Lucy And The Football___Taken Away

Shall we carry on? Go right ahead Vicious Valarie. My Grandma would have flipped the script if any name was connected to a color. The best example I could give at this moment in TIME is the REDSKINS. Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins has some lessons to learn. Grandma would say, “Child, adjectives will call you out.” “Go ahead and place the blame there.” You are going down if you stick it to a noun. If you attach a color to a person, place, or team it will come back to haunt you. Baby girl you said the team. I think you meant a thing. No! I meant a team. Malicious Mallory your grandma called white folks DEVILS but you could see anyone can be described as evil. Grandma said it because you take away the D on DEVILS and you could see the word EVIL. You know Grandma love to take words and get as many words out of one word. She never liked the word, DEVIL. Grandma said if you look at the word backward it reads LIVED. She got all worked up and said it wasn’t the past but what was happening NOW. Grandma made it clear not to count her out and she was still amongst the living. Grandma would have loved MOVING FORWARD. Malicious Mallory your Grandma was paying attention to her words. Are you sure your Grandma wasn’t dyslexia? I never looked at it in that manner. What about the action after the words? Look at all the things that have been Taken Away.

Take a look at all the horrible words they called the President and the actions taken against him. What would you tell the President Malicious Mallory? Give me that bottle over there. I will pretend it is my microphone. I do not need a teleprompter. I hope not. You might get electrocuted in the shower. You know how we use to do when we called ourselves singing in the shower and the soap was our microphone. Can you remember that far back? What are you trying to say? You know I’m messing with you. Could you pretend you are Grandma? You do not want to get kicked off of WORDPRESS. There will be no awards given for veracity, courtesy, fruitfulness, connectedness, random act of vainness, or a lifetime achievement award for your writings. Grandma got to chewing that sweet snuff and her mouth became Dieffenbach Trash Collection. She would grind you up, compact you down, and spit you out.

Man, people, and their policies. I hope they know when the policy is written it is for the people who execute the policy to the fullest and still promote their own agenda. They never get kicked off of the talk shows and open forums. They are called Presidential Contenders/Pretenders who constantly talk off task and sell their books. They have no INTENTION of ever becoming the President and governing the nation. Yet they are the highest paid. Everyone else on the lower end gets cut and locked away. Do you get paid for your Blog? No! I am in the habit of typing my website in for people to read. I must remember not to do it on certain forums. I want people to really learn what happens to people who are stigmatized and how they are blamed for their UNINTENTIONAL BEHAVIORS. Can you believe the DODO bird is not extinct? A flock of these birds resurfaces to shut down our government. These birds have the audacity to want to run the country into the ground for 2016.

Are you ready to talk to the President? Yes, Ma’am! Hit it. We now understand Charlie Brown had a neurological disorder which caused a coordination problem. Lucy was well aware of Charlie Brown disability. Lucy knew Charlie Brown budget had been cut offering him little or no support for his disability. Lucy did not realize what was taken away from Charlie Brown would make people see Lucy for who she really was. Mr. President, I wanted to make some changes. I realize some things will never change nor will the people accept the changes that are made to the best of mankind.

On October 25th, the Kansas City Star rolled out the obituary of a long TIME associate LYLE STREICH, who worked at Walmart store #2857 in Kansas City Mo. He was Taken Away on October 23rd at his home in his sleep. His service was on Monday, October 28th. Before he passed away he made his last rounds in the store. Many of the associates commented on the fact that LYLE did not look well. LYLE was coming to say hello and not goodbye. As Lyle approached register 22 I knew it was TIME. One of the assistant managers was taking a brief break and she acknowledged how happy she was to see him. There was a long line and LYLE waited patiently for me to get off the register. I was so hurt to make a dying man wait. Overnight needed help and I’m not talking about temporary help. How many people in those long lines might actually be dead? I step from behind the register and I gave LYLE a big hug. LYLE said, “What are you trying to do, kill me?” We both laughed. He told me his wife would be mad if she found he had snuck out the house. I wanted to cry but LYLE did not like tears. He loved his grandchildren and he wanted to show me the latest and last shots of PA PA’s babies. It was okay for the babies to cry.

LYLE had many achievements in his life. He was a mayor, volunteer firefighter, eagle scout, loved his church, worked for Donaldson Company for 29 years and was a UAW UNION PRESIDENT. Then there was WALMART. LYLE worked so hard. Here comes Lucy And The Football___Taken Away. He was shifted to automotive, sporting goods, hardware, furniture, lawn, and garden. He pulled pallets and made bales of cardboard. He always would give me that little-wicked grin and say, “You know if I worked for the other company it would never be this way.” He had become very fragile and could no longer do the work. You really think LYLE or anyone else could take on such a load if they were in better shape? All of those jobs would eventually break a person down along with their spirits. LYLE wanted to know if I was going to survive BLACK FRIDAY. It is hard for me to survive the name. It reminds me of the REDSKINS. Can we call it WHITE FRIDAY? Remember when the JONES STORE or MACY’S had their MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALES. I could not stomach that either. People actually thought BLACK FOLKS lost their minds and went berserk. What they failed to realize BLACK FOLKS couldn’t afford to purchase any items because the merchandise was still too D… high.

