There Is More To Opportunity

My neck is so stiff. Everywhere I turn I hear the word OPPORTUNITY. WHIPLASH! The strange part about the word OPPORTUNITY it doesn’t appear to carry the same meaning. Are you ready to ROLL THIS BABY OUT?


O-Opportunity is TIME used wisely. Whether or not the TIME was short or long you
did not miss out.
P-Purpose was to open the door for everyone to have and invest in affordable
healthcare and not just one state.
P-People are the No.1 Priority over Profit.
O-Obligation and determination always rides on the backs of those who care__
R-Relying on the law of the land to FIX the health care needs of the people
in waiting who deserves the right to choice, quality of life, and the ex-
tension of whatever livable TIME left.
T-Tenacity and Tolerance strike the cord of Frustration. Who showed
determination, understanding, and acceptance? The one who is FRUSTRATED.
U-Universal Health Care for all and no more junk policies. When you are tattered
torn and sitting behind the medical chart or on the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART you
suddenly realize the policy you have paid years and years ain’t worth JACK
SH… Here comes the static. You are not at fault. The insurance companies
tell you it could have been AVOIDED, it is a LUXURY DISEASE, hell you are not
covered. OBAMACARE/AFFORDABLE CARE ACT will open the door and give you a rain-
coat, umbrella, and protective boots for affordable care. Illness is not a
LUXURY and when you DIE you do not go on HIATUS.
N-Negotiating and advocating for your own LIFE instead of the insurance company
determining whether you will LIVE or DIE. I would like my DOCTOR to have a
say. He would be the one performing the surgery. Not the D. Insurance
Company. Leave it to the INSURANCE COMPANIES and I would arrive DOA.
I-Intelligence weighs in for the people to determine who wants what is best for
their LIFE.
T-Truth was spoken and a hard pill to swallow. Trust is just around the corner.
Y-You think I’m not going down to the wire using Y. Walt Disney did it with
Mickey Mouse. MIC-see you real soon KEY-Why because it only takes 1 person
to show another human life they care. YES WE CAN and Y-YES he did make
OBAMACARE/AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT the law of the land. It is TIME for the
Healing to begin and the DISCRIMINATION TO END. ENDA 🙂


O-Opposition from the Opponent. NO is their answer. Stripping away all rights
and dignity of a LIFE. What is left? Downward decline spun into depression.
Death of the spirit, heart, and mental well-being. Deprivation of HEALTH then
comes DEATH.
P-Pessimism is a true characteristic of the Opponent. Problems are Created.
There is no room for HOPE.
P-Profit is the No.1 Priority. Our children/adults can starve. The health of our
nation lays the groundwork for the people to be encased in their tombs. They
will not get into the trenches with the people for their best interest. It is
digging a grave for the people and using Poor Judgement to seal the people’s
faith. Who feels threatens? Who is afraid the plan will succeed?
O-Obstruction by the OLIGARCHY CREW will set our nation back. It will diminish
the chance for moving the people and our nation FORWARD.
R-Racism has no place in governing. REALLY! Stop with DELUSIONS. It is TIME for
T-Tainted the lines of information to make what is REAL to appear FALSE and
FALSE to appear REAL. Turning people against each other every chance the
moment arises to induce mistrust and creating an atmosphere of FEAR.
U-Unilateral Decision or shall we call it Emergency Manager Law. In the
Corporate World it is SENSE OF URGENCY. You weren’t quick enough on the draw
so we made the decision for you. RIGHT! What was the rush? What is the big
fuss? You still don’t have a plan. You call that a plan? UNDERTAKERS!
N-NO! That is all we got for you. NOTHING, NOTTA, NEGATIVE!
I-Ignorant/Incompetent and refuse to hear you out or change. Indentured Servants
are who they attempt to shape your personality into.
T-Task Masters who are high dollar bill rollers paid to do nothing. Not even
pass a bill.
Y-You know why the crazies took the OPPORTUNITY to ROLL OUT in this manner.
Y (Why) for one TERM ONLY. Y (WHY) to OBSTRUCT, DESTROY, and to never let
the world spin on its axles. Everything on this planet must revolve around a
MISSED OPPORTUNITY. TIME, whether it was short or long, was INTENTIONALLY not
used WISELY.

On the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, FUMBLES reads differently.

F-Full steam ahead. FORWARD!
U-United WE Stand and you know what is going to happen to the DIVIDED CREW’S A.
M-Mobilize and get them DEMS MOTIVATED.
B-BELIEVE you-ME the job will get done. All In TIME!
DYING because I did not take the OPPORTUNITY would not be good. On my Way!
E-Evil is not having a Plan, nor a solution, and creating Problems. Evil is
hesitation, desperation, and no determination to FIX the physical and mental
conditions of We The People and The Nation. Flip EVIL and there you go. What! LIVE! Somebody is DYSLEXIC!

The People want to LIVE. Thank you for caring.
FUMBLE the ball! You learned the texture of the ball, its weight, size, shape, color and you learned why you are still so determined to hold onto the ball. INTEGRATION and the greatest link to the people. Who left the Ball in the corner? What do the Republicans, GOP, and Tea Party, know other than No? There you go. Who is not connected?

One comment on “There Is More To Opportunity

  1. kynny garrett says:

    brought to you by the letter o is opportunity. i want to take the time and opportunity to tell people that life has value and is not worthless like these junk plans that health care industry gives us. let us transform the lie into the fact like a transformer. there is more than meets the eye that goes on than what it is actually being told or sold. don’t hate the player hate the game. people complain about the glitz that the website for the affordable care act is time to suit up or shut up. the reason why people went into debt or foreclosure is not credit cards but it did not help the situation was medical bills. it was hard to keep up with the cost and people borrowed against their homes and got credit cards to pay for these mammoth cost. there was a hidden cost, a soul, like shang tsung in mortal kombat finish him by taking everything including a person’s soul. when a person died all the people who survived them was nothing but debt from hospital bills. this did not stopped the four armed monster called prince goro to run amuk. if you went to the doctor you had to pay. there was no raiden to regulate the health industry. these suckers are just as bad as wall street and will use the opportunity to suck your retirement away like dracula. to my disgrace the republican party has no plan but to get sick and die quick and to back the junk plans who are backing the republicans up. so basically the american people are getting hosed. so it is okay for the republicans to get the good plans and lower people get the garbage junk plans. to my dismay how you can be a christian and starve and turn your back on your neighbor. SHAME! using the bible for opportunity of profit and your own sick agenda. SHAME. so like optimus prime, transform and roll these republicans out of office in 2014 for they are a preexisting condition to our country and the world. what health care plan will cover the united states with them in power at a high risk?

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