We Are The State Of The Union__Gun Violence

There is a state of emergency. Look around this room at the many lives left in shambles. In DEATH we have formed a coalition. Our love ones state of mind will not bear the cross of shame nor sin but can rise in grace and Lift Every Voice and SING.

The purpose of our DEATH is not to DESPAIR but to plant the seed for the new grade A__ACCOUNTABILITY. Our bodies now lie in a permanent state of rest. Our souls and spirit have formed a more perfect union in order to establish justice, challenge, and champion gun violence, an ensure peace and tranquility to WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. We Are The State Of the Union.

Many tears have fallen to earth as our bodies were transformed as the mist of our last breath was taken. We have become your windshield wipers of VISIBILITY. In DEATH we have banded together to become ONE. We are not gone, we will not be forgotten, we are strong, and our voices will be heard. We are not INVISIBLE. We Are The State Of The Union.

The state of our nation can use its pervasive powers to change gun violence. FAILURE and FEAR have been challenged by a new FACE. DEATH placed emphasis on the grade of F and now F is the FORCE to be reckoned with. The broken hearts of the lives who advocate for us has organized to diminish the gun violence to give an extension of life to our FUTURE generation.

Our Carnage left many minds in a state of confusion and chaos. From state to state the emptiness of our massive loss has dealt a mighty blow to the ones we left behind. It will be forever etched in the minds and hearts of WE THE PEOPLE and OUR NATION. No actions were taken when the body count added up. It took the DEATH of small innocent children to ROCK THE CRADLE and leave an impression that guns were more important. It raised the question in many minds across the nation: Are the lives of the children and the teachers not the number one priority? In DEATH our spirits have MOVE FORWARD. We Are The State Of The Union.

Our voices will resonate a cry for CHANGE. The shriveled minds of NEGATIVITY shall follow the leaders of PROGRESSIVENESS and blossom. All in TIME the pollination of HOPE will endure the seeds of growth. We are the AMENDMENT to the PREAMBLE of a CONSTITUTION MOVING FORWARD FOR LIFE. Our souls have UNIONIZED IN DEATH. WE THE PEOPLE must UNIONIZE IN LIFE. We Are The State Of The Union.

Dedicated to the Victims of GUN VIOLENCE and any Violence which cost a HUMAN LIFE. PressOn! To the Parents of Sandy Hook in remembrance to the fallen lives of Tuscon Arizona, Chicago, Sanford Florida, Kansas City, Newtown Connecticut, Littleton Colorado, Aurora, Atlanta, and every city and state which has been struck by gun violence.

To most recent victim, Tyree Nichols, and all victims who have fallen to gun violence by the uniform in Blue. To all victims that have fallen to gun violence and it was not deserved. To all the victims who fell victim to gun violence at their own hands and felt it was the only option to pursue. Step back, recognize the mental health of our nation is in a crisis and long overdue.

Press On! President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Mayor Bloomberg

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    a nice poetic sequel to the body count adds up. sometimes we forget what state of mind is important. a state of well being is more important of a state of defense of a home. come on now how can a person defend their own home when their sense of normal is obsecured? would that person be a threat to the state of the union and affairs? the state of the future is a stake with all this senseless violence. it is time to have this marvin gaye discussion of what is going on and wake up to the reality that are children are dying at a young age of six and younger. the reality of it is death does comes to us all but who gave the nra and congress the right to be a judge dredd or punisher to see who have a right to live or die. it is time to have that discussion in town halls to say enough is enough and take a stand on gun violence that is plaguing our society like a disease. the only cure for this sickness is peace.

  2. I love you.

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