Etiology of Quality

On Jan 14th this poem was posted on Twitter. It is Dedicated to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the family of Malcolm X, the family of Ted Kennedy, and the Obama Family.

Quality of Life is quality of one’s Mind.

Quality of Education will leave us refined

Quality of Parenting will strengthen the binds.

Quality of Endurance is an ultimate goal.

Quality of Happiness will enlighten the soul.

Quality of Love puts our hearts on the mend.

Quality of Knowledge helps us teach, learn, and comprehend.

Quality of Truth is an awesome power.

Quality of Peace is needed by the hour.

Quality of Commitment is Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”.

Quality of his Speech motivated and lifted our self-esteem.

Quality of Loss is a masterful gain.

Quality of Hope, we must truly retain.

Quality of Relationships should be cherished to the end.

Etiology of Quality, this is where it all begins.



NLD Mom/cancer survivor

2 comments on “Etiology of Quality

  1. kynny garrett says:

    etiology of life and actual living is the ground zero that people should based their moral principles on. sometimes we get so caught up in the distractions of life we forget to look at ourselves in the mirror and breathe in it to see if we are actually living and not existing. we need to have open heart operation and evaluate what is the heart of the matter and once we found the heart of the matter it is time to rebuild life from ground zero. it is time to learn, live, and love.

    • shirley mergel says:

      Linda, you are right on target. We all should take a good look in the mirror and breathe. How one person can say so much in a short paragraph is beyond me. Keep on doing what you are doing because
      its working. Friend and co-worker Shirley.

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