From My Heart To Your Heart

A giant boulder has collided with my heart. I was unable to write the VALENTINE’S DAY STORY last year Three days shy of Cupid shooting his arrow. A special arrow fell to earth with an invitation attached for Whitney Houston. It was TIME for her to board her flagship and command her fleet. The USS-NIPPY now awaits an ICON who will make her permanent entrance as an ADMIRAl. ADMIRAL Whitney Houston realized the embracement of her invitation would pierce the hearts and devastate the lives of many. It is TIME for her to navigate uncharted waters and find her way home. It is hard to believe the GRAMMY’S have rolled around once again and WHITNEY will not be there to bellow out those tremendous notes. Her present will always remain and her soul is released and now unchained.

A high piercing note was struck and it went past 11 seconds. It wasn’t Whitney Houston singing the Star Spangled Banner but the media televising her exit from this life a year ago. One year has gone by already and today Whitney is three days shy of breaking the hearts of many who loved and adored her. The high notes from her voice sent a rush of blood through my heart causing my heart to palpitate sending my ticktock into shock.

The day she sang the National Anthem her commanding performance took me back in TIME. She could resurrect a crowd with her voice which sent shock waves across the world. Whitney Houston touched off the deepest emotions locked away behind many viewers fortresses.

Her voice opens a gateway to our suffering, sorrow, and pain. What about her sorrow, suffering, and pain? Whitney could bring the HUMAN FACTOR out and make you revisit avenues where you no longer wanted your mind to intersect with your heart.

“THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL,” her daughter, BOBBI-KRISTINA BROWN, had to endure ISOLATION. Conditions are not favorable and the grief for Whitney Houston’s daughter and her family has pushed through 1 year. Although the tide of pain has probably felt like a LIFETIME of suffering, with the help of GOD, many friends, and extended family they will make it through their darkest hours.

From My Heart To Your Heart, it is TIME to deal with MONSTER BLAME. MONSTER BLAME creeps into our lives at the most inconvenient TIME. It is TIME for another Tour of Duty. OPRAH and TYLER PERRY have reached out to help your daughter and family deal with this horrible creature so their souls can be released and not be wrapped in the chains of pain that weight them like an ANCHOR. So many parents feel the weight of these chains and bare the pressure of the ANCHOR. To the parents of SANDY HOOK, HIDIYA PENDLETON, JORDON DAVIS, TREYVON MARTIN, and the many souls that have boarded your ship “I LOOK TO YOU.”

There are so many bleeding hearts that are totally broken. A new crew recently boarded your flagship to hear you give a stellar performance. Blanket their souls with the smoothness of your voice and steal their hearts with the warmness of your exquisite smile. FROM MY HEART TO YOUR HEART just as you would sing to BOBBI-CHRISTINA, “YOUR LOVE IS MY LOVE.”

Dedicated to the Family of WHITNEY HOUSTON and special prayers to her daughter, BOBBI-CHRISTINA. Revisit and read The DASH BEFORE THE DISTANCE located in the February 2012 archives dedicated to Whitney Houston.

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  1. Hollie says:

    Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely
    enjoying your blog and look forward to new

    • smokelbg says:

      Sorry Hollie it took me so long to get back to you. I love writing stories so much. You can follow me on Twitter @ Smokelbg and on FACEBOOK as Linda M. Ballard. Read EveryBodyIs On Somebody Hit List__Ah SH… Click on the sites I have provided at the bottom of the story. You will be amazed the information that will spring up. Click on any title story in the blog and give me some feedback. Spread the word. NLD Mom/cancer survivor

  2. kynny garrett says:

    it is hard to believe it s that time again. a year ago that whitney houston found her way home too soon. this is a simple remember that life is so precious and short and it is time not to place the blame but take responsibility for actions that we have contribute. to all those who past away in 2012 let your souls rest in peace and you hear the sweet sounds of whitneys voice as her ship carry you home in uncharted waters. too many have died and it is time to end the tear drops and closed caskets.

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