delayed you have not fallen out of your chair. Sitting in a chair is a real balancing act and a high wire experience. I hope DENZEL is not the pilot. I like looking at the brother but he can’t drive, fly, or walk me anywhere. So it was just a movie. He did a D… good job of convincing me and he gets an ACADEMY AWARD. I can wait for another plane. MALCOLM when you started getting nervous you ask for some gum. When you found out the flight was going to be delayed you grabbed your I-POD and start chilling. You are doing really good modulating (regulating) your behavior. I am the one that’s tripping. What is the name of the website you and NE-NE are getting all this information from? Go to and go to treatment. Also, click on LIBRARY. Hey, you are now at WORLDS OF FUN. Cool, let me get out my notebook and CLICK ON so I can settle down. I have never been nervous about flying until I saw that movie. WHEW! When you want to get an early start click on or just Discover the meaning of SENSORY INTEGRATION by clicking on.

Do I have an open channel on ONE? Do you hear me out there? I need this message to go across loud and clear. Breaker Breaker One the other thirty-nine channels are blocked. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun? Look at the LIES told by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. Did they ever find a BOMB? Breaker Breaker One, HUBRIS revealed they were some rotten__SON OF A GUNS. No matter what the message of the GOP and TEA their ARROGANCE, VANITY, IMAGE, and PRIDE made them V.I.P. It has cost the TRUST OF YOU AND ME. Breaker Breaker One__Who The Hell Needs A Gun?

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