May Day May Day__Super Tweet Super Sweet

Look at it again. Nah! This is not about RICK JAMES. I know you looked at the title and the music begin to dance around in your head. Cut it out. STOP IT! STOP IT! I like the new THEME “FORWARD” I wanted to TWEET this to the PRESIDENT but I knew it would take more than 140 WORDS.

I would have too many WORDS going “FORWARD.” It is a moment of REFLECTION for the NATION and NOT a CELEBRATION. As I look back on May 1, 2011. I was in the process of writing one of my favorite stories. It sums this day up perfectly.

GIVING RECOGNITION TO THE UNRECOGNIZED-SAVING LIVES speaks of the chain of events and struggles that PRESIDENT OBAMA has dealt with to gain RESPECT, VALIDATION, from the PEOPLE, and the NATION. He has done a MAR..VE…LOUS JOB of KEEPING HIS PROMISE.

HOLD UP! I think I will go with the WORD MASTERFUL. Sometimes people get this WORD confused with CONTROLLING. We are talking about the BIG D who is SKILLFUL. NOW if we were talking about the REPUBLICANS we would be talking about CONTROLLING.

I know STILL WATERS RUN DEEP so WALK WITH ME AND TAKE MY HAND. I know you are a SKILLFUL SWIMMER and you won’t let me drown or down. This is what I said to you a year ago and I hold steadfast in my position today.

To the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU have been riding on the WAVE of a TSUNAMI. YOU have looked across the way. The WORDS you spoke transmitted RESPECT to the LIFE of an INFAMOUS RECOGNIZABLE NOW LAID TO REST. It was not a CELEBRATION THEN and it should not be a CELEBRATION TODAY.

IT WAS A LIFE. YOU held steadfast to your 3P’s. POWER, PASSION, and PURPOSE. Tonight you have earned 2 of my P’S. This is PRODUCTIVITY and PLACEMENT.

YOU get the BRAGGING RIGHTS as being one of the most PRODUCTIVE PRESIDENTS in the WORLD. As far as PLACEMENT I am looking “FORWARD.” I know that many others are looking “FORWARD” to you getting your SECOND CHANCE as the PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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  1. kynny garrett says:

    it should be uno de mayo para el presidente barack obama. he should deserve a second chance. if bush had a second chance to screw up the country then obama should have a second chance to set us back on course on the right track. forefiling his promise on national security was a huge step in the right direction.

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