Mother’s Wit __Common Sense

PURPLE SWING, coming at you with the KITCHEN SINK! Who is the RADICAL CONTENDER that is on the BRINKS? He has proven to the WORLD he cannot THINK. Sit back PURPLE SWING you need to relax, read this story, chill, and take a DRINK.

Is that what you paid your money for? Did you get your monies worth? It’s hard to believe the SUPER PACs threw down all that money and you were the best person they could come up with. SUPER PACs could have fed a NATION and strengthen the UNITED STATES EDUCATION.


LOUIE GOHMERT I hate to tell you endorsing a candidate that has EXTREME, RECKLESS, RISKY, and at its MITT’S END BEHAVIORS is passed being DESPERATE, BRO, it is more like being SUICIDAL.

These two dudes, BOEHNER and McConnell don’t have a clue on how the MIDDLE CLASS is struggling to make ends meet. It gets worse. The MIDDLE CLASS is struggling to stay the MIDDLE CLASS.

Are you proud of yourself? I hope you realize it didn’t take going to all those fancy UNIVERSITIES just to learn that you are neither CONNECTED to yourself nor have you made the CONNECTION with the PEOPLE and OUR NATION.

You could have stayed at home for the money you paid out. All those fancy ACCOLADES you earned and you mean to tell me you do not have the brain to determine what is UP or DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT, and RIGHT or WRONG.

Setting the PEOPLE, the PRESIDENT, and OUR NATION up for failure ain’t cool. If you had any MOTHER’S WIT or COMMON SENSE you would not INTENTIONALLY try to TAKE THE PRESIDENT OUT OF THE BOX and SINK THE NATION.

You flew out in your MONEY-DAWG JET surrounded by your SMALL BALLERS and still came across as a person who the people and the nation couldn’t TRUST nor RESPECT. Your VACILLATION made the movie DESPERADO look like a FAIRYTALE.

Of course, I understand that when you use YOU it sound accusatory in writing. When you use I it should be avoided. Well, I know YOU did it and YOU did it on PURPOSE. WHERE ARE THOSE SHOES MITT? ARE YOU REALLY THE BAD SEED?

Are YOU following me? How did your INTELLECT exceed your COMMON SENSE? Something is wrong here. Maybe you were not as INTELLIGENT as people thought you were. HMmm! You have proven to the people and the nation you have NO COMMON SENSE whatsoever.

In my day and TIME, it was called MOTHER’S WIT. You don’t have that either.It doesn’t matter what it is called you just don’t have it. BUTT-NAKED, RAW and you are now considered as IGNORANT. I don’t care how much money you got.


Check this out. In our Day we rolled with MOTHER’S WIT. We were clever, had street smarts, and insight to boot. You call them GAME CHANGER. We were the MOTHERS who were left holding the bag when the fathers had ROLLED OUT.

We kept our family unit together while many of us worked and went back to school to get our GED. The responsibility was on our backs and there was no TIME to place the blame on the man who was MISSING IN ACTION.

This kind of sounds like you MITT: Missing In Action, not being RESPONSIBLE, and PLACING the BLAME on PRESIDENT OBAMA. The SAFETY NET was AFDC, FOOD STAMPS, with a MEDICAL CARD.

The programs are now SNAP, TANIF, and WIC. YOUR DAWG, PAUL is trying to strip the MIDDLE CLASS down to POOR and the POOR DOWN to POOREST. The RICH will always be the TOP DAWG and dogging other people.

How can a person climb the LADDER of SUCCESS if you pull away from the STEPS? How is it possible to REACH the NEXT STEP if you’ve taken away the MIDDLE CLASS? Unless you win the lottery and you go from POOR to MITT ROMNEY, MORE POWER TO YOU. I’m talking about a whole NATION of PEOPLE.

This is not how our NATION works. Even the POPE is PISSED and singing HALLS and OATES, “I CAN’T GO FOR THAT, NO CAN DO.” The single mom HUSTLE was on. We handle our business before our business handled us. If we did not like your company, we were not keeping company with you.

If your child had CHALLENGES they were TAUGHT the COMPANY YOU KEEP could get you “CAUGHT UP” and “IN TOO DEEP.” How simple is that! How is it possible none of these candidates don’t respect each other and are forced to ENDORSE a man who wouldn’t ENDORSE himself?

You want to hear something that is really crazy. There are kids and young adults on the street who encounters the horrible SECRETS of the NIGHT and are not prepared for this type of life. They lack street smarts/common sense and their survival rate is very brief.

They don’t want their parents to know they are on drugs, prostituting themselves, gay, lesbian or have dropped out of school or college. These children would do anything to keep their parents from finding out. They have become DESPERATE because of FALSE PRIDE.

What happens next is SUICIDE. These children/young adults are not about to go home and ask their parents for any money. If you think you have failed your PARENTS would you go home and get any money from your parents for any reason? WOW! MITT is so OUT OF TOUCH.

