I Have Learned

Martin Luther King Jr. birthday was observed on January 17th of this year. His birthday is Jan 15th. On January 17th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, I wrote a poem and posted it on Twitter. It is dedicated to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who sacrificed his life for the things I have learned.

I have learned through the eyes of death that one should appreciate life and all it has to offer.

I have learned to embrace the smallest of the small so I can retain true objectivity.

I have learned to love myself and validate myself. When the storm comes I will not lose hope. I will survive.

I have learned the extensions of one’s life is given purpose through the hinges of another that swings in the balance.

I have learned to stand down in the face of criticism, to honor it, and respect it as a teaching tool.

I have learned to show deference, to cry, to become a better human being instead of bitter.

I have learned to show compassion, empathy, and support, and rethink my thinking before I judge.

I have learned to jump feet first. I was so thankful for having feet.

I have learned to say,”Hello,”  and really mean it.   It was not superficial.

I have learned even when my hands touched deaths doorway, someone crossed over before me to give me a second chance.

I have learned to lift the spirits of those who could hardly lift their heads and they walked with heavily burdened hearts.

I have learned all across the nation ones achievements can be just as influential in Death as it is in Life.

I have learned even though it was not time for death to call out to me,

I didn’t view the mountaintop and I escaped the Promise Land.

I have learned to take a closer look at the hills and slopes and to better understand.

I have learned all in TIME,  Not To Judge A Man.


NLD Mom/cancer survivor

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    it is that time to learn to be human and not inhuman. it is time to show commitment, compassion, and courage to learn to stand by our principles. it is time to learn to reach out to our fellow man and not put him down for his unique abilities. are we all brothers in christ namesake. that is something to think about. when we cut do we bleed the same color of blood which is red. do we all come from a mother’s womb, live life as an experience, and then we all die eventually. so why have the division in race, nationality, gender, religion, and social class. for are we all human and we do have our daily struggles to survive. now if i have learned what is the meaning of life and learn to live then you can too. remember those who struggle before us the for the etiology of life. we must learn there is a cost for everything and freedom isn’t free for it was paid in blood of the fallen. remember the words of martin luther king, jr. of i have a dream and learn to live his dream.

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