MR. PRESIDENT, I attended LYLE services. I was trying not to sit there and utter the words For The Grace Of God There Go I. No, I didn’t want it to be LYLE and I sure didn’t want it to be me. I have struggled with my health and I could barely talk for 6 months. This made one of the Co-Managers very happy that I could not ask her a million questions. It happened on March 6, my birthday. An associate at the stored killed me off on FACEBOOK. I got the present of my life and one hell of an opportunity to see how people really felt. I was pretty lucky with the exception of Co-Manager CONAGRA. As the saying goes “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Why are CBL’s (computer-based learning module) given to the associates for Violence in the Workplace when the associates are pushed to the brink by certain management? Coaching for failure is Walmart’s successful program. An open door policy that pushes associates out the door. TRUST is a very important factor. Who do you turn to when you no longer TRUST the BIG BEHEMOTH COMPANY?

It had been all over the news 160,000 Walmart associates would be rewarded with higher paying jobs with more responsibility. Will this be an act of Cronyism? LYLE and many other associates showed great passion and dedication to their job along with many responsibilities given but were never rewarded. Will Walmart’s money heal the scars? You would think every company out there has something to make it special. I always hear the word OPPORTUNITY stressed in Walmart. Hook, line, and sinker the associates can be a cart pusher and worked their way up to a store manager. Not if the associates are hungry and the SNAP PROGRAM gets snapped up. How is it possible to work and be hungry? Why are the associates on SNAP anyway? A company who is willing to see their employees starves. Why are the hours of long TIME associates being cut? Get off the clock if you go over your hours. Even when you are asked to stay they come back and bring Lucy And The Football__Taken Away. Wouldn’t it make more sense to honor and respect the associates that have devoted years to this company? Whatever happened to loyalty and fair pay? Walmart wouldn’t have to deal with moving associates from part-time to full-time. Seniority has no place in this company. Dependency! Who is the Corporate Welfare Office now? Nauseated isn’t the word, MHP. Thank God you have never taken radiation or chemotherapy and had to void over 20 times. It is called praying to the porcelain potty. I wouldn’t wish that on the DoDo Birds. It can make you extinct.

Who needs the pink slips to know it will be a major cut around bonus TIME? You call that Opportunity. What kind of Opportunity is it to have your hours waxed at the 1st of the months when your rent is due? Those hours you thought you had for overtime has to be killed. You are now an endangered species being coached if those hours aren’t killed before the next pay period. Corporate sends their letter out thanking you for your commitment because once again Walmart is approaching the busiest TIME of the year. Will Walmart ever be committed to their associates? Is this a progressive plan for Walmart Associates?

MR.PRESIDENT in the mist of attending LYLE service I attended my own service. It was a service of HOPE and PROGRESSION and a commitment to the workers of Walmart for success, not a failure. It was a commitment to enable people with disabilities to have coaches not to be coached because they are disabled. It is a commitment to find housing for so many of the workers who are homeless. It is a commitment to reach out to the sick and extend a hand and say, “Can Walmart actually lead by example?” If the SNAP Program is cut it would be awesome for Walmart to initiate a program like the owner of PANERA BREAD, RON SHAICH. I want BILL SIMON, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart to know don’t send the Walmart leadership team. It is TIME for him to get out on the road and try to restore the faith and TRUST Walmart workers have lost. MR. PRESIDENT, you took it to the streets and had to restore the faith of the people. It is Walmart’s TIME to rebuild TRUST.

I have learned a very valuable lesson from LYLE’s death and attending my own service. I do not wish to speak to any management team that has a voice and they use their voice to berate the associates or any other member of management. Every note that comes from my throat will be used to talk, uplift, and motivate the associates of Walmart. On this earth our TIME is limited and we must use our TIME WISELY. Our PRESIDENT will never run again but he did take the OPPORTUNITY to look back and see the millions of people relying on his help. Will Walmart take the challenge of committing to the health and well-being of their employees? Charlie Brown and the associates are doing the best they can do. Will Walmart continue to let Lucy And The Football Take everything Away?

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    in ecclessiatesp chaper 3, of the old testament of the bible;solomon talks about a season and a reason for everything under the heavens. to make a long comment short, all it is saying take this time to use lyle’s death as a teaching tool and not be a victim to lucy taking away your football but to take a stand and know when enough is enough. it is okay to say no and keep your head high because at the end of the day you know you took a stand and kept your football. amen

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