How in the world could MITT ROMNEY ever tell these young adults to go home and ask their parents for money? MITT can’t run the COUNTRY from ROMNEYVILLE. He is at the short end of the stick on MOTHER’S WIT and COMMON SENSE. Excuse me, the stick is broke.

The world we live in is not MONEY COATED.

This man would need to UNZIP himself to figure out what type of BAG he is going to come out of. Who needs a man who will ZIP LOCK our nation and tell the world he wants to take the COUNTRY BACK. I hope he isn’t talking to any of the Indians on the RESERVATION. WHEW!

The conversation would start like this. Take back whose COUNTRY. It was never YOUR COUNTRY to take back. You BAIN CAPITAL the INDIANS then. You are trying to turn this around to take the opportunity to VULTURE CAPITALIST this NATION NOW. So whose LAND IS IT?

So you tell CHRIS KOBACH and his HOMIE, “HOMIE THE INDIANS DON’T PLAY DAT.” OKAY! As far as your BRO, I don’t think we need to be having this conversation on IMMIGRATION. The MITT who is without MOTHER’S WIT isn’t too friendly towards his MEXICAN FAMILY.

I know you said the family was off-limits but they ain’t my family. I’m just saying! I know and you know the BRO is going to go there regardless of what you say is off-limits.

I am glad this Brother ain’t no SISTER because if he had to go through the CHANGE OF LIFE (MENOPAUSE) the CHANGES would STAGNATE itself. This is sad when you shut down on CHANGE. YOUR COUNTRY was without DIVERSITY. YOUR COUNTRY only regarded one RACE as a SUPREME RACE.

YOUR COUNTRY was going broke NOT at the hands of who you bad mouth every day. YOUR COUNTRY sounds mighty selfish. YOUR COUNTRY sounds like a lot of folks is going back to SLAVE DAYS. YOUR COUNTRY! You better whisper those WORDS if you roll upon an INDIAN.

If you don’t think WORDS can cause a WAR, THINK AGAIN.


I ain’t got the military background but just on a normal day in the neighborhood with some MOTHER’S WIT and some COMMON SENSE, it would look like this in my world. I need to know a lot about my opponent. Whether it be in my backyard or across the street.

If it is across the street, I need to be making some phone calls and some trips to strengthen myself position on FOREIGN POLICY. I’m talking about leaving the country. It wouldn’t be like someone else who is trying to hide their money in another country. We know who that is.

I got to start developing some friends, relationships, and get some allies. If I get some enemies I will keep them under my microscope and make sure my lightbulb don’t go out on my radar. MITT ROMNEY is scary COLONEL WILKERSON.

Having all that top-notch equipment is all well and dandy but if the lights are out in my LIGHTBULB it will put our nation at WAR. You can’t go electing a PRESIDENT weak on CHARACTER. YOU can’t have a PRESIDENT DESPERATE and VACILLATING.

This would be a PRESIDENT who has given up his POWER and has become his own authority. Who is he arguing with, himself? Every TIME he opens his mouth the COUNTRY would be at RISK for another WAR.

MITT ROMNEY came on board to destroy the PRESIDENT along with McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the gang. It wasn’t going to be any negotiation. ONE goal in mind which can BLINDSIDE THE MISSION. What would MITT achieve in the end if he is so bent on destruction?

I did not always like the solution but whatever was left of my tattered body gave my LIFE some QUALITY. MITT ain’t about QUALITY OF LIFE! How many TIMES has the MEDIA expressed he is a WEAK OPPONENT. It isn’t all the media, I and a lot of other people are included.

If he could just tell the TRUTH it would strengthen his position. He can’t STATE the CASE nor MAKE THE CASE because he hasn’t changed himself. He has lost his POWER. I guess this is where the SUPER PACs jump in and start pulling strings. I am not talking about PURSE STRINGS.

Who needs a PRESIDENT that will be a PUPPET ON A STRING? WHO NEEDS A DIVERSE COUNTRY? What really is the RUSH? How big of an EMERGENCY is it to destroy our DEMOCRACY? I will save my MOTHER’S WIT and COMMON SENSE for another MITT DAY.

In the OLD TESTAMENT(GEN:19) GOD had a rap session with ABRAHAM’S cousin LOT. If you got 50 RIGHTEOUS REPUBLICANS left in the city of SODOM (WASHINGTON), I promise not to take you off the MAP. CRUELLA DI VILLE was worried about her CADILLACS and look back and turn into a SALTY DOG.


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  1. kynny garrett says:

    in mitt romney’s case it is dim witted because he is so out of touch with the needs of the american people. he flip flop so much on policies so much he gives cross dressers a bad name. to set the record straight if romney get elected then the country is going to end up like kay-bee toy stores and that is out of business. bang capital anyone?

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