The Truth About NLD (Nonverbal Learning Disability) And Who It Can Resembled your

One day the American Psychiatric Association took a really good look at the traits and characteristics of NLD Syndrome. Who did those traits and characteristics resemble? You guessed it, the APA. Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD) has been around for 41 years and has not made the list. Sometimes when we look into the mirror or under our own microscope we do not like the reflection that bounces off the mirror. Even worse, we really don’t like the disease under the microscope. So what would be the best solution?  A cover-up will be just fine. The APA can drag their feet for years.  The American Psychiatric Association sees the correlation of NLD Syndrome to their Association. So why test or even acknowledge this syndrome?  NLD Syndrome might start popping up all over the place. It might just resemble too many people who are RECOGNIZABLE. If the American Psychiatric Association started testing for NLD Syndrome on a consistent basis, it’s no telling who might turn up on THE LIST.

Let’s take a look at the history of the American Psychiatric Association, who has decided to distance themselves from the Psychologists many years ago. The APA (American Psychiatric Association) was formulated in 1844 in Philadelphia. Their symbol carries 13 stars over a head of an individual inside a coin-shaped emblem. The stars represented the 13 superintendents and organizers of the insane asylums and hospitals which were constructed to formulate the new American Psychiatric Association. The APA has had a pattern of making irresponsible decisions for many years.  At one time homosexuality was placed on the DSM as a disorder. It was voted out and removed in 1973.  APA later had the Mission Impossible effect to change the name to protect themselves. The name of homosexuality was changed to ego-dystonic sexuality and later removed from the DSM in 1987. Once again the tape has blown up on the mission. The American Psychiatric Association is back to putting a crazy diagnosis on their list. They were considering putting Internet Addiction on the list.  Imagine that. For my NLDers who cannot imagine, it would be putting the Internet on medication and locking it up in an insane asylum for no more viewing. This would hide the truth about the APA and who they may resemble.

Dr. Allen Frances MD.,  who use to be a member of the DSM4 task force, wrote a very interesting article on April 8th, 2011.  The article was in Psychology Today. It was called DSM5 In Distress. This is how the Dr. Allen Frances List looks.

1.) DSM5 keeps missing their deadline.

2.) The APA proposals were reckless.

3.) They had poor planning and missed deadlines.

4.) APA over promised and under delivered.

5.) The APA procrastinated and has compromised the coding of the DSM5.

6.) APA poorly thought out the proposal.

7.) 1st draft of the DSM5 was written sloppily.

8.) APA gave extension and wasted these extensions in many ways.

9.) The International Classification of Disease (ICD) World Health Organization in Geneva codes and modification may have been compromised.

10.) ICD-10 codes were written to align themselves with the DSM4. What codes will be written to align themselves with the DSM5?

11.) A window of opportunity will be missed to place a significant diagnosis on the list.


1.) problems with time on tasks

2.) trouble with organizational skills

3.)  difficulty with scheduling, disorganized, cannot project or judge

4.) can’t put their thoughts on paper/written responses,  can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk, problems with productivity when it comes to paper tasks, expresses themselves eloquently

5.) difficulty getting started on a related task, needs to be jump started to initiate plans or on related task, problems in the areas of communication, difficulty multitasking, difficulty understanding what is relevant/irrelevant

6.) faulty spatial perception, problems with executive functions, difficulty being creative and can only think in black and white

7.) difficulty with motor impairment causing writing task to be grueling, slow

8.) difficulty with transition and adapting to change

9.) talks their way through the motor task

10.) they constantly talk their way in or out of a situation

11.)  gestalt impressions (they just don’t get the whole picture)

12.) Problems with their decision-making process which makes it very difficult to understand cause and effect.

13.) trouble with alignment

These characteristics and traits of NLD Syndrome resemble the American Psychiatric Association and their work in progress on the DSM5. We may begin to recognize NLD Syndrome is more common if consistent testing were done.

It SHOULD matter if it is my house, or your house, the poor house or the White House!  NLD could be rearing its head in recognition and striking very close to home. (DYNAMITE, DYNAMITE)  There are many unexplained behaviors which have revealed themselves in the past years to many who are RECOGNIZABLE.  Dr. Allen Frances, I hope this explains why the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is off task. This might even explain why NLD Syndrome has never been placed on the list. Sometimes a reflection of who we may resemble may keep us from looking directly into the mirror. It is the FEAR, SHAME, GUILT, and HUMILIATION of being found out. The American Psychiatric Association may not be as credible as we may expect them to be. Who truthfully is NLD? Who does NLD resemble? WHY is the American Psychiatric Association (APA) keeping NLD SYNDROME off their LIST (DSM5)?

Coming to an IMAX  Theatre in May 2013, in 3D, the DSM5–Hopefully

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  1. kynny garrett says:

    like the federal government that is irresponsible with the domestic affairs and putting the cart before the horse when it comes to the economy; the apa is irresponsible in coming up to par with the deadline of the dsm5 by dragging its feet for forty one years. good grief, you are a blockhead, charlie. forty- one years of dragging your feet and countless lives are on your hands plus the blood of the innocence because you could have nld on the first four but wait, that will be telling on yourselves because you have the symptoms of nonverbal learning disorder. now we cannot have the american public knowing that the apa is nld so what can you do to prevent the truth to be known is a cover up by waiting to 2013. maybe that you are hoping that nld will not be remembered and if it is not remember then why put it on the dsm5. if not put on the dsm5 then the truth about the apa will not be reveal. how cleaver sherlock holmes but yet again the game is just a foot because the truth is known and it is printed out there for everyone to read.

  2. I love you.

    • smokelbg says:

      It could be me or you but whoever NLD Syndrome resemble it needs to be consistent testing. I love you too and keep reading

  3. Phyllis says:

    thanms for the great info

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