Don’t Make Me Snap__Perseveration

Feed me, Seymour. You mean to tell me you are going to take the food out of my mouth, my children’s mouths, and allow us to starve. So G-Money Welfare Pimps can be subsidized by the government and get millions of dollars in funding while our children go hungry and cannot function properly in school. Parents are so worried about how they will make ends meet. What happens to the children? Children’s behaviors can and will escalate. They will Perseverate putting them at greater risk for suspension/excessive expulsion because they are hungry. These are the children that were your mainstream not the disabled. Look at the problem you just created. WOW! SERIOUSLY!

Take a child with a neurological disorder whose behavior manifest and escalates because it is difficult for him/her to understand themselves or understand their peers. What do you think will happen once you take the food out of the children’s mouths who have a set pattern of routines and idiosyncratic behaviors (nerdy, strange, weird)? This is when you learn the true meaning of Perseveration. Parents struggle with children whose minds are extraordinary. Children with neurological disorders have unique abilities and multi-level learning styles which do not afford them the comfort of a traditional educational setting. Are these children accommodated from home to school? Who shall be held accountable when the ball drops on their education and they are not included into society?

Many people across the nation would view them as disabled. ANN COULTER along with her racist mentality would view the neurological disorders as retarded. She would deny it until the cows come home. COULTER is an example of Perseveration. Others may argue the point that she is narrow-minded, hyperfocus, or just a plain sh..t pot stirrer. Unless ANN COULTER has a traumatic brain injury (TBI), ASPERGER, NONVERBAL LEARNING DISABILITY, ADHD, OCD, or any other exceptional behaviors everything she spits out of her mouth is INTENTIONAL and probably planned. If it is raining outside and COULTER is on the AUTISM UMBRELLA SPECTRUM she will not be let off the hook. Her world will consist of constant confusion, suffering, and isolation.

Don’t Make Me Snap. If I do Snap I can move on to more positive behaviors after the incident has occurred and responded in a positive manner once I have cooled down. I will not take it to a DARRELL ISSA level and show the world I am unable to shift gears. DARELL ISSA is the moment of TRUTH of repetitive behavior which is functionless. Why doesn’t he Subpoena himself for not being able to stop his inappropriate behavior? Here is a 450 million dollar baby who definitely needs to be reform. ISSA brain is his biggest oversight. The people can no longer afford the Perseveration of these government officials. We the people are not interested in the SCANDALS. We the people are interested in the achievements. What has ISSA achieved? What has CONGRESS achieved? BOEHNER, McConnell, BACHMAN and the GOP has lost their achievements. Oh! I don’t recall them having any.

A light has been reflected in the personality of DARRELL ISSA who has shown his level of INCOMPETENCY by being off task, talking down/demeaning people, and repeating the same mistake over and over again. We won’t target any one company but I live it every day for five days a week at Walmart. ISSA’S behaviors is a prime TIME example of the BEHEMOTH companies who treat their associates like ISSA has treated ERIC HOLDER and others who try to defend themselves and stand up for what is right. What a double standard! It is TIME to call for DARRELL ISSA’S resignation. Since DARRELL ISSA has shown no respect for the individual. He should lead by example and be shown the door. Strictly Perseveration! DARRELL ISSA has SNAPPED. A man with a lot of money and companies with lots of money display the same types of behaviors. Is ISSA too big to jail? He has shown the world he has definitely failed and has continued to Perseverate. What do you think SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN?

As a mother with a son that has a hidden neurological disorder, I DO NOT have the luxury of REWARDING his behavior when it manifests itself. His behavior has to be checked immediately. It can open the gateway to hell for people who do not understand. It can easily set him up for failure and get him killed for what he may say which is UNINTENTIONAL. Bill O’Reilly can tell people to SHUT UP, keep his job, and be REWARDED. SENATOR AL FRANKEN truth factor sent BILL O” REILLY over the edge. Thank you, Steve KORNACKI! Concrete information that rides with facts has to be pointed out. When enough cues are given it will one day help diminished the unwanted behaviors. My son will be able to modulate his own behavior without becoming frustrated which will prevent him from having a secondary diagnosis (panic, anxiety, depression, and stress). It takes years. Has BILL O” REILLY gotten there? Isn’t he still in treatment? Well, there you go. This is truly the THERE THERE but O’Reilly has not gotten THERE yet. He is highly paid to poison the minds of his listeners and put our children lives at risk. Bill Maher stated when 14-year-olds start imitating Rush Limbaugh and his behavior it is TIME to watch what you say.

How can the governments highest official display Inappropriate Intentional Behaviors, not achieve any goals, be REWARDED for their INTENTIONAL DO NOTHING “NO” STRATEGY, and receive a pension after they leave, and expect our country to be a SUPERPOWER? Now I want you to explain to this mother/grandmother why CONGRESS, GOP, TEA PARTY and BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS has been allowed to PERSEVERATE. The PIMPS gets paid, and VITTER gets laid. Does this mean TED CRUZ, RAND PAUL, MIKE LEE, and MARCO RUBIO will stay? We cannot allow another RUSH LIMBAUGH, Bill O’Reilly, MICHELLE BACHMAN, GLEN BECK, SARAH PALIN, SEAN HANNITY, and many other HATERS to spit venomous poison for years and years. It is TIME to end this cycle. TOURE you want to change. You got it.

