The Shoe Polish Theory___Rubbing the Black Off​

La! La! La! La! It is music to my ears. Are you there Chris? Do you really want to know? I love it! Ed Rendell who once served as the 45th governor of Pennsylvania may not have a clue. Johnathan Gephart is very young and his parents may not have explained it to him in this manner. Vicious Valarie and Malicious Mallory are on the scene baby. Do we tell them about GRANDMA? Of course! You know I have to give OLD GIRL (OG) her props. Man, she was right all alone.

This is Vicious Valerie and I don’t hold a candle to the real WICKED-PEDIA. Are you calling my GRANDMA WICKED? Most definitely! Malicious Mallory, your GRANDMA was packing the COMMON SENSE FACTOR. We are cool! Dang! O.G. was spitting out the poison and she kept it real. GRANDMA had a way with words. I would love to see if Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky could plagiarize one of her stories. There was no way anyone could repeat her stories and claim it to be their own. I don’t think they would want to. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has white skin was called a DEVIL! GRANDMA would say them DEVILS will try to keep all the colored folks back. Anybody that had tan skin and Bobo Knot Kinky Hair was going to have some problems in this world.

Malicious Mallory when I talk to your GRANDMA it would send chills up my spine. O.G. could spit her snuff clean across the border. Lawd Jesus! Do not let your eye be her target. O.G. never missed. If you so much as sassy her she would pull off her shoe twirl it like it was a 45 magnum and commence to whip that A… Whew! GRANDMA didn’t play. Yeah, Baby! GRANDMA ranted and rave about how them DEVILS would lie and cover up because they thought it was their country and the black and brown folks belong to them. What! Ain’t got nobody to polish their shoes. GRANDMA always said if them DEVILS didn’t like each other they would still stick together. Sho-Nuff! GRANDMA said until the colored folks start sticking together that is when everything would be ever so mellow.

GRANDMA was like JIMMY HENDRIX. She was way ahead of her TIME. She made it clear that any person who “had the crazies,” as she would say, would not be part of the frontier and would be locked away. Wow! This could apply to all of Congress, Re-PUB-li-cans, and those Hostess DING DONG Tea Partiers. GRANDMA would have fallen in love with Patrick Kennedy. He stepped up to the plate. Patrick Kennedy defined mental illness as a medical brain illness. WOW! He came out and talked about his brain illness. Patrick Kennedy is the new Wrecks-N-Effects bringing courage and hope. Why are you crying Vicious Valarie? Well, Malicious Mallory the way Patrick Kennedy stated it I hope it will make more people come out and seek help. People will no longer feel ashamed to address a brain illness. As Patrick Kennedy stated, we all have a brain. People should not bear the cross of being stigmatized because of where their illness is located. Here girl, clean it up. You have gotten Snotty-Otty about it. It is all good.

Do we tell Chris Now? I can’t wait. Let’s keep this story short. This will make a good sequel. GRANDMA is at peace now. Right! Right! Do you remember in the GODFATHER’s movie when one of the mafia bosses woke up and his favorite horse’s head had been decapitated? Blood was all over the place. I remember. Are you sure it was one of the mafia bosses? What differences does it make? Watch out, Hilary Clinton. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin will be riding our backs because he feels he is not getting the facts. What! I’m not sure and it is just a movie. Please! Any who-who, GRANDMA said the worse thing that could ever happen to them DEVILS is to find out a Black/tan/colored person was in their family. Shut up! Who was listed as PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA distant cousins? I think you can find it at It was Dick Chaney, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh. Didn’t they say the president’s mother was related to the first black slave? We got to go back and look at the information. This would be GRANDMA Shoe Polish Theory. The Black has Rubbed Off on the Devils.

The PRESIDENT distant cousin may be marked. Does this mean Cheney, Palin, and Limbaugh has lost their mighty white status? Oh, my! There goes the American Apple Pie. How do you feel about your GRANDMA and all the anger she had pinned up inside of her, Malicious Mallory? To be honest, GRANDMA would be a true HATER of today. Her feelings went beyond anger. O.G. would say the pot can now call them DEVILS BLACK. Their HATRED and destruction will ruin them because the TIDE has changed. The person who was once viewed as the slave is the Captain. Guess who has to polish the shoes? Guess who woke up with black polish all over them. Today it would be called the PAUL RYAN/TODD AKIN THEORY. The crazies are so ridden with HATRED. Congress, GOP, Republicans, and the Tea Partiers view a MULTI-CULTURAL PRESIDENT forcing himself upon their pure white world and reshaping what they can never accept. The President’s bloodline could reach across and touch many of the so-called white elite families. GRANDMA knew this was the biggest fear of whom she called them DEVILS.

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    now lets take the paper theory with an black ink pen. if a word was misspelled or used then you get the white out to cover it up and start again. the republican and tea party are so mad because the country is going to a whole different angle or direction with diversity. the republicans are so mad that it is not a white man’s world anymore(that’s right, i went there so get your kleenex and wipe away them croc tears.). they are feeling that they are getting white out of the equation of MONEY, POWER, AND RESPECT. they feel less important because the women, young, non whites, and even the elderly are getting their groove back. so how can you punish groups of people that put a black man in office. the answer so easy that is clearly seen on justice robert’s and justice thomas’s faces. all you have to do is white out the programs that help people who voted a black man in. yes, elections does have consequences but do not be a sore loser and take it out on the country because you are mad that you ran out of white out to cover up your lies and hatred. first off you hooch the pooch of the old people of social security and medicare and then you denied people of health insurance that don’t have any. man don’t have a preexisting condition because the republicans want you to get sick and die quick. now let us go deeper into their sick twisted intentional behavior. if your hispanic or black let us go back to the jim crowes laws with voters’ surpresssion and voter identification with a reader’s test to see if you can read. sounds like a harriet tubman plan to me but then again that is right the paper is right side up and the lies are out like cat in the hat or a jesse helms in the bag. let’s put off immigration reform and play a little game of how many we can deport before the next election of 2016.

    then you hooch the pooch on women’s health programs and try to give them low pay by putting them in the kitchens and taking away their rights as well. with blacks just have a hunting season on us with the stand your ground laws after the treyvon martin case or just file a false police report to put us in jail. oh, wait! nevermind that plan been around for years since the civil rights moment of malcom x and martin luther king jr. then what you do to the young people is pass no gun laws and hopefully they kill each other off like in the movie kill bill or smoking ace. talk about a dream that wayne la pierre dream of and it sounds like a new nightmare on elm script to me but this time of robert england as freddy krugger; it is ted cruz. he is bent to destroy the american dream and obamacare. the sad thing is that he is in cruzland and not real time. now folks mark your calendars for january 15th and february 7th because the new freddy cruz is going to wipe the black off by using white out to make a president’s disappear like men in black. just saying

    • smokelbg says:

      New story out so check it out. I still have all my Shoe Polish and the shine to go with it. Love ya! NLD MOM/cancer survivor

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