Brought To You By The Letter C


I don’t drink Coffee but I did bring my hot Chocolate. I forgot you are lactose intolerance. I’ll be right back. It will only take a minute to fix you a smoothie. I promise I will not add any yogurt. Fruit on the rocks with papaya mango juice and your favorite Cinnamon-raisin bagel to boot. I haven’t forgotten your favorites. It is TIME for our Conversation and I know you have been very worried. My Cranial is protecting my brain from being bomb-rushed. My heart has been exposed to the intense pain of the Crime, the Count, the Coroner arriving at the scene of our Children’s deaths. The Candle wax is running down my hand. I am so numb from all of the Candlelight Visuals I have attended. To make sure there is nothing wrong with this hand I switched over to my left side. It didn’t matter what hand I used. I couldn’t feel the warmth or recognized whether or not the Candle had burned me.

What! Don’t let my sense of normal leak out. I am now digging into my inner heart in search of Compassion. Remember when my legs were hanging over the gurney and the doctor kept asking me could I feel any pain when he was jabbing my feet with his famous foot hammer. I was so glad to feel pain because if I didn’t there may have been a Chance that the next person or doctor I could be staring at was vascular. Something terrible happens when the veins Close down. No matter what image you try to Cast those doctors know if you are hiding something.
That blockage Causes Circulatory problems, major shutdowns, and then flatline. This mimics the behavior of our Constituents across the isles. It was absolutely horrible when the Constituents placed a war on women’s heads. It got even worse when Cantor singles out a Community of women whom he didn’t feel worthy of protection.

Out of the womb of a mother, a Child is born only to be placed on this earth for a very short period of TIME. Bull manure! As a mother, I thought I would go before my Children. They would have their whole life ahead of them. The math was for me to live out their age and for them to reach my destination and go where no man has gone before. Our Children has paid the Consequences of the wars that Carl Rove thinks he can mend. It doesn’t matter what Class you attend the opportunity was given and they failed in the end. It will take many years for the Conservatives to ascend because of their lies and Cheating has Cost them their win. It will be hard as hell for the Changing demographics to recover from the intended sins of a Complacent Congress. This is the Conservative Comfort zone. They cannot move forward and this is where the Conservatives belong.

When we touched basis you were surprised I hadn’t written a Super Bowl story. The days were passing by and I had not written a story since the 21st of January. I’m Cool. I haven’t Tweeted lately but you know I will. There is no brain freeze here. I was Concentrating on the gun violence that has played a major role and has taken a dramatic toll on the lives of many young souls. The loss of so many young lives places a suit of armor around the heart of each parent. As TIME weighs in the healing process will begin. This is what I want parents to understand. Allow yourself to reach out for your Coat. Years will pass and the pain will diminish and you now can reach out for your jacket. More years will go by and you will reach for your windbreaker as you settle up with the pain. You will be able to laugh, smile, joke about the ones who have gone before you. One day you will have more control over the tears that will flow. It will not be today.

I thought it was hard raising Children. It has been more devastating watching parents burying their Children. You have been there for your brother and showed strength and Courage, Compassion, and the greatest Comprehension that a grand guardian could ever demonstrate. I remember once you told me that you didn’t want any Children because it was hard being responsible for yourself. It made me so proud to hear you take responsibility for your life and the life that you could not afford. Toure and MHP came forth and they each addressed a very personal part of their life. I was so proud as a mother and a granny to hear them take responsibility. Never let the moment go by to acknowledge people when they have set the tone to be honored and place before the throne. Before I could put a period at the end of that sentence, Toure being Toure made me laugh and think about this. What! Somebody mother or granny place me on the toilet. No Toure! I heard you loud and clear. Smooth operator pressing the gray suit with style and grace.

Kynny, I am concerned the battles you had fought over your brother whenever someone would try to tease him of his awkwardness would wear and tear on your spirit. I thought you would get tired but you never swayed once. You delivered a very powerful message. You turn to me that day and you said to me, “Mom let not your heart be troubled I got this”. Which would be harder? Is it watching your brother struggle with developing friends and relationship? Is it watching your brother not getting the opportunity to grow up? Is it the CHALLENGE of the COMMUNITY, where I have struggled and watched the CORONER, pick up the body of one of my friends. Days down the road our Community is holding a CANDLELIGHT VISUAL and a CROSS is placed where my friend took his last breath. The next day we are headed for the CHURCH to say our final CONDOLENCES, and from there to the CEMETERY to say goodbye to my COMRADE. We must CONTINUE TO COMMUNICATE and stay on top of the gun laws. Brought To You By The Letter C.

Dedicated to the family of HIDIYA PENDLETON.

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    brought to you by the letter c words caring and compassion. the clowns on capital hill are the next circus coming to town. what is more important are children growing up or the money that you are pocketing by lobbists for your next campaign. i got this and i understand well that the fight for our children to grow up is a long exhausting battle but at the end the investment for fighting on the childrens’ assestment is worth the cause to be continuing to fight for. we all know that the only way that evil prevails is when then good sits back and do nothing like the 113th congress and yes i am calling you the do nothing congress. the g.o.p is so out of touch with the american people they lost sight of their on identity and a sense of normal. a soldier’s work is never done but in the end the fight is worth fighting for because unlike the 113th congress, the soldier shows caring and compassion. this message has been appoved and brought to you by the letter c.

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