It was the President’s first State Of The Union Address and my grand-baby was so excited. She was up for the speech. I had shopped early that day for her ZOO-ZOOES and WAM-WAMS. These are the sensory food items that would relax her and keep her from being hyper. She loves OO-LONG TEA, HOT CHOCOLATE, and CHAMOMILE TEA. She loves her chewy Twizzlers, sipping applesauce through a straw, and cracking peanuts. She doesn’t eat the peanuts but loves the texture of the shell and the noise the shells makes when cracked. Then it happened. Congressman JOE WILSON of South Carolina called the President a LIAR. I will never forget the look on NANCY PELOSI face.

The grand-baby stretch out on the floor and screamed, “They don’t like chocolate and vanilla people mixed.” WHEW! I had to think fast. I ran into the next bedroom and found a red pair of short pants and slipped them over my jeans. I proceeded down the hallway and I found a sheet in the linen closet. I tied it around my neck and I went to my jar with the roll of quarters. I ran back up the hallway and jump into the room proclaiming I was SUPERWOMEN. My grand-baby look at me and said, “NANA WHO BOO I am having a moment and it is bad.” So was I. The running I had done proved I would not be running in the next marathon race, being so young and all. 😉 “NANA WHO BOO what are you doing and why are dressed like that.” I told her I wanted to cheer her up and reassure her the President would be fine and chocolate and vanilla were allowed. Everything had changed we were moving forward into a new era whereby one day she could be President because she was chocolate and vanilla too.

To prove my point I went into the kitchen to get some ice cream out of the freezer. Not thinking about the name I showed my grand-baby that vanilla and chocolate could exist together. She checked me. “NANA WHO BOO the ice cream is named the GREAT DIVIDE.” Okay, so I focked that up. Hey, SUPERWOMEN tried. “NANA WHO BOO you always tell me to pay attention.” TRU DAT! Here it comes. “NANA WHO BOO what are the quarters for?” I told her I would jump into my special phone boot and called the PRESIDENT to make sure he is okay. “NANA WHO BOO would you like to use my cell phone? I don’t think you know they make telephone boots anymore.” Next, she will tell me she doesn’t do conspiracy theories. I am definitely cool with that. She did calm down but it took a long TIME. She reminded me to keep the crazy suit because I probably would be needing it again. She was right. This was worse than the cheerio commercial. It is all horrible behavior and it has been nonstop. Don’t Make Me SNAP__Perseveration.

A few days ago Oprah gave a speech at HAR–VARD UNIVERSITY. As we watched my son turned to me and said, “OPRAH has some BARRY WHITE in her voice.” Once again changing her voice tone made us laugh as she said HAR–VARD in a baritone manner. This is the message I want to send to her. Yes, you are allowed to say BS. There are the RICH-IES like MITT ROMNEY who went to HAR–VARD and made a contribution of countless lies, triggered his party’s behavior and demonstrated Perseveration. Then comes along a GATSBY who wanted to be a fake PRETENDER and follow in the shoes of the RICH-IES. CRUZ attended HAR–VARD but he is not his party’s favorite nor the life of the party. He is Perseveration without a purpose. RUBIO and PAUL did not attend HAR–VARD but has put a new spin on the TIME one can Perseverate. Then there are the RAGS-BY who are picked on and not expected to succeed in life. They forge ahead and understand the struggles, needs of the poor, and middle class. Either they attended HAR–VARD or did not have the opportunity. These are the unselfish achievers who are willing to help others. President Obama attended HAR–VARD. What a difference a day makes! OPRAH who did not attend HAR–VARD has given me two days and more in a row. You both turn out to be excellent role models for our chocolate and vanilla children and grand-babies. Our children and other diverse cultures should be allowed to see they can excel and not be disrespected. Our children need HOPE and CHANGE. As BOO BOO would say, “NANNA WHO BOO lay off the GREAT DIVIDE and buy CHOCOLATE REVEL because it is in the mix.” My perception of the ice cream as I didn’t want to bring home two buckets. I had never noticed how the ice cream was set up. I know it is good. I wasn’t paying attention. HAM…MITT! You can say that too.

From the FLIP SIDE OF THE CHART, there are so many pieces of the puzzle. Reality is the biggest piece. There will be TIMES when you will not lean over and ask for validation. Your life chart changes. You can set a path for cruise control accepting the reality and the consequences that come along with the package. No matter what course you set the ride can get bumpy and you can veer off course. You take the risk. It gets harder when one is in denial, refuses to accept the reality, and need the “okay” from others who may not be truthful or who will not deliver the TRUTH. Some people love being LIED to. Okay was not the OKAY they wanted to hear. OKAY! This is when you began to see the onset of Perseveration. This is what the people can no longer afford. OKAY!