Unjustifiable__Negative Evaulations

You are you and I am me.
Evaluations should be based on INDIVIDUALITY.
Your performance should not be based on a group.
Sooo I would collect from all the D… troops.

I would raise hell and hit the floor.
It is TIME for you to knock on an OPEN DOOR.
Should I get an F because the store manager got one?
It is like treason which is unreasonable because this BROTHER is done.

Why is your help documented on paper only?
You suffer for years and years, isolated and left lonely.
Thanks to all the people who offered and helped.
I am sorry you were chastised and eaten like kelp.

Sooo all your help went out to the floor.
It depends on the manager who knows the score.
I understand now why they make you wait.
This is how managers retaliate.

The store performance went to hell.
Under whose tick-tock did it fail?
Whose shrinkage was 1.3 mill?
Hiring more people would be a wiser deal.

One should not rob Peter to pay Paul.
Taking from the floor was not successful at all.
All the people on TIME TASK cannot finish their jobs.
So don’t coach or bully them, I find it rather odd.

Are you berated, bullied, under surveillance, and stripped of one’s dignity?
These conditions will never produce an employee’s loyalty.
My God, this is straight up Gross Misconduct.
Termination should be immediate, what the F….!

That F has really circulated around the town.
It reached out and touched many on my workaround.
It hampers your ability to make it to the top.
What! There are only 10 points and 8 were dropped.

Get your last year eval compare and contrast.
Somebody needs to answer all the questions you will ask.
WOW! There is a big discrepancy.
Point out what is wrong. I don’t think it is me.

Do not be afraid to go through any OPEN DOOR.
I got my pen, paper, Title VII of 8-I of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
The F you received represents the Fight.
Educate yourself, no fear, no flight.

To discriminate against associates who have been there too long.
It is inexcusable/unforgivable and totally wrong.
Of course, it is wrong to discriminate because of age.
It is unreasonable to work your A… off for only the minimum wage.

Who is seeking out the person who has capped out of their salary?
Is it the one your Evaluation was based on not INDIVIDUALITY?
Store Manager, Group, and Store Performance are not me.
I hope walking through the OPEN DOORS one can plainly see.

Do you do the store manager job?
I looked at my paycheck and I think I’ve been robbed.
We all tried our best I must confess.
Is this what happens when the store ends up in a mess?

What happens when you receive an unjustifiable negative evaluation?
What is contained in Title VII of 8-I of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Age Discrimination in Employment Act, American Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act,
prohibit retaliation by an employer, employment agency, or labor organization because an individual has engaged in protected activity and there is so much more.

Thank You, Lawrence O’Donnell and the MSNBC CREW.
Don’t forget to visit eeoc.gov–Title VII of  the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Updated version)

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    to everyone out there it is time to stand up and fight. there is a reason and a season to know your rights. so when you feel like you been retaliated don’t get mad or frustrated.just used eeoc without being hesitated.

  2. If Walmart doesn’t act fast to right the ship, disgruntled employees,customers, and dirty stores might become more than a minor irritation. I’m talking …class action law suits as well as their declining stock prices? Corporate ought to be embarrased and ashamed.

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