Creed of Greed

There is an oath to not grow old.
What must one do to sell his soul?
You live life quickly, Low and Behold.
Live fast, die young, you are too bold.

Played by your rules__poor ideology.
A hasty decision was made not understanding the psychology.
Destroying Gun Legislature is pure mythology.
Government regulations and their reaction to crime is part of criminology.

You behaved horribly so you ranted and raved.
Did you think about the lives your vote could save?
Instead, you danced and mocked our children’s graves.
It was your message, your legislation, and look what it paved.

Revealed to the WORLD what has been taken.
The lives of our loved ones have now been forsaken.
Your WORLD will be rocked and it will be shaken.
It is TIME for your PARTY to be awakened.

The oath you have taken to CRUSH, OBSTRUCT, and DESTROY.
It will turn to your PARTY and SELF DEPLOY.
Our loved one’s lives have been treated like toys.
The pain and suffering return 3 folds, oh boy!

These stolen lives deserved a VOTE.
Is DEATH the message you wanted to promote?
Background Checks should never have been remote.
Death Squad Kingdom is what your PARTY denotes.

You told LIES and acted like big TIME jerks.
Do you think your plan has truly worked?
Trouble is ahead it will wipe off those smirks.
When the TIDE changes it may leave YOU berserk.

One cannot hide with all their wealth.
Please, do be concern about your health.
Do you realize the hand you have dealt?
Gun Legislation will not be swept up under your belts.

Would you like to know how this story ends?
Why did you sell your souls for countless sins?
Was it so important to call this a win?
It was reckless and now your troubles will begin.

You desperately wanted to sit on the throne.
Every bill was impeded down to it last bone.
Pretty soon your Party will stand alone.
You have served your purpose and soon will be gone.

Your plan of action to succeed.
Stood by and let our hearts bleed.
Sworn to your oath you stood by your creed.
While the people suffered because of your greed.

One comment on “Creed of Greed

  1. kynny garrett says:

    this creed is not a white thing or a black thing but a human nature thing that affects all of mankind. in the streets it is called a hustler’s prayer. it is a prayer that all street soldiers and hustlers say for we know that our time is short and never grow old which that is how the story is told. the life style is a fast and furious pace that sometimes that ends in a chase. this creed of greed can and will end the human race.

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