Message To The People

One can be stronger in Death than in one’s Life. What is the lesson you want to give your children, grandchildren, and the next generation? Have you lived your life in such a manner as the years go by the Celebration of your Life will endure the test of TIME? Are you on LOCKDOWN? Will your life come down to the cubicle effect? What is the cubicle effect?

You work with a person for years and one day you come to work and a card is passed around for you to sign. Do you remember the person’s name? Did they like jellybeans or Twizzlers? Did you take any TIME out of your life to step over to the next cubicle? Will you sign the card out of appropriateness and donate money just to keep in step with today’s business? Did you fail to take the OPPORTUNITY to step out of your cubicle and initiate conversation? Is it possible a really decent person was not included in your cup of tea arena?

There are a lot of people on this planet who cannot step out of their zone. How on earth was NELSON MANDELA locked away in a cubicle on ROBBEN ISLAND and the people did not forget him? The Celebration of NELSON MANDELA’S LIFE resurrected a new journey to an OPEN DOOR POLICY. MADIBA’S INCLUSIONARY PROGRAM reached across the nations and brought together 91 dignitaries. The life of one man inside his cubicle permeated the walls and the hearts of the people. Are you locked inside your cubicle serving a life sentence because of HATRED, RACISM, LIES, and OBSTRUCTION? Are you serving a LIFE SENTENCE because you cannot be TRUSTED?

I am free now. The hurt and pain that wrenched my heart because our PRESIDENT has gotten so much disrespect dissipated. The chains began to unlock. The shackles slipped off from around my ankles as the PRESIDENT began to eulogize MADIBA. The crowd began to chant and cheer. I realize the pressure had been lifted from around my neck. My tears had gone into free fall. As my tears mixed with the rain in South Africa I embraced the respect and acceptance of the OPEN DOOR POLICY NELSON MANDELA had given to President Barack Obama. I grab my mirror and took a deep breath. Breathing on the mirror will keep me from becoming encased inside of a prison. NELSON MANDELA has taught the greatest lesson on Integration, Inclusion, Humanity, Forgiveness, Hope, and Reconciliation.

My crew has sent a Message To The People of the United States of America. They missed years of the young NELSON MANDELA but always respected MANDIBA. The OPPORTUNITY arose for them to see the MANDELA inside of BARACK OBAMA. How can the polls say the President’s rating is down when he is not accepted by his own country? Whose ratings are down? This Message is sent to the family of NELSON MANDELA.

ELKAN RIFT (AMHARIC)–ETHIOPIA (letter and word pronunciation)

Rest In Peace MANDELA/May Your Soul Rest In Heaven.

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    in life we all have a part in a play. some of our roles are minor or major. it is a new day: lights, camera, action. let’s roll camera 5 on that person. our lives is like the truman show but we are not jim carey. i can say this we are being watched. what part do you play in life and what legacy will you leave behind? is your role a victim, hero, or even the bad guy? we all know what is congress role is and that is a given. we all know what is president barak hussein obama is the good guy. nelson mandela left us a positive legacy of peace and love while congress legacy is of destruction and hatred. jesus christ once said, “blessed those that curse or persecute you. pray for your enemies. love your enemies like you love your neighbors. do this in the memory of me, for this is commandment and testament of my love towards the world.” nelson mandela was a testament of what jesus spoke unto his disciples that day before he was tacked on the cross and died for the world’s sins. mandela forgave those who jailed him and showed love and not hate. what a living testament of the maybe congress can learn something from jesus and nelson mandela. what a concept to love your neighbors no matter what color, gender, religion, or walk of life that person came from.

    a prophet is welcome abroad but not in his own homeland. with that being said. our president is welcome abroad but at home he is shunned by his fellow countryman because of his skin tone and for actually caring. SHAME! how can we be a christian nation and we cannot embrace our own president? how can we be a leader of the free world and a nation supposed to be based on jesus’ principles when there is a war on diversity, women, age, the poor and middle class. are we as a christian nation suppose to lead by example. in order to lead, you must follow by example. in life we all leave a legacy. a legacy can be positive or negative depending on what path a person takes in life. at the end of this life can a person be proud of what they left behind or die in dishonor and disgrace. nelson mandela outlived those who turned their back on him(jesse helms and jerry fowlwell) and lived a lived a life of love and honor and that is a legacy that can be shared and remember throughout the test of time. his legacy will bridge a gap between young and old like how jesus bridge a gap between mankind and god. rest in peace nelson mandela and let god be your guide in your new journey. stand tall president president obama. never give way or break to those who curse or persecute you.

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