Boss Of The Mic___Waging The Fight

We’re not worried about no D. Poll.
Common sense will tell you not to let it take a toll.
The numbers indicate who sold their soul.
The Do-Nothing Brothers are out of control.

Keep your head up and strut your stuff.
You gave it your all and it wasn’t good enough.
When you took the job you knew it would be rough.
They showed there A… and you called their bluff.

Boss Of The Mic__Waging The Fight
Whose numbers are down and taking flight?
The leader of our nation governed with insight.
Conservative faction policies were not that bright.

They were the few, the stupid, and they weren’t the marines.
The way these Brothers govern is totally unforeseen.
The words out of their mouth are poison and obscene.
There go the Women votes along with the Nubian Queens.

It’s all good when you step to the plate.
You took responsibility for all of the mandates.
You took the heat and felt the weight.
It made you stronger and you push through the gates.

Boss Of The Mic___Waging The Fight.
There is nothing wrong with your eyesight.
I know your message will be tight.
Take them down Brother with all your might.

Here are some words of encouragement.
Don’t play around with resentment.
Everything you tried to implement.
It’s Unforgettable and will take greater precedence.

Sure they tried to bring you down.
Whose behaviors demonstrated they were nothing but clowns?
In 2014 will they still be around.
The hatred, lies, racism lowered the conservatives faction into the ground.

Boss Of The Mic__Waging The Fight.
At the end of the tunnel, you will see the light.
The darkest hour has past and it’s no longer night.
Waging the War on change will push Forward for Equal Rights.

Reality knocked on the front door.
It is TIME for you to take it to the floor.
Reach into your heart at the center core.
From the tone of your voice, you’re not taking it anymore.

The place where you are standing has a wonderful view.
Look across the aisles and do what you need to do.
For the People, and our Nation you will come through.
Why? You have Wage The Fight to remain True.

Boss Of The Mic__Waging The Fight.

One comment on “Boss Of The Mic___Waging The Fight

  1. kynny garrett says:

    a rapper’s delight special that tells the story in a nutshell. republican policies went to hell. so let’s try again with an oh well. while the president is doing swell, the republicans are tanking in the well. let’s see what 2014 will tell